Derrick Brooks will mentor Jameis Winston, if Bucs draft him


During a recent visit to PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, Hall of Fame Tampa Bay linebacker Derrick Brooks made the case for the Buccaneers to use the first pick in the 2015 draft on former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. Appearing on Monday’s PFT Live, Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune said that, if the Bucs do what Brooks has suggested, Brooks will have a key role in helping Winston adjust to the NFL.

“I think if Winston’s the pick — and I think he will be — I think Brooks will play a role in trying to corral this kid, mature him, even bring him into his home, if necessary,” Kaufman said. “That’s how much Brooks cares about FSU, about the Bucs, and seeing this franchise get relevant.”

So will the Bucs take the 2013 Heisman winner?

“I see Winston in a Bucs uniform,” Kaufman said. “Yes, there will be protests . . . but I think in terms of pro potential, I think most people would tell you Winston is ahead of [Marcus] Mariota.”

For more from Kaufman, click the show logo and listen to hour two from today’s program. For more from Brooks, click the box below.

32 responses to “Derrick Brooks will mentor Jameis Winston, if Bucs draft him

  1. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Winston is the superior talent, but he needs to not get arrested before the draft – which might be asking a lot.

  2. This goof will be an NFL failure. The Bucs would be better off continuing to work with Mike Glennon and drafting an NFL-ready player at another position, but they would need a quality coach, which they don’t have.

  3. On the other hand, maybe Winston will rub off on Brooks — and one day, we’ll hear that Brooks walked into a grocery store with an oversized trenchcoat, stuffed the inner pockets with $50 worth of crab and lobster and got a boys-will-be-boys slap on the wrist when the “‘authorities’ dropped the hammer on him.”

    And hopefully, Brooks’s influence will be more effective than it was with Sapp.

  4. Trade the pick for an offensive lineman and another 1st and second round pick. Glennon is a good QB with a big arm. He just needs time in the pocket to throw. If the bucs had an O line this team could be great, the defence is solid.

  5. Winston, by many reputable scouts, is only a notch below Andrew Luck. As a pocket passer with some mobility he’s an elite talent, the Bucs would be very very dumb not to take him to placate a fanbase that hasn’t had much to cheer for the last decade. Very simple, good guys that lose don’t sell tickets. Meanwhile when Tampa had Sapp and Keyshawn on the team, RayJay was rocking. I don’t care what the players do off the field as long as it doesn’t affect them being on the field on Sundays.

    In Tampa Winston will have access to Brooks and Dungy to help him out if he wants the help – and basically thats all the Bucs need to figure out. Is Winston a bad guy that would refuse guidance, or is he just an idiot kid that did idiot things but wants to become a man?

  6. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says:
    Feb 9, 2015 4:57 PM

    And hopefully, Brooks’s influence will be more effective than it was with Sapp.


    Brooks wasn’t a mentor to Sapp.

  7. Yes, please let this happen. … Save the Titans from themselves.

    – Tennessee Fan #Mariota2015

  8. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t take a chance on either of these QBs.
    Lousy o-line and holes on the defensive side of ball.
    Trading down for picks this year and a first next year could upgrade the roster in a big way that I don’t see happening if they take Winston.
    But reality is the Bucs won’t be so patient.
    Further, I don’t think Glennon was given a real chance to improve. McCown…what was the point of that?

  9. I applaud Brooks for his stance, but I have to question Jameis’ father. If it’s true that he wanted FSU to assign someone to handle his son off the field, then he has issues.

    As a black man growing up with two young black men of my own, I say to Mr. Winston, do your job! Your son is on the threshold of becoming the breadwinner in the family.

    For that kind of money, I drop what I’m doing in Alabama and Jameis gains a roommate. It’s just that simple. It’s clear he needs 24/7 surveillance, until he grows up.

  10. He might be seeing him in a jail cell if he is not careful. This guy is bad news and whomever drafts him will have to deal with his problems…..regardless of Derrick Brooks./

  11. this is great news makes the winless for Winston season a success in the long run we will finally have a franchise qb, look at what luck does with no oline or running game

  12. The people thinking Glennon is the answer at QB… and the Bucs should stick with him… WOW.

    Glennon is, at best – at the very very best – a Brad Johnson style game manager. However that is his absolute peak. The kid isn’t a play maker. He’s not terrible and if he was paired with an elite defense he could be passable, however the Bucs have a chance to add a potential franchise QB – and you don’t pass on that to keep a very very average (at best) QB around.

    Glennon should get the Bucs a 3rd rounder depending on what happens in FA with other teams, certainly Glennon would be an upgrade in a place like Buffalo or with the Jets if they don’t get another QB. If the Bucs can’t get any value for Glennon then they should just keep him around – but based on the surprising amount of interest they got him last offseason, I think its safe to say the Bucs should be able to trade him.

  13. It’s great that a potential #1 overall pick whose parents are married and has his father in his life and did not come from a significantly underprivileged background needs a “mentor”.

  14. Any team that uses a high pick on this guy will get exactly what they deserve. You have to be fairly intelligent to run an NFL offense and this guy obviously isn’t.

  15. The hate that people have for this kid is unbelievable. Id love for every one of you to spend some time and look at some of his highlights. The kid can flat out sling the rock. He’s also extremely competitive and a natural leader. If he can get his personal life in check(which I think he will) he will be a star.

  16. If they take him then what do you do with Glennon. You don’t draft a guy numero uno to sit on the bench. Glennon understands this also.
    Who do you shuffle Glenno off to He is unproven and thus you won’t get much if anything.

  17. I just hope history does not repeat itself. The one QB the Bucs drafted first in the regular draft (not USFL collapse draft) who succeeded was Doug Williams. Who was shafted when contract negotiations picked up for his renewal and he ran away… to the USFL… then to the Washington Redskins where he won the Super Bowl. Testaverde was not bad but he never went to the big game. Dilfer won the Super Bowl for Baltimore as well but he was not that good (and cut from Baltimore after winning the big game).

  18. Get off Glennon’s back. The BUCS need new offensive players and a coach that can get the job done with whatever men he ends up with.

  19. The total disregard here of what this guy is accused of doing is shocking and depressing. Why is everyone, the media included, whitewashing what he’s accused of doing. Say the word! Rape! You want the Bucs to draft an accused rapist. This idea that every woman is somehow out for something when they make that accusation is appalling. You’re classifying accusations of rape as “boys will be boys.” You people are disgusting.

  20. Bucs should take Winston. Right now Winston is BIG media news, (okay…mostly bad news), but think about it, just the hype alone will draw huge attention to the Bucs (good or bad, eh, whatever). The point is, the attention and the $$$ that will fall into the Bucs franchise will be huge! Yea, and Jameis WILL grow up, count on it. Bottom line… whoever takes Winston, get ready to win…BIG.

  21. Winston is a tremendous talent. So was Ryan Leaf. Both have serious issues. Without a class act like Brooks involved, I’d run far and run fast from Winston. With him helping him out, I’d have to seriously consider it. But Jameis Winston has to be willing and ready to change.

  22. I drafting Mariota or Winston; one has the potential to be another Russell Wilson on and off the field and the other has the potential to be another Johnny Manziel or JeMarcus Russell, so that has to weigh heavily on the minds of the Glazers and Lovie Smith.

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