Inglewood mayor explains status, intent of stadium effort

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Thursday’s guest-heavy PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio included a visit from Inglewood Mayor James Butts, who provided some more details about the status of the NFL stadium project in the town over which he presides.

Butts explained that, with enough verified signatures of registered voters in hand, City Council will now decide whether to commission a ballot initiative or to apply a green light to the project in other ways. He anticipates minimal opposition to the plan.

Butts has maximum optimism about the ability of the venue to attract one or two NFL teams, and other major events like the NCAA Final Four. The structure will resemble a giant car port, with a transparent lid but openings around the edges of the seating area, promoting natural ventilation.

He said that Ingelwood has had no discussions with any NFL teams, but Rams owner Stan Kroenke has already made clear his plan to be involved in the project. Which implies that his team will try to move there. Butts was careful to point out that Inglewood will respect whatever processes and procedures the league requires for approving any relocation.

Still, Butts nevertheless intends for Inglewood to build a state-of-the-art stadium that naturally will attract one or two NFL franchises to it, simply by its existence. Butts hopes that construction will begin in December 2015, and that the venue will open in 2018.

For the entire interview with Mayor Butts, click here at select Hour Two from today’s show.

14 responses to “Inglewood mayor explains status, intent of stadium effort

  1. “State of the art stadium”=unexpected costs and over runs out the wazzoo. Voters better ask who is responsible for these or Kronke may very well end up with a $3 billion stadium for $1 billion. The devil is always in the details.

  2. The taxpayers aren’t paying for anything. The developer and Kronke are springing. The vote is only to approve zoning changes associated with the stadium being constructed.

  3. Meanwhile in St Louis, the head of stadiums for the NFL and Goddell continue to meet with the task force in St Louis and that plan keeps smoothly moving forward. The Rams are going absolutely no where, but Florio won’t tell you about those things. Sorry LA, maybe you’ll get the Raiders.

  4. Very true this site seems to be very one sided with its reporting on this issue. The stadium plans in STL will get the green light and the only way the Rams leave STL will be against the NFL’s wishes.

  5. Gonna havta get used to saying LA Rams(again). Stl had its chances to keep kroenke happy but they failed, now this last ditch effort is supposed to change his mind after the city of stl pissed him off. Sorry but he’s already stated he will move the team!! Doesn’t sound like he wants to stay. I am doubtful that LA will support the team when they do Move(and they are moving), since they didnt last time but we shall see here soon enough. Good luck in LA

  6. St Louis is floundering over an empty plan without funding and an owner that wants to move to LA. They never should have got the Rams. Terrible attendance and local TV ratings. That’s why the NFL skipped over STL for Jacksonville.

    STL is a baseball town.

  7. upperdecker19 says:
    Feb 12, 2015 7:46 PM
    The taxpayers aren’t paying for anything. The developer and Kronke are springing. The vote is only to approve zoning changes associated with the stadium being constructed.

    Uh huh-for now that is the plan. The city (or county or state) will ultimately volunteer some money-a token amount to start of say $50 million just to be good neighbors. Then costs will spiral and that number will jump.

    Sorry, but NFL stadiums require not only the building itself but the infrastructure around it.

    Even for the Pats stadium where everyone says Kraft funded the whole thing, yes he paid for the building itself but how much was spent on other things related to the stadium/Patriot Place-road improvements, etc.

    Sorry L.A. folks but there is no such thing as a free lunch or NFL team. If you don’t pay up front, watch your wallet as they will certainly get you on the back end.

  8. It doesn’t matter what stadium plan St. Louis comes up with. They already reneged on their deal with the Rams when they didn’t keep the current stadium a top tier venue. Also antitrust laws prevent the NFL from stopping the Rams from moving. No matter what the NFL thinks, this is still America.

  9. I like how the “Rams aren’t going anywhere” crowd seems to forget the ST Louis stadium requires 450 Million from SK to move forward and doesn’t even own the land yet!

    funny to how that same crowd keeps trying to insist that SK is going to eventually reveal some devious plot that requires funding from the city, laughable.

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