D.A. couldn’t find Greg Hardy’s accuser, as she was out of town

The domestic violence charges against Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy were dismissed Monday morning, in part, because the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s office couldn’t find her.

Maybe they should have checked Facebook.

According to Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer, Nicole Holder left a trail of social media extravagance over the last several months, during which she seems to be doing some not-inexpensive traveling.

Holder posted messages to her Facebook account showing her snowmobiling in Vail, Colo., shopping in Atlanta, and in New York’s Grand Central Station the following day.

“For the past several months, the alleged victim, Nicole Holder, has made herself completely unavailable to the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office for the purpose of preparing for trial,” a statement by the DA’s office said. “The District Attorney’s office has collaborated with numerous law enforcement agencies around the State and taken extraordinary measures to locate Ms. Holder and serve her with a subpoena to appear for court.”

A Dec. 8 post had her dining in Colorado, then snowmobiling in Vail. On Dec. 22, she was shopping at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, and was in New York City the next day.

The former nightclub bartender apparently had the means to travel, considering the DA’s office said they had “reliable information” that Holder reached a civil settlement with Hardy prior to his court date.

Hardy didn’t comment upon leaving court today, but if he needs to see where part of the $13.1 million the Panthers gave him last year ended up, all he needs is to log onto a computer.

35 responses to “D.A. couldn’t find Greg Hardy’s accuser, as she was out of town

  1. “DA’s office said they had “reliable information” that Holder reached a civil settlement with Hardy prior to his court date.”

    Did you skip that Wake Up America! ??

  2. All she wanted was $$$ anyways. I swear some of these women have no pride. Not saying Hardy is guilty r innocent, and Im a Panthers fan. Just saying, rather than go after these guys in court they choose the money instead. Money comes and goes but when it dries up, she will regret not having her day in court. And he won’t have his chance to truly clear his name.

  3. Knowing where she is or isn’t and having subpoena power are two different animals. The DA’s office didn’t for obvious reasons.

  4. She wanted money from the beginning. Put enough public pressure on any publicfigure and they will settle. The idiots in the media have done nothing but make it easy for these gold digging women to extort me. She was a coked out groupie.

  5. Makes me wonder if your desk is tilted when you write with such a slant?

    Now you’re sure he paid her off and that she’s traveling and spending with the money. If he challenged you to produce a source, you’d run and hide.

  6. corporatemediaprostitute says: Feb 9, 2015 3:45 PM

    So… When Jimmy Haslam does it, it’s good business. When Greg Hardy does it, it’s bribing a witness or witness tampering? Got it.

    Carry on.


    Where in my post did I say anything about Jimmy Haslam?

    Thought so.

    Carry on.

  7. bornahawker: as far as im concerned, the league is better off without him. I dont care that he wasnt charged, there is evidence he beat up his girl, then threatened to murder her. He can enjoy his freedom for now, but the smart money says this wont be the only occurrence..especially when he knows he can just buy his way out of it. #nomore

  8. I looked in Miami
    I looked in Negril
    The closest I came was a month old bill
    I checked the Bahamas and they said she was gone
    I can’t understand why she did me so wrong

  9. This woman should be sent a bill for all the man hours spent by the DA’s office and law enforcement preparing for the trial that she said all along she would participate in.

    Greg Hardy should be suspended by the league for half the season and this gold digger should have to reimburse the taxpayers of North Carolina.

  10. Wake Up America! Says:

    Prove that Hardy paid her off, otherwise your making your news up.


    Wake up America must have fallen asleep when he tried to read the article.

  11. “Prove that Hardy paid her off, otherwise your making your news up.”

    Look at the byline. All you need to know.

    And it’s “you’re,” as in, “you are.”

  12. Its one thing to settle, outside of court, it isn’t as nearly as bad as one of the Waltons of Wal mart fame got picked up for a DUI I believe her 5th and she get out of it, because the “cop was on vacation” and couldn’t testify.

    I wonder who paid for the vacation?

  13. Setting out of court with an accuser is one thing, one of the people with the Wal Mart $ got in trouble for a 5th DUI, probably settled out of court with the cops, because when it came time to testify the cop was on vacation. So the charges were dropped.

  14. I completely agree that he paid her off! We all know she’s a skank from jump but he beat the crap out of her and if he was raised right he wouldn’t have touched her. Now she “disappears” and nothing is done about it.

  15. burgandy2260 did you read the police report? No where did it state this woman was beaten as you mentioned. Things got physical im sure but you making it seem like Hardy did a WWE beast mode style on her head!

    Yes she got paid off, we all knew it would go down like that anyway. Take the money and skip town immediately and keep your mouth shut!!!

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