Report: Le’Veon Bell “expected” to be suspended two games


Steelers tailback Le’Veon Bell finally settled the marijuana possession and driving under the influence charges against him last week, with 15 months probation the legal outcome.

Now, the focus turns to how the NFL handles the matter.

ESPN’s John Clayton reported Wednesday that Bell is “expected” to be banned for the first two regular-season games of 2015.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise. As PFT has noted multiple times dating back to before the Super Bowl, Bell’s inability to resolve the cases against him by November 1 left him in line for a two-game suspension under the league’s strengthened substance-abuse policy.

With a ban quite possible, the Steelers will need a contingency plan at the position, as G.M. Kevin Colbert noted Wednesday. After the release of LeGarrette Blount late last season, the Steelers were caught short at tailback, and when Bell was injured in the season finale and could not play in the wild-card round, the team was left scrambling at this key position.

But in this case, the Steelers will have had ample warning if Bell isn’t available.

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  1. This disgraced player is a worthy representative of the Steelers, and it is only fitting that the franchise has crumbled since they were humiliated by the Green Bay Packers in Superbowl 45 – never to win another playoff game.

  2. Obviously biased but two games feel right to me. The problem is the Steelers offense is only productive when all three killer B’s are clicking. When one is down the other two become awfully vulnerable. And who knows what the defense will be like. Already bored with the offseason – let’s get the 2015 season started!

  3. The Champs should not be expected to play this team of has-Bens and DUI artists on opening day. The police escort for their team bus is actually there to try to keep everyone else safe.

  4. It will be a talking point if the Steelers open the season at New England with Bell suspended and Blount suiting up.

  5. Steelers don’t need to sign a feature back. They need to sign a capable back up to fill in for 2 games and take around 1/4-1/3 of the carries. Depending on how the offseason goes, 9-10 wins this year.

  6. The possibility of injury to a running back who totes the ball as many times as Bell does; who runs as hard as Bell does — was all the commonsense warning the Steelers should have had with Blount.

    As indicated here at the time and my opinion was a stark minority angle on that issue — the Blount issue was poorly mishandled as it meant ALL the Steeler eggs were in the “Bell sure as hell better stay healthy” basket.

    A team-issued fine and/or suspension (backed up by some vet leadership (e.g., Troy, Debo, the Diesel) and earn-your-paycheck coaching (e.g., Tomlin, Coach LeBeau) would have been a much more prudent initial approach than to just rashly cut the guy just like that.

    And we paid for it.

  7. Two games isn’t random. It is the new substance abuse policy for DUI. Only thing that will make this interesting is who Steelers draw for Week 1 and 2. ACFN plays:

    6 division games
    4 AFC West
    4 NFC West
    Indy Colts, and the NE Pasties

    Our luck those two games will be the Browns and Raiders.

  8. Steelers need to draft a decent RB to have as #2. Fact is once Bell is reinstated the Steelers are still all the eggs in one basket unless they draft or get a good free agent RB.

  9. theghostofaldavis says:
    Feb 12, 2015 12:53 PM
    spartan01 says:
    Feb 12, 2015 11:45 AM
    Two games isn’t random. It is the new substance abuse policy for DUI. Only thing that will make this interesting is who Steelers draw for Week 1 and 2. ACFN plays:

    6 division games
    4 AFC West
    4 NFC West
    Indy Colts, and the NE Pasties

    Our luck those two games will be the Browns and Raiders.


    As a Steelers fan, I would actually expect you to know that, despite the Raiders being a bad team this decade, they’ve OWNED the Steelers in 4 of the last 5 meetings – forget the ‘historical head-to-head’ lead we have, even when TERRIBLE, we STILL come out on top. Rip on the Browns all you want, but asking for the Raiders early, well…that’s a good way to start the season at 0-1


  10. Wouldn’t the League try and avoid controversy for 2015? They have had enough for a decade worth in the last 12 months. If so, I would say the Patriots face the Bills opening night. Lots of story lines and it will be a good game to boot – the Buffalo D looks really good.

  11. What about the suspension for substance abuse? Is the NFL so incompetent that they didn’t immediately drug test Bell and Blount after the arrest for possession?

  12. theghostofaldavis, OWNED is a bit of a strong word. They won 4 out of 5 sure, by a combined 15 points. The one they lost was a 35-3 shellacking. Overall the Raiders have a 15-12 record over the Steelers, not that big of a margin.

  13. steelerswillbefine – the only metric that really matters is the W or the L and when someone spouts off silliness like ‘Our luck those two games will be the Browns and Raiders’ – when they clearly don’t pay attention to the (recent) history of these two great franchises, then I simply had to point out the obvious. When it comes to Steelers vs Raiders, the Silver & Black is the furthest thing from a ‘gimme’ on your schedule.

    Respect the Rivalry – some of the greatest moments in the NFL came from our battles!


  14. The Browns are 2-1 against the Steelers and Raideds last year, not sure why all these Raider fans are using the Browns as the example of an easy out. The one loss was a loss by 2 points in last minute of first meeting with Browns. second game was a blowout by Browns and Browns beat Carr and Raidiators.

  15. And Steelers are Marching early this year! Once they trounce the Vikes in the HOF game we should just cancel the season and award the Lombardi now to God’s Given Team, the Steelers. We all know you agree but are too jealous to admit it.


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