Mark Wilf: Vikings would “love” to have Adrian Peterson back


With Vikings running back Adrian Peterson suspended until April 15 at the earliest and trying to obtain a court order that would reinstate him before the start of the new league year, some believe Peterson eventually will ask the Vikings to trade or release him.  The team’s official position remains that they’d prefer to keep him.

“Adrian’s done a lot of good in this community,” Vikings president Mark Wilf said Wednesday, via Ben Goessling of  “He’s done a lot for us on the football field, as well.  Of course, he’s a Minnesota Viking, and we’d love to have him back.  And of course, a lot depends on the NFL and steps he’s making in his own personal journey.  That’s where we’re at with it.”

It may or may not be a coincidence that Wilf twice used the phrase “of course.”  Those are the two words Peterson used on Friday, when asked after a federal court hearing in Minneapolis whether he wants to stay with the Vikings.

If Peterson already is laying the foundation behind the scenes for a fresh start, Wilf surely knows it.  While the team won’t risk alienating the fan base — or getting peanuts in return for Peterson’s rights — by saying they want to save the cash and cap space and move on from the tailback who’ll turn 30 next month, coach Mike Zimmer told PFT Live last month that he wants Peterson to return, but that it has to be a two-way street.

If Peterson is determined to secure a one-way ticket out of Minnesota, that’s the opening Peterson needed.  The question becomes whether he can get reinstated in time to have maximum opportunities with teams that may no longer have a need at the position if Peterson isn’t reinstated until after the middle of April.

63 responses to “Mark Wilf: Vikings would “love” to have Adrian Peterson back

  1. This is like Brian Williams. Once you screw up, badly, in public, and you lose the trust of the people that should be supporting you, you’re toast.

    He may play somewhere, but if he isn’t contrite and thankful for the opportunity and willing to take less, then screw him.

    If he takes the attitude that he is every bit as valuable as DeMarco Murray and insists to be paid similarly, I can only hope he fails wherever he ends up.

  2. I’m sure they would.

    A second-rate human being deserves playing for a second-rate franchise.

    I mean jeez, even the Cleveland Browns have a World Championship to their credit.

  3. ^It seems as though every single person who comments on this site just reads the headline and sees how quickly they can make a smarmy comment with the intent of aggravating fellow football fans. If this is the most exciting thing you do in your life, i will be a good Minnesotan and just judge you behind your back.

    You have a good day now! You betcha!!

  4. Who would you rather have?

    Thumbs up: Adrian Peterson and Teddy Bridgewater at $17,000,000 combined against the cap

    Thumbs down: Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy $19,000,000 against the cap

  5. Man, this guy is good for sure; one of the best RBs to ever play the game. But when your team is made or broken by a RB, especially a 29-year-old RB, especially in today’s NFL, especially when that RB now comes with baggage… that’s not really a good thing.

    Vikes have some bright spots. I think cutting AP loose would be good for the re-identification of the whole team. They practically were in this same spot last year without him.

  6. Start mentioning Peterson Back with he vikings and you can smell the fear, and read it in the posts on here. What are you Packer fans so afraid of, you have the team that , Never, Ever loses. And if you do it’s the refs fault. R-E-L-A-X.

  7. “Carr > Bridgewater” is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Either people just blindly hate or they have no idea what they’re watching.

  8. bucs4redskinsname says:

    The way the Vikings organization abandoned Adrian Peterson it would serve them right if he bolts on them.

    By abandon you mean to defend and support every step of the way and even pay him his 2014 salary.

  9. AP will be back. He did the time and understands what he did was wrong. Now it’s time for him to redeem himself on the field. Get ready NFC North. It’s gonna be on.

  10. tjacks7 says: Feb 11, 2015 10:45 PM

    Who would you rather have?

    Thumbs up: Adrian Peterson and Teddy Bridgewater at $17,000,000 combined against the cap

    Thumbs down: Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy $19,000,000 against the cap

    Man, even on a Vikings story, where anti-Vikings comments are getting thumbed-down into oblivion, Rodgers and Lacy are still winning this contest 40 minutes later.

    Guess that didn’t go the way you wanted?

  11. AD was never leaving. The media just desperately wants to make it seem like he’s on the way out so they can talk about Seattle or Dallas. Marshawn Lynch isn’t retiring at the peak of his earning potential and AD isn’t leaving MN.

  12. Old is old. Few positions have changed as much as running back has in terms of how high you get drafted, how much you earn, and how long you play. The Vikings should move on, draft a talented back, and use the cost differential to solidify the O line to help Bridgewater continue to develop and grow.

  13. How much of a $$ pay cut will Peterson accept from his current salary?

    There’s no way the Wilfs will pay him $10M +… the ball will be in AP’s court.

    $12M for two years is the max I predict the Wilfs will pay.

  14. @firestarter

    Vikings have an nfl championship too. 1969. Check your facts before you troll bud. Not that a troll would…

  15. AP is the greatest, bestest, coolest, most awesome player to ever set foot on this planet, and will be immortalized as a god when he brings the Vikings the next six Super Bowl championships.

    Of course, if he ends up playing somewhere else, he will immediately be transformed into just another no good, terrible, horrible, smelly loser.

  16. I think the Vikes want him back, but only at a much lower number. And he probably thinks that if he’s going to play for a lower number, it will be for a team that is much closer to the superbowl. Dallas or Seattle. Obviously, Murray would have to leave, and/or would Lynch. Arizona might be a fit.

  17. Wherever AP goes, he will still run like a madman, hopefully he does it in MSP, hes got two more MVP type seasons left, but yes the Vikes did turn the page last year moving on without him, they will be better either way. Skol Vikes…

  18. All you fans of other teams that think you’re going to ‘pick up’ AP?

    Let’s see..we own his rights for another 4 years?

    There won’t be any ‘picking up’ of AP….

    Your team will have to ‘pony up’ draft choices…many of them.

    Just the facts…carry on.

  19. He added, “no one beats up kids and loses to the Packers like Peterson, who is 4-12-1 against the Packers.

    We need him to uphold those two things, which really define us, and the state of Minnesota.”


  20. You have to love the way Packer fans jump all over anything Viking with their snide little remarks. Somehow that passes for humor over in Wisconsin. Let’s take a poll just for fun. Thumbs up if you think these constant packer “funny” remarks are really funny, clever, and witty or thumbs down if you think they are stupid, unoriginal, and annoying whether you are a Viking fan or not.

  21. I can see him going to Seattle on a prove it contract if Lynch pulls a Sanders. Pete probably would have him over for a BBQ to beat on his kids if he can rush for 1500

  22. I’ve been up sick all night, but what’s the excuse the Packer fans have. They’ve got nothing else to do in Wisconsin but wait for a Viking post so they can troll.

    Sickening isn’t it? no pun intended. I think I’ll go puke again!

  23. Here is my prediction.

    If the Vikings release or trade Peterson, the haters will call them idiots for doing so.

    If the Vikings keep Peterson, the haters will call them idiots for doing so.

  24. Viking fans are hilarious.
    Only the most inept and desperate of fans, would take a Super Bowl loss and try to shoehorn it into an NFL Championship.

    But hey, whatever helps you sleep better at night.

  25. You have a corrupt owner supporting a child abuser wow what a shock?

    Explain to me porker how a team wins a title during the time of Super Bowls when they weren’t even in it or is it as ridiculous as the 5 offseason championships you lay claim to as well.

  26. Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch, brothers in the 2007 NFL draft, are the best RBs in the league. They were also the top 2 high school RB recruits in the country.

  27. Of course they want him back. He completely personifies their disfunctional, classless, train wreck of a franchise. Whipping a defenseless 4 year old? That is Viking gold

  28. As if the packers wouldn’t let AD play for their team if they had him. And the fans would be behind him 100 percent too. It is too transparent.

  29. The Seahawks were in back to back super bowls with the same run first play great defense philosophy. I say we keep him.

  30. What’s done is done.
    He will be a better man, learning from this.
    a 15 game suspension and wasting 1/7 th of his carreer is way too much to pay, especially when the legal system gave him a misdemeanor…

  31. This will be all about the money.

    If Peterson is willing to take whatever pay cut the Vikes want, he’ll stay a Viking.

    If he won’t budge and thinks he’s getting 10 mil or whatever he’s due on the current contract, he’ll be getting cut faster than Belichick benches a player that fumbles.

  32. GB/MN articles are hilarious. I’m not sure which RB I’d least want to have- a child abuser, or a fat slow fumble-machine.
    So glad my team has the best, upstanding RB in the NFL.

  33. I love how people say he should be or would be cut. I would rather the Vikings pay him in full before that. To cut a guy like Peterson for some other team to pick up at a cheaper price would make me sick. The Vikings would never hear the end of it if he ends up on another team as their franchise running back. If Peterson demands a trade and no other team wants to make a great deal then Barry Sanders him. That might shut up the haters.

    Lastly, people who keep saying Trade him to Dallas. Do you watch football? They have a stud running back right now who put up Peterson like numbers last season if not better and he is a free agent they need to sign.

  34. I think every NFC team wants him back because the vikings are worse with him (although still a sub .500 team the viklings increased their win total 40% without him).

    However, the crimes involved here are so evil, that his banishment from the league will continue.

    Stuffing the oral cavity of a tiny 4 year old with leaves so he cannot cry out for help and then beating his genitals bloody with a tree branch is obscene.

    Fighting discipline every step of the way demonstrates his lack of conscience and remorse.

    If Peterson is ever reinstated it will be awhile.

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