RG3 spars with a fan who thinks he should stay off social media

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Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III put up a seemingly innocuous Instagram video today, showing himself listening to “Billie Jean” while driving to his morning workout. But RG3 is a polarizing figure these days, and he soon learned that nothing he does can be completely innocuous.

As pointed out by the Washington Post, Griffin quickly heard from fans who think every minute he spends on social media is a minute he should be studying his playbook, watching film, working out or otherwise getting better as a quarterback. One fan even went so far as to tell Griffin, “This is why you will be cut after next year in Washington.”

The best response to personal attacks on social media is usually to ignore them, but Griffin decided to fire back. Griffin asked the fan, “And I’m presenting myself in a negative way by doing . . . what exactly?”

The fan continued to insist that it’s a bad look for Griffin to be on social media, Griffin continued to insist that he’s just trying to interact with his fans, and neither side seemed to want to back down, with other fans also jumping in to post their own thoughts.

Griffin has taken plenty of shots in the last two years, some fair and some unfair. In this case, the fan’s criticism is wrong and Griffin is right. Taking a minute or two here or there to interact with fans on social media isn’t any kind of proof that Griffin fails to take his offseason work seriously enough. Only someone who’s predisposed to dislike Griffin would see it that way.

Unfortunately for Griffin, the reality is that until he returns to playing the way he played as a rookie, he’s going to face this kind of criticism. No one complains about Tom Brady’s frequent social media posts because Brady just won his fourth Super Bowl ring. But lots of people complain about Griffin’s social media posts because Griffin is coming off his second straight disappointing season.

Just as soon as Griffin gets back to his rookie form, he’ll be embraced by fans on social media again. Until then, he’s going to have to accept that a whole lot of fans will be coming after him, whether that’s fair or not.

92 responses to “RG3 spars with a fan who thinks he should stay off social media

  1. “Just as soon as Griffin gets back to his rookie form”

    What….that ain’t gonna happen. He will be cut at the end of next year!!

  2. What RG3 needs to do is actually pretty simple. Continue to post on social media but do it through a fake account in the name of Tom Brady.

  3. I think the fear is that every text RGIII sends is another chance for his thumbs to shatter into a million pieces.

  4. The same could be said bout the writers of PFT. guys post on social media frequently, so why no athletes? It’s 2015… speaking of which why isn’t a guy like Kaepernick getting ripped? He seems to be more about his social media than any player in the NFL.

  5. Um, regardless of whether you think he should be on social media or not the man is playing with his phone while driving his car. Stupid thing to do and terrible example for his young fans.

  6. Just evidence of how bitter and pathetic most people are. My question to the fan is why he’s checking up on Griffin’s social media posts in the middle of the day, you know, when most of us are working or in school?

  7. Derek Carr posts some family stuff here and there on social media but never engages in conversations. I think thats the proper way to go between connecting with fans and being a professionnal.

    RG3 cant help himself about debating and whatever he does then it just gets worst. If he really feels the need to argue with Joe Blow then I think Joe Blow is right and Griffin should pull the plug.

  8. Brady has people who post his social media. Every waking minute is occupied to make him a better QB. No RG3. He twitters for a living….and soon…he’ll have all the time in the world

  9. It’s sort of sad how people will use any excuse to trash someone with any kind of spotlight. Granted, RG3 needs to take the game more seriously and make improvements.. but that should have no bearing on the fact that he’s a human being.

  10. I often see media comments about how Griffin has to get back to his rookie year form. Honestly, he wasn’t that good then either. He simply showed some promise for a rookie and had a much better team around him.

    If you don’t have the ability to play quarterback from the pocket before you’re in the NFL, then you aren’t likely to win any championships in the NFL. Once you’re in the NFL it’s too late to learn how to play quarterback.

  11. It’s dangerous to claim to know who’s right in this situation. Bob would be wise to stay off social media and at least look like he cares. DC football club fans are brutal, if he were bright and NFL QB ready, he’d know that… And so would you.

    Welcome to Philly Bon.

  12. RG3-13 is such a thin skinned clown. You think guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Rivers etc. actually get their feelings hurt where they start churlishly whining to their fans? Only losers like Griffin, Colin Kaepernick, and Johnny Manziel stoop to such pathetic lows.

  13. Griffin will never get back to his rookie form, he will never be as good as he was that year.

    Mobile QB’s that need to run to be successful to not have long successful NFL careers. They have one awesome season and then they struggle to reproduce something even close to that first season. Teams figure out how to contain those QB’s and they’re not very good when stuck in the pocket. This isn’t something new.

  14. Football players are people too. Every one has a couple of minutes of down time. If your a college student, you cant read your textbook every minute of the day without a break until you have an exam. You’ll become mentally exhausted without giving yourself a break every now and then. He’s just criticizing him because he simply doesn’t like him.

  15. If RG3 tweeted that he donated 100gs to Children’s Hospital those same blowhards would criticize him.

  16. The fact that he responded shows something though. I can’t recall any instance where Brady, Peyton, Russell, Rodgers, or anyone else felt obligated to respond to a personal attack that was clearly irrational. The fact that he takes this criticism so personally and cant seem to ignore it speaks a little about his lack of maturity, and quite frankly, probably has a lot to do with his recent struggles with adversity.

  17. “Taking a minute or two here or there to interact with fans on social media isn’t any kind of proof that Griffin fails to take his offseason work seriously enough”

    Until he plays decently again you’re the one who’s wrong. He should be worried about winning games and not expanding his brand.

  18. Nobody would care if he was successful. But when he’s constantly doing non-football related thing and sucking at football it makes anybody ask the question if he’s not focused enough.

    Reality now tells us, he has been unfocused his entire NFL career and got by the first year because of physical gifts he no longer possesses.

    Griffin flunked out of the masters class, simple as that.

  19. RG Zero should keep his head down and concentrate on not being on “The NFL’s biggest draft busts”. He could hold the top 3 spots as they gave up 3 first round picks to get him. Maybe Manziel will be available soon….

  20. RG3 has to understand that this is part of being an athlete in the media world… There will ALWAYS be fans tearing you down.. Brady, Manning, LeBron, and anybody else with tons of fame all have critics.. Some people have valid points, others just point out every negative because they dislike the player. He has to be able to let that go or it will eat him alive.. Nobody likes someone tearing them down, but any athlete is gonna have critics.

  21. It’s awesome that people who hate others still follow them on social media, print, electronic or just follow them around town. The fact that the guy was wondering what Griffith was doing that day is humorous. The folks who follow athletes on whatever social platform should put that effort into their own lives and jobs.

  22. Brady started posting to facebook THIS YEAR. He’s 37.

    Once again thanks for leaving out critical details that will leave your viewers misinformed per usual.

  23. Roethlisberger has someone who posts for him on Facebook. As a Steelers fan, I think it’s wise for our QB to use a surrogate to speak for him whenever possible. RGIII should consider doing the same.

  24. Colin Kapernick should be happy he doesn’t play on the East Coast. What he does is way worse than RG3.

  25. Social media is not at the root of whether he will be gone it’s realizing how much harder he is going to have to work to have success at the NFL level. We as fans don’t have a clue how much he puts in but thr proof will show on the field. He can post a video a day if he is getting better!

  26. First, it’s dangerous and a bad example to be recording yourself for instagram while driving.

    Second, who does RGIII think he is that his “fans” are dying to see him bop to Billie Jean while driving?

    Third, maybe if he hadn’t crowed about his new logo and that he’s now in charge of the team last off season before falling on his face, fans wouldn’t be so critical.

    RGIII should at least APPEAR like he cares.

  27. Gotta love these nitwit fans who think they have the right to tell others how they should live their lives.

  28. Though I agree with the fan, I don’t know if the fan is right or not or if a “right” answer even exists. I do think that RG3 isn’t the smartest fella ever and he certainly doesn’t do himself any favors be getting on social media.

  29. —-Frankly, it is no one’s business what RG3 does on social media.—–

    Doesn’t putting something on social media make it everyone’s business?

  30. The big assumption in the article “Just as soon as Griffin gets back to his rookie form, he’ll be embraced by fans… ”
    Um hmmm.

    OR Griffin continues to be a one trick pony and leaves social media in disgrace.

  31. He shouldnt have responded to the guy criticizing him, try responding to your actually fans.

    I agree with titans fan, you can’t spend every minute of every hour you aren’t sleeping studying, but you should devote alot of time. I have test tommorrow and Im on PFT. Really hope my professor doesnt see this.

  32. What I saw from RG3 was a man that wanted to argue instead of a man who wanted to listen. That’s a character flaw and hard but not impossible to overcome. QB’s have to be open minded and shed criticism easily. Otherwise they let those other voices into their heads and start believing the negativity.

    He would benefit from counseling.

  33. edithpiaf51 says:
    Feb 9, 2015 4:48 PM
    Frankly, it is no one’s business what RG3 does on social media.

    This has got to be the LOL statement of the year.
    Oh yes people should respect his privacy with stuff he posts on “social media” LOL!

  34. Not in support of the irrational attack on RG3, but the counter argument of Brady not getting any attacks for being on social media because he has 4 rings… Well Brady doesn’t have as much of a necessity to improve as Bob does.

  35. “Just as soon as Griffin gets back to his rookie form, he’ll be embraced by fans on social media again” – he will never see those days again as he lost his explosive first step to a needless injury in a game he should not have been even playing in.

  36. I’m sure all these people saying the fan is right, spend every second of everyday getting better at their jobs to better take care of their families right…. LOL. Get real this guy has life and can do what he wants.

  37. I really can’t blame the Skins fan who’s frustrated & disappointed with RG3. I would be too.

  38. He’s still richer than every poster on this thread, so I think he wins. You work to earn a paycheck, and like it or not, he has one, even if it was earned based on his college career. But don’t most everyone earn a living based on what they accomplished in college? At least in our 20’s. I’m not a RG3 fan, but I can appreciate anyone in their 20’s that has made millions of dollars. How many people do you PERSONALLY know that can say that?

  39. People are missing the point. The problem isn’t that RG3 is posting stuff on social media. The problem is that the dummy is so insecure that he gets baited into a debate with a fan who is successfully pushing his buttons. If this is how he is going to respond to negative fan reaction, then he needs to stay off of social media because it makes him look thin skinned and foolish.

  40. A good chunk of people in this world are idiots. Get on the internet and that chunk multiplies to “most”. But that’s the fire you play with when you’re famous and use social media.

    RGIII is something a tragic figure to me. He had great potential, but the team kept him in a game when by playing him when he had a knee injury, he got injured further, and now his speed is essentially gone. And he doesn’t have the basic skills to be a pocket passer.

    So he’ll never get back to the form of his first season, but he could develop into a pocket passer with a lot of work and patience from his team – which isn’t gonna happen in DC.

    To me, this is the issue with running QBs. In the NFL their lifespan is severely limited – all it takes is one hit and they’re potentially not a running QB anymore.

  41. If he is cut by the skins next year, it won’t be because he was listening to a song on his way to workout. It will be because he has continued to perform poorly on the field. And he isn’t performing poorly because he listens to music on his way to work out….Delusional fans.

  42. People need to get off his back. I met him down in Waco when I was there for the Kansas basketball game. Super nice guy, took pictures with us even though we were Kansas fans. I think some people forget he is human like everyone else.

  43. The Redskins QB has every right to be on social media and take some time away from the playbook. I’m sure the fan in the Washington Newspaper article doesn’t spend 24/7 on his job either.

  44. Griff – the only satisfaction in this business is to win. Wether it’s the jack ass giants or a jack ass commentator, just win baby. Otherwise the NFL street is littered with disappointment and heartache…comes with the territory.

    Go ‘Griff!! Show us that you can lead the team or else get out of town…


  45. Its not like he does this 24/7. If doing this makes him happy its better than other things he could be doing. I think he’s trying hard to get better and it takes patience from fans.

  46. Die hard Skins fans have EVERY RIGHT to keep up with the behavior of a player/position that is so crucial to the team’s success especially after that player has proven over and over again that he may not have what it takes to be a successful starting QB in the NFL..

  47. RG-1000 can’t and won’t listen to what it takes to be a QB cause you have heard him say “I AM
    So RG-1000 take that stupid sleeve off your left
    arm sit down and listen to the real pros tell you like it is and how it’s done cause if you don’t you
    can consider yourself a BUST, a bad investment
    in the business world of the NFL

  48. A little bit of social media to interact with fans is fun, but dude is obsessed with it (and himself). The only thing worse than his ability to read a play is that awful singing voice.

    Did anyone else notice that is illegal to text and drive in Virginia? I am pretty sure that includes posting Instagram videos and looking at his phone while driving. Idiot! I am glad no one was killed.

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