Kevin Warren promotion could seal Adrian Peterson’s fate in Minnesota

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Publicly, both sides are saying the right things about the potential continuation of Adrian Peterson as the face of the Vikings franchise.  Peterson recently said “of course” he’d like to stay; team president Mark Wilf on Wednesday used that same phrase, twice, when talking about keeping Peterson around.

But the team’s actions perhaps speak more loudly than any words the Vikings could articulate.  On Thursday, the Vikings promoted Kevin Warren from Executive Vice President of Legal Affairs and Chief Administrative Officer to Chief Operating Officer.

“I am energized and excited to continue to be a part of the Vikings organization and to lead our business operations moving forward,” Warren said in a team-issued release.  “My family has thoroughly enjoyed making Minneapolis-St. Paul our home with the wonderful people in this community.  Over the last 10 years I have marveled at the Vikings rich tradition and developed great appreciation for our fans, the most passionate in the NFL.  The Wilfs are deeply committed to building a world-class organization and winning a Super Bowl, and I embrace this next opportunity with great tenacity as we work to achieve our shared goals.”

The ascension of Warren while Peterson’s status remains unresolved possibly isn’t a coincidence.  Regardless of any influence Warren may or may not have in the decision to keep or not keep Peterson, the move could make Peterson even more determined to get a fresh start elswhere.

In November, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Peterson specifically was referring to Warren when Peterson said that someone in the organization was working against Peterson.  With Warren assuming a greater role and higher profile in the organization, it may become even harder for coach Mike Zimmer to persuade Peterson to choose to stay.

45 responses to “Kevin Warren promotion could seal Adrian Peterson’s fate in Minnesota

  1. Kevin Warren’s promotion to COO is proof he wasn’t running rogue against Adrian Peterson. You don’t promote an employee who is working against your interest as an owner.

  2. I think this is a stretch. Peterson’s return will depend on a) his timely reinstatement and b) a renegotiated contract in line with his value to the team.

    Peterson doesn’t play for Warren and will have zero contact with the man. Can’t believe AP would base his decision to stay with MN on whether Warren is in the organization or not.

  3. My prediction is, Adrian Peterson will be released and sign with… The Dallad Cowboys. Who needs Demarco when you could have All Day running behind that o line.

  4. Warren needs to realize what adrian means to this team. NFL needs to realize what adrian means to this league. Murderers have returned to the field faster than adrian. But GODell had to try to save his job after the ray rice fiasco. Here is an idea. Hand out fitting punishments. The first time. And you won’t have to try and save your job.

  5. Okay, so there’s one guy in the organization who wasn’t in favor of Adrian coming back. He’s on the business side, so he’s worried about sponsor reaction. I’d be very surprised if Adrian doesn’t want to come back just because one guy was worried about losing money. I could see where he wouldn’t want to come back, but there would have to be multiple reasons, not the least of which is the hefty paycut he would have to take.

  6. Let’s keep in mind that the Vikings don’t actually have to persuade Peterson to stay, because he is under contract for next season. They just need to persuade him to come back for less money. If they really want him, they can just give him the money he’s owed, like they did with Jared Allen a couple years ago.

  7. If I were a Vikings fan, I think I would want a football guy as my COO as opposed to a lawyer. But that’s just me… and given how much garbage that franchise has waded through recently with Peterson, Kluwe, etc., maybe for them it’s a smart move.

  8. I love Adrian Peterson as a player. Up until the incident with his son, he was one of my all-time favorite players. Having said that, it is NOT in the best interest of the Vikings to bring AD back with a cap hit of $15M. For $5-6M, sure, but not $15M.

  9. It isn’t about anyone “persuading” Peterson to stay. He is under contract. He either plays for them or gets cut or traded. He’s the employee. Not management.

  10. I’m of two minds on this thing. On the one hand, I appreciate what Adrian has done over his career and it would be nice to have him retire as a Viking. He probably still has a couple of good years left in him and could loosen up the defense to make it easier to pass.

    On the other hand, this is a new era of Viking football. This is Teddy’s team now and there’s a lot to be said for making a clean break and moving forward. There were some good years with Adrian but not great. We could use that extra cap space to fill some holes immediately and Jerrick McKinnon is pretty good.

    Bottom line: If Adrian wants to be here and agrees to a more team-friendly contract, I’d welcome him back. Otherwise, the Teddy Train is leaving the station.

  11. A 30 yr old RB coming back after a year off?
    We all know Spielman is an egotist and loves Draft picks. Trading AP does three things Rick wants,
    Save the 15 Million, An Extra Draft pick to continue
    building a Team that he can say is “HIS”, It also
    sends a message to the rest of the team, and NFL fans
    pushing a Family Friendly Team.
    I just don’t see how Adrian comes back.
    He is the best Running Back in Recent memory
    in the same (Talent) group with Walter Payton, Jim Brown, and Eric Dickerson, but he is done in Minny.
    Jerry is a better fit for him now…
    The Vikings just became younger.

  12. Don’t be paranoid my fellow Viking fans AP will be a viking these media outlet just trying to give hope to Dallas fan lol

  13. Anybody who wants to see AP retire as a Viking must really hate the man. You call yourselves AP fans but you would rather keep him on your team with zero chance of ever winning a SB instead of moving on to a team that could very well do that.

    What a proud group of AP fans you ladies are.

  14. Whether Warren was working against AP in the background or not is irrelevant. What matter is whether AP thinks Warren was working against him. And if that’s true then no way would I consider playing for Minnesota again, and especially for less money. You negotiated a contract in good faith. Pay me or release me…period!

  15. lol, The Teddy train. To bad there is only 2 feet of track. They are a bad team with AP, what a long year it will be again without him. Good thing they finally have a good coach. He might actually be able to start moving them in the right direction if the ownership would let him make more draft day decisions. If Zims fate it tied to Teddy however, he is screwed.

  16. Peterson: You got my back my brother?

    Warren: You know it brother.

    Peterson: Cool, enjoy the promotion.

  17. Warren for Peterson– This will end up going down as one of the worst trades in Viking history.

  18. Anyone who thinks the vikes are better off without AP is nuts. Get over what he did. He is handling it. A lot more people than AP take switches to their children. Not saying it’s right but it isn’t my place to tell them how to raise their kids. He may need to take a slight pay cut, but not a $10 million one.

  19. Peterson is the best thing that has happen to the Vikings in the last 10 years. And for those Vikings fans that think Teddy is the answer, all I can say is have fun picking in the top 10 of the draft for the next 5 years.

  20. AP should come back. To all you haters out there that say the Vikings have a zero chance to “ever” win a superbowl, you do realize teams rise and fall? Teddy is a great QB, and him and AP together with maybe a new WR could really lift this team.

    The coaching staff is one of the best we’ve had probably since Bud Grant. Teddy makes them better. The Cheeseheads only beat us by 3 points. The Defense is legit. All you boneheads who put down the purple are probably just Packers fans. And I got news, the Packers are just one injury away from sucking. If Aaron Rodgers goes down, you will suck just as bad, if not worse, than the Vikings.

  21. If Peterson insists his worth is that of DeMarco Murray and wants to be paid accordingly, he’s a goner. If he is contrite and respects the new chance and for less money, he could stay. But I don’t think he’ll ever be the same again, either way.

    If this is truly Bridgewater’s team (now,) there won’t be room for an ego as large as Peterson’s.

  22. If you want Bridgewater to take the next then you keep Adrian. If not then you better go and buy a left tackle and a running back in free agency.

    Adrian has been disciplined in the courts,the media and the NFL to the tune of over 4 million dollars for what the court called a misdemeanor. I am in no way agreeing with what he did but if it warrants 4 million dollars then it should be a punishment via the court system.

    I sure as heck wouldn’t want my corporate incompetent boss to judge me outside of the law. Remember the arbitrator was an employee of the NFL.

    The courts are the highest authority not Target, 3M or General Mills.

    Now the NFL is saying he has to go to THEIR doctor/psychologist. Corporate communism disguised as “the right thing to do”

  23. I guess I don’t know what a COO does but unless it involves a lot of interaction with Peterson I don’t think it will matter all that much in whether AD stays or goes.

  24. I have been a Vikings fan all my life and there will never be another team for me.
    We need to fix the O line and bring in a top receiver. Do they bring in Run Blocking Linemen for AP? Do they bring in Pass Blockers for the Young QB? Linemen are usually better with one or the other.
    Sorry if you hit me with negs, but I cant help it. I hope AP comes back, but think about this, The cap space is huge and I doubt if he will take a big cut. This will be his reason given for a trade.
    If the Vikings pay he plays, if not he is gone.
    The team has a Playoff chance next year. but face it folks. The team is being built for a 2017 run.
    Kalil played the majority of last season with a nagging injury that he didn’t disclose, or at least the TEAM didn’t disclose until after the season. I think he has a solid 2015. The RT??? who knows.
    The team needs depth, Injuries killed the team last year, even so 16 More points and we have 4 more wins.
    The team is SOOO close, other teams fans troll here & post the neg stuff, they know it is true.
    Minnesota FINALLY has a head Coach!
    No Matter what, I LOVE THE VIKINGS GO

  25. bearsalwaysbearit says:
    Feb 12, 2015 1:58 PM
    Peterson is the best thing that has happen to the Vikings in the last 10 years. And for those Vikings fans that think Teddy is the answer, all I can say is have fun picking in the top 10 of the draft for the next 5 years.
    That makes sense. I mean, without AP, Rudolph, half the o-line, WR’s that took a step back, no middle linebacker, a rookie QB and rookie RB, they are picking 11th. So, naturally, with the best RB in the game, they will certainly do much worse this year!

  26. stellarperformance says:
    Feb 12, 2015 2:19 PM
    If Peterson insists his worth is that of DeMarco Murray and wants to be paid accordingly, he’s a goner. If he is contrite and respects the new chance and for less money, he could stay. But I don’t think he’ll ever be the same again, either way.

    If this is truly Bridgewater’s team (now,) there won’t be room for an ego as large as Peterson’s.
    AP is better than Murray, make no mistake about that. Yes, AP should take a pay cut. But, he will still make more than Murray.

    I’m very curious why you think he will never be the same again. He didn’t take a pounding this year, since he didn’t play. At age 30, it’s about the number of carries you get, not just the time that has passed on the calendar.

    From everything I have ever read AP was not only a leader, but absolutely loved in their locker room. Why you think his “ego” will get in the way is another point I’m guessing you just made up.

  27. Best RB in football. Sadly I cheer for both the Vikings and Cards..this game is now about money…. Ask Jerry how much money he can make by selling an AP COWBOYS jersey???? Yes he is still undercontract with the biking but from a business standpoint and there’s not going to pay top dollar after looking at last year’s results knowing that they are on the upswing…. What’s the new stadium waiting list they could care less what the fans think

  28. I think every NFC team wants him back because the vikings are worse with him (although still a sub .500 team the viklings increased their win total 40% without him).

    However, the crimes involved here are so evil, that his banishment from the league will continue.

    Stuffing the oral cavity of a tiny 4 year old with leaves so he cannot cry out for help and then beating his genitals bloody with a tree branch is obscene.

    Fighting discipline every step of the way demonstrates his lack of conscience and remorse.

    If the NFL ever lifts its banishment and allow him to attend NFL events it will be awhile.

  29. Enough already ! This unfortunately looks like “black on black crime” where you have one brother stepping on another one to validate his position and propel himself forward while using another one. Adrian should move on sign with Dallas or whomever that potentially can bring him a SB Championship. That will NEVER happen during AP’s career if he stays. Let Warren be the Big Fish in a small pond, let him keep the Vikings in mediocrity and let AP find a REAL team ! The Vikings ? Really?? Upset about leaving?? Never, it’s upward from Here !!!!!!!

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