Jerry Jones on free agents: You can’t have it all, but you can try


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has already said wide receiver Dez Bryant wasn’t going anywhere, implying that they’d simply use the franchise tag to keep him from reaching free agency.

The situation with fellow free agent running back DeMarco Murray’s more complicated, and Jones admitted as much the other night when discussing the pair.

That’s a big challenge,” Jones said, via NBC 5 in Dallas. “You can’t have it all. But on the other hand, you can try to have it all.

“You have to make sure you’re making the right decisions on who gets the assets, which in this particular case, it’s the room under the salary cap.”

That’s a subtle way of suggesting that someone’s going to end up with less than they think they deserve.

It’s probably going to be Murray, who had an MVP-caliber season, but faces the supply-demand realities many at his position have experienced. And with previous suggestions that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has a future in Dallas, Murray’s the one who’s going to get squeezed.

Of course, a long-term deal for Bryant’s going to be bigger, but would allow them the short-term flexibility they need. And that might be enough to keep the band together, as quarterback Tony Romo has been lobbying for.

10 responses to “Jerry Jones on free agents: You can’t have it all, but you can try

  1. Demarco Murray had a great season last year and is a great player. Its been proven however you can plug in cheaper RBs and get good production out of them. It has been proven to be much harder to find proven pass catchers dictating defensive coverages like Dez Bryant does…This is were an owner would exert his leverage on the coaching and scouting staff imploring them to find a solid RB to plug in replacing Murray…the defense needs extra LBs, DTs and DBs, i think most Cowboy fans would agree the defense is where most improvement is needed, Dallas can always score points..

    Go Pats!

  2. He needs to take a good look at his defense. Plenty of free agents there as well. Not too mention holes to fill.
    While their offense is championship caliber. As long as Romo stays healthy. Their defense looks more like the the Giants defensive unit.

  3. “You can’t have it all. But on the other hand, you can try to have it all by looking through the glory hole.” Jones said, via NBC 5 in Dallas.

  4. Nobody has been able to answer how it is the Cowboys can’t keep Dez and Murray, but are somehow going to sign AP? Sure, AP will just sign for $3 mil a year. Ya. That will happen. Right after he tells the Vikings he won’t take a pay cut down to $8-9 mil from the $15 mil he’s due.

  5. C’mon Jerry – Sign Dez and restructure Romo already so that we can see what you can do after that. I can’t remember the last time I was this interested in the Cowboys offseason!

  6. Pretty sure restructuring Romo would make a big headache down the road for the salary cap.

    Not sure that is a good route to suggest.

  7. Restructuring won’t be a problem if he stays healthy, and JJ seems to think he’s going to stay healthy, so it’s probably gonna happen.

  8. The boys better worry about getting a QB. Romo is about done. You can’t keep taking a pounding on the back and neck and keep taking those shots. This is his last year in the NFL. (Not wishing injury on anyone just saying.)

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