Jets have a decision to make on Percy Harvin compensation

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The Jets have many offensive issues to fix this offseason.

But before they can even use draft picks to try, they have to make a decision which will impact what picks they have.

According to Rich Cimini of, the Jets have until March 19 to make a decision on Percy Harvin. If he’s still on the roster then, they owe the Seahawks a fourth-round pick to complete last year’s trade. If they cut him before then, they only owe Seattle a sixth-rounder.

There are four years and $41.5 million left on the contract they inherited from the Seahawks, but if the Jets release him, the entire cap charge comes off the books (as the Seahawks have eaten all the accelerations from the original deal when they traded him).

The questions the Jets have to answer is whether they think Harvin and Eric Decker are enough of a 1-2 punch for Geno Smith or whatever quarterback they decide on.

Harvin’s an expensive part, but he can be a dangerous offensive weapon in the right setting. The bigger question is whether New York can be that setting at this point.

45 responses to “Jets have a decision to make on Percy Harvin compensation

  1. Percy Harvin might help the Jets win an extra game next year and get them to 5 wins. Is that worth 10 million dollars and a fourth round pick? Their best bet is to go full dumpster fire and hope there’s a franchise QB they can take #1 overall in 2025.

  2. For a lot of teams, I would say yes, cut him. But for some teams, like the Jets, it’s hard to get talented free agents to want to come. I think it’s worth the price they have to pay. You have to spend your money somewhere, right?

  3. He’s too expensive with his current salary, but the Jets can work out a reduced salary, like 7.5MM per year.

  4. He was a mess before the vikings ever screwed him up. The Seahawks thought they could change his attitude but he was so damaged by the viking experience that Seattle cut their losses.

    He costs the Jets nothing until the season starts. So the new staff will determine if they want to continue with the salvage project or dump another first round bust by the vikings.

  5. Since the Jets have so much cap room they actually have the luxury of holding onto Harvin for a full week into FA when the teams will be handing out the big money and letting him dangle.

    After that the Jets can approach him with a team friendly deal or he can walk and maybe make slightly more elsewhere but not nearly as much if they cut him out right.

  6. I don’t think Percy Harvin will EVER have the same kind of production he had in Minnesota where he had:”

    1) Brett Favre throwing him lasers directly into his hands making him look like a better receiver than his route running really indicated

    2) Christian Ponder throwing him 6 zillion 4 yard swing passes as check downs which he turned into 10, 15, 20 yard RACs.

    Unless he is used in a similar fashion he will never be as much of a threat.

  7. Harvin was a one-year-wonder…2011. And that was only because he RAN for 342 yard that year. Otherwise, his career average is 55 ypg receiving. VERY pedestrian. Plus, he only averages 11 games per season. $10M per year? Yeah, right. At this point, it is not about potential. At this point, Percy is what he is…a greatly over-hyped WR who is more valuable as a runner.

  8. bobnelsonjr says:
    Feb 11, 2015 11:10 AM

    another first round bust by the vikings.

    He was Rookie of the Year and was being talked about as MVP before he got hurt in his last year with the Vikings. Then they traded him for a first, a third, and a seventh. I’d say they got their money’s worth out of him. He didn’t become a bust until the Vikings used him up.

  9. You cut him to keep the 4th rounder and resign him to an incentive based contract.

    This one is not Rocket J. Squirrel science.

  10. They can’t just cut Harvin and expect him to sign a team-friendly deal if he hits the open market. Guaranteed there will be one stupid team that will throw a ton of money his way and he’ll forget about the Jets in a heartbeat. If I’m the Jets I cut him and focus more on bringing in players with a better team attitude. Harvin turned himself into a giant headache for the Vikings and the Seahawks; why would the Jets be any different?

  11. I’m guessing the Jets can’t just cut him, give up a 6th round draft choice, and then resign him to a better deal. The trade probably states something along the lines of if Harvin is on their roster at any time during the season, they must give up a 4th rounder the following year. But I could be wrong.

    Anyway, it’s a very, very easy decision to make. $10 mil a year and a 4th round pick for a guy that simply doesn’t produce regularly as a WR? And, oh ya, for a guy that has been a pain in the butt everywhere he goes.

  12. This guy is the WR version of Mike Vick. Everybody seems to know his all around skills at the position are lacking but his jaw-dropping big plays on his resume make some teams willing to try. He is in no way worth what his contract is and his troubles will reduce the pool of suitors but someone will grab him when the Jets cut him…and they will regret it down the road.

  13. Cut him, Jets have too many other positions to fill. Should spend the money elsewhere instead of on a receiver with nobody to throw him the ball.

  14. $10M in cap space with this free agent class can get them a lot more than Percy Harvin can provide.

    I would drop that salary in a second, and try and get Lockette or Dorsett with the 4th rounder that I don’t give Seattle. Don’t pay a slot receiver $10M per year on a team that bad.

  15. “The questions the Jets have to answer is whether they think Harvin and Eric Decker are enough of a 1-2 punch for Geno Smith…”

    Jerry Rice, Lynn Swan, and Randy Moss on their best days would not be a good enough 1-2 punch for Geno Smith.

  16. Time for Percy to look for somewhere else to hang his cleats. He most certainly not see $10M/yr. Seattle comes out looking great as they would’ve released him at least they got a 6th rounder !

  17. What the jets are going to do is wait. This doesn’t need to be discussed until after the first week of free agency which is usually when all the big names are signed anyway. They should try to land a wr in free agency and if they can’t get a top tier guy then approach him about a restructured more cap friendly deal if he balks at it then let him walk and see what is out there for him. Mccagnan was a scout in Houston so I have faith that he’d be able to replace the speed they are gonna lose by letting him walk with that 4th round pick that they saved. Give Seattle the 6th rounder and keep it moving

  18. packer fans are starting to show the rest of the football world what people in minnesota and chicago and have know for decades: they’re morons.

    percy harvin still has better hands then brandon bostick.

  19. Seattle doesn’t come out of this “looking great.” They gave up multiple draft picks and gave him that ridiculous contract. A 4th or 6th rounder doesn’t stitch that wound.

  20. To everyone who is saying just cut him and sign him to a cheaper deal, I think we can probably assume that if you could think of it, so could the Seahawks. There has to be some sort of language in there preventing that.

    Even it was possible, it’s risky. Like another poster said, what’s to stop another dumb, big name loving team (heellloooo Redskin Potatoes) from throwing money at him? You think PERCY HARVIN is going to care if he gave his word to the Jets?

  21. My prediction. The Jets will give up the 4th round pick and then end up releasing Harvin anyway. Idzik wasn’t the problem, only a symptom. Woody is the problem.

  22. grogantomorgan says:
    Feb 11, 2015 12:41 PM
    Time for Percy to look for somewhere else to hang his cleats. He most certainly not see $10M/yr. Seattle comes out looking great as they would’ve released him at least they got a 6th rounder !

    LOL- sure they did. Because anytime you can pay a guy $18M and give a 1st, 3rd, and 7th round pick for a guy who winds up playing 8 games for you, you gotta feel great when you get a 6th round pick for him.

  23. He’s a bum.

    Confrontations with teammates… anger issues…

    Perfect match for the new Buffalo Bills!

    With Incognito, not even their teammates will want to go to R.W. Stadium!

  24. From what I have read and observed over the past few years, Harvin has always been a dangerous mix of explosive talent and huge locker room headache.

    I really wouldn’t know how to advise the Jets if I were in position to do so. I have to admit I was pretty stoked when the Seahawks signed him, but obviously, with the exception for his outstanding play in the Super Bowl, that didn’t work out ANYTHING like they planned.

    If Pete Carroll can’t find a way to work with a guy, it’s pretty clear that guy has some pretty profound issues.

    Good luck to the Jets if they keep can keep him. Maybe if they can get Mariota in the draft they have a chance. It’s a cinch he isn’t going to be happy with Geno Smith throwing the ball in his general direction.

  25. 10 million for a receiver with no QB to get him the ball.
    The Jets have this backward.
    That and I consider Harvin better utilized like a Harper kind of receiver. And I ain’t paying 10 million per year for four years for that job.

  26. Headache or no, it’s too bad Seattle didn’t have Harvin to use as a headache against the Pat’s in the SB. Aside from the youngster Michaels making plays, and the miracle catch by Kearse, that passing offense had nuthin! At least Harvin would have spread the field for them. Still, they came less than a yard from winning it…in spite of the haters and predictors not seeing that coming.

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