Nebraska’s Randy Gregory: I’m worthy of the No. 1 overall pick


Nebraska defensive end/outside linebacker Randy Gregory wants the world to know that he deserves consideration as the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft.

“I think I’m worthy of the No. 1 pick,” Gregory told USA Today. “I would hope anybody in the draft would want to be the No. 1 pick. I know how I am as a player. I know my potential. I know what I can do. I know what I bring to a team. And I understand that this position is a premium. Everyone wants someone that can get to the quarterback. Everyone wants a quarterback. Everyone wants a left tackle that can block that guy that wants to get to the quarterback. I understand the game and where it’s headed, and I understand that there’s a big need, a big demand. I definitely think I’m worthy.”

Most people think the Buccaneers will take a quarterback, Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston, with the first overall pick. Among non-quarterbacks, most draft observers consider USC defensive end Leonard Williams the top player. So while Gregory has the talent to be a Top 5 pick, No. 1 overall seems awfully unlikely.

Gregory has been compared to Dion Jordan, who went No. 3 overall in the 2013 NFL draft. They are similar players, although the fact that Jordan has been a disappointment in his first two NFL seasons isn’t great news for Gregory.

The biggest question facing the 6-foot-6 Gregory is whether he’s too skinny for the NFL. Gregory says he currently weighs 242 pounds, and at that weight NFL offensive tackles are going to eat him alive. But Gregory thinks he could comfortably bulk up all the way to 270 if the team that drafts him wants him to. At that weight, he could be a terror in the NFL. But probably not a No. 1 overall pick.

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  1. He looks like he could terrorize some QBs… Wouldn’t mind seeing him fall to the Falcons. I hope they go defense most of the way through the draft. Get some young talent and speed in there and let’s see if Dan Quinn can coach them up!

  2. Calm down. He said he is worthy of the number one pick. He’s not projecting himself as such, etc, etc.

    What else would you expect a player to say?

    If he’s put up in the top 5 by most scouts, he certainly has a chance to be number one….it is feasible. And if he gets it, is he supposed to say “I’m not worthy” and decline to accept it?

  3. 242 lb DE in the NFL? Good luck with that..Once a tackle gets his hands on you it’s all over bro..You don’t blow around tackles with your speed in the NFL like you do in college.

  4. Dion Jordan was a bust!!! We need LB HELP BAD, but Philbin & Ross wouldn’t know talent if it shook their hand so no hope he’ll go to Miami!!! I’m pissed that this team will SUCK another year cus we cant finish the game or the season because of the sorry coach!!!

  5. Nope. JaDaveon Clowney pretty much ruined the chances of any D-Lineman going #1 for the next few years, I think. And this guy is considerably less of a physical package than Clowney is/was.

  6. That picture makes him look like a Bond villain.

    “We meet again, Mr. Bond.”
    “Sportacus! What have you done with the codes?!”
    “I wouldn’t worry about that, Mr. Bond — you will soon find I’ve tossed a very long bomb your way.”

  7. A beautiful fit for Mike Zimmer and the kind of hybrid defense he runs and the Minnesota Vikings. If he’s there at number 11 the Vikings will surely take him, they won’t trade up for him but they’ll definitely take him at number 11-excellent fit!

  8. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Bears took him at 7. He looks like a WR now (no joke… Google some pics), but so was Aldon Smith when he came into the league. If Fangio sees enough Aldon Smith in him, he might talk Pace into pulling the trigger and take his chances on the guy being able to grow into his frame.

  9. Kid did absolutely nothing against USC.

    Leonard Williams is much more impressive, as far as the two go.

  10. he has also been compared to Jevon Kearse, Von Miller, Jason Pierre Paul, etc…..I will wait for his pro day/combine results…..Game film was better first half of the season…or even last year. Personally Shane Ray could be in discussion as best edge rusher in this years draft….while Williams is best over all DE…..I could only hope Gregory goes #1, and dthe the QB’s , and williams is still on the board at # 4…crazier things have happened….aka Kahlil Mack

  11. Too much bust potential. Undersized DE pass-rush specialists are great when they work, but Aaron Maybin and Dion Jordan are just two of the underwhelming first rounds in the same exact mold as Gregory.

    Middle first I’d roll the dice, but #1 overall? Not in a million years.

  12. Mr. Gregory, you are a fine player, but not even the best Defensive End. That would be Shane Ray from Missouri. Dude is a Beast.

  13. If he’s being compared to Dion Jordan , he won’t be drafted before the fourth round — Jordan is already considered a bust by many in Miami.

  14. If he can show the ability to drop into coverage and play in space, his stock goes up considerably because physically, at this point he’s more a 3-4 OLB than anything else.

  15. He’s a good player but Leonard Williams is the best talent in this draft. Williams worked through a damaged ankle throughout the season and dominated. His best performance is arguably the game against Stanford going one-on-one with Andrus Peat, an expected top-15 pick,

    Both should be of the upper echelon on Sundays.

  16. Way overrated. He got manhandled by the LT’s in the Big Ten and only one of them is going in the 1st round of the draft (Brandon Scherff IA). If he has to put on 30 lbs to hold up, he’ll lose the speed and quickness that playing at 240 gives him.

    Hope he goes in the top 10. One more talented player dropping.

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