Khan wants to extend Jaguars’ London stay

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The Jaguars have completed 50 percent of their four-year deal to play one game per year in London.  Owner Shad Khan wants to go beyond the current agreement.

“It’s been really great for us,” Khan told Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal.  “Our goal is to extend it.”

And for good reason.  Khan said that the Jaguars are expected to jump to 22nd in projected revenue for the 2015 season, up from 32nd when Khan bought the team in 2011.  Playing one home game per year in London has helped that effort, because Wembley Stadium has more seats than EverBank Field and the ticket prices are higher in England.

Given that reality, some may worry that Khan will want to play all of the team’s games in London — especially if he fears that another team will move there and cut off the demand for a once-per-year visit from the Jags.  Still, Khan has been steadfast in his commitment to Jacksonville as the home base of the franchise.

65 responses to “Khan wants to extend Jaguars’ London stay

  1. I don’t mind as long as its only one game per season, and it is viewed by Khan as a temporary revenue addition. The goal has to be to eventually get that game back in Jacksonville.

    As the team improves, the thought is that ticket demand will improve. However, the Jaguars really haven’t done too bad in that realm over the past 4 years especially considering the record over that span. Haven’t had a game blacked out over that span.

    But its time to see some wins.

  2. After the London commitment is up, maybe it would be wise for the Jaguars to seek out playing one game in Orlando each year, akin to how the Green Bay Packers would play a game (or 2) in Milwaukee every year.

    It might help in trying to win over some of the football fans in that market that have loose allegiences with the Dolphins or Buccaneers.

  3. Hope the Jags dont move to London full time, we’ve followed the NFL closely for 30 years now and we ‘might’ get given the Jags ? What have us Brits done to deserve that ! 😉 Please keep them in Jacksonville !

    To be fair if Jacksonville vs Buffalo sells out at Wembley you have to give the fans a lot of credit.

  4. Jaxonville should not have a football team ! Over – Portland , LA, OKC or San antonio . Move this awful franchise and rename and rebrand . Skol Vikes

  5. Not sure if there’s such thing as a diehard Jaguars fan, but if there is this news has to suck.

  6. Jax would stuggle to compete if the Euro league was still in tact.

    Nothing ingratiates you to your fan base like saying “we need more games away from you.”

  7. I’m a die hard Jags fan. I am fine with 1 game a year. Like the article says we went from 32 to 22 in revenue. Khan is a business man who made his own millions. So I think he knows what he’s doing. The Jags are a team on their way up. Caldwell has had 2 years in a row of great drafting. Good free agent signings. Unlike the past GM. This team is being ran great now. Now they just got to get the wins. Last year they could’ve won 3-4 more games but the inexperience of all the rookie starters didn’t help them. Now they are the team with the most Cap space and they have already stated that are going to spend this year. I like what this regime is doing. GO JAGS!!!

  8. Can we please fix the league here in the States before we continue to be fed this drivel of either a London or LA team?

    At some point all of this talk is annoying and is beyond noise from the spinmeisters.

  9. HE’s a shrewd business man. Would you rather be the London Jaguars or the Jacksonville Jaguars. NO CONTEST. Why JAX ever got a team is a mystery to me and the rest of the sane world…

  10. To the trolls, get a clue.

    Jacksonville isn’t doing that bad in attendance/ support.

    This move by Khan is a smart, aggressive one, not a desperate one.

    Try doing some actual research before opening your pie-holes.

  11. I love my Jags. I’m proud to be a Jacksonville fan. Couldn’t care less what the trolls think.

    I am confident the team will start winning soon. The GM is top notch. The drafts and free agency under Caldwell has been very good. I’m a little un-sold on Bradley and the staff, but am hopeful they’ll get it right this year.

    I just hope that if its deemed Bradley needs to go, that Khan is smart enough to retain Caldwell.

  12. I know there is a really strong fan base in Jaxsonville and that those people hate the thought that the team may move but the reality is the NFL never should have been in Jacksonville and won’t last much longer there. It’s not trolling it’s just facing facts.

  13. He’s an NFL owner… If for one second you think his heart is in the city his business is located and not his wallet… Then your a damn fool…

  14. Pats4rings why do you say that?

    Look at how bad the record has been for this team over the last 6 years and the people in Jacksonville have still supported it. There is less support for certain teams with better records over that span in this league.

    Once the Jags start winning, and they start developing some legitimate star players – support and popularity will only increase.

    When the Jags were good in the late 1990’s and had star talent, (Brunell/ Jimmy Smith/ Fred Taylor) there wasn’t any issue at all with the NFL being in Jacksonville. They were drawing over 70,000 fans. They were exciting to watch.

    I think people need to cool their jets on this. The Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t seen as much different than the Jaguars prior to their legendary 1970’s run. They were seen as a similar small market, non entity team.

    I agree the Jags need to start winning, and not only that, but have some exciting players emerge that become more nationally relevant. That was one of the issues over the Del Rio era – while the record wasn’t terrible, his brand of football was mind numbingly boring and made the Jaguars unappealing as a national watch, despite the competitive record.

  15. The Jaguars will never leave Jacksonville. A thriving, growing community that’s rated a #1 city. Now if we can just keep all the snowbirds from New England from moving here we’ll be good to go.

  16. NFL will never succeed long term outside US…Too many commercials, no other nation packs as many commercials into a sports broadcast like the US.

    Go pats!

  17. After the London commitment is up, maybe it would be wise for the Jaguars to seek out playing one game in Orlando each year, akin to how the Green Bay Packers would play a game (or 2) in Milwaukee every year.

    No one wants to see the Jags in Orlando. Don’t you remember when the local Orlando station had to apologize for being forced to air the Jags road game over the Dolphins due to NFL rules?

    I have lived here over 3 years and rarely see Jags things on cars or anyone sporting Jags gear. Seems like there are more Steelers fans around here than anything else.

  18. Wouldn’t building a team that wins games also increase revenue and over all franchise value?

    London games as the answer to revenue is putting the cart before the horse.

  19. billswillnevermove says:
    Feb 9, 2015 10:10 AM
    All NFL games should be played on American soil only. The NFL is an American sport period. Put an end to this nonsense.


    WORLD Champions!! (of the USA) 🙂

  20. Roger, and the NFL, need to stop playing with fan bases. Either commit a franchise to London and stop sending teams away for ONE of their home games a year. It’s horrible. If it were my team I would be pissed.

    Doesn’t matter that the team, Jacksonville or any other team, isn’t currently a “winning” franchise–it’s still belongs to another city.

    Pats fans started to appear just 15 years ago when that team started winning–before that Foxboro was a laughing stock and a ghost town. Seahawks prior to this current stadium and this current team never sold out consistently. Oakland Coliseum has to close the upper deck, still, to produce a sell out for local tv viewership and the Raiders arguably have one of the largest National fan bases in the league. Whatever is happening in San Diego isn’t working. More “visiting” fans than “home” fans ever.

    Point is–none of the above deserve to lose a home game a year. Not the Jags, not the Raiders, not the Pats of 15 years ago, etc.

  21. billswillnevermove says:Feb 9, 2015 10:10 AM

    All NFL games should be played on American soil only. The NFL is an American sport period. Put an end to this nonsense.


    You should go to Wembly for a game. It’s an amazing experience and London is a great world city to explore for a few days. I’m not saying they should have a team necessarily, but featuring games there has been very good for the sport and for the NFL fans in the UK.

  22. I get the passion, believe me I do but when Jaguar fans compare their franchise to the Steelers of the 70’s and the Patriots of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s it just shows how short sighted they really are.

    Foxboro may be in the middle of nowhere but the Patriots are New England’s team and have strong fan bases in New Hempshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, on top of being, for all intents and purposes, the Boston team of Massachusetts. Comparing the two markets, regardless of if the teams are winning or losing, is beyond ridiculous.

    And Pittsburgh? In the 1970’s there wasn’t many tighter knit communities in the country than Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The community was just starting to feel the effects of the downturn to the steel industry in this country. The Steelers dynasty provided a rallying point for the community and a sense of pride for tough working class people, people whom were already football crazed as it was. It was literally the perfect storm for the birth of one of the greatest sports fan bases in this country.

    I get that people in Northern Florida like the Jags but come on, let’s be serious. Jacksonville is not a thriving NFL market. Never has been and more than likely never will be.

  23. Don’t dispare Jag fans, you still have the largest scoreboard, soccer games broadcasted, wading pools, cabana boys, sushi, CW concerts, and NASCAR to keep your interests.

    Better it be the Jags, than my team.

  24. themaddogtmd says:
    Feb 9, 2015 9:38 AM

    But its time to see some wins.


    I wouldn’t hope too hard. The soccer team he owns is Fulham, who got relegated to the Championship last season and were straight out terrible last season. He hasn’t shown a care about whether his teams win as long as they more or less make money.

    I think he’s in it for the prestige of owning teams more than actually getting them anywhere.

  25. Khan has a great financial game plan, if you’re team stinks and fans won’t come to watch them in your home country, move the games to a place where people show up because it’s a novelty and don’t care about the quality.

  26. I hear the Orlando idea, playing one game to get a fan base there. I’ve been in Fl four four years since retiring from the military. I’ve interacted with hundreds of fan living almost equal distant from Tampa, Miami and Jax. What I don’t hear or see is fans from any of these clubs. We see a huge amount of Pittsburg, NE fans living here and a big, not huge, contingent of Baltimore Fans. I’ve been in sports bars in and around Miami, Orlando, Jax and Tampa having friends living in these areas from the military and early see any Fl team except college jerseys. I’m a Ravens fan but dismayed at this because all these areas can support a team but they don’t. Always hundreds if not thousands of empty seats. I guess the cost is about where most can’t go anymore. I tried to buy tickets for decent seats, not 50 yard line, but corner end zone for Miami and Tampa’s games with the Ravens. It won’t have cost me over $330 just for tickets for two, needed more. Way out of my price range. Saw the Texans in Baltimore last year, electrifying fans, but the commercial breaks completely ruined the game. Getting in and out is a breeze. Even though we didn’t have to pay for tickets or food by the third qtr we were looking at our watches and time left because of the stoppage.

  27. I do root for the Fl teams when not in competition with Baltimore for wins or a playoff spot. Another factor is the weather. In Vero Beach and south to Miami swimming or boating, golfing and the beach are year around events, went with my dog yesterday to the beach to swim with temp in the high 70s and ocean water 75 degrees. I can see how in Nov and Dec fans in the Miami area may be spending their disposable bucks on other activities. Also, their is a great divide of the haves and have nots where those very wealthy living on the water and those making under $20 an hour in service jobs with this group being by far and wide the largest. Also with hundreds of thousands of new immigrants and millions of retired folks on fixed income and a large welfare population, these folks will never see a game unless given free tickets. I can see this happening in other cities during the next decade. Folks can’t afford these prices anymore, I can once or twice a year making $100K retired.

  28. The Jaguars were born to move, and Khan is a smart business man, London is ready and his franchise will triple in value. Jaguars gear in London form will go global.

    Even the division switch is simple:

    AFC East:

    New England


    New York


    AFC South:





    AFC North:





  29. Khan: [quoting from Melville’s Moby Dick] To the last, I will grapple with thee… from Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee!

  30. Not good for the team. Not good for the league. Not good for the game. The best thing you could say is that it’s good for Khan’s wallet. Try fielding a good team. That’s good for your wallet, too, and it’s the American way.

  31. Everytime the NFL demands that the taxpayers pay for a lavish new stadium, their supporters/lackeys *always* say how much tax revenue a stadium used less than 10 times a year generates and the jobs (part time/ no benefits/ minimum wage/paid only on game day) the game day generates.

    Yet, they’re taking away a game day in which the local economy loses in revenue from bars/ restaurants/ hotels/ shops/ parking and the the guys hired to do security, parking, concessions, etc also lose out on a paycheck. Plus the season ticketholders lose a home game and the in-game experience. The NFL’s response is, “watch it on TV”. And they wonder why no one wants to go to games anymore.

  32. Khan has pumped $26 million of his own money into the stadium in Jacksonville, and in a week he’s going to be making a pitch for the city to allow him to develop a large tract of downtown riverfront. These are not the actions of a man who wants to move the team.

    He has stated over and over, the revenue the Jaguars get from the one game in London makes the small market Jacksonville location financially viable. And he has stated over and over, he only wants one game in London. No more.

  33. Roger, and the NFL, need to stop playing with fan bases. Either commit a franchise to London and stop sending teams away for ONE of their home games a year. It’s horrible. If it were my team I would be pissed.


    There’s an easy solution to all of this, but with only one caveat; the time zone difference. Here it is;

    Drop one of the pre-season games. They mean nothing (but injuries) and are a waste.

    Add ONE neutral site regular season game for each team – 16 games total. (Hello London)

    Travel issues? Not a problem – make the London game the Thursday game BUT each team has their Bye the week before.


    1) No team loses a home game.
    2) Extra revenue and exposure for all
    3) No more .500 records (unless you have a tie, Donovan McNabb) – you either have a winning or losing season
    4) No franchises move overseas
    5)Every team has their bye at the same time and no team plays on short notice (4 days rest).

    Problems to overcome;

    1) Game time. 8PM EST is 1AM in London. Maybe you have a 11PM London start (6PM EST) to make it work. London is a 24 hour city, anyway…
    2) Thanksgiving sked has to be juggled to show 3 games that day.
    3) Some teams don’t have a Bye week until late in the season.

    Can it work?

  34. You know what would it would take to raise ticket prices in Jacksonville? Start spending some of that $63M in cap space. Longtime season ticket holder, but even I’m getting tired of a team full of rookies and cheap free agents…

  35. Khan has been a blessing for a the Jags. I can deal with giving up one game, because it helps the team and the city’s marketability, if the NFL can stop making it our top game!

  36. Not a bad idea, oltrafforddevil

    1. Make Thursdays an NFL doubleheader with a 3 PM EST game from London (9 PM their time) and the regular 8 PM game. This leaves 6-8 PM for dinner with the family or restocking beer for the 2nd game.

    2. Same thing on Thanksgiving. Middle game (3 PM EST) of three.

    3. Straight rotation, order determined out of a hat- pick a division, pick a team; pick a different division, pick a different team.

  37. ‘Nothing ingratiates you to your fan base like saying “we need more games away from you.”’

    You mean the inbred residents of a broke “city?” Yeah, I’m sure he stays up nights figuring out how to keep them in his life.

  38. @colv

    The fact that all Florida NFL teams have been horrible for years is the reason why you aren’t seeing a lot of support for the local teams. However it’s that way in most NFL cities.

    If the Bucs went on a run like the Patriots have been on since Brady arrived they would be huge too. It’s all about consistent winning and contending.

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