Ron Rivera returns $5 to 9-year-old who wanted to help after house fire

Getty Images

Among the people who reached out to Panthers coach Ron Rivera after his house burned down last month was Harmonie Frederick.

The 9-year-old sent Rivera a letter expressing her sympathy for the loss of the house in the fire and $5 that she had saved from visits by the tooth fairy. Frederick explained that the money was so Rivera “won’t have to be homeless, waiting for his house to be built back.” Rivera sent a letter of his own back to Frederick that the family shared with WLTX in Columbia, South Carolina.

“Thank you for your concern. We are all fine, our dogs included. I appreciate your five dollars but our insurance will cover the rebuilding of our house. Thanks, Coach Rivera.”

Frederick told the station that she was “very excited” that Rivera’s house would be OK and that she would now save the $5 for her college education, a decision that Rivera applauded on Twitter on Sunday.