Paul Dawson says “character concerns” are “hurtful”

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Former TCU linebacker Paul Dawson, regarded by NFL Media’s Mike Mayock as the top player at his position entering the draft, has written a draft diary for USA Today.  In the entry, Dawson addresses the vague notion, as separately perpetrated by Lance Zierlein of NFL Media, that Paul Dawson has character concerns.

“Scouts are very worried about his personal character and say he’s not beloved within the program,” Zierlein writes in his profile of Dawson.  “Questions have been raised about his commitment to the process.”

“Now I’m reading that I’ve got ‘character concerns,'” Dawson wrote.  “My sophomore year when I got there, I failed one drug test for Adderall, and I got a prescription for it a couple months later.  I never failed another drug test, never got in any trouble, never suspended.  I was tardy a lot.  I’d probably be a couple minutes late to that meeting or a weight-room session.  But everybody loved me.  I got along with everybody — all the coaches, all the offensive coaches. . . .  When I see stuff like my team doesn’t like me, that’s hurtful. . . . When I have my interviews at the combine, they’ll see what type of person I am.”

With the Scouting Combine coming next week, it’s the time of year for negative information to emerge about prospects.  The general rule of thumb is that some scouts will be tempted to push negative information about guys they like, in the hopes that the player will slide down the board and be available when that scout’s team is on the clock.  Any negative information published about prospects by anonymous scouts needs to be considered through that lens, because without names being attached it’s impossible to know which scouts are telling the truth — and which scouts are pushing an agenda aimed at getting the guys they want during the draft.

Regardless, the scouts know what they know about Dawson and the rest of the top prospects.  They’ll learn a lot more next week, and beyond.

One thing they learned from Dawson’s diary is that he was “tardy a lot” at TCU, and that he admits it.

19 responses to “Paul Dawson says “character concerns” are “hurtful”

  1. Raiders 2nd round

    Sio Moore, Paul Dawson, Khalil Mack across the 4-3. Protect them by signing Terrance Knighton and putting him next to Jelly. Then draft a young DE and put him on the other side of Tuck or a free agent. JPP or Hughes?

    Solid start to a long term front 7.

  2. He may be right. What college kid is not a bit immature? I think we ask too much of these guys sometimes.

  3. So he’s saying that other than a failed drug test and being tardy a lot, there’s nothing to worry about.

    Got it.

  4. Being “tardy a lot” IS a character concern. It demonstrates lack of commitment and a level of immaturity. If he had a decent agent they should have coached him better on how to address the criticism.

  5. Reading between the lines this is the translation “I do things that cause character concerns and now I’m upset that people have character concerns about me”.

    I think that speaks volumes right there.

  6. Just keep it quiet and let your play do your talking…already in the media and he hasnt even signed yet?! Whats with these guys and their feelings being hurt? Grow a pair, hit a running back and shut up!

    Go Pats!

  7. Another one of ‘those’ guys. He admits he took a drug for which he had no prescription and then failed a drug test and was late a lot for meetings and workouts and he somehow believes any character concerns aren’t justified. That thought process is just as problematic as the behavior. When you do not have the capacity to understand what you are actually saying (confirming issues in his case) it is best to just stop talking.

  8. Mayock’s mock draft is a draft deserving to be mocked. The man is given way, way too much credence for his supposed football player knowledge.

  9. In the NFL you don’t get to be a couple minutes late to meetings or training sessions.

    That will be a huge character concern for any of the better franchises.

  10. Leave 3 minutes earlier and you are on time. Shows no repsonsiblity on your part. Get over it and fix it. Quit whining!

  11. The fact that he’s 5’10 is gonna hurt his draft stock a lot more than “character concerns”, I think.

  12. He has a fake prescription for Adderall? Talks too much? Proclaims everyone loves him? Oh, this is too easy. Perfect Seahawk.

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