Brett Favre wants Packers HOF induction held in stadium not atrium

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Earlier this week, we pointed out that there still wasn’t a date for Brett Favre’s return to Lambeau Field for a game but Favre could be back on the field in Green Bay in July if he gets his way.

Favre’s induction into the team’s Hall of Fame is scheduled to be held in the atrium at Lambeau Field on July 18 and the roughly 1,600 spots for the event sold out before being offered to the general public because of high interest from sponsors. The team said they were “delighted” by the response, but Favre said during an appearance on FOX News that he’d like to see the event moved to the stadium itself in order to accommodate all who would like to be there.

“Well, the response has been outstanding,” Favre said, via the Green Bay Press Gazette. “I think everyone should have an option to go and what better way to do it than Lambeau Field. You’re right, I didn’t play in the atrium. … As you know, that whole facility is second to none in any sport, but there’s nothing like Lambeau Field, and even though the atrium’s right there, it would be nice to do it in the stadium.”

Favre was expected to be at a Packers home game last November along with Bart Starr, but Starr’s illness put those plans on hold. His No. 4 will also be retired in 2015 and he should add a yellow blazer from the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

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  1. Packers HOF induction is usually done in the summertime before the season. But they could push it back and do his during a preseason game in August. Either way he’ll have his number retired and that will be done during a regular season game in 2015 at Lambeau Field.

  2. I wish I could be a little more excited about the induction, as much as I enjoyed watching Favre play and still enjoy listening to him talk, the fact that he tried to turn a team game into a me game still bothers me.

  3. Favre was the biggest 49er killer of all time. I believe he went 10-2 in his career vs SF, the only loss as a Packer coming in the 1998 NFCWCG when Owens burned accused serial rapist Darren Sharper on the post route.

    Favre was the most exciting QB I’ve seen play in my lifetime

  4. This guy is such a control freak! Just give him a few days, he’ll change his mind and say he wants the ceremony at TCF Bank Stadium.

    In seriousness, truly appreciate what Brett Favre did for Green Bay Packers. Thank you.

  5. The following week he will be inducted in the Vikings ring of honor while standing in the rubble of what used to be the metrodome.

  6. While his post-Packer’s career was somewhat rocky, I’ll never forget him throwing that bomb to Rison in the Super Bowl and then running around the field with his helmet in his hand. Looked like a 10 year old.

    Be well, Mr. Favre.

  7. I went to a Packer HOF Dinner a few years ago and it was a terrific affair. I was upset that the Favre event was sold out before I even heard about it.

    Maybe hold the Atrium event as a luncheon, and then move out onto the field for an afternoon thing with all of us that want to say ‘Thanks’ to Brett.

  8. Poor Brett, sounds like the pack are just trying to minimize him like Milton in the basement closet. I imagine the atrium is a step above having it on a lambeau bathroom.

  9. As a Packers fan who was to put it nicely pretty bitter about how Favre handled things I think it is time to put those feelings aside. I say give him a full house in the stadium to retire his jersey and celebrate what he gave us for 16 years. My only request would be that it NOT be for a game they are playing the Vikings. Counting down to the Vikings trolls in 3, 2, 1..

  10. To really honor Brett the Packers will toss around whether to have in the atrium or on the field and make a final decision when training camp is done.

  11. Never recalled Farve throwing teammates or coaches under the bus like your present QB does

  12. One of the things I loved most about Favre is how he made absolutely certain the Vikings never reached the Superbowl. He is perhaps the most clever plant by an opponent in NFL history, and Viking fans to this day still don’t realize what happened.

  13. Not a Packers fan, but that MNF game after his dad passed away was something else. Seemed like he couldn’t miss a throw. Sometimes I wonder why I put up with this stupid league, and then I remember games like that. Just move it into the stadium and let everyone attend, you owe him that much.

  14. Alright …let’s do it in the stadium. That way, anyone who wants to – can attend … heck, I’ll even show up. I need to see the new Packer Hall of Fame anyway.

    And more importantly, let’s get the damn thing done and move on … it’s been simmering far too long.

  15. Better not have it during the season then, the stadium will only be half-filled with Packer fans.

  16. Favre totally tarnished his reputation with his “Media darling” days. I’m retiring. I’m not. “Everybody cares..” no we really don’t. Oh, and the idea that you are going to fill the stadium is ludicrous.

  17. If the single toothed slobs don’t want to honor him than the NFL should do it.

    Give the man what he deserves, he is one of the all time greats, like it or not.

  18. He’s damn lucky that GB is graciously bringing him back into the fold.

    Could have easily gone the other way, given the slide of Brett’s image in the last 10 years.

    When your walking on egg shells, don’t hop.

  19. honestly…. reading this; you can tell that the two sides still cannot agree to disagree. There will be some bad vibes when and where this goes done.

    my gut tells me THOMPSON will take a back seat that day and MURPHY will team with WOLF and HOLGREM to make this appear seamless!

  20. He has to get into Canton before he is eligible to have his name put up in Lambeau Field.

    If those two things happen the ceremony will be on the field and Brett will return again to the finest place in all the NFL.

  21. As you can see Favre wants no part of Packers. What a pathetic and embarrassing franchise. I’d rather go jump off the bridge if I were the fans.

  22. All you trolls out there–every game for last three-four seasons–all Favre got were questions from media: “when you hanging it up?”, ” are you ready to retire yet?”, “how much longer you gonna play?”–this ‘retirement soap opera’ was driven more by media than Favre. The Packers’ mgmt wanted to move away from Holmgren/Wolf era players in favor of their own players and helped push Favre into decision he wasn’t ready to make. They compounded it when he decided to play again by offering $20 million to stay retired instead of honoring his request for a trade like Niners did for Joe Montana. Worse yet, they traded him out of conference to keep from playing against him in clear message they didn’t want to compete against him once/twice a season. This was as much McCarthy/Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy’s fault as the media’s–just trade the ole’ gunslinger to a team he preferred and move on-the team blew it. PACK FANS-IF you were fired from job you’d had for long time at dollars he was making–would YOU sit home IF a competitor came along and offered better deal for same job? NO, I DIDN’T THINK SO–Favre’s no traitor-he did what was best for himself and family since the FORMER employer denied his request.

  23. Lots of jealousy and inferiority on this page from the usual trolls.
    I can’t wait to start hearing the annual

    ” We just need to draft (insert under-performing reach) in the 1st round and we’ll win the Superbowl next year”

    From the Viking trolls; it happens almost every year around the time the combine starts

  24. Rest assured that no Packer will ever be inducted to their exclusive HOF for merely being morbidly obese and collapsing in training camp.

  25. “We just need to draft a QB in the 1st round who doesn’t choke and isn’t made out of glass and we won’t get bounced from the playoffs next year.”

  26. Love him or hate him, no one can refute that he turned the franchise around. He should be inducted in the field with the fans, not just 1800 people who can afford and lucky enough to get a ticket.

  27. So where do you want it Brett: I guess the atrium would be fine. No wait,make it the stadium. on the other hand the atrium would be nice. Na, make it the stadium. I’m not sure. When do you have to know by?

  28. I’m not from Green Bay but have been to the “family night” game up there once. For a meaningless “game” the atmosphere was pretty incredible. That would seem like the perfect occasion to officially welcome Brett back into the Packer family.

  29. crownofthehelmet says: Feb 11, 2015 12:42 PM

    “We just need to draft a QB in the 1st round who doesn’t choke and isn’t made out of glass and we won’t get bounced from the playoffs next year.”

    I totally agree, LEAGUE MVP Aaron Rodgers is definitely what is holding this team back…./s

  30. Regular Season Rodgers > Playoff Rodgers
    Regular Season Cutler = Playoff Rodgers
    Playoff Dalton = Playoff Rodgers
    Anytime Jamarcus Russel > Playoff Rodgers

  31. 4give & 4get!!!

    Looking forward to this moment so we can finally put it all behind us. And then cherish it like we should.

    As for the purple paste eaters, Thank You.
    I cant tell you how much we Packer fans enjoy your anguish.

    Your hate makes all of us stronger.
    Your incessant whining is like sweet music to our ears. Symphonies really.
    Your ignorance makes us laugh.
    And your tears are simply delicious.

    Please, don’t ever change.
    It would be truly sad if you did.

  32. Though Farve doesn’t see it as such, moving it to a smaller venue is actually doing Farve a great kindness.

    If you have heard him in interviews the past couple of years, it is obvious he is dealing with very serious post concussion issues. Sometimes he is great but other times he can’t even follow along. I have heard interviewers change tact and go completely softball nothingness to allow him to save some face and it still didn’t go well.

    That’s probably why he usually has some one there with him to jump in and talk about whatever product he is supposed to be pushing.

  33. crownofthehelmet says:
    Feb 11, 2015 12:42 PM
    “We just need to draft a QB in the 1st round who doesn’t choke and isn’t made out of glass and we won’t get bounced from the playoffs next year.”


    I wondered when you Steelers fans woulf finally grow tired of Roethlisberger.

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