Magic Johnson wants to give the NFL an assist in Los Angeles

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On the national sports scene, nothing is bigger than the NFL brand at the moment.

But in Los Angeles, Magic Johnson is still the man, and he’s offering his assistance to whomever wants to bring football back to his city.

Johnson told Jarrett Bell of USA Today that he could envision becoming involved with whatever team ends up in L.A., whenever that happens.

The former Lakers great has stakes in the Dodgers, the WNBA Sparks and the city’s new professional soccer team, though he said he hadn’t been contacted by any of the NFL suitors.

“We helped the Dodgers rebound,” Johnson said. “We’re No. 1 in attendance in baseball; we’ve been that for the last two years. So we know how to take a franchise, elevate it and also sell it to the fans in Los Angeles.

“That’s going to be important to whoever the owner is, to make sure they have someone locally to sell the team to the local market.”

While that sounds self-serving on its face, the NFL has abandoned L.A. twice now, so Johnson’s insight to a town that he knows well could be valuable.

“I know how to do it,” Johnson said. “Whether it’s me or somebody else, I think it’s important. . . .

“Even if I’m not involved, I just want the suite. Seriously, I’m going to be the first one in line to get a suite. So whoever’s coming, even if I’m not a part of it, I’m going to buy my suite and I’m going to be there, just like I was at Raiders games and Rams games. If it’s the Raiders, the Rams, the Chargers – I don’t care who it is – I’m going to be there because I love the NFL and I love football.”

So getting that message out to Rams owner Stan Kroenke — whose stadium plans in Inglewood are near the old Forum where Johnson made so many memories — might be the first step in helping another franchise in town.

15 responses to “Magic Johnson wants to give the NFL an assist in Los Angeles

  1. He’s a better businessman than coach; having him involved can’t be a bad thing. But, LA is a notoriously bad market that lost two NFL franchises. Give another city a chance before allowing LA a third.

  2. I’ll never understand how someone who sounds so stupid could actually be a good businessman, but here we are.

  3. it’s great magic wants to buy a suite because in 5 years he and his rich buddies will be the only ones attending games. this is why people outside of L.A. hate everything about it. they have had 2 chances to support football there and failed but because they are L.A. they deserve another. why the league insists on shoving teams from there down the rest of country I will never understand. I have never heard a fan ever say I love football but I really wish they had a team in L.A.

  4. “If it’s the Raiders, the Rams, the Chargers – I don’t care who it is”

    Pretty much sums up the prevailing attitude in Los Angeles. If the [insert team name] is doing well they’ll show up, but if [insert team name] hits hard times then forget it. One major reason why no NFL owner has been foolish enough to consider locating in that city for 20+ years. As a Raider fan, I hope that if an NFL team loses its senses that it’ll be the Rams or Chargers…

  5. I think this NFL to LA stuff needs to stop. Every team has left that market which tells me, it’s not that great of a place to be. Even if it is the 2nd biggest market in the US.

    It’s almost as bad as saying the NFL needs a team in London (which the NFL DOES NOT need one there). If the NFL wants to be back in London, bring back NFL Europe and make it a minor league.

  6. Fool me once … shame on you
    Fool me twice … shame on me
    Fool me thrice … I need to go back to my village

  7. I’ll tell you how to market the team, it’s easy and I’m free. Lower the prices, don’t gouge the fans.

  8. its amazing how u guys make comments on LA and have no idea what u are talking about ! get informed then comment u sound ignorant! we support 2 baseball teams 2 basketball teams and 2 hockey teams! build the right stadium wich has never existed in la. colisuem was to big 100k and anahiem was a baseball field. with the new stadium fans will show up in droves to see the rams.

  9. “Stupid LA people with their stupid low 80’s winter weather in February.”

    Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Ducks, UCLA, USC, LA Galaxy soccer . . .

    Throw in 50+ miles of beaches, Disneyland, Universal Studios, the Hollywood Bowl, world class museums, aquariums, a huge Zoo, 100’s of parks filled with soccer kids of all nationalities etc. etc. . . . we’re always looking for more.

    Bring it NFL. Build another house worthy of outdoor Super Bowls in good weather.

  10. I always love people knocking LA like pretentious people don’t live where you live too. Get a clue. LA isn’t just Beverly Hills. Nearly 30 million people live there. When the Raiders and Rams were there, they played in dumps. However, both had strong fan bases, but I don’t know anybody wanting to go down to that dangerous Coliseum area with gang bangers hanging outside ready to shank you. Build a stadium in a more desirable location, and whoever moves here will havve amongst the most lucrative franchises in pro sports. If the Raiders weren’t being run by a dummy these days, they would undoubtedly take that mantle easily with their still recognizable brand coupled with the LA market and a good stadium deal.

  11. It’s time for Kobe to retire. He should go out gracefully, while he still has his dignity! HE’s not the player he was and the Lakers need to be blown up!

    The taxpayers of CA shouldn’t fork over a dime for a new NFL stadium. The owners are all billionaire businessmen who have plenty of money to get private financing. Taxpayer money was never used in MA for the building of the TD Bank Garden and Gillette Stadium! Only infrastructure money was provided to finance what was needed in any case.

  12. Name me one American big city that isn’t faced with major budget cutting issues?

    The days of asking cities to build, what are now billion dollar stadium builds, are long gone!

    The NFL needs to rework its stadium building plans, for most of the cities, and their schools, aren’t doing well financially.

    Get with the times NFL. Enough is enough with billionaire luxury boxes for free to support billionaire’s already!!!

    Billionaire welfare. Only in America! Hypocritical much?

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