Ray Rice releases statement apologizing for “the horrible mistake I made”

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It’s been almost exactly a year since former Ravens running back Ray Rice was arrested after striking his fiancee in an Atlantic City elevator, leading to a disciplinary response from the NFL and Ravens criticized as too soft even before a video displaying exactly what happened came to light early in the 2014 season.

Rice was released by the team in the wake of that video’s release, but Rice sent no ill will their way in a statement he released on Friday morning. Rice thanked the Ravens and the city of Baltimore while apologizing for the incident that derailed his professional career.

“This is not a farewell or goodbye. The last seven years that my family and I have spent in Baltimore have by far been the best of our lives. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown my family and I throughout my football career. We’ll always be grateful for the love we’ve received from all of our fans and supporters, and for winning a Super Bowl. To all the kids who looked up to me, I’m truly sorry for letting you down, but I hope it’s helped you learn that one bad decision can turn your dream into a nightmare. There is no excuse for domestic violence, and I apologize for the horrible mistake I made. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and I hope to make a positive difference in people’s lives by raising awareness of this issue. Thank you, Baltimore Ravens, for all you have done for my family and I. I’m very grateful to Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, and everyone at 1 Winning Drive. I love you all very much, and I’ll always be proud to say I played for the Baltimore Ravens. Thank you.”

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that Rice continues working out in hopes of landing a chance with another team for the 2015 season, but has yet to meet with or work out for anyone.

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  1. It’s up to the team that signs him, what sort of characters you want on the team, particularly when you know before hand. When Hernandezs character was fully revealed his history was scrubbed from the Boston franchise…

  2. Hope he gets a 2nd chance to finish his NFL career. Not condoning what he did….but I will give him the benefit of the doubt he’s changed for the better. Teams that could use him as a change of pace RB…Buffalo..Atlanta…New Orleans….Raiders…Chargers….Jets….Dolphins…Jags…etc

  3. he did everything the right way before the incident. and he seems to have done everything he can since. just depends on if people will forgive him for the one incident.

  4. Ray Rice is not a bad person. The good he has done in the community outweighs that one moment. He deserves a second chance, though he probably won’t get one.

  5. I’d like to see the unedited draft, please. No way Rice know how to spell Baltimore, apologize, supporters, grateful etc. there would have been significantly more news value in releasing what he wrote with his own hand then what was manufactured (albeit, intentionally dumbed down) from his handlers

  6. Someone should give the guy a chance. Enough is enough. Massive mistake made, now the guy appears to be trying to get his life back together. Second chance time.

  7. I wonder what his attorney and PR consultant expenditures are looking like these days. They have to be approaching seven figures quickly.

  8. A mistake is when you forget something at home, that’s a mistake.

    Not punching out your woman and then dropping her face first on the floor.


  9. It’s probably time for the Ray Rice story to be over but it’s still annoying to hear him describe his beat down a mistake. A mistake is using the salt shaker when you meant to use pepper or turning left on Main Street instead of turning right. Punching and dragging your unconscious “loved one” isn’t a mistake unless you meant to have punched and dragged someone else.

  10. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance. But, because of the timing of this apology, the first thing that comes to my mind is that he needs a paycheck coming in and that’s the driving force behind his statement.

  11. Its been a year.
    The details are becoming foggy.
    He never was convicted right?
    It seems like countless players have been in trouble since.
    He didnt rape anyone at least.
    Hes sorry.
    Ye lets start cheering for him again.

  12. He should fire the minion that wrote this phony letter.

    “…done for my family and me” is correct English.

    “…done for my family and I” is not.

    At least get basic English composition correct if you want to release a statement.

  13. Hope he gets a second chance somewhere. Its interesting that no matter how much good you do in your life, the minute you make a HUGE error, it all goes out the window and people only focus on that mistake. Its not as if this guy was a complete scumbag and had a history of off field problems. In fact, he was the complete opposite. Again, hope he gets signed.

  14. I think we must accept his apology, otherwise he will punch us to next week. I think he is very sincere. I also think there are at least five teams lining up to give him a $20 million a year for ten years. With the love shown by the Ravens towards him, I wonder why this “Classy” organization will not step up and give him that mega-contract. LOL….

  15. He wrote: “Thank you, Baltimore Ravens, for all you have done for my family and I.”

    Yet another college graduate in the NFL who is on a 3rd grade level in English.

    It’s ….. “family and me”, not “family and I”, Ray!

    Now that he’s finally apologized, he has set himself up to be hired as a commentator on the NFL Channel or ESPN if his playing days are over.
    They love hiring bad guys who are former players, especially if they garble the English language.
    Keep the seat warm for Ndamukong Suh, Ray. They’ll want him too when his playing days are over.

  16. Keep trying to do what ever you think will get you back. Truth is your skills had diminished before you punched her out. That’s why you won’t be back.

  17. Find the timing interesting, the one year anniversary and RIchie Incognito gets signed. As Gibbs says, there are no coincidences.

  18. I see a trend in this country where people do something wrong then they go and become a “figure head” for why you don’t do that thing. They speak at seminars, sometimes even getting paid by corporations to speak, etc….somehow that makes me feel a little bit wrong about the whole thing? I don’t know.

  19. Not a Ravens fan, but I think this is a decent way to thank the city and move on. If he had just disappeared in the night I’m sure the media would have turned that around on him too.

  20. First off, I hate categorizing a purely intentional and 100% deliberate act as a “mistake” … as if one simply (and innocently) was trying to execute a benign task and gosh darn it, they tripped over their own shoelace in doing so.

    Simply translated if you ever hear that about a deliberate act or series of actions, it means someone is trying to manipulate you.

    This was none of that. Rice threw a sharp right cross right down the pipe that KO’d a woman. And his callous caveman-esque attitude showed no discernible trace of remorse as Rice tried to cover his tracks as he calmly advised security of the unconscious woman he dragged out of the elevator like a duffel bag full of laundry, “She’s just really drunk.”

    That guy didn’t know how badly that woman was hurt.

    But now, Rice implores us to believe that he’s “sincerely” apologizing for a “horrible ‘mistake’.” It’s the classic case of someone being sorry … for getting caught.

    Rice also has to navigate a precarious balance between attempting to feign contrition — while also going on the warpath (i.e., the offensive) against the Ravens and Goodell.

  21. How many of our wives would stay with us after taking that punch? How many of their fathers would have our backs after punching their daughter like that? I think there a lot people in his inner circle hoping he makes more money? He doesn’t get a team by the end of next year … these same people will clean him out in court.

    What team would put up with the distractions and all the picketing from women and domestic violence groups? Sorry Ray, you’re best days are behind you and ended with the video everyone has seen. You can definitely turn things around in your life but by that time you’ll be too old for your craft.

  22. All those blaming Janay Rice in any way for getting knocked unconscious are nothing short of scum bags. You do not get an excuse to punch a female in the face cause she said something to piss you off or insulted you. Ray Rice is paying the price for being such a tough guy that he can kick the crap out of his wife. That type of tough guy is a scum bag. There are tons of ways to even the score, without kicking the snot out of your spouse, leaving the relationship might be one. And that one hurts even more that a right hook.

  23. Whatever Mr. Rice.
    You have violated political correctness, and therefore are not deserving of another chance IMO.

    If you get another chance somehow, then Rush Limbaugh should get a second chance at ESPN.

  24. So how many times does this guy have to apologize before someone believes him, or does this just mean that no one believes any of the apologies that he made prior to this one?

    I can’t help but wonder how many other current (and former) players would have suffered the same fate if cameras had been on them at inopportune times.

  25. That call ain’t coming, Ray. You’re as toxic as toxic gets.

    Not to mention, what hasn’t been discussed much is the fact that his skills were eroding at a pretty rapid pace before he punched a girl in the face and dragged her out of an elevator like a sack of garbage.

    Adrian Peterson, while also vile, still looks like he could be the best running back in the NFL again if given the chance. There will be undrafted free agents I’d rather have than Ray Rice. He was pathetic in 2013 and he comes with unprecedented baggage.

  26. I saw this statement this morning as it was released. Several thoughts come to mind:

    1. While it’s nice, he owes no apology to us. He needs to apologize to his wife and family. And to his God if he is religious. What he did was despicable. But he does not owe “us” an apology, imho.

    2. I am a believer in 2nd chances. The “holier than thou” opinions on this site are dreadful. I would love to know the worst moment any of us “nobodies” and have it publicized. Nonetheless, people throw stones. Guess it makes them feel good to bring down a celeb.

    3. I hope in his work on this subject includes responsible use of alcohol. I can’t help but think that plays a huge part in his behavior that night. That is NOT making an excuse for him. Under no circumstances does that absolve him. But it does impair ones senses and sensibility.

    Ray probably just needs to go away quietly and live his life. Not sure I want to see him back in the NFL.

  27. Ray Rice deserves a second chance. What he did was wrong, but name one human being that hasn’t done something that others will feel is wrong or unethical. If he still has the skills to play then the man should be playing. One incident should not define who a person is and for those that like to throw stones, just remember that when you do something out of character, wrong, or unethical. I hope you hold yourself to the same standard you hold a stranger too.

  28. Sorry, Ray, I am finding it difficult to care.


    “I think he finally gets it…but I am still waiting for the Ravens to be punished for their attempt to hide the assault from the NFL.”

    That is going to be a long, long wait.

  29. Nothing like the scorn of public judgement. Do I condone his actions? No. But the almighty good in the world that is the message board community would like to see him lynched than to move on. I think it’s all time for us to move on. Any mishap, mistake, irrational action ever happen in one of your lives? Sure hope not.

  30. Nofoolnodrool says:
    Feb 13, 2015 9:36 AM
    I think he finally gets it…but I am still waiting for the Ravens to be punished for their attempt to hide the assault from the NFL.

    Nothing like let one’s rooting interest not only distort facts, but to create them.

  31. How about we keep this to football…his skills are greatly declined and I would rather have a kid out of college who might develop into something.

  32. “I think he finally gets it…but I am still waiting for the Ravens to be punished for their attempt to hide the assault from the NFL.”

    That is going to be a long, long wait.

    0 0
    Report comment

    Hopefully not as long as the Bungals first playoff win since 1990….right Percy?

  33. Why would he bring it all back into the forefront again with an unnecessary public apology? I can see him expressing regret in an interview but this seems like a dumb move to me? Are people not returning his calls or something?

  34. If only he would have said this from day one. He went from being a poster boy for team to a very big black eye. Hopefully he can get his stuff together.

    I just do not know if he has a future in the NFL. 2013 was such a bad year for him, I don’t know what he has left in the tank. Maybe a years rest will help him get a few more seasons in a platoon role.

  35. Who cares??!!

    You’ll still a jerk for punching a woman, punk.
    And I’m positive YOU have never made a terrible mistake in your life?

    We are always so eager to pass judgment when it doesn’t personally affect us or our family.

    People in glass houses…

  36. Good for him. Now everyone leave the man alone. He has paid hard consequences for what he did. A lot of which we cannot see. Let him be and move forward

  37. At least some good has come of this – the spot lighting of domestic violence. Hopefully it has deterred some similar abusers and empowered some victims.

    We have also seen the $40M man knocked down a few pegs. Good to see Goodell humbled.

    On the downside, we now have to put up with those horribly uncomfortable commercials.

    Anyway, I do hope Burrito gets a second chance. We all deserve that in life as nobody is perfect. Also, his presence in the lime light will do more for this cause than 1,000 of those stupid commercials.

  38. I wish him well in the next part of his life but I can never support him playing in the NFL again. The NFL has already made him a wealthy man and he received a free college education. The NFL doesn’t need little boys who abuse their wives in a public space.

  39. A mistake is when you mention to your wife that she’s gained a few pounds, not when you pound her senseless.

    His mistake was when he beat his wife on camera.

  40. I’m a father. If Ray Rice had done that to my daughter they’d probably still be looking for his body. Please keep garbage like this out of the NFL.

  41. Lets see if I have this. First it was he was treated unfaily and did not strike his now wife. Then it was him blaming the league for punishing him twice and his now wife berating the NFL. Then it was filing a suit and taking on the league for ‘improper handling of his situation’.

    Everybody was out to get him and everybody did something to him that was way beyond his striking his wife in an elevator -which he denied until the video came out.

    Goodall screwed up, the NFL screwed up, the police screwed up, everybody screwed up but him.

    Now that he understands the magnitude that no one wants an aged running back to begin with let alone someone with his pedigree, he is apologizing. Kind of late for that.

  42. @nofool

    Hiding you said…that means denying it happened. That is not true. Did they down play it? Yes. But that’s not hiding.

  43. First big mistake: Not hiring a P.R. person to shape your message.
    2nd big mistake: You wife telling everybody to bug off.
    You don’t do what the public expects of you, you get buried.

  44. The measure of character is what a person does when no one is watching. It’s pretty simple.

  45. Any honest man would realize he made a SERIOUS mistake the moment he hit her BUT the video evidence does not show that.

    No remorse after the punch – just drag her around.

  46. I like Ray. Impressed by what he did in the community for many years before this incident. Not impressed by the incident. It shouldn’t be the sole thing that defines him but unfortunately it will for longer than he can wait.

    It took two years for Marv Albert to come back as a basketball broadcaster after his sexual assault conviction. Rice doesn’t have two years to wait.

    The timing of this feels like a PR attempt to get some team to take a flier on him. I don’t blame him for trying.

  47. As if that was the only time he’s ever hit her. It was the only time he got caught on video doing it. I hope he never plays another down in the NFL.

    No I’m not perfect but I would never ever hit a woman.

  48. What Rice did was horrible, but why doesn’t he get a second chance? Are we all so perfect and without sin or misdeeds that we need to see someone pay for a mistake for the rest of their lives?

    He’s said and done all the right things, and NJ let him skate through the legal system with a minor slap on the wrist. So why does the NFL need more? Why does the public need more?

    Plus, what about all the guys who’ve been accused of crimes in the past? Roethlesberger has been accused of sexual assault two times, but he was never sanctioned by the NFL. Hell, Leonard Little killed a woman in a drunk driving accident and he was able to finish his NFL career.

    I think guys should always get a second chance – within reason. Plenty of others have in the past, and an opportunity for redemption is much more powerful and positive than endless holier-than-thou finger wagging.

  49. I agree on 2nd chances, especially for a guy that seems to have only made one mistake(albeit a heinous one). Before that and since, it seems he’s been a quality person. But, it’s also about winning FB games in the NFL. Not only would a team signing him have to weather the public relations hit, they’d be taking on a guy whose production fell off a cliff in 2013 and didn’t play in 2014. He’s at the age where RBs fall off. The risk reward is more than signing a guy like APeterson, if he ends up being out there. Prettysure bet he’ll produce. I think Rice is gonna have trouble finding work. Maybe someone takes a flyer on a 1 year ‘prove it’ deal on the veteran minimum.

  50. @dpdonny

    1 Winning Drive

    Really? LOL.

    You people amaze me. Really?! Back at you!

    What should any team, if given the chance when they build their complex, name the street and address?

    As much as I don’t like the Steelers, if their corporate offices are on Championship Way, can I blame them? They earned that. I swear people will pick on anything. Many corporations have street names in conjunction with their products, image, marketing, etc. Are you just discovering this?

  51. NFL is giving him a second chance. His suspension is over he is free to sign with any team. Oh, wait, he’s not good anymore. That’s his biggest problem.

  52. @afwhigs…No, you hit a woman…not to mention your fiance/wife…you are done. This is a character flaw that cannot be repaired. No second chances here. This has nothing to do with holier than thou. Yes, we all make “mistakes.” This was not a mistake.

  53. An alcohol fueled argument gets violent. That’s the first time I ever heard of that happening!
    Didn’t a football player who’s name I do not remember run over a pedestrian and kill him a few years ago? It happened at 5 am in Miami area. I believe he played the following week without missing a game.
    Wasn’t an all star linebacker accused of being an accomplice in a shooting and murder? And now he is a commentator. And on and on….
    I believe we are a forgiving nation and when people are truly sorry we usually give them a second chance.
    Ray has made every attempt at changing things going forward. Let’s give him a chance.

  54. Truth is that this is between he and his wife. He owes no one an apology other than his wife. As for a second chance? I that should be up to each employer to decide what they want to do, no the league. If a team wants to give him a second chance, then that’s up to them.

    Personally, I think what Vick did was worse and if anyone shouldn’t have been given a second chance, it was him. And he never really apologized for it (although apologies are way over blown). I sure wish I could have been a lineman against him. He would have played his last game.

  55. Too little too late! This apology should have been released immediately after he was arrested. This inadequate issue resolution is reflective of the entire Ravens organization & the NFL League office arrogance. Doing only what is absolutely necessary to maintain a perception of respectability when in fact, being completely void of it!

  56. @dpdonny

    1 Winning Drive

    Really? LOL.

    You people amaze me. Really?! Back at you!

    What should any team, if given the chance when they build their complex, name the street and address?

    As much as I don’t like the Steelers, if their corporate offices are on Championship Way, can I blame them? They earned that. I swear people will pick on anything. Many corporations have street names in conjunction with their products, image, marketing, etc. Are you just discovering this?

    For real:

    Pittsburgh Steelers
    100 Art Rooney Avenue
    Pittsburgh PA 15212-5721

  57. So tired of hearing how “what Vick did was worse.” Please! We are talking about DOGS!!!!! This obsession with pets/animals in this country is crazy! How can you even begin to discuss the two in the same argument. RAY RICE BEAT HIS WIFE!!!

  58. Actually, he beat his then girlfriend. At least the woman can walk away. The dogs had no choice. And it was not a “one time deal.” He tortured, maimed and killed hundreds, if not thousands of defenseless dogs. So, yeah, that’s his idea of a good time and that’s just plain sick, mean and disgusting.

  59. Actually, @witchrunner…she couldn’t walk away. He knocked her out and dragged her out of the elevator. No question that Michael Vick is a disgusting sorry excuse for a man. BUT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT DOGS!!!! Not even in the same zip code of what Rice did.

  60. All this couldn’t have come at a worse time for him. He was already in a decline before it happen and now he’s a woman beater. He doesn’t have much goin for him right now.

  61. I’m amazed at all the suckers who believe that these recent ray rice letters to the public were written by ray rice.

    It’s obvious that they were all written by his lawyer/agent/pr team.

  62. It’s over. I don’t know why he would even waste his time. There’s at least a hundred college running backs and free agents in the league better than him. He’s toxic. Everybody’s seen the video. I hope he saved some of his millions. He buttered his roll, now it’s time to eat it.

  63. Most people know what it’s like to make a mistake. Then there’s the people who don’t make mistakes and don’t forgive. I’m against hitting women, but I can see in a bad situation along with alcohol how you can slip up. I know from experience and quit drinking because of it. Do your thing Ray and learn from your mistake.

    Go Hawks

  64. Sorry we had to trash your career, Ray, to try and oust a bad NFL commissioner. It’s a shame we have to water down the league talent, but if we don’t succeed there ain’t gonna be no league. We’ll do it again as long as long as Goodell remains.

  65. I hate when ppl say never hit a woman! My friend was sleep and got a hot pan of bacon grease thrown on him because she looked thru his iPhone!! man,i would have rolled up my sleeves and gone 2 town on her jaw.

  66. But with that beeen
    said,i hope he never plays another down in the NFL.Janay will leave him and try and right a tell all book tryn 2 get money on her own

  67. Linebacker A.J. Johnson has just been removed from the 2015 Combine due to a rape indictment.

    Ravens should grab him now that he is a free agent.

    Ravens like this kind of player – Tough guy, doesn’t take no for an answer, likes to commit assault.

    Welcome to the N.F.L. – National Felon League

  68. I never said what he did wasn’t very bad. But, it obviously wasn’t bad enough for her to stay away from him. In fact, she married him!

  69. Mistake? You people are fools. A mistake is missing an exit on the highway or forgetting your wife’s birthday. Beating a woman in public is horrific. Ravens players must not do much charity work because that’s all their fans point towards and honestly its irrelevant. He does NOT deserve a second chance, his second chance was not going to prison.

  70. Mistake? You people are fools. A mistake is missing an exit on the highway or forgetting your wife’s birthday. Beating a woman in public is horrific. Ravens players must not do much charity work because that’s all their fans point towards and honestly its irrelevant. He does NOT deserve a second chance, his second chance was not going to prison.

  71. He did something wrong. He’s apologized and been punished for it. It’s been a year and I don’t remember seeing another instance of that behavior. Reinstate him and let his employer, or another franchise, decide if they want to take a chance on him. I hope they do.

  72. To all the hate-filled, unforgiving, “perfectly sinless” posters in here… GET A LIFE!

    Jealousy is an UGLY thing. The man (AND woman) made mistakes and BOTH of them have apologized to each other and the public. Why is it that when we see anyone that is more successful than we are, our natural inclination is to tear them down? Ray Rice has money and success but that does not elevate him to a pedestle above being an average, sin-filled human being that makes mistakes deserving of FORGIVENESS. How about try mending your OWN troubled lives and let God worry about the Rices. Maybe if you focus on your own success and wealth, you will have less time on your hands trying to wish harm and ill will to others.

  73. @whitetrash69 says:Feb 13, 2015 5:18 PM

    “[…] He does NOT deserve a second chance, his second chance was not going to prison.”

    Thank you whitetrash69. Say “hi” to Jesus for us mere mortals. I am sure your name being omitted out of the part about ‘Jesus sitting to the right of our Father in Heaven’ was clearly a typo or misprint.

    Continue judging others and see how far that gets you.

  74. ravemsrule47
    You do realize that by you making that statement you are being a hypocrite by judging me? Also, I didn’t say anything bad about him other than he was lucky not to be imprisoned. He should be grateful for that. Also, you assuming everyone is Christian and quoting the bible makes you seem like you think you are morally superior, you should worry about defending righteous people/ causes not handing out life lessons to all us “sinners”.

  75. so he
    a- committed spousal abuse
    b- lied about it
    c- got his wife to lie about it
    d- got his wife to put up a front to the world so he could try to get paid by an NFL team again
    e- got a huge PR firm to write this apology / appeal to get paid millions again when all those lies didn’t result in a paycheck

    wow, just wow… what a classy couple… especially her… she lied like a rug to get his paychecks coming again

  76. The Man in the Sand
    There was a Man in the sand all by himself when all of a sudden a mob came rushing in.
    They had caught a woman cheating and wanted her to pay for her sin, so they asked ‘The Man in the sand’ if He would chyme in.
    The Man in the sand said:
    ” I know you caught her cheat’n, right in the very act, no doubt she also was looking for some crack. But this I will ask you before you throw that stone, Which ever of you have never lusted for another or been with a Ho, go ahead – break her bones.”
    One by one they dropped them stones – not one ever touched her bones, and then she and the Man in the sand were all alone!
    He looked at her and said:
    This is your hour to rise above the past – I see no sin so don’t leave this to chance! Get yourself right and walk away from the night, for if you return to that sin of the past – no doubt you will Burn Fast & Last.

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