Peyton Manning expected to make his decision next week


Peyton Manning is expected to decide in the next week whether he will retire or return to the NFL.

According to a report from Chris Mortensen, who has long had good information from Manning and his camp, Manning is close to being ready to announce his return.

“I would be surprised if we don’t have some type of word next week some time,” Mortensen said on ESPN. “That’s when I would expect that we would have word, officially, that Peyton is going to play football.”

Mortensen added that “Manning has got his heart, his mind, his spirit and his body ready to play in 2015.” From all indications, Manning doesn’t want to walk away just yet.

So assuming Manning can pass a physical, it appears that he’s going to be the Broncos’ quarterback this season. Even if neither he nor the Broncos is ready to say so just yet.

69 responses to “Peyton Manning expected to make his decision next week

  1. Everybody knows that he’s coming back. He wants to break a couple more of Brett Farves records and he can do that in the regular season. He can break his one and dones record right after.

  2. Never going to eclipse Brady so just stop. Brady just won a Superbowl. You are not ever going to win another one unless eventually you are a back up on A Superbowl team.

  3. Peyton, for the third time in as many days, don’t come back. Brady is still in the league. Now, go back to New Orleans and send me a large, extra cheese and pepperoni. Thank you.

  4. As soon as you get to the word, “Mortensen”, the rest of the story is meaningless.

    Goodell makes $40m.
    Mortensen is still employed.

    Where do you sign up for all of these cool jobs with no accountability?

  5. To be honest, I am tired of, year after year, hearing about Manning and seeing him on his awful commercials. If he returns his team will go no where. Just go away.

  6. Hang it up dude. You are washed up and couldn’t win the big won when you were good anyway. Focus on what you are now good at, selling pizza and insurance.

  7. Manning will be sorry if he comes back.
    All last year did was to show, once and for all, that Brady stands head and shoulders, (that is really saying something in this particular case), above Peyton as the Greatest of all Time.
    Manning’s body just quit on him late last season. He is done.
    One more season like that and people won’t even think of him as one of the greats anymore.
    He couldn’t throw anything but 20mph ducks late in the season. It was kind of sad and pitiful, even though I don’t like him.

  8. No, carloswlassiter..
    MORTENSON is accurate about 95% of the time.

    What is it with you whiners who ALWAYS have something negative to say about every commentator or broadcaster?

  9. Give the man a break. If getting to the playoff is not cutting it, then most QB should be retiring. Even with his age, he is better than the average QB in the league. Maybe he loves football. How would it feel is someone is telling to retire? No one likes to be told what to do.

  10. Mortenson then added that 10 Patriots game balls were found to be a full two pounds under the league minimum.

  11. Not so sure the Broncos aren’t ready to move on. If I were In Manning’s position, I wouldn’t want to come back unless the OL and running game were upgraded.

  12. According to a report from Chris Mortensen, who has long had good information from Manning and his camp,


    So THAT was the source about the footballs. HMMMMM

  13. Is NBCSN going to have a one hour special for announcing his decision? Geez…this dragging it out drama is worse that Lebron James.
    He had four neck surgeries, so I guess his decision has more to do with the medical examiner than with being a diva, but read into that any other way you want

  14. Everybody knows that he’s coming back. He wants to break a couple more of Brett Farves records and he can do that in the regular season. He can break his one and dones record right after.
    Maybe he just wants to play football

  15. …sure Mort, he has the mind, spirit, heart and body to play but the question, as it always is with Megahead, …will he have an ownership that is willing to finance every high priced free agent into the fold in addition to a butter soft coaching staff that gives him free reign.

  16. Peyton had an off year and he still threw 39 TDs…easy on all the hate and over-reaction. I think Joe Montana’s best year was 32 TDs. He could play two more years easy. They just need to pace him from the beginning of the season. Run all year not just the second half of the season when he gets banged up.

    He makes the league more interesting.

  17. Brian Williams just confirmed that he will be playing for the Broncos next season…..”he” is in reference to himself as in Brian Williams, no word on Peyton’s decision.

  18. More regular season records to be had. As a Charger fan, I expect him back. It’s no longer about winning anything really, maybe another afc west…so what? No one really believes he will lead the donkeys to a SB win.

  19. Sitting here eating Pap Johns’s, reading this article while on the phone with Nationwide getting a quote on my car insurance. Very weird…..


    There is only one Record that Favre praying someone to break and the rest is meaningless….. and that is the Interception record….

    I hope Peyton comes back, it means Brady will have an easier task of returning to the SuperBowl.

  21. For those that do like Manning, it’s good news to get to watch him play again.
    For those that don’t like Manning….it would seem that you should ALSO want him to return. You enjoy his failures (real and perceived) and enjoy ripping on him, so….when he retires, you won’t have Manning to kick around any longer.
    Isn’t this sort of a “be careful what you wish for” scenario?

  22. Peyton hatres……we get it.
    You don’t think he’s as good as advertised. There are other examples, like Dan Marino and Brett Favre, who both had long fulfilling careers and one won SB between them. Peyton can be viewed in this category. He had a long successful career, set a lot of records, played in a lot of prime time games, etc.
    If he wants to keep playing, and Denver wants to start him at QB, what is the problem?

  23. Peyton, for the third time in as many days, don’t come back. Brady is still in the league. Now, go back to New Orleans and send me a large, extra cheese and pepperoni. Thank you
    So, let me get this straight. Manning shouldn’t come back because another QB is still playing??? Last time I check Manning and Brady are never and ill repeat never on the field together during a game.

  24. Didn’t we have this exact same title to an article a few weeks ago?

    Yea… I’ll wait till it actually happens, lol.

  25. Mortensen is Peyton’s mouth piece? That dude is a joke. Remember the line, “Ray Rice just pushed back and defended himself?” Also the other infamous line, “Al Davis is going to sell the team.” They both wound up being lies. I happen to remember Al Davis calling Chris Mortensen a professional liar.

  26. Can’t wait until Brady retires before he’s 50. Then all the NE trolls will be back into mommies basement. Oh, but he thinks he can play until 50 right? You think BB stays one day past TBs retirement announcement? You’re insane. Where will the NE trolls be then? Watching womens soccer like before.

  27. He wrote it in a message and threw it across the room to Elway… Elway will let us know what it says as soon as it gets there.

    I like Manning but I had to laugh.

  28. doggsaint says:
    Feb 13, 2015 4:12 PM
    As a Bills fan I hated it when Jim Kelly retired but I honestly believe it is time for Peyton Manning to retire.

    Kelly retired because he was sick of getting killed each week plus he had other business interests. No one here should be telling Manning what to do. The guy is better than 90% of the QB’s starting for other teams and can get the Broncos in the playoffs. As we all know, anything can (and usually does) happen there. Besides, who here would walk away from $20 mil? I just want to see him walk away unlike JK who was carted off in a daze.


  30. Expect a Broncos-Falcons Super Bowl 50 in California next year. The Falcons will have the easiest schedule in the NFL next year. New Falcons head coach Dan Quinn will make that defense like Seattle. NOONE will be able to steamroll the Falcons in the NFC Championship like the 49ers did in 2013. Manning may lose this one as well. But it’s Super Bowl or bust for the Broncos.

  31. Elway and the Broncos are not going to win the Super Bowl with Manning as their quarterback. Manning’s best days are behind him. Broncos should be grooming a successor to Manning but that is not going to happen as Manning demands all of the reps.

  32. I feel slightly sorry for Peyton. Looks like the majority of haters are moving on from the Patriots to Manning now. The man has had a tremendous career and has paid the price physically. If he is not what he once was (and he isn’t) he is still one of the top QB’s in this league. He brings a lot of talent and experience to the NFL and is still very capable of winning.

  33. I just realized why Peyton chokes in the playoffs year after year after year. His helmet is too tight which cause the blood flow to his extended forehead to be cut off, resulting in interceptions, and playing golf earlier and earlier each year! Omaha, Omaha.

  34. Denver wont be going to another playoff game for a long long time….Manning or no Manning the AFC West is going to be a 3 team race with Chargers KC and Raiders …depending on the draft and FA look out for the Raiders ..

  35. Manning has too big an ego to quit. He wants records. The only way he will stop is to be released or injured. I do fear that after watching him last year that a trip off the field on a streacher is a real possibility it he plays this year. The guy is not in good physical shape. Will be playing a lot of good defenses in 2015.

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