Brandon Marshall understands Bears may decide to move on without him

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Wide receiver Brandon Marshall feels like he and the Bears are on the same page when it comes to wanting to win in 2015 and he “definitely” loves playing for the team, but that’s not enough for him to feel assured of a spot on Chicago’s roster in 2015.

Marshall is coming off an injury-plagued year that saw him catch 61 passes for 721 yards for his lowest production since his rookie season in Denver and stands to make $7.5 million next season under his current contract. That combination along with the regime change in Chicago has led to speculation that the Bears might decide to move in a different direction and Marshall didn’t receive any guarantees in either direction during a conversation with coach John Fox and General Manager Ryan Pace.

I don’t think anybody would be [comfortable] sitting in the gray, but this is the National Football League,” Marshall said, via the Chicago Tribune. “This is our business. It’s not a unique situation. It happens every single year. Like I said in the middle of the season, some players think that when you lose, oh, the coach is going to be gone. No, they move players, too. I get that and understand that.”

Marshall said he’s excited about the prospect of working with offensive coordinator Adam Gase, who was his position coach in Denver before Marshall was traded to the Bears, and chances are that a healthy Marshall will be a more productive one. As of now, though, that’s not enough for Marshall or the Bears to make any promises about his return to the team.

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  1. If he could take the ‘me’ out of TEAM he’d be in a much better position….we’ll see if he can sell the Management on that….hard to let him go IMHO.

  2. If they release him, he will hold a two-hour press conference announcing his release and demand his next team allow him a three-hour presser so he can introduce himself….all to raise awareness of mental illness. Or something.

  3. Marshall has been one of the better ones and he’s not worth $7.5M after one rough year because of injuries? Meanwhile, Greg Jennings gets paid $9M a year to be a mediocre NFL WR.

  4. Brandon Marshall also understands Jay Cutler is the quarterback in Chicago.

    So it’s easy to understand why he has no problem leaving.

  5. The Bears are stuck with Cutler for at least one more season. So the new regime may very well ask themselves if Cutler is likely to play better with Marshall or the team – or without him – and decide based on that.

    The mojo between Cutler and Marshall definitely slipped during this past trainwreck of a season, so I don’t think the answer to that question is nearly as cut and dried as it might seem.

  6. Given the way he quit on the Bears last year I’m not so sure Fox would want him in Chicago. I can see him going to a team like Seattle because after all they do need a wide receiver and Marshall wants a ring to boost his status.

  7. I would cut Andre Johnson, and sign Marshall if I were Texans GM. Andre is due much more than $7.5M and will produce less. Complain about the same.

  8. bucckevin says:
    Feb 11, 2015 4:06 PM
    Come to the Patriots for the vet minimum.
    This is a common, ignorant, take since the SB. None of these guys will ever take the minimum to play for you, or anybody. Just stop. They are in it for the most money possible until their bodies give out.

  9. He will be back. And probably for his current contract. Marshall is not the Bears problem. The entire defense is. And if Gase can convince Cutler to not go hog wild and try to win the game on every possession, then Cutler will settle down and have a decent season. But oh, that horrid defense…

  10. I wonder if Brandon Marshall said this while thinking, “I hope they move on without me!”

  11. What’s interesting – and hasn’t been widely reported – is that the Bears retained one offensive position coach from the previous staff, and that guy is Al Groh, the WR coach.

    By and large, WR was just about the only position on the Bears the last two years that HASN’T been a problem, other than the fact that they had nobody at all to stretch the field. But lack of speed isn’t the WRs’ fault, nor the position coach’s.

  12. bucckevin says: Feb 11, 2015 4:06 PM

    Come to the Patriots for the vet minimum.
    ha! josh mcdaniels can’t wait to be reunited with marshall, they were best buds in denver…

  13. No good reason to let him go anywhere. He was hurt last year, and tried to play through it when it was pretty obvious that he could barely move. Penalizing him for that when none of the other wrs stepped up with him and Alshon hurt would be flat out ridiculous, and he doesn’t seem to be the problem at all with the offense. Leave the offense intact, maybe a grab a linemen and cut Bushrod (who has been ave at best), and focus on the dumpster fire of a defense. Not too complicated.

  14. Da Bears are a sinking ship. It’s gonna take a few years to recover. They’re looking at last place in their division next year. Get out while the gettin’s good. They’d be doing Marshall a favor.

  15. Marshall is a great player on the field, and can be a dominant player when he is on. However, with the Bears moving to more of a run-focused offense, and a downfield passing game off play-action, the Bears don’t need the box-out type receivers they have in Marshall, Jeffery, and Bennett. They need a downfield threat, and if they don’t have it, defenses will sit on intermediate routes like they did in 2014.

    Jeffery has more years left, and needs to be considered for an extension coming soon. Marshall creates a lot of headaches off the field and in the locker room, and quite frankly isn’t going to get any better than he is now. His 2014 season was down due to injury, but he also had his second or third hip surgery before the 2014 season, so it’s not like he is only dealing with freak injuries (ankle and ribs this past season).

    I would let him go, just because I wouldn’t want to tie up so much money in so few players across the board. Cutler, unless he is traded, isn’t being cut this year, so their options for big salary sheds are: Bushrod, Jennings, Bennett, Marshall, and Forte. They don’t save anything by cutting Allen (guaranteed salary already, so they take the $12.5M cap hit either way), and Lamarr Houston is also a big cap hit.

    The team has to look different before it can compete, and no better time to start than now.

  16. bucckevin says:
    Feb 11, 2015 4:06 PM
    Come to the Patriots for the vet minimum.
    He might be a bit of a head case, but I never heard of him being a cheater, so I doubt it!

  17. bucckevin says: Feb 11, 2015 4:06 PM

    Come to the Patriots for the vet minimum.
    ha! josh mcdaniels can’t wait to be reunited with marshall, they were best buds in denver…

    Another * win.

  18. Pairing Marshall with Wallace and Landry would be great for Miami. They could pay him the combined salaries of Hartline and Gibson but I doubt Philbin would want to deal with the whining that Marshall and Wallace would do. Those guys would complement each others’ skills. One can dream, right?

  19. Brandon Marshall deserves to play with a better team, or at least a team with a better quarterback. Jay Cutler is a joke.

  20. If they’ve got cap room, you’d think they’d keep him. He’s been pretty dang good for Cutler and the Bears.

  21. He’s not going anywhere, the Bears finally have a professional coaching staff and front office in place. They should use what use to be a pro bowl quarterback and excellent receiving corps to there full potential, get the defense taken care of, do a little tinkering with the offensive line, and aquire a wide receiver that can stretch the field and as Mongo McMichaels use to say, “Look out baby, Monsters of the Midway will be back, book it.” Lol

  22. It was interesting following the Chitown beat writers as last season devolved. The worse things got, the more their subtext went from the team having ‘a leadership problem’, to insinuations that Marshall might be one part of that problem, to almost explicitly saying that Brandon Marshall, WR, #15, is blatantly selfish and is the single biggest problem in the team chemistry, far worse than Cutler was. Things came clear shortly after BMarsh threw his broham Cutler under the bus, saying he’d have buyer’s remorse too. The big question is whether John Fox can mitigate all that negativity and still get premium play out of him.

  23. Lance Briggs was actually a bigger cancer on the Bears team last year than either Marshall or Cutler.

  24. I think the Bears are crazy if they get rid of Marshall. This past season he had some nagging injuries and his production was down. He has not been a problem off the field.
    What they should do is find a QB that can walk and chew gum at the same time. Cutler is not the answer. And getting rid of Marshall is not the answer either.
    Keep Marshall
    Lose Cutler

  25. He gets a lot of criticism, but I think the Bears would be insane to let him go. They now have a remarkably top-shelf coaching staff, and this is not the time to go backwards at any key skill position. Despite what we saw last season, I think they’re a legit SB contender as of today.

  26. Brandon,

    Hurry up and get yourself to NE.

    If you want to play in the Super Bowl and win then get over to NE right now. Take a pay cut, eat some HUMBLE PIE and learn from the best.

    You can pick up where Brady and Moss left off.

    Super Bowl XXXXX – Nothing bigger then this one!

  27. He’s never been to the playoffs why is he on inside the NFL? the only thing this cowards good at hitting women a highly overrated wr

  28. ravenswhat says:
    Feb 11, 2015 6:39 PM

    Come to Baltimore and play in a winning environment for once.

    I was led to believe his emotional problems were behind him.
    In the words of Brad Childress “programmatic non-fit.”

  29. This guy has been a over paid scrub his whole career. I am a Dolphin fan and all he did was complain and drop passes. Look who overpaid him, My Phins and the Bears, dysfunctional franchises . Why we stink.
    Also Brandon your house in FL is OVERPRICED.

  30. Honestly BM isn’t as bad as you fools make him out to be! He is a huge advocate for a very serious issue. Not to mention, he plays with passion and hates to lose. any team should covet that!

    Raiders could use his fire and desire to win. Bring him in with Julius Thomas, Draft Cooper in the 1st, Melvin Gordon in the 2nd and we will have a real offense for once! make it happen Reggie!!!

  31. @ moses74

    “Da Bears! Gonna be rock’n 2015~”

    Yeah, they are gonna be rock’n 8 wins in 2015 (if they are lucky).

    This franchise is in despair, The players are aging, and the team has been a disappointment for far too long. Only the Giants and Raiders have a collectively older team than Da Bears.

    I like Coach Fox quite a bit, but he won’t be able to right the Bears. If he couldn’t get the Broncos to the SB with their talent, he won’t even be close to touching playoff contention with the Bears.

  32. They need to keep him, period. But just out of curiousity, when exactly did Denver trade Marshall to the Bears?

  33. He’s also a nutcase. He screamed at Robbie Gould (respected veteran and team captain) so loudly that the reporters waiting outside could hear him. He flew to New York weekly to film a TV show. Do you see any other active players do that? He challenged a fan to a fight on Twitter and said proceeds from the fight would go to anti-bullying campaigns. Nothing ironic about a NFL player whipping a fan’s ass in the name of anti-bullying. He’s a headache, which is why he will be on his fourth team next year.

  34. Emery, Trestman and Tucker are gone, I could care less who stays or goes at this point. Bears have already improved by +50% with the new coaching staff……It’s going to be a long off season and Brandon just signed 3 year contract, he won’t be going anywhere easily……so calm down Raven’s wagon jumper fans!

  35. 1) Marshall realizes it’s a business more than most I think.

    2) TBH, as a Bears fan, I recognize that Marshall might have it better somewhere else. The Bears are going to be 3 or 4 years out of real contention even if they do a good job righting this ship. That would be the rest of Marshall’s career.

  36. The Bears will suck regardless of what they do with Marshall, not to mention, the guy isn’t nearly talented enough to offset the amount of headache he will cause a team.

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