Shayanna Jenkins to testify against Aaron Hernandez


Previously, Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers feared that the player’s fiancée had struck a deal with prosecutors to testify against Hernandez in exchange for immunity from her pending charge of lying to a grand jury.

Those fears have come to fruition, in the form an agreement that is no longer a secret.

Per multiple reports, Shayanna Jenkins has been granted immunity and will testify against Hernandez.

It’s a horrible sign for Hernandez, who now faces the introduction of chapter-and-verse details from Jenkins regarding things said and done by Hernandez before and after the body of Odin Lloyd was found in an industrial park near Hernandez’s home in North Attleboro.  And since Hernandez and Jenkins weren’t married, anything he said to her can and will be used against him at trial, without the benefit of the marital privilege.

Hernandez’s lawyers surely will attack his fiancée’s credibility by pointing out that she has wiggled off the legal hook by agreeing to testify against Hernandez.  Still, Jenkins had Hernandez’s baby.  She was engaged to marry him.  Even if she’s protecting herself by doing it, she’s giving what potentially will be damning testimony against Hernandez.

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  1. Damn, what a sad situation all around. Aaron Hernandez should have been celebrating the Super Bowl with his teammates and Odin Lloyd should still be living.

  2. Why couldn’t you have simply played football?
    What in the hell is wrong with you?
    Awesome TE would have been the toast of the town right now.
    Instead you will be the toast of the State.
    Deservedly so.

  3. Just a thought, but maybe somewhere between getting her pregnant and making her an accomplice to murder he should have married her…

  4. I thought marital privilege only applied if SHE didn’t want to testify against him. He couldn’t stop her if she wanted. Married or not.

  5. What is taking so long with this trial? It is like some sort of three ring media circus. Enough of it already. Get it over with.

  6. eljefedelmundo says: Feb 10, 2015 3:00 PM

    Is there a def penalty in Mass.?

    No death penalty in Mass. since 1982.

  7. Even though it was obvious that Hernandez “did it,” there was legit concern that he may not be implicated for committing the murder, because of circumstantial evidence and zero chance of testimony from his fiance. Well guess what…..Now it’s GAME OVER

  8. This guy has good lawyers and the girlfriend won’t give up any more than she has to in order to honor her deal. I still think that he is going to walk. They don’t really have anything on him. No forensic evidence and no eyewitness. Everything they have is circumstantial and hearsay.

    It’s funny how even his defenders assume that he is guilty. Based on the evidence I have seen, I am not so sure.

  9. Let’s see how the defense attorneys react when the trial resumes. Since immunity was not granted until the middle of trial, expect them to scream “unfair surprise.”

    They will probably argue that had they known she would testify and had they known what she would testify to, they would have given an different type of opening statements and would have cross-examined the State’s witnesses differently.

    I suspect those arguments will fail, but it will be interesting to hear the explanation of why immunity was not granted until this late date. If the prosecutor dragged his feet and sought to occur a tactical advantage, this could get ugly.

  10. It’s the great American love story:

    Boy meets girl.
    Boy impregnates girl.
    Boy kills other boy.
    Girl testifies against boy in exchange for immunity.

    Coming soon to the Hallmark Channel.

  11. If she had a “pending charge for lying to a grand jury” the defense will use that huge gold nugget that once a liar always a liar, and therefore she’s lying to the jury now to save herself.

    Prosecutor’s case is still weak even with her if one juror doesn’t believe her. It’s no slam dunk as some of you are obviously thinking.

  12. “Hey babe, I’m gonna run around with strippers & shoot a few people while you’re home pregnant with my kid ..we cool, right?”

  13. Yes, the defense attorneys will argue to the jury that Jenkins will say anything the prosecutor wants in order to save her own skin. Whether that works or not will depend on a few things:

    (1) the impression she makes on the jury (e.g., truthful or evasive);

    (2) whether the prosecutor has other evidence to corroborate key portions of her testimony; and

    (3) how well she stands up to cross-examination.

  14. Dear Aaron:
    I luv ya bah bah, but, I don’t look good in orange. Can I still be on the checkin’ account, tho?


  15. Let’s wait until she actually answers a few questions and we’re not reminded of a Marshawn Lynch press conference. She’s been hanging out with the defense team until this point, not the prosecutors.

  16. this just tells me the prosecution needs her testimony..and she could very well refuse to testify. Sure, she would sit in jail for a while, but not longer than the trial lasts.
    I love this end around the 5th Amendment though.
    is it me, or does it seem like this case was ran by a bunch of rookies?
    Overzealous prosecutor. Cops who “eyeball” evidenceand contaminate it, rather than properly collecting it and marking it. smh and of course they dont have the gun, just a shell casing with his DNA on it. (plenty of plausible explanations)
    Im not saying he is innocent, but in my eyes there is reasonable doubt (they should have tried them all at once, because now Hernandez can just claim they shot him without his knowledge..good luck proving he did without the two accomplices either)

  17. Numerous people have paid the price for crossing this serial killer from Gainesville to Boston. She better hope the DA’s office has a good witness protection program

  18. ovaw8lova says: Feb 10, 2015 3:44 PM

    OMG she is beautiful.

    You beat me to it. She is incredibly easy on the eyes…

  19. Spousal privilege does not begin until they are actually married, so anything he said to her prior to that is not covered by the privilege. He would have to have killed Lloyd, married her and then told her the things that she is going to testify to. In most states the to the “party spouse”, in this case Hernandez as well as the “witness spouse” (Jenkins) and either can invoke it. In all states and Federal Law, the party spouse can invoke the privilege, except in very specific instances.

  20. She may be treated as a hostile witness, give nondescript responses, and still get her deal. Maybe they threatened to take the baby away from her, who knows what changed her mind. Judge Garsh doesn’t take any stuff from anyone, the prosecution better have their ducks in a row.

  21. His woman is about to put him away. Good. He’s an animal and that’s exactly what he needs. He thinks he’s such a tough guy but when Big Bubba (in prison) gets a hold of him, I want to see how tough Hernandez is then.

    He’s going to be Big Bubba’s woman when it’s all said and done.

  22. Spousal privilege does not begin until they are actually married, so anything he said to her prior to that is not covered by the privilege.


    That’s not correct. You’re confusing the spousal privilege with the marital-communications privilege. Your analysis is correct under the latter but not under the former. With the spousal privilege, the dispositive factor is marital status at the time of trial.

  23. When they question her can she just say “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” or maybe “thanks for coming” ?

    the sole reason she’s being given immunity is because she’s gonna talk……if she does her best Marshawn impersonation, the deal will be off

  24. For the jr. attorneys out there the prosecution would not have granted immunity unless the information was damaging to Hernadez while helping bolster their case.

  25. Luckily for Seattle this dude is in jail or that game might’ve really gotten out of hand

  26. For the jr. attorneys out there the prosecution would not have granted immunity unless the information was damaging to Hernadez while helping bolster their case.

    Absolutely. The prosecutor undoubtedly conducted a proffer session with her and her counsel to see what she would testify to if she was granted immunity. These are often called Queen-for-a-Day sessions.

  27. There was a documentary on Hernandez the other night. It was riveting. He is one sick dude.

    He needs to be put away for a long, long time.

  28. This is the reason to never have a partner in crime or talk about stuff around your girl if its criminal. Girls crack pretty easy when DAs start talking about the kid being taken. Btw Hernandez is guilty as sin but your kids mother helping to bury you has to sting. Chris Brown should be Aarons theme musician.

  29. Misleading headline and misleading story. The judge granted her immunity at the request of prosecutors so that she could not take the 5th amendment. She has in no way agreed to testify against Hernandez. This is so they could bring contempt charges against her if she refused to testify which she to this point has done.

  30. I’m guessing that she’s not going to be getting a Valentine’s Day card from prison this year.

  31. OJ had more evidence against him than this case and he walked……don’t say done yet

  32. Hernandez seems like he is finished, he needs to fall on the sword. While the Pats don’t have to do anything ,would be nice if they paid out the Hernandez contract to Lloyds family and Hernandez daughter. But that’s not the world we live in.

  33. She would become a first-ballot “Ride or Die Chick” Hall of Famer if her response to every question from the prosecution was:

    “I’m only here so I won’t get time”

  34. Ok but can’t the defense team just paint her whole testimony as nothing more than quid pro qou and unbelievable? This might be what gets him off.

  35. Gotta love all the trolls with their “Mr. Patriot” remarks. Hey geniuses we got rid of that sack of trash the second he was implicated and arrested. Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Big Ben, sure hope those guys aren’t on your teams. When it became apparent he was nothin but a G thang, he was nothin but unemployed. The Patriot Way

  36. If she testifies against him and he gets convicted of murdering Odin Lloyd,she will most certainly have to go into the witness protection program. We’ve already seen what happens to people who cross Aaron Hernandez,even accidently.

  37. NE patriots knew all about his failed drug tests at violent past at Miami still drafted him classless organization win at all cost even cheat.spygate

  38. Aaron is not worried about this latest development, after all he broke his computer monitor to destroy any evidence that was on his hard drive.

  39. Misleading headline and misleading story. The judge granted her immunity at the request of prosecutors so that she could not take the 5th amendment. She has in no way agreed to testify against Hernandez.


    We don’t know for sure but this scenario is highly unlikely. It means the prosecutor would call her as a witness at trial with no idea of what she would say. That ain’t happening.

    More than likely, her attorneys have negotiated an immunity deal with the prosecutors and there has been a “Queen-for-a-Day” session so the prosecutors know exactly how she would testify.

  40. From what was reported on that four-letter network’s website, she has been sitting behind him whispering “I love you” between themselves. That doesn’t sound like someone who’s going to provide damning testimony against him. If I’m not mistaken, lying to a grand jury isn’t that serious a charge and even if she’s found guilty of that, it would probably only result in probation.

    If I were a betting man, I’d say she’s going to refuse to answer questions and will be found in contempt. What the judge does after that will determine the final outcome of the trial. If she does nothing to Jenkins then he’ll get away with it. However, if she sends Jenkins to jail for contempt, she might remain in jail until the trial is over. Still, I doubt that would be very long.

  41. Hmm….Everyone is assuming she’s going to incriminate him. You know the old saying about people who assume. Personally, I don’t think there’s any way she says anything that will help the prosecution, in any way.

  42. attorneyfootballtalk says:Feb 10, 2015 3:26 PM

    This case is now one yard away from scoring a conviction. Hopefully the prosecution doesn’t throw it away.


    comment of the day. From a seahawks fan too.

  43. Jail may be the safest place for this girl if she flips on Hernandez. She will be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life,however long or short that will be. He and his friends on the outside are not people you want to mess with. A human lfe obviously means nothing to them.

  44. As if cell tower info. video cam evidence texts etc weren’t enough..I mean really Oden Lloyd from the hood is found less than a mile from your crib and you were seen last with him in evidence…He deserves to be convicted for just being stupid. Soon the defense puts her on the stand and says to her…Ma’am does this look like the gun you threw in the lake the morning of the shooting? but really they were loaded before…

  45. Funny how the patsies get on pass on the Hernandez situation.

    They threw millions at somebody THEY KNEW had a suspect reputation.

    You have two choices patriot fan, choose wisely as these are the only two possible scenarios:
    1) kraft knew how shady this guy was and gave him the $$$ anyway
    2) kraft and co. are incompetent and pooped the bed

    Now, we all know that patsy fans will never admit to the 2nd option and why should they? Their team has won in dynastic proportions over the last 15yrs.

    Pick your poison chowda heads, this is YOUR tucking franchise.

    Go Raiders

  46. pleazenufalready, you beat me to the punch. I’m not a lawyer but I highly suspect that the prosecutors already have the answers from her that they want her to testify to otherwise they would not be offering immunity so I don’t think there’s any chance she’ll get on the stand and play dumb. On another note, as a black man, I hate to trash black women when they don’t deserve it but this pic of her looks like Bow Wow in drag.

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