Goodell earned $35 million in 2013


The bad news is that, in 2013, Commissioner Roger Goodell made $9 million less than he earned in 2012.  The good news is he still earned a ton of money.

As reported by Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, and confirmed by PFT, Goodell made more than $35 million in 2013.  His total compensation for the 2013 calendar year consisted of a base salary of $3.487 million and bonus and incentive compensation of $31.114 million.  Along with “other reportable compensation” of $341,000, retirement and other deferred compensation of $34,000, and nontaxable benefits of $41,000, that’s $35,017,000.

“The Commissioner’s total compensation in 2013 is a fair reflection of his leadership and contributions during the year,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank, chair of the compensation committee, said in a statement issued to Kaplan.  “Compensation packages for Roger and other senior executives are reviewed annually; accordingly, the compensation committee will conduct a thoughtful review and make a determination of 2014 compensation in March.”

Given that 2014 was a horrible year for the Commissioner — and in light of the anger recently displayed by Patriots owner Robert Kraft regarding the handling of the #DeflateGate scandal by the office over which Goodell presides — chances are the drop in compensation will be more than $9 million for 2014.  Blank, Kraft, and Panthers owner Jerry Richardson make up the compensation committee.

Elsewhere at 345 Park Avenue, general counsel Jeff Pash earned $7.505 million in 2013.  Steve Bornstein, the former executive V.P. of NFL Media, made $5.18 million.  Executive V.P. of business ventures Eric Grubman earned $3.828 million, CFO Joseph Sinclaire made $2.437 million, executive V.P. of human resources Robert Gulliver was paid $2.236 million, and former executive V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson earned $1.833 million.

Federal law required the NFL to disclose the compensation of its key employees as part of the league office’s tax-exempt status.

133 responses to “Goodell earned $35 million in 2013

  1. Just doing what Da Man tells him!! don’t understand all the hate towards him.ppl actually think he woke up one morning and said “hey I want a team in London” He does what the owners tell him.and its hard dealing with such a diverse fan base,half the fans have a heart attack if a player dances while the other base loves it.Gotta deal with the juiced up guys.Tough job that Rozelle or Tagliubule didn’t have 2 deal with.

  2. I don’t understand how a business can be tax exempt where an employee makes over 35 million in compensation.

  3. None of them “earned” those kinds of dollars. That is what they were paid. I see a distinct difference.

  4. I wish they would get rid of Thursday night NFL football, College and Thanksgiving I love it but not NFL Football-it belongs on Sunday especially opening day-it’s like Christmas. I’m not crazy about our NFL teams having to make these long trips to London, England either. But having said that-there’s an awful lot of immature grown men in the NFL and it’s possible that Goodell has earned his money by being the highest paid babysitter ever…………….

  5. NFL players get paid as much as they get paid because in most cases there literally isn’t anyone else anyone else on the planet that can do what they do. Is there really no one else on the planet that can do what Goodell does?

  6. No good reason that we, the NFL, should have to pay taxes, but plenty of good reasons everyone else should….most importantly to pay for the big stadiums that our tax-exempt organization uses to charge outrageous fees for parking, eating, drinking and whatever else we can dream up.

  7. The NFL technically is non profit.

    The teams make the money, the owners pay Goodell. The other people that work for the NFL are then paid by donations given to company by the owners.

    I’m not saying it’s not a crock, but as far as the “NFL” goes it doesn’t actually make money.

  8. Earned every penny!
    If ya believe that I have some beautiful beach front property in FL to sell…..just $35 million. No snakes, gators or state income taxes.

  9. I hope nobody things Goodell is the only director of a “Non-Profit” that gets multi-million dollar paychecks. There’s a reason I’m cynical towards charities.

  10. Federal law required the NFL to disclose the compensation of its key employees as part of the league office’s tax-exempt status.

  11. If hes only paid his base pay he is overpaid. It’s because of his leadership I will not be paying to watch anymore NFL games live or purchase anymore NFL gear. That screw job the NFL gave my hometown Lions will forever be etched in my memory. I will still watch the NFL on TV since its just a form of entertainment and not real, fair competition.

  12. I wonder if the soccer will hide behind a tax-exempt status when it becomes the #1 professional sport in the United States in the next 25 years?!?

  13. doctorrustbelt says:
    Feb 13, 2015 4:05 PM
    I wonder if the soccer will hide behind a tax-exempt status when it becomes the #1 professional sport in the United States in the next 25 years?!?
    Soccer is a sport for peasants. You see any peasants around here?

  14. Dear NFL owners, I will gladly lie to your paying customers with a straight face for a mere 1 million per year if you’d like to pocket 34 million.

  15. The reason why he makes and will continue to make this amount of money is because he takes the fall for the owners. Surprisingly the vast majority of NFL fans blame Goodell, and Goodell alone, for the leagues recent issues.

  16. $3.487 million and bonus and incentive compensation of $31.114 million.

    Bonus? Incentive? Isn’t that what you get for a GOOD job?

  17. That is quite a payday for the grasping jumped-up NFL intern. And I still have to pay through the nose for the NFLN. Goodell should be required to pay all of Leah Still’s medical expenses.

  18. Kudos to Roger! He earned that $35 million, especially with the entire sports media criticizing 24/7 for discipline that would not have been necessary if NFL players weren’t such idiots.

    The media enables these idiotic players, and the result is that they feel even more emboldened, more entitled, and they actually believe that they are “victims” even if they beat a woman/kid, get a DUI, get into a bar fight, deal illegal drugs etc.

    GO Roger – looking forward to lots of player suspensions and banishments in 2015!

    Go owners!

  19. I’m a middle class man who works hard for his money. These guys earn millions while committing crimes like, drugs, assault, rape etc. What is wrong with this picture?

  20. Some serious cheese being made here…interesting that Gulliver and Anderson are the only African Americans and are at the bottom of the pay scale–so much for NFL diversity.

  21. “Soccer is a sport for peasants. You see any peasants around here?”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Soccer athletes are the richest athletes in the world.

    Two of the highest paid athletes in the world are soccer athletes.

    Matt Ryan is the only football athlete in the TOP 10.
    Only 2 football athletes in the TOP 20.
    6 of the TOP 20 are soccer stars.

    A vast majority of football athletes come from lower or lower middle class upbringing.

  22. Not a fan of Goodell, but this is why he gets paid the big bucks. Stand up and take the heat for the owners, doesnt matter if he screws up continuously and comes off as a hypocrite. He’s laughing all the way to the bank, got 35 million reasons to laugh.

  23. It must be nice to have your salary based on something other than the quality of your job performance.

    The only thing Goodell has earned over the past 12 months is a pink slip, and a one-way ticket into the NFL’s recent past. The only question remaining is whether or not the owners have the intestinal fortitude to give Goodell his just earnings.

  24. Wait a minute. Who are some of these guys…Isn’t Troy Vincent an executive vp? He was the face we saw every time there was trouble–more than the Commish– an he isn’t even listed. Maybe honesty, sincerity, being forthright isn’t good enough when you’re a former player that gets the job done…just saying….

  25. Joe Blowski the fan:
    Ah, I’m ok with Goodell making 35 million, his executives making millions and the owners making hundreds of millions and a billion in equity in their teams. I just don’t want these GREEDY players making any money. They should only be making 50k a year and they should have to buy their own insurance!!! lmao

  26. Wow! Where can I get a job like his? Totally incompetent performance from a man who’s best task this year was passing the buck on every misstep he took.

  27. Something something Goodell sucks.
    Something something this is an outrage.
    Something something I don’t know what we’re yelling about.

  28. Not one single female in the upper ranks of the NFL front office. Way to go, NFL! Message received loud and clear!

  29. Not a fan of Goodell, but I never worry about how much money someone else makes.

    I watch games on tv but never give them a dime in ticket, or merchandise money. So it’s not my money.

    I think the NFL is at a crossroads. The discipline issues, poor officiating, convoluted rules, rumblings of team relocation.. the idiotic London thing included with that. The popularity could slip. Some new organization at the top would probably server well.

  30. That’s messed up!! As others have mentioned, the NFL is “supposed” to be a NON-PROFIT organization. I guess as long as you’re the for lack of a better term, (CEO) it’s okay to profit hugely!!

    This is only a small percentage of “what’s wrong in America” these days.

    Soon we’ll be referred to as “The United Corporations of America”.


  31. For that kind of the money, the NFL owners could set up a real corporate infrastructure with professional management. Instead, they waste it all on this buffoon whose only talent is negotiating network tv contracts. FRAUD

  32. If Goodell had ANY Integrity at all, he would donate EVERY Penny of that Money to Charity and not take a dime in salary for the Piss-Poor job that he performed this year.

  33. The 3 owner that make up the make up the compensation committe all are under investagation and need Goodell to rule in their favor.
    Deflated fooballs
    Piped in noise
    Pro bowl player needs to be reinstated
    He’s got a job for life

  34. In an article by Blaire Brody in The Fiscal Times, he wrote about “Ten Insanely Overpaid Nonprofit Execs.” Somehow he left out Roger Goodell. Goodell made more than all 10 combined!

  35. What a great example for all those kids that participate in “Play 60”.. Kids, you can be a total failure and still succeed if you can fool 32 billionaires. Great work if you can get it. Rodger should be gone.

  36. It is very easy to criticize ROG for things like poor officiating, player discipline, standard of play etc.

    But if he can be attacked when these things are bad, then presumably he should share some credit when these things are good.

    We all just watched probably the best Super Bowl ever (and even if that is a subjective opinion), what is not is that it was the most watched TV broadcast of all time, so something must be going right.

    His base salary of about $3.5 million is substantial but probably in line with the role as CEO of a major, successful company.

    The vast bulk if his earnings are from bonus payments, presumably agreed in his contract with his employers (the owners). Anyone who owns an NFL franchise is likely to be pretty savvy when it comes to managing finances and employee compensation. I doubt any of them would wish to pay the Commish or any other employer a dime more than they believed it was necessary or fair.

    Yes, $35 million is a lot of money, but, if anyone reading this site had the chance to earn it, we would all be delighted. If the owners feel that this level of compensation is reasonable, then good luck to ROG for earning/accepting it.

    What I think this figure really shows if actually, how much money the owners must be making (in most cases this is pretty hard to find out).

    I thought America was the ‘land of opportunity’! Don’t hammer a guy out of jealousy for earning more than you, doing a job that, whatever you might think, most of you could not do as well as him.

    Instead, why not congratulate him on his success, and try your best to be as successful in what you do as he is in what he does.

  37. My daughter has a real job – teaching 2/3 combined grades at a local elementary school. Her contributions, her 10 hour days, her low pay, well her effort diminishes RG by 90%. He is one overpaid individual. Not one man on the face of the earth is worth this salary, not one man. No one should be allowed to make this kind of insulting salary (notice the perks, wow) while men and women across the globe work for dollars a day or in the USA, a bare minimum of 7.25. This man is a fraud, paid by the owners association and beholding to those same owners – notice all of his photos with the owners. His work, well what does he really do? I would like to hear his version of his 8 hour work day. I would like to know what perks he is receiving, you know, the incentives’. This is a sad commentary on how the wealthy maintain their wealth. Quite akin to how the KOCH Brothers run their lives – buying people.

  38. You could grab just about any radom homeless person from under a bridge and let them run the NFL. They would likely have done just as good as if not better of a job then Roger has.

    At least the players help the team win and attract revenu by bringing fans into the stadium and helping sell merch.

    Roger just ruins the game.

  39. Giving him all that bonus money is just encouraging the moron.

    Hey let me be commish!

    – Let’s add more teams to the league
    – Add 2 more regular season games
    – Sell the networks on Weds, Fri, Sat. Night football
    – Let’s have 20 teams make the playoffs
    – Let’s spread the draft out for a full week
    – Let’s get rid of extra points and replace them with another minute of commercials

  40. But screw those players who are actually the only reason you watch this crap and gamble on it or play fantasy football because of. Let’s pay this in over his head geek $79 mil over 2 years. Yeah, that makes lots of sense to the average dumb fan.

  41. A couple of years back (or so) Mike Flowery politicked (a word which ironically PFT hasn’t admitted to spell check) on PFT for Goodell to make more money. He made 20 some million then, but PC Mike Flowery preached he deserved more. The NFL is tax exempt. To maintain that they also have to fly the flag of being Politically Correct which is why Flowery also fly’s the same flag. I’d bet he also preaches distribution of wealth. Not his wealth, not Goodells wealth, your wealth. 🙂

  42. hey Muslimponder – I have to say that is not much of an ambition. Wouldn’t it be better to wish you could earn $35 million for being good at your job rather than being an incompetent imbecile?

  43. Like him or hate him, his employers thought he earned it through a bonus scheme.

    Frankly, given how much money the NFL makes, he earned it.

  44. “The Commissioner’s total compensation in 2013 is a fair reflection of his leadership and contributions during the year,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank, chair of the compensation committee”.

    Mr. Blank, this is very easy to say when it is the fan’s money that is paying him, you, and everyone else.
    With all due respect, I would bet a lot of $ that the majority of the fans DISAGREE with you regarding Goodell and his compensation. Goodell is getting paid a LOT more than EVERY player in the NFL on a yearly basis. Brady, Manning, and Romo aren’t making that much on a yearly basis, and they are the ones sacrificing their body.

    Goodell was paid $34.9 million more than he should have in 2013.

  45. $28,000,000 is the over/under on his 2015 salary.

    If by chance, he finds no wrongdoing with the Patriots and deflategate, the over/under jumps to $42,000,000

  46. $77M over the past 2 years isn’t too shabby.
    Johnny Football should teach Roger how to do the “pay me” hand gestures. It would be a really good look for the Commish to practice as he knows there will be some booing as he strides to the podium to announce the first pick of the 2015 NFL Draft.

  47. “The Commissioner’s total compensation in 2013 is a fair reflection of his leadership and contributions during the year,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank

    Did he actually say that with a straight face??

  48. If you don’t like it quit watching, reading, and blogging about it. We are all paying his salary by doing things like posting on this blog. We just keep fueling the fire with our money in so many different ways. Just pinging gives them more advertising dollars.

  49. No fan of Goodell, but he’s the steward of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Sorry, the 35k/yr mouthbreathers are jealous, but he’s entitled to his piece. It’s like people getting mad that an actor gets 20 mil for a movie that makes 500 mil. That’s the market and they deserve their cut. If Goodell isn’t up to the job, and I don’t think he is, then the owners should fire him. After he threw one of the most powerful owners in the league under the bus, on a farcical witch hunt, I suspect Goodell will finally get what he deserves. Take your money and please go away. He’ll be remembered as one of the worst commisioners in the history of American sports. Worst part is, he has no clue that’s the case. None whatsoever. Astonishing.

  50. I was a senior enlisted dude in the USN. If I screwed up like he did with Rice and the overboard reaction with Peterson I would have been held accountable and fried. He’s a joke for 35 mil.

  51. This is always the case…a bumpkin gets 35 million, as he really isn’t in charge of jack….
    He is owned by the teams. His job is to take the heat, of the team’s screw-ups. I’d almost venture to guess, he purposefully or by true incompetence, screws up every investigation so the finger gets pointed at the NFL head office. It is easy replace him, as he is just an employee. Seriously, look at every investigation, or lack thereof, by the NFL this year. He seems to act like a puppet at times…like he is remembering what he is supposed to say.

  52. If he is going to make as much money as any players then it’s only fair that he also gets fined when he makes a mistake.

  53. The Patriots film defensive signals from an unapproved location in 2007 and Goodell hammers them, takes away a draft pick an makes it seem like a massive spying scandal.

    The Colts ask the refs to look at the Patriot footballs in 2015, Goodell’s office leaks wrong / misleading information and creates a firestorm a media before the Super Bowl.

    And people here think Goodell is in Kraft’s pocket? If that was the case, you’d have never heard anything about either of these stories.

  54. I’m not a fan of big Gov’t, the IRS or any pet project design Liberals scheme to justify “tax the rich to pay for it”…but even I don’t get why the NFL is Tax Exempt.

  55. Goodell very well may be the biggest Con Artist of alltime! To put himself in a position to make the type of money he is making and to lack basic managerial skills is astounding! The fact the NFL Owners continue to allow him to be the Commissioner is beyond belief. He is literally a “stooge” in an expensive suit! I would be willing to bet that if you polled all NFL players and NFL Season Ticket Holders and asked them if Roger Goodell had any “credibility” as NFL Commissioner he would rate at less than 2%!

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