If Marshawn is walking away, Seahawks need a solid Plan B

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On Tuesday, Seahawks G.M. John Schneider confirmed what PFT has been hearing consistently since the Super Bowl ended — it’s not known whether running back Marshawn Lynch will return for another season.

Schneider said the team hopes to have a decision soon, and for good reason.  Unlike the Packers during the annual Brett Favre will-I-or-won’t-I meanderings of 2006 through 2008, the Seahawks don’t have an Aaron Rodgers ready to take the reins.  Last season was supposed to be the start of a transition from Lynch to Robert Turbin or Christine Michael, but neither guy stepped up.  If Marshawn will be stepping off, the Seahawks need to launch immediate preparations to replace him.

The market consists of two prime candidates:  DeMarco Murray and Adrian Peterson.  As to the former, there’s a chance the Cowboys won’t work out a long-term deal and won’t apply the franchise tag, allowing Murray to hit the market.  As to the latter, the Seahawks make plenty of sense for a veteran tailback with a burning desire for a championship.

At the latest, the Seahawks need to know what Lynch will be doing before the draft, so that an effort to replace him with a rookie can be made.  Still, absent the acquisition of a guy like Murray or Peterson, the Seahawks could be facing a major step backward at tailback, if Lynch decides that he’s done.

Here’s the other risk in pushing Lynch for an answer.  Like Favre in 2008, the answer in February may be no — and the answer in July may be yes.  Which could put the Seahawks in a delicate situation if they make an investment in another tailback early in the offseason, only to see Lynch unretire in time for training camp.

88 responses to “If Marshawn is walking away, Seahawks need a solid Plan B

  1. Drama queen Lynch isn’t going anywhere. He just craves attention. Once that stops he’ll quietly sign.

  2. Marshawn you’re a great RB, but stop with your foolish, immature games. Be an adult, keep playing if you have a brain or go be moron and lose millions, either way you will never be respected like the alltime greats in the NFL, sorry Charlie!

  3. Unless Wilson gets hurt, the Seahawks will be top contenders to win the Super Bowl again next year, so don’t get your hopes up.

    If Lynch retires, they’ll just split carries between Turbin and Michael and pick somebody else up in the draft. The only reason Michael has sat is because Lynch has been HOF good. Michael is not as powerful (who is?) but he’s more explosive. I don’t think this is a front burner issue for the Seahawks at all.

  4. Neither Turbin nor Michael stepped up? Or is it that neither of them could wrestle carries away from the best back in the league?

    Michael averaged 5.1 ypc, Turbin 4.2.

  5. Personally, I’d like to see Lynch replace Brian Williams as the anchor of NBC news.


    Yeah, that would make for some great commentary only hearing 4 things come out of his mouth on TV:
    – I’m all ’bout that action boss
    – Yeah
    – Thank you for asking
    – I’m here so I don’t get fined

  6. say what you want about beast mode but he is no fool. he went to Cal-Berkley . Jimmy Brown quit football @ 29 yrs old, why not beastmode ? why should he suffer when he gets older ? he won a ring , get out while you’re on top .

  7. I’d rather them draft a RB with zone running experience than spend big money on a free agent RB.

  8. Peterson going to Dallas makes sense… Jerry is hungry now…win at all costs..Murray won’t do it..they will trade for him for fear another team makes a play

  9. I’m pretty sure you are blowing this story way out of proportion. Hawks have drafted two backs to groom knowing Lynch would eventually hang it up. Turbin was drafted in the 4th and Michael in the 2nd round so it’s not as if they have taken the running back position for granted, especially since the running game is the Hawks offensive identity.

    And how can you say neither stepped up when even starters on other teams wouldn’t get playing time if they played for the Hawks based on how good Lynch has been running?

  10. What’s the big deal?

    Many team have this type of problems to deal with and try to plan for so this is only homer news for Seahawks. Do you think Lions or Jacksonville fans give a hoot about this?

    Even the Cards worry about and have to plan for whether Washington will return or be suspended for another year and he can anchor and lift their defense to another level, but that is not news here, is it?

    What about Cutler and the worries in Bears land?

    BTW, he is going to come back for another year.

  11. You can’t step up when you don’t get any carries. Thanks for writing a ridiculous article. Michael average 5.1 yards per carry on 34 last year. Give him 20 carries in a game just one time and then tell me whether or not he stepped up.

  12. This guy loves his money. Ten million per a year over the next three years. He’ll resign.
    If not we got Michael and Turbin and ton of draft picks

  13. For those Seahawks fans thinking that Michael or Turbin will replace Lynch just fine; Good luck.

    Michael and Turbins running style is more reliant on the offensive line.

    Lynch isn’t.

  14. I am more concerned about Wagner leaving than Lynch. Hawks have been grooming Turbin and Michael. There is NO REPLACEMENT FOR BOBBY WAGNER!! Also, trade KJ Wright while he’s hot, for reasons unknown. The guy does not fit with the Hawks system and constantly gets burned by TEs.

  15. The Seahawks are focused on signing Russell Wilson this offseason and attempting to find enough cash to deal with Russell Okung as well. They’re not signing Peterson. Even if he wasn’t under contract, he’s a public relations nightmare. I’d like to think that JSPC are smart enough to not want the distraction he’d bring. Considering they have Turbin and Michael, they also don’t NEED HIM.

    It would be nice if those who write about the Seahawks would do a shred of research before doing so.

  16. Having two consecutive years of playing 19 games a season will wear down the best of them. He is the heart and soul of this team. However, if he does retire i think they’ll use the 1st rd pick on a rb and the money on a guy named SUH

  17. Christine Michael is the future. There’s a reason they used their first pick of the 2013 draft on him despite Lynch coming off a first team All Pro season. He didn’t “step up” this season because Lynch was once again a dominant force and a a second team All Pro. Aaron Rodgers had to warm the bench for 4 entire seasons before he got his opportunity.

  18. How is Lynch
    a) Craving attention – when he avoids being interviewed?
    b) Playing games when all he is doing is enjoying the off season a bit, only 2 weeks after his last game?

    Just because someone wrote an article on Lynch being undecided doesn’t mean he is playing games or craving attention.

  19. Man if lynch leaves its gona be tough sledding for the hawks offense! For as good wilson has been just look at his numbers when lynch is ineffective….there pedestrian at best…wilsons nothing more than a good game managing qb and thats only when lynch is having a good game…people love to bash on kap because of his terrible play from the pocket but look at wilsons numbers from the pocket there nearly identical! Both need the run game to be humming to be effective…at least the 9ers have hyde waiting in the wings ready to take over who looked great last year when givin his opprotunities…turbin, not so much…so even though the hawks great d will keep them in games losing lynch would be catastrophic for this team…other teams wont have to load the box, they can line up to keep wilson in the pocket forcing him to win games solely with his arm which he has not had to do much most of his career

  20. I love this guy as a player. But no way he is that dumb to walk away from the only chance he has to make any money in the real world. I wouldn’t hire this guy to do anything within my company for minimum wage.

  21. In that scheme with Michael and Turbin you’ve basically got Portis and Anderson behind Terrell Davis.

    Focus needs to be on finding a Shannon Sharpe.

  22. I’d think bringing Justin Forsett back would be a cheap alternative for them. This is coming from a Ravens fan.

  23. Michael was great in the zone read/option at A & M. Turbin seems like a back who needs 20+ carries to really get going, he isnt getting those if you have beastmode tho..tj yeldon, todd gurley, buck allen would be great for the seahawks. Is jonathon williams coming out from Arkansas? Good pick if he is.

    Go Pats!

  24. Walk away? Somebody must have put the check on the table. This clown has a lot of experience walking away from things.

  25. I think if they let Lynch walk they’d better be drafting a top receiver. Turbin, Michael will work, but if Lynch walks they’ll have to throw it more unless the snag Murray. I myself think they need an other receiver even with Paul Richardson

  26. “He went to Cal-Berkley.” Yeah, where liberals go to get brainwashed and indoctrinated.

  27. Silent Mode please go away- tired of this
    moron and his pathetic act. Ruining whatever
    respect he’s earned as a great back by
    grabbing his crotch and acting a fool- just
    doesn’t get it

  28. No way do they spend big $$$ on DeMarco Murray when they already have Christine Michael awaiting his chance and have to do contracts for Wilson an Wagner.

    Maybe AP as he’s more of a power back….if and only if they can get him at the same price or less than Lynch would have made.

    It’s not a matter of Michael/Turbin not “stepping up”. It’s a matter of you don’t sit down a HOF running back unless he’s hurt.

  29. I’m sorry but when did Peterson become a free agents? Don’t the Vikings have to release him first

  30. The Seahawks have already reached out to Murrays agent. Why not when you are that close ….you make sure you get the guy you need.

  31. No Leatherface. We just brag that every player on the packers are better than every viking player except at running back. That’s a fact. You trolls just can’t accept that. You get swept every year by the packers, but somehow think you’re on the same level.

  32. cowboysallday says:
    Feb 10, 2015 9:16 PM
    I’m sorry but when did Peterson become a free agents? Don’t the Vikings have to release him first


    Yes, they do. Which most people assume will happen. $15.4 million *non-guaranteed* salary for 2015. Between his age, his image, and $$ it’s almost certain he won’t be back.

  33. I dunno where Florio is getting all this “didn’t step up” carp, because Turbin averaged 4.4 YPC this season, behind Lynch’s 4.7. He naturally didn’t get as many carries as anticipated because Lynch was there, but he’s proven himself to be a solid producer. Michael put up consistently good numbers when his number was called. And it’s only been 9 freaking days since SB49. Give Lynch a minute to catch his breath before unleashing all the conjecture about his future.

  34. Trade him to the Patriots. That would be an interesting coach-player interaction.

  35. gpete1962 says: Feb 10, 2015 7:35 PM

    Just another millionaire Idiot that will be broke in five years!
    At least he got there. I’d rather be broke in five years than broke every year.

  36. Remember in the preseason when ever 12er was saying next man up as Lynch held out. The reason the team caved is they weren’t able to see an ounce of proof that Michael or Turbin could step into that position.

    DO NOT KID YOURSELF. Lynch is a freak of nature that is not replaced. If you think that to be the case, your football experience comes from Madden.

  37. Guys the 12$ are delusional and tend to overplay their hand and wind up looking crazy. It’s the nature of how they are. I am feeling a little down I think I will catch YouTube and see a bunch of 12s have their egos deflated and spear TVs out of frustration. Great stuff.

  38. It’s not that losing Lynch doesn’t hurt the Hawks – it does.

    It’s if we do lose Lynch, will the replacements + the use of the freed up cash ultimately make the Hawks better – it may.

    Lynch will slow down eventually. Love the beast but any new contract should be short and sweet.

  39. SeaChicken’s window has closed – Lynch or no Lynch. Super Bowl choke-job insured that. Free-Agency + Injuries + Coaching Changes + Having to Pay Wilson + Most Devastating Loss in NFL History = A Return to Mediocrity

  40. With such a good roster I think they can afford the luxury of drafting a RB with their 1st pick. Maybe even trade up to get someone they like. Then it works with or without Lynch.

    I dont think I would throw a lot of money at a FA running back when I have so many other good players to keep the core of my team together.

    And lets be honest, after Marshawn retires they wont find the same kind of player. You see truely fantastic running backs 2-3 times a decade in the NFL. They need to become more balanced on offense and that will require some help at WR.

  41. no way in hell the seachickens get ap it would cost them 5 first round picks and will cost them 12 mill a year have fun trying that one fools

  42. Well. This insures Melvin Gordon won’t fall into the second round like all running backs for the past 2 years in the draft. He’ll likely be long gone by the time the Seahawks draft. But if not it will be an all Badger explosive backfield in the NW.

  43. I doubt he’s going anywhere, but I do like the standard that has been set for young running backs by guys like Lynch and Blount. Once you make contact, you better get 4 or 5 more yards.

  44. You can’t blame him if he leaves. Football is only a small part of life and he’s got nothing to prove. I don’t want to see him like earl Campbell.

  45. I think JS and PC have backup plans in place…whether Lynch would return or not was also a question in 2014…many teams in the NFL would love to have a back like Turbin or Michael…Lynch is a big part of Seattle’s offense…but everyone seems to forget that Lynch had good years in 2010 and 2011…yet Seattle went 7-9 both years…I suspect Seattle will still be a contender with or without Lynch (and will spend that cap money accordingly)….either way…one day they will have to deal with that reality

  46. While Murray may indeed hit the free agent market Peterson will remain with the Vikings. They paid an aging Jared Allen $17 million his last year knowing he wasn’t worth it. Peterson is a more impactful player than Allen. He may be asked to take a small pay cut, but he’ll be back in MN. Even with him returning the Vikings still have $20 million in cap space, so money is not the issue. Zimmer has made it clear he wants him back. Spielman will make sure Zimmer gets what he wants. Vikes will draft a WR in the 1st round and give Teddy AP in the backfield to go with Jennings, Johnson, Patterson and a good chance a 1st round pick like DeVante Parker. That’s a pretty impressive group of players to go along with a healthy Rudolph at TE. As long as they plug the hole at LG in the draft or free agency Teddy should have all the weapons he needs to be successful and continue his maturation.

  47. Obviously, he’s not going to retire. But, a good option could be with the Pats. Of course, BB would only take him on if he is convinced that Lynch understands the rules and agrees to abide by them. Which, for a year or two, he might. Could be interesting.

  48. Of course, BB would only take him on if he is convinced that Lynch understands the rules and agrees to abide by them.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    Belicheat and rules in the same sentence.


    When is your next stand up gig?

  49. I have a fear that if Lynch does leave, Russel will try to make up for the loss of yardage with his owl legs. What happens when a quarterback runs a lot? he gets hurt.

  50. Bevel is no dummy!
    He know what he’s getting with AP, having been his Offensive Coordinator. Murray? he may have gotten lucky last year (ala Chris Johnson). If Marshawn retires. Seattle will do ANYTHING to get AP.

  51. kuranda84 says:
    Feb 10, 2015 7:43 PM
    I’d rather them draft a RB with zone running experience than spend big money on a free agent RB.
    Why?? They’ll get to the SB with 20 seconds on the one yard line with only a score to win the game and Pete Carroll will only throw it again anyway so what does it matter?? I’m STILL not over that call, we should have won Back-to-Back Super Bowls !!!!!!!!!

  52. As a diehard Hawks fan I’d hate to see Lynch retire. However, if he chooses that route I think we should make a play for AP. He might just come on the cheap for a great chance at a ring. I have zero interest in Murray. Otherwise, we go with Michael and Turbin as backup, along with a back in the draft. Michael has shown great potential but just can’t get any touches with Lynch on the team. I just hope Michael is working hard on his blocking skills.

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