New Orleans judge orders mental exam of Tom Benson

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As the Benson Family Feud continues both in Texas and Louisiana, the judge presiding over the New Orleans lawsuit challenging a significant change in Tom Benson’s will has decided that Mr. Benson should undergo a thorough physical and mental examination.  Under the auspices of three physicians.

Via, the ruling came Tuesday, one day after a judge in San Antonio determined that Benson needs assistance in the management of some of his assets.

It makes sense for Benson to be evaluated.  The core question is whether he possesses the sufficient “sound mind” to make changes to his will.

Changes to wills are common, and can be made whenever the person making the will wants.  As long was the person has the appropriate mental capacity to do so.

In this case, the family members who were frozen out of the opportunity to inherit the Saints and NBA’s Pelicans believe Benson lacked the mental ability to tell them they’ll get nothing and like it.  A trio of doctors will determine whether that’s the case.

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  1. If it is determined that he is not of sound mind, what can the NFL do to make sure he doesn’t make crazy decisions regarding the Saints. And on a side note, if he is not of sound mind every GM in the NBA needs to be trying to swindle Anthony Davis from the Pelicans

  2. At the same time the judge should issue an order that the complainants also undergo a thorough mental and physical evaluation to see if they are competent to inherit the Saints and Pelicans. I mean they’re greedy bastards but are they sane greedy bastards?

  3. Didn’t he used to dance around on the field with an open umbrella? How do you perform a sanity test on that?

  4. If he passes these tests I would expect several more changes in his will to follow. Time to drop these ungrateful brats from the will entirely!

  5. Seattle Judge just ordered the same evaluation for Pete Carroll.

    Seattle Judge stated in court documents:
    ‘What the hell was he thinking – give Lynch the ball.’

    Carroll’s Defense responded to the Judge with:
    ‘Lynch already had two balls in hand and was unable to grab a third.’

  6. Benson voted to stop football, watched as Goodell labeled his team cheap shot artists, saw the same guy lose a billion dollar court case and eliminate kickoffs, and RE-ELECTED HIM COMMISSIONER. They don’t need a medical exam, just lock him up for his own good.

  7. i have 3 questions. I thought Roger Goodell already determine whether
    Benson was competant.
    Now that a Judge has ruled that Benson has to be examined by three
    physicians, does Roger get to pick them ?
    Any truth to the rumor that CNN reporter Rachel Nichols has to pay for the exams?

  8. You don’t have to be Einstein to have sufficient capacity to know when it is time to change the will.

  9. As a Panthers fan, nothing would thrill me more than to see the team turned over to his daughter, Rita LeBlanc, the one who has wrecked havoc on any and everything she’s touched,
    every Saint’s fan greatest fear.

  10. I watched my ex’s family go through this money-grubbing over aged and deceased relatives. Twice. The behavior was pathetic. Part of the reason (but not all) she’s an ex.

  11. RE: Tom Benson’s Umbrella

    This umbrella thing is not just whimsy. He’s dancing with a Second Line umbrella. It’s a New Orleans’ cultural element used in Jazz funerals and Second Line parades.

    Decorate an umbrella with fringe, feathers, sequins and what have you and you’re in business.

  12. I hope his ungrateful kids and family members end up homeless and broke. He put the silver spoon in their mouths and this is how they repay him.

  13. While they are at they can schedule one for the other 31 owners and throw in Goodell. I can help them start the process and after Benson evaluate Blank, Richardson,Kraft, Jones, etc. You know those guys don’t still have all of their marbles.

  14. Such a greedy power grab by the children. It’s completely his right to leave control to his wife. I somehow doubt the children are actually concerned that she’s manipulated him into this and he is actually incompetent.

    The worst part is that he will clearly still leave tons of money to his family. He said as much publicly. He just doesn’t think they should control his sports teams.

  15. So b/c it’s a “Second Line Umbrella” that makes it cool? Sorry, but if that’s the thing to do in New Orleans then you’re all crazy. Case closed.

  16. I hope the court gets it right, which is like hoping for heads when a coin is flipped.

  17. It’s my understanding that the complainants are being completely disinherited. It’s just that they’re only getting many millions, instead of many, many millions.

    And in case it wasn’t brought up before, the lawyer overseeing things was mayor of San Antonio when the Saints evacuated there post-Katrina, and pushed to get the team to relocate there. No conflict there, of course.

  18. I have followed this pretty closely. First, daughter Renee doesn’t seem to have run anything but maybe a ranch and spend money on some old buildings in Blanco, TX. Rita appears to be a really mercurial personality who basically has alienated the Saints from players to office personnel. Sean Payton wanted an out in his contract apparently because of fear that Rita would disrupt organization by firing Loomis. Hard to find that Ryan has ever done anything. Scary that these 3 can handpick a psychiatrist to examine him and have 50-50 say in the third. Benson is by far best owner Saints have ever had (I am fan and was long time season ticket holder since the beginning) and the team is well run so hard to believe he has lost his marbles. Heir ingrates must have been emboldened by Clippers situation which bears no resemblance to Benson. I hope he gets by this and disinherits the whole bunch of them —BTW, the other grandchildren don’t support this money grab.

  19. Gilamu: they are not being disinheritied from the trust in Texas as that is Renee’s mother’s trust. Benson was still giving them, as you suggest, plenty of millions (estimate $400 MM)!

    None of them seem to realize that NFL has to approve majority ownership so watch and listen to Renee and see if you would want her as a controlling owner if you are the other 31!

  20. If Rita gets control the Saints will lose every front office executive plus Sean Payton. Mr Benson has very competent people running his businesses. If they leave the Saint franchise is doomed. Some billionaire will get them and move the team to wherever.
    This case will take years to finalize. It’s a shame that Mr Benson will probably die with this ugly mess continuing. His adopted daughter and her two ingrate children should be ashamed of themselves. Sad situation.

  21. The Benson heirs are not being completely disinherited, it’s just from the standpoint of inheriting the teams. Tom Benson has made it clear that despite repeated efforts to groom them to take the reins, especially Rita, none of them has proven themselves up to the task.

    His heirs, through generous trust funds set up years ago, stand to inherit hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, car dealerships, and banks (that’s right, you heard meh, these ingrates will inherit banks).

    It’s not enough though, they want the two pro teams, too. And Benson has said no. He does not want that going to them. So the fight is on.

  22. Chmba and keylimelight, you’re right. I meant to say “are NOT being disinherited,” but obviously left out a key word.

    Hopefully this can be resolved in a way that keeps the Saints in town. Mr. Benson could have moved the team after Katrina, but chose to come back. It would be a shame if his heirs, out of greed, made the team leave.

  23. It’s interesting that they thought he was perfectly capable when they were still getting everything. This is scary on a lot of levels, but I guess, in the words of El Presidente, he didn’t build that, so he shouldn’t get to keep it, right?

  24. Unfortunately, Tom Benson bears much of the blame for this because of setting up the trusts to avoid paying taxes. If all taxes (income, estate, whatever) were just reduced to something like 10% none of this would have happened.

  25. ebdug says: Feb 10, 2015 2:22 PM

    Benson voted to stop football, watched as Goodell labeled his team cheap shot artists, saw the same guy lose a billion dollar court case and eliminate kickoffs, and RE-ELECTED HIM COMMISSIONER. They don’t need a medical exam, just lock him up for his own good.
    How do you know how Benson voted? The vote requires 2/3 majority so even if Benson voted NO goofball Goodell would still be voted in as commissioner..

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