Judge rules Tom Benson needs assistance in managing assets

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While not a ruling that Saints owner Tom Benson lacked sound mind when recently changing his will to freeze out a daughter and her children from running his NFL and NBA franchises, a judge in San Antonio found Monday that Mr. Benson requires assistance in the management of his assets.

Via Katherine Sayre of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Judge Tom Rickhoff determined that Mr. Benson is facing “tremendous pressures” and that it would be “reasonable and safe” for someone to assist him.

Mr. Benson’s lawyers opposed the decision, but the judge decided that the appointment of a pair of receivers to assist with the management of the assets will “calm[] everything down” while other litigation proceeds in New Orleans.

The judge explained that lingering questions about decisions made by Mr. Benson — which weren’t clarified at last week’s hearing because he chose not to testify — influenced the outcome.

Mr. Benson decided last month to transfer the Saints and the NBA’s Pelicans to his wife, Gayle, upon his passing. Daughter Renee Benson and her children, Rita and Ryan LeBlanc, immediately filed suit to challenge the move.

24 responses to “Judge rules Tom Benson needs assistance in managing assets

  1. Just donate ur money to charity Mr. B, no reason to give it to your ungrateful children or wife. I’m assuming if you do that they will both sue you though.

  2. This Texas judge is a joke. Mr. Benson already has a trusted team running his enterprises. His adopted daughter and her two idiot children are biting off more than they can chew.
    Get your popcorn ready. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  3. Not every woman who marries a wealthy man is a “trophy wife.” Is this one? I don’t know. But from what’s been published here the last couple of weeks, it seems his daughter and grandchildren are the aggressors trying to line their pockets at the expense of Mr. Benson’s dignity. Heaven help the teams if they get their hands on them.

  4. From what I read of the court proceedings, the Benson heirs got a little home cooking from the San Antonio judge.

    Things will probably change tomorrow when this all moves to the New Orleans courts.

  5. They didn’t say the “receivers” would be family. In fact, his statement indicates the opposite, “while things calm down” indicates that receivers will be assigned that ARE NOT FAMILY.

  6. This also only applies to the assets in Texas. The Judge in Texas has no control over assets in a trust in Louisiana.

    The Saints and Pelicans are in a trust in Louisiana, not Texas. This concerns the bank and auto dealerships in Texas only.

  7. Given their high hourly rates, receivers are almost as bad as trophy wives when it comes to spending the money of the estate they are supposed protect.

  8. Yep. You could see something was wrong when Benson split Texas without testifying. Either they’re bad lawyers or Tom couldn’t withstand a cross-exam. Looks like Gayle is out of luck either way.

  9. I’m from Nola and I can tell you – gold digger – maybe. Trophy wife – hells no. Unless your idea of a trophy is a basket of rutabagas.

  10. I’m not a Saints/Benson fan but who the hell does this judge think he is??? It was a short hearing, no doctors testifying, Benson didn’t speak, no prior business questions. I guess if you want the right to say where your money goes when you die you have to designate that while you are young and haven’t made your fortune, LOL.

  11. Hey kids, last I checked it was HIS money. HE built his fortune and stated that you entitled little brats would be taken care of. With the trusts you’ll be GIVEN, most people could make do and make more money than most if you have an ounce of business sense but no, you want a lifetime of pampers with NO effort. Question: who’s paying for your lawyers? Answer: the same hand that you’re biting. Ingrates. Entitled, sniveling INGRATES.

  12. Benson’s legal team will appeal probably to the 5th Circuit in NOLA and reverse this nonsense by the Texas judge. This Judge Rickoff has been reversed at least 5 times in Texas. The greedy kids shouldn’t get to excited, this is not over by a long shot. When you “come at the king, you best not miss”.

  13. How involved were the kids in his life before his supposed lapse? Spent most of the time mooching and traveling right? But the wife was there always and apparently the dude loves her enough to make her his executor. Easier to replace kids than it is someone you really love. Leech on children, leech on.

  14. I have 3 children and 6 grandkids. My meager assets are being split in even portions now. If my kids wanna fight for more let em. They won’t fight cause it aint worth it.
    Poor Mr, Benson.

  15. Okay….Let’s see here…They said old Tommy was under “tremendous pressures”…He is an older guy…A member of the saints organization…And that he needed a “pair of receivers” (who were being appointed) to help him out and help take the pressure off of him.

    Am I wrong or are they talking about Drew Brees?

  16. Kids and grand kids could have kept their traps shut and still inherited tens of millions. Maybe hundreds of millions.

    But after this power play, they’ll be lucky (assuming Benson is ruled to be of sound mind) to get one thin dime.

    At least that’s what I’d do if my progeny attempted a stunt like this.

  17. Ha ha ha ha ha he he he he ha ha ha…
    This laughter is directed at the media for savaging the Benson daughter and grand daughter.
    Me thinks the Benson girls have snubbed the media in the past, thus resulting in the huge media bias toward the daughter and grand daughter, instead of maybe agreeing that Tom is getting in bad shape and his WIFE is the real gold digger here.

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