Jack Del Rio wants to get Raiders facilities up to standard


In terms of the housing market, new Raiders coach Jack Del Rio has bought a fixer-upper.

That’s the roster he inherited, and the team’s facility as well.

According to Scott Bair of CSNBayArea.com, Del Rio said he hopes to be able to update the team’s training facility in Alameda, to bring it up to modern NFL standards.

It was kind of like how I felt about taking the job,” Del Rio said. “I knew there was work to be done, and I’m excited about having the opportunity to mold this place and make an impact.”

The first order of business is upgrading the weight room and practice fields. The fields are in better shape since General Manager Reggie McKenzie was hired in 2012, but more work is being done.

“We’ve got some plans that you’ll see unfold with the weight room and the fields,” Del Rio said, “that the players are going to be very excited about when they get back. . . .

“We want to make sure that everything we’re doing every day gives us an opportunity to win our division and be in position to win championships.”

In addition to the field and weight rooms, players will come back to a revamped strength and conditioning and nutrition program.

It might sound like a small step, but the process of being taken seriously as an NFL franchise depends on such things, at least among the players they need to be taken seriously on the field.

66 responses to “Jack Del Rio wants to get Raiders facilities up to standard

  1. The Raiders need to get their head coaching choices up to standards.
    Jack Del Rio?? What a joke!

  2. pats4rings says:Feb 13, 2015 9:24 AM

    How is it possible given the revenue that any of the NFL teams have less than state of the art facilities?


    The Raiders

  3. My concern is more with the draft and free agency at this point. Is McKenzie capable of making competent decisions? I’m not too confident of that but if Del Rio has input into player acquisition then it may lead to an improvement.

    Facilities upgrades and a new stadium will come if/when the Raiders become respectable on the field…and that will ONLY come with an infusion of good talent to support Carr, Mack and C-Wood.

    One step at a time….

  4. Why bother throwing money at that sorry dump. Move the team to San Antonio and there will be no issues with substandard facilites or equipment. The fact that the Raiders are even considering playing more games at o.co is beyond me. The place is a broken down old building and needs to be demolished. It makes so much more financial sense for Davis to move his franchise to Texas.

  5. billswillnevermove says:
    Feb 13, 2015 9:38 AM

    Funny thing about this is….even if you moved this team to Toronto, Canadian fans would still be watching CFL style football LOL. What a dumpster fire this organization is.


    As bad as the Raiders have been 2003 the Bills haven’t been that much better. And while the Raiders were in the Super Bowl after the 2002 season, the Bills have the longest playoff drought in the league (since 1999) and haven’t won a playoff game since the 1995 season.

  6. a revamped strength and conditioning and nutrition program and upgraded facilities don’t sound like a small step at all. as a chiefs fan i’ve mocked the raiders and their joke of a field for years, but at this point it’s just sad that they aren’t up to par with the rest of the NFL.

  7. I agree with the comment that how could any NFL franchise have less than state of the art training/practice facilities?
    That being said, it does seem like the Raiders are trying to do the right things lately to rebuild what was once one of the NFL’s greatest franchises. They have work to do, but they’re making a start…

  8. billswillnevermove says: Feb 13, 2015 9:38 AM

    Funny thing about this is….even if you moved this team to Toronto, Canadian fans would still be watching CFL style football LOL. What a dumpster fire this organization is.


    Dude, you’re a Bills fan. You of all people have no room to talk, as your team is only one rung above the Browns when it comes to the sad sack factor.

  9. spend a couple million to upgrade and then leave for LA the next year. Yeah, that sounds like the Raiders.

  10. University of Oregon has a better weight room than any NFL team, does that make them better than any NFL team? Oakland’s upgrading, not switching out sticks and rocks for steel barbells.

  11. billswillnevermove says:
    Feb 13, 2015 10:18 AM

    ….AAAANNNNDDDD…you STILL finished that season with…well…nothing….

    I love the fact that you feel the need to troll Raiders articles to rip on a team that was SO LOUSY this year that…well…that they put the nail in the coffin for YOUR team’s playoff hopes just this past season.

    I get it – the Silver & Black has been bad for too long…but still good enough to help the rest of the league keep the Bills drought WELL alive 😉

    I remember hearing something once about ‘glass houses’…

    On to the news at hand, as a fan of the original (and only true) NATION, I’m truly excited about what our immediate future holds with JDR at the helm. Look, to the Raider Faithful, we all know that, despite Al’s love of the team and historical success (domination?) in the NFL, his last years were not good – in any way. However, he truly loved his team and wanted to win (I can’t fault him for that).

    We’re now a few years removed from his passing…Mark & Reggie have worked out the mess (in a variety of areas) left to them. We’ve had successful drafts with players who look to have REAL potential to be franchise-altering. We’ve sat through the limp coaches who just needed some experience while we cleaned house (Dennis Allen, anyone?) and now have talent, respect and experience across our coaching staff – while no one seems like the ‘media darling/rock star’ name, these are guys with plenty of wisdom who have been in successful programs…and THAT’S reason for optimism.

    Back to my misguided-but-passionate Bills friend – Del Rio has come out and discussed how much he’s learned from his first go-around as a HC, how he feels he’s improved from coaches smarter than him….Sexy Rexy has come out and said the same old things that made him ‘so successful’ with the Jets. I don’t doubt that your D will show up big at times, but man, WHAT are you going to on the other side of the ball? Rex doesn’t have any real answers.

    The Raiders have been a mess for too long…but we’re witnessing the foundation being built for the Nation to continue our legacy of excellence – a truly exciting time!


  12. He will start strong, but finish with a whimper. That was basically how every year played out with Jax, and that was when Jax actually had some talent.

  13. raiders facilities lacked simple things such as a sauna and meals would consist of cheese pizzas. al davis still lived in the days when kenny stabler would roll out of whichever womans bed he was in that morning, and go lead the raiders to a dub while hungover. he didnt believe in these kinds of amenities. good to see the change taking place tho because rod woodson comes on the local station here and he was complaining about how bad it was back when he was playing in 02, and it hadnt changed when he became a coach a few years ago.

  14. Hey Del-Rio

    Just wait til you see the Coliseum…

    There will literally be excrement backing up into your dressing rooms as this has happened many times in recent years there.

    It’s well known.

    There is no way your practice fields are worse than the Coliseum in Oakland…

    But what did you expect Jack?

    The Raiders have the worst record in the NFL over the past 11 seasons…

    And the Raiders have the worst attendance in that time frame too… with good seasons landing them like 29th in attendance instead of their usual LAST place in attendance figures.

    WHY should their facilities be nice?

    They lose on the field…

    They lose at the turn styles…

    They lose on amenities… (uh, psst… it’s OAKLAND)

  15. Well it all depends on what the owner thinks.

    Does the owner want to move? If so, don’t expect major upgrades. What cheap owner, who has made signals that he wants to move, puts big $$$ into upgrades at the place he intends to move from?

    So does Mark Davis want to stay in Oakland? Until there is a team in LA, perhaps two, I wouldn’t trust him that he doesn’t want to be one of them, and wouldn’t expect massive upgrades anywhere.

    A few hundred thousand, even a million is chump change to an owner. The Raiders facilities probably need tens of millions in upgrades… at the bare minimum. Wake me when Mark Davis spends that, and then maybe that might hint he intends to stay.

  16. This is 100% on ownership, Al Davis and now his son Mark. It’s their facilities and they were too cheap to upgrade the workout/ meeting rooms. Say what you will about the incompetence of the new skeletor, Jerrah Jones, but at least he built his team top notch facilities.

    The stadium is owned by Alameda County, but the team facilities are the Raiders. Sorry, you can’t fleece the taxpayers on this one.

  17. The Buffalo Bills have a fantastic state of the art facility. The only reason for a team to not have one is by not building one on purpose. Raiders… one foot out the door.

  18. Oh Raider fans do not worry about the Bills fans. They’re all offseason trolls on this site and even in the Western New York area radio shows/newspapers. They talk about finally breaking the playoff drought and trash other teams, until the season actually starts and then go back to “Oh poor me” fans.

    They hired a coach that took my team to the bottom of the division in 6 years and all the fans and players are giddy about it. It’s actually funny.

  19. Jack has been around the block a couple of times. He will be one of the main agents for badly needed changes in Raiderville. As far as the player personnel go, it could take 3 drafts to get some solid players. This is not a quick fix situation. Initially, the team needs to develop winning habits as they build the roster and show how committed management is to that end. I remember the 49ers before Bill Walsh took over. Man, did have a lot of work to do. Then, several years later, the 49ers were a powerhouse. Time and lots of attention will bring about needed changes. For the Raider Nation–hang in there. Every great team in NFL history had a great defense. Expect a lot of emphasis there.

  20. The Raiders might be the biggest dirt bag organization in the NFL. That also includes their fan base. I would rather be a Browns fan than a Raiders fan.

  21. pats4rings says: Feb 13, 2015 9:24 AM

    How is it possible given the revenue that any of the NFL teams have less than state of the art facilities?

    My guess is that with Al Davis traditionally threatening to move the team back to LA at any given moment, it was a convenient excuse to not keep things up to date.

    But you’re right – and it’s ridiculous. The teams make enough money to have high-grade facilities, and I would think that would be very important in the recruitment of free agents.

  22. Already liking Del Rio more than past 10 years of coaches. Seriously, this guy may not succeed but he’s vocal, says the right stuff we fans know is an issue, isnt afraid of the media (unlike lame coach we had from Denver last year that we fired and I cant even recall his name already as he had ZERO presence to fans, media and probably players).

    Bring it on.

  23. I’m going to start this by saying I’m no Raiders fan. However, I’m excited for them and Del Rio, and I’m excited at the prospect of a competitive Raiders team and the swagger I loathe to be on the other side of. A good Raiders team is good for the NFL and good for the fans.

  24. This is on Al Davis. He just kept on looking at his three Lombardi trophies – probably thought that was enough to justify his lack of effort to bring the Raiders into the 21st century. Now the Pats have more rings then the Raiders – three rings ain’t sounding that impressive anymore.

  25. All these Raider Haters!!! We haven’t been relevant in 10 years and still have haters….wait for us to start winning again and there will be even more!! RAIDERS!!!

  26. look at all the trolls coming out of their holes in the ground. must really suck to see the raiders turning things around and heading in the right direction when their teams aren’t. GO RAIDERS.

  27. Razor wire…..infield dirt …….sewage backup….These things build character ! Go Raiders !!

  28. Just came here to get my afternoon laugh, wasn’t disappointed, raider and bills fans fighting over whose worst, can’t make this stuff up.


  29. all positive….so much positive that the haters have to spew their jealousy….

    Go Raiders!

  30. I guess some people missed where they recently hired Joe Gomes who use to be at at EXOS down in AZ….That is where quite a few of the athletes that will be attending the combine next week are preparing and training at. (Leonard Williams just to name one who we will get with the 4th pick if we are lucky)

    With that said I am sure the Raiders will be expanding the weight room….adding more speed and agiilty equipment, plyometrics and bands, and some functional equipment.

  31. Funny when some of the fans from the worst franchises in the league with less than 3 Super Bowl rings want to talk about the Raiders.

    Chef fans ONE SUPER BOWL 50 years ago

    Chargers fans ZERO SUPER BOWL RINGS a disgrace of a franchise

    Bill fans ZERO SUPER BOWL RINGS an embarrassment to the league

    Viking fans ZERO SUPER BOWL RINGS should just fold

    Broncos fas TWO SUPER BOWLS** over the salary cap another joke.

    If your a fan of these loser organization you should really just shut up. You’re a joke

  32. kcflake says: Feb 13, 2015 10:05 AM

    Hello Raiders,

    I am looking forward to seeing My Chiefs whoop that ass twice a year.
    They couldn’t do it last year, but there’s nothing wrong with a little off-season optimism.

  33. The Raiders are 8 games behind the winningest post-season team in the NFL– the Pittsburgh Steelers (33)– at 25 games.

    We have arguably one of the best all-around coaching staffs in the NFL with Del Rio at the helm and Ken Norton Jr. as our new defensive coordinator.

    One season will say a lot about whether we will come back in the next 3 years or whether we’ll continue to kick the can down the road.

    For certain it can be said that Del Rio has developed himself since Jacksonville without doing the John Fox trot of miring himself in mediocrity, going to high caliber organizations and losing the Biggest Game On Earth in the worst way, and then move to another storied franchise with a high priced head case quarterback just to do it again…. Del Rio has improved himself measureably as a pro coach—- that I can bank on.

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