Jerry Hughes is ready to prove he can thrive without rest of Bills’ line

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Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes has racked up 10 sacks in each of his two seasons in Buffalo; he had five in three total NFL seasons before that.

So with Hughes due to become a free agent and possibly planning to chase the dollars (and quarterbacks) elsewhere, I asked him to respond to those who think his performance the past two years was fueled by the presence of Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, and Marcel Dareus.

“Challenge accepted,” Hughes said on Friday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio.

For more from Hughes’ Friday visit to the show (including the differences between playing left and right defensive end), click the thing in the thing below.

30 responses to “Jerry Hughes is ready to prove he can thrive without rest of Bills’ line

  1. Not being a Bills fan, I don’t know much about Hughes, but what I DO know is that both times he played against the Patriots last season (especially the second meeting), he was all over Brady like white on rice. It seemed like Hughes was in the Pats backfield two seconds after the snap on every freakin offensive snap. Was it because of the other guys around him? I don’t know, but I do know that he was definitely a pain in Bradys ass.

  2. Let us not forget that Hughes was labeled a bust in Indy- he thrived with the Bills. Let him go. Anywhere he goes will bring him back to bust status. ANYONE can be inserted in his spot and will be just as good.

  3. I believe him. I love his ferocity and motor. Gets off the line so quick. Consistently beats his man one on one..

    The play he made against the Browns, where he beats Joe Thomas(who is called for holding) and Hughes still chases the RB, forces a fumble, recovers and runs it back for a TD defines him.

    Obviously the Bills can’t commit all their resources to the DL, especially with Dareus still to sign his big deal, but Hughes is definitely not a simple product of playing with 3 pro bowlers. The guy is legit.

  4. It will be very interesting to see how high buffalo goes with Hughes being a pure pass rusher. A lot of money is already invested in the line plus Dareus is set to become a free agent after next year. Honestly if it came down to them Dareus is the obvious choice.

  5. Great motor. Great work ethic. But money can be better spent elsewhere in buffalo. The other three are all pros and we can insert manny Lawson there as a worst case scenario.

  6. I saw his act for first three years–looked over matched and lost, for Three years! Maybe the snow helped him, or maybe he got help from the rest of the guys—Three Years!

  7. tolan04- as much as i enjoy u as the voice of reason,u gotta realize Kyle isn’t getting any younger and he had the achilles issues for over 2 years.Killed me when Cowart and Takeo Spikes suffered the same fate.They both said it had been bothering them for awhile.2 of my all-time favorites .Kyle is our #1 leader but u gott consider that and his age.

  8. This has the making of take the big payday and end up getting cut before the contract is over, I am a Bills fan and I watch every game, he is a nice player but if it comes down to throwing money at him or a REAL #1 corner I say get the corner, there will be plenty of guys you can throw in there to rush the QB and get some sacks with all the other talent on the line…

  9. So sick o the lack of respect Gilmore gets…he takes Away the #1 WR each Game..,and you think there’s some1 better out there to waste money on…not our oline QB, RB situation…don’t say Revis Cuz he ain’t going anywhere..I hate these Bills fans who take Gilmore for granted…now with what will be His best coach..I expect a ginormous leap…and he doesn’t have far to go…he is that good…stop watching his 3 bad plays a year and giving your opinion on that…Bills over 50 sacks and they didn’t blitz,..I wonder if coverage was good…nah couldn’t be…#boxscorebLoggers

  10. Stay or go. It really doesnt matter. This defense goes to an entire new level next year with the return of the People’s Champion – KIKO ALONSO

  11. Buffalo doesn’t really need anything on D, it’s tough to find any holes on that side of the ball. Now the offense, that’s a different story.

    QB, WR2, TE, and two O linemen would be nice.

  12. kgunchic says:
    Feb 13, 2015 6:36 PM
    Let us not forget that Hughes was labeled a bust in Indy- he thrived with the Bills. Let him go. Anywhere he goes will bring him back to bust status. ANYONE can be inserted in his spot and will be just as good


    Be careful what you wish for especially with that extreme hyperbole.

  13. Goodluck!!!! People gotta think more when chasing money. For a guy that struggled on another team he should be thinking more long term. He can still make money good money in Buffalo, keep playing at a high level with the talent around him and probably get another decent contract in years to come. If he leaves, there is a possibility of him being back in the same situation as Indy.

  14. “Come to Oakland. The near future is very bright.”

    A 20 watt bulb would be bright as compared to the past 10 years.

  15. Someone should ban joetoronto from posting anything regarding the Bills. He’s just a disgruntled Canadian who’s upset because they won’t be getting an NFL team.

  16. With the Oakland Raiders having the second most in cap space and DE being a position of need; I wouldn’t be surprised if they go hard after FA like J. Hughes or J.P.P.

  17. I think he’s gonna be this draft classes version of Jason Babin: he’ll go wherever the biggest paycheck is, and that’ll keep him from building a Hall of Fame legacy. Just look at how long it took Charles Haley to get in. For that matter, see also: Kevin Greene. He’s still waiting, and he’s third in career sacks.

  18. joetoronto says: Feb 14, 2015 5:24 AM

    It doesn’t matter, you’ll always be the Bills, perennial losers and winners of nothing.

    It really bothers you that Buffalo can support a NFL team while Toronto has shown that it can not, doesn’t it?
    Hughes likes it in Buffalo but business is business.

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