Twenty-three years ago Wednesday, the Packers traded for Brett Favre

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In July, Brett Favre will be inducted into the Packers’ Hall of Fame.

Three weeks later, Ron Wolf will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And surely, in the summer of 2016, Favre will join Wolf as a fellow enshrinee in Canton.

Favre and Wolf, of course, will be forever linked.

And it all started 23 years ago Wednesday.

On this day in 1992, Wolf traded a No. 1 pick to Atlanta for Favre, a 1991 second-round pick of the Falcons. (A hat tip to Jeff Ash of the Green Bay Press-Gazette for first bringing up this anniversary.)

Favre appeared in two regular season games as a rookie in ’91, both times in mop-up duty. In his first game, he handed off three times to close out a victory vs. the Los Angeles Rams on October 27. In his second appearance two weeks later, he relieved Billy Joe Tolliver during a blowout loss at Washington.

Favre’s first-ever NFL pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. His second and third passes fell incomplete. His fourth attempt was another pick as time expired.

That was it for his 1991 regular-season on-field play.

But Wolf had purportedly long been smitten with Favre, and given a chance to acquire him, he made a most bold trade, sending the No. 17 overall pick to Atlanta.

In a story published the day after the trade, the sage Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel noted it was “no coincidence” the Packers dealt for Favre after watching the 1992 draft-eligible quarterbacks perform at the Combine.

Ultimately, the Packers’ assessment of the passers available to them was spot-on.

The ’92 quarterback crop largely disappointed at the top. The first quarterback taken, David Klingler, never panned out, and second-rounders Matt Blundin and Tony Sacca also never established themselves in the league. Another first-rounder, Tommy Maddox, only found success years later during a most unlikely career revival with Pittsburgh. The most productive quarterbacks in the class were selected late: Jeff Blake (Round Six) and Brad Johnson (Round Nine).

And even when the Packers’ radar was a little off, they got a dose of needed luck.

McGinn observed that Notre Dame’s Rick Mirer “apparently was held in high esteem” by the Packers’ braintrust of Wolf and coach Mike Holmgren. Mirer had a chance to declare for the 1992 draft, but he passed.

“I think Rick Mirer not coming out affected a lot of people’s thinking, including ours,” Holmgren said after the Favre trade, according to the Journal Sentinel.

In addition to holding the No. 17 pick, the Packers had the No. 5 selection in the ’92 draft.

The next year, Mirer was the No. 2 overall pick by Seattle.

Would the Packers have used the No. 5 overall pick on Mirer in ’92? We’ll never know.

But we do know how the Favre trade worked out for Green Bay, and all because Wolf was willing to trade a first-round pick for a player selected one round later one year earlier.

Imagine that.

60 responses to “Twenty-three years ago Wednesday, the Packers traded for Brett Favre

  1. Packers had 2 postseason appearances in the 20 years previous to Favre. The guy is a legend and should of had his number retired years ago.

  2. Except he wants nothing to do with Packers. Instead of HOF in Lambeau field he wants it else where bc of the pathetic fans and in Ted we don’t trust.

  3. The day the franchise returned to relevance and we haven’t looked back since. We’re in middle of an incredible ride! GO PACK GO!

  4. Young high-round QB who lacked focus and loved partying and couldn’t unseat below-average incumbent. Sounds a lot like somebody today… Hopefully the Browns don’t trade him.

  5. Thus ended 25 years of futility. A quarter of a century. I can’t even imagine. And Packer fans think the Vikings are hapless because they’ve missed the playoffs four out of five years.

  6. I’m confused I thought Favres first pass was too himself… was tipped back into his hands…maybe they mean completed pass?

  7. For all the accolades that were and still are bestowed upon Favre, he still didn’t learn the basic lesson that you shouldn’t throw across the field to your left when you are running to your right and in FG range with less than a minute left in the game. Fortunately, that lesson is better understood 300 miles to the West.

  8. cowboysallday says:
    Feb 11, 2015 12:56 PM

    False. Favre’s first nfl pass was deflected and caught by himself

    I just saw a video of his first NFL pass and it was in interception returned for a touchdown. Kind of reminded me of that 2007 NFC Championship game.

    You’re thinking of his first NFL completion.

  9. The Packers also got Mark Chmura, Edgar Bennett and Robert Brooks in that draft. Not a bad haul at all.

  10. Some people don’t think Farve was that great. Are we going to put him in Canton just because he won a super bowl? Let’s not get hasty.

    Can you imagine the Canton speech filled with his humble country folksy style when in reality he has an ego twice the size of Wisconsin?

    He backed up a Brinks truck to the Vikings his final year. Give some money back! Remember when the Packers were trying to make him leave and promised him a 20 million dollar retirement package. All from the owners of the Packers, the fans.

    Now he’s complaining about the his farewell at the atrium? They’re just trying to save Favre the embarrassment of getting booed.

  11. First the Seahawks passed over Favre in favor of drafting Dan McGwire instead. Then the Seahawks drafted Rick Mirer, which may have saved Favre’s job.

    Then Favre became a living legend and future first-ballot HoFer, so it seems things worked out pretty well at least for him…

  12. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Feb 11, 2015 1:00 PM

    Thus ended 25 years of futility. A quarter of a century. I can’t even imagine. And Packer fans think the Vikings are hapless because they’ve missed the playoffs four out of five years.


    No, we think you’re hapless because you’ve never won a championship.

    And, what’s the deal with your constant posting on Packer stories? Do you have your computer set up to let you know the second a new story is posted? Weird man, really, really weird.

  13. It’s amazing to think that it’s been twice that long since the vikings plays in the Super Bowl.

    The Packers have been to three Super Bowls since then, and have won two.

    Another crazy fact, originally posted by someone else, and I had to see if it was true:

    The Vikings have more playoff losses than any other team in the NFL.

    Talk about “one and dones.”


  14. These tremendous stories of Packer success and celebrations are a joy to Packer fans around the globe. Congratulations on the unprecedented levels of achievement for the greatest franchise in NFL history, and may the ability to contend every year continue on another 2 decades.

    No doubt these inspiring stories must fuel the seething hatred and insecurities of our less successful rivals. That’s what makes it so fun.

  15. Imagine how many championships he’d have in todays nfl… certainly more then the self-centered rodgers who only cares about stats

  16. Yes they would have drafted Mirer. At least they got one whole Super Bowl win with him. Too bad for him he played at the same time as Aikman.

  17. Teddy Bridgewater = Geno Smith = Michael Vick = RG3 = JaMarcus Russell = Koredell Stewart = Vince Young

    All Over-Hyped, Busted, Turds that have never and never will win a Superbowl!

    Oh yea and ….


    Lion’s and Cowboys both take a huge step back in 2015!

  18. padraighansen says:
    Feb 11, 2015 12:45 PM

    And with the number 5 pick, Terrell Buckley. Ironically, Atlanta used the pick from Green Bay on another Southern Miss player, a running back.


    Ahh, yes. I remember there being all kinds of debate on whether they’d take “T Buck” or Troy Vincent with that pick. I guess even Ron Wolf couldn’t hit on every pick.

    I also remember a Buckley radio interview where he said “I want y’all to call me ‘The Vaccinator’. Cuz I’ll give you a SHOT!”

  19. I wonder how Favre felt watching the team’s defensive leader taking it easy on the bench while his teammates were trying to stop an embarrassing collapse in the NFCCG.

  20. That was the turning point for the Packers, it started a very long run of competitive football for the franchise. Ron Wolf is the big hero, it would never have happened without him. The Packers are in very good hands now with Murphy, Thompson and McCarthy. I look for them to be better next year, the changes in the coaching staff will take them to another level.

  21. Viking fans see “Packers” in the headline and their first and only instinct is to come trolling.

    Much like Pavlov’s dogs, they just can’t help themselves from performing a conditioned response.

    Only difference is, dogs know more about the game of football than Viking fans do.

  22. I would have given #4 to a second string punter just to show this egomaniac he was never bigger than the franchise. They have #12 now so it’s Brett who ??

  23. Favre gets the snot pounded out of him against the Saints and says its part of the game, the present quarterback complains because the grass in a Florida stadium isn’t to his liking, or when somebody says to him “I thought you’d be taller.”

  24. crownofthehelmet says:
    Feb 11, 2015 1:51 PM

    I wonder how Favre felt watching the team’s defensive leader taking it easy on the bench while his teammates were trying to stop an embarrassing collapse in the NFCCG.

    Julius Peppers was on the field

  25. In the end, people won’t remember that Favre played for Atlanta, New York, or Minnesota.

    He’ll be remembered as a Green Bay Packer, like Namath is remembered as a Jet, Montana is remembered as Niner, etc.

    Speaking of remembering, I just remembered that this year’s minnesota Vikings didn’t have even one probowl player, even after 21 replacements. Not even one player in the top 100 in the game.

    That truth has to hurt.

  26. Let’s also not forget that Mr. Ted Thompson traded Favre to the Jets for a 3rd round pick, then turned around and packaged that pick and two others to trade up into the bottom of the first round in 2009, selecting future HoF linebacker, Clay Matthews III

    Mr. Ted Thompson is the Real Magician.

  27. The Seahawk’s didn’t pass on Favre in that sense. Their owner, Ken Behring, was good friends with McGuire’s agent. Behring believed he would get a good deal on the contract. Behring told the team to draft McGuire.

    Chuck Knox was livid. Asked about it later, Knox said they were going to draft a QB in round one. That QB was Brett Farve.

  28. What? Another Packer story on the same day? It is truly a blessed day for Viking trolls. Another day worth living.

  29. I always thought that, by and large, Packers fans were the most cerebral and tolerable of the NFCN teams (including my Lions). They generally seem to accept both victory and defeat graciously and have a realistic viewpoint of their team.

    However, there is a vocal majority that Packers’ fans hate Favre. Granted, it may not be the actual majority, but I’m basing my opinion on responses to Favre articles.

    Which is something I simply cannot understand based on how Favre brought that team and city back to relevance. Regardless of how you may feel betrayed at his exit from the team and subsequent signing with MN, an outsider’s perspective see that as equal parts Thompson’s fault.

  30. The Packer-hating comments are giving us privileged fans a clear idea of the anger and resentment and jealousy how being “owned” makes one feel. That’s gotta be rough. Almost seems like it never ends, huh?

    Good luck with that….

  31. Julius Peppers was on the field
    So, a 1st year Packer new to the system playing the D-line was able to come in and bump former defensive leader LB who spent his entire career in that D? Yikes, where’s the clown music to go with that strategy.

  32. I remember thinking at the time that Wolf must be crazy. But amazingly, he knew more about players than I did.
    Favre was a once in a generation talent, but you really had to accept the bad with the good. Still, along with a great defense anchored by White, he brought the Title back to Titletown.
    And the Pack will soon be working on 25 years of being among the elite teams in the business nearly every season. A quarter of a century. Not many fan bases can even imagine such a thing. Certainly not any of the ones from where the usual suspect trolls come crawling to try to bite Packer ankles.

  33. The Mike says:
    Feb 11, 2015 12:49 PM
    Mirer did end up backing up Favre in GB after he bottomed out.

    No he didn’t.

    Mirer was brought into one training camp in GB and got cut. He never played for GB.

  34. green bay packers = 13-time world CHAMPS
    minne-CHOKE-a = 50+ year world CHUMPS

    viking trolls = pitifully pathetic putrid purple pukes….

  35. 4give & 4get!!!

    Looking forward to this moment so we can finally put it all behind us. And then cherish it like we should.

    As for the purple paste eaters, Thank You.
    I cant tell you how much we Packer fans enjoy your anguish.

    Your hate makes all of us stronger.
    Your incessant whining is like sweet music to our ears. Symphonies really.
    Your ignorance makes us laugh.
    And your tears are simply delicious.

    Please, don’t ever change.
    It would be truly sad if you did.

  36. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Feb 11, 2015 1:00 PM

    Thus ended 25 years of futility. A quarter of a century. I can’t even imagine. And Packer fans think the Vikings are hapless because they’ve missed the playoffs four out of five years

    I assume when you say you cant imagine it has to do with the futility being only 25 years instead of the 53+ years or over a half a century of failure for the putrid Viking franchise. Embrace the suck!

  37. Has to be one of the best trades as far as a payoff to an incredibly gusty and bold move. Favre certainly showed nothing in Atlanta to warrant that sort of attention.

  38. Don Majkowski won 10 games with the Packers in 89 and led the league in passing. Never the same after several injuries.

    But Favre “turned around” the Packers.

  39. Would have liked to see Wolf wait a year to go into the HoF. It’s great that he gets the recognition, but it would have been pretty epic for Wolf and Favre go in together.

  40. Brett doesn’t rock that Falcon jersey well.

    The Packer jersey looks great on him.

    The vikes and jets jerseys were alright on him.

    That Falcon’s jersey is …eww.

  41. Brett Favre was a high 2nd round pick number 33 overall by the Falcons.

    Pat Kirwin has said that he was in the Jets War room and the Jets would have taken him with the 34th overall pick which would have changed history.

    There was no chance the Packers would have obtained him with their 2nd round pick but Ron Wolf hoped he would fall that far.

    Thank you Jerry Glanville and Ron Wolfe for the trade.

    I can’t wait for all the Favre highlights on NFL network and elsewhere next year when he goes into Canton.

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