Winston or Mariota? You decide, for now

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As the Scouting Combine approaches, the biggest question hovering over the 2015 draft continues to be which of the top two quarterbacks will be taken first — Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston.

So as we wait for the Buccaneers (or someone else) to choose between 2013 and 2014 Heisman winners, we’ll ask you to make a selection.

Pick one below.  Then elaborate, if you want, in the comments.  Then tune in to NBCSN to see the results on Pro Football Talk.

81 responses to “Winston or Mariota? You decide, for now

  1. Neither.

    Both Quarterbacks won’t succeed at the next level for various reasons.

    But one thing is certain.

    They will watch Teddy Bridgewater win a Super Bowl next year.

  2. Anyone who drafts a known rapist, thief, -blank- her in the -blank- like Winston in the first round deserves to be bad the next 5 years as they will most certainly be for choosing him.

  3. Marcus Mariota is yet another another generic one read spread system offense piece of trash. Oregon’s finesse offense that is literally predicated on racing your opponents to the line of scrimmage before each snap is pathetic, soft, and a disgrace to the sport of football.

  4. I hate to say it, but it will be Winston. It’s sad God gave someone like him athletic ability. And just to add, I said McCown would be a bust from day one and I was right.

  5. Must be a lot of delusional people voting over and over again in the poll. This isn’t even a serious question. One read QBs don’t succeed in the NFL unless they’re big and strong enough to withstand the extra hits they’re going to take because they don’t process the information as quickly as someone raised in a traditional pro offense does (Roethlisberger, the late Steve McNair early in his career, McNabb, Newton). Mariota doesn’t share that body type but rather looks more like the one read busts like Tim Couch, Akili Smith, and Manziel physically. Winston’s going to be a sensation in the league, so you people who hate him might want to turn away for 10 or 15 years, lol.

  6. Josh Gordon.

    Just the most recent example of a supremely talented football player who (again) isn’t being allowed to play football because he keeps making the wrong choices.

    Will Winston suddenly grow up for his rookie season? History says “no”.

    If I had to choose between the two, I wouldn’t take the risk. If Mariota was already off the board, I still wouldn’t take the risk.

  7. teedraper says:
    Feb 13, 2015 5:43 PM
    It’s Winston & it’s not even close.

    Mariota is RG3 part 2 & Winston is Andrew Luck
    Winston is Ted Bundy!

  8. Anyone that doesn’t pick Winston, doesn’t know anything about the NFL. Winston is the NFL ready QB. Winston can step on the field day one and help. Mariota is years away from starting. Lovie will get Jameis in line.

  9. Winston is nothing more than a newer version of Jamarcus Russel and Vince Young, but with more off-field baggage, right? Why would any team take such a guaranteed bust in the first round?

  10. The League is getting more and more stringent on Players personal conduct. For this reason, there will be many teams looking the other way on Winston. Of course, there are those teams that will think they can change him but the reality is that he will only become his own worst enemy.

    PS. It doesn’t help he can’t string two sentences together!

  11. cantonbound13 says: Feb 13, 2015 5:34 PM

    It could potentially be Manning/Leaf pt 2.

    Put down the pipe.

    Neither of these two are anywhere near Manning although Winston may be Leaf.

    If Manzel has taught us anything it is to avoid the head case at QB. QB at the NFL level requires maturity because it requires study and hard work, not just talent.

    This is why Russell Wilson is the best QB in the history of the NFL through 3 years.

  12. I’ve watched them both play and neither is ever going to be elite in the NFL. They will both make it in the NFL because what choice does the NFL have? The NCAA is putting out quarterbacks that can’t throw the ball effectively. In 10 years, quarterbacks will be a thing of the past. Teams will be drafting anyone who can throw the ball 30 – 40 yards and can run. Not any coincidence, that is about the same time the NFL will be experiencing NASCAR type ratings.

  13. All the physical talent in the world, but at the end of the day Winston is Jamarcus Russell v2.0.

  14. irishddddd says:
    Feb 13, 2015 5:35 PM
    Jameis Winston = Johnny Football
    Let’s not get absurd with the Manziel comparison. Winston is the NFL QB, Mariota was a great college QB, but may make a better WR in the NFL.

    He’s Kap, with a weaker, less accurate arm.

  15. Winston is coming off of a season in which he saw a big drop off in numbers from his Heisman winning season in 2013.

    I personally would take Mariota. Seems a lot more grounded and mature than Winston.

  16. we saw them play eachother in the Rose Bowl. One playaed well in a big game and the other one choked hard.

  17. For all of you bashing on Winston and his off-field issues… I wonder if there is anything you’d like to take back from when you were 19-20 years old. Look in the mirror before lashing out.

    Winston is an NFL ready QB right now.

    Mariotta has a great head and work ethic, so he could do well if he’s given time with a clipboard. But, in today’s NFL, QB’s are expected to play right away… the days of sitting a 1st round pick are nearly gone.

  18. Also, people stop calling Russell Wilson a one read QB. You sound stupid and don’t know anything about football. Just because Seattle realizes that they can use it effectively doesn’t mean he came from that system as he ran a pro style offense under Tom O’Brien and was recruited by Chuck Amato at NC State to play in the same pro set offense that produced Phillip Rivers before him. NC State didn’t go one read, spread option until the last couple of years with their new coach.

  19. fishfiletkray says:

    All the Winstin haters are going to look like fools this time next year.

    Kind of like how he looked walking out of the store with unpaid crab legs.

  20. Far too many character issues with Winston. Immature, lacks good judgment, carries “scandal” where ever he goes. I know the FSU fan boys don’t like hearing that but it is true. His bowl game appearance was a disaster as well.

  21. Mariota won??????????????

    Are these people this obsessed with character????????

    Winston is not a slacker … unlike “Johnny Rehab.”

    Former Spread QBs with no pro-style offenses in the NFL:

    Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, Derek Carr, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, Geno Smith, and Johnny Manziel.

    Could the list get worse?

    At least Cam Newton had under center throws and some pro concepts at Auburn and Joe Flacco played under a pro style offense at Pitt before transferring to Delaware.

    Mariota will at best be a one hit wonder and then fade away because he’s bred to throw with anticipation and find subsequent reads.

    Philadelphia would be stupid to throw away this and future drafts for him. Chip Kelly’s system only works against crappy defenses.

    Kelly couldn’t even beat Harbaugh and Vic Fangio when they were at Stanford. How can he beat an elite defense in the NFL then?

    Plus, you want the guy who chose Josh Huff and Taylor Hart in the 3rd and 5th rounds when the Birds needed safety, guard, and WR help to run your draft?

    Mariota will only be good if Chan Gailey or Chip Kelly coaches him, but they’re not playoff game winning minds the last time I checked.

  22. thepftpoet says:
    Feb 13, 2015 5:29 PM

    Both Quarterbacks won’t succeed at the next level for various reasons.

    But one thing is certain.

    They will watch Teddy Bridgewater win a Super Bowl next year.

    8 53
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    …. It’s so funny because last year I saw all ur comments and ur team sucked almost bad as my bucs… I never saw a post from u thought the whole season.. Every time the off season starts u come out the woods works with all this Minnesota gonna the SB next year.. Whatever meds or drugs ur on can I get some 2 that way I be can be 2 high and claim the bucs will win the SB every year

  23. Vikings have a bona fide QB? Really? What does that have to do with this story? Absolutely nothing. And what makes him ‘bona fide’? He hasn’t done a damn thing. When he has a couple of MVP’s and a Super Bowl ring then he will be worthy of all the praise you Heidi fans bestow upon him.

  24. “I want everyone to remember that comment thepftpoet just made and remember iron about 11 months or so”

    basic gambling odds tell you hes about 98% likely to be wrong if not higher. Let him have his glory. His team finally has a quarterback.

  25. I don’t care if he team finally has a QB.. I actually like teddy but to say he will win a SB in his 2nd year possibly with out AP.. I highly doubt it

  26. I wouldn’t take either one in the first round, but if I had to pick one later, it would be Mariota, because his upside seems greater. Yes, Winston is more NFL-ready, but his personality is a problem, and I really don’t like his mechanics. Everything that makes him look so sharp in college will need to be much sharper and quicker in the NFL.

  27. Absolutely no question Winston is the better NFL prospect from what he’s done on the football field. You can question him off the field, but it’s not even close based on their play. The results of this pole are shocking.

    No doubt in my mind the Bucs take Winston. They will talk up the debate only to gauge interest in the pick, but in the end of the day I can’t imagine a scenario Mariota goes ahead of Winston unless he does something else stupid before the draft.

  28. I fear this, Mariota in my mind is a better version of RG3, but less tough, however more football smart…The one negative on Marcus is the system he played in doesnt translate well and he is not a natural thrower in terms of intuitively knowing when are where to throw with anticipation, everything is too fast. He needs more Joe Flacco. Jamesis has a bit of Flacco in him…

  29. Neither look like a sure thing.

    Mariota definately needs a team/coaching staff that needs to be willing to bench him the first season and teach him how to be a pro quarterback…how read a defense…how take a snap from under center….how go through his reciever progressions; just to name a few. Without some serious coaching and teaching he will flounder. He’ll develop bad habits that could cost him not only money, but the chance to win at the highest level. An impatient coach and organization could be his downfall.

    Winston looks like different version of Manzel. He has the skills teams look for or that they think can be developed, but is a mature enough or smart enough to do it? Will he stay out of trouble long enough to get his act together? In reality he should probably be in jail or on trial for rape and if he already believes he doesn’t need to be held accountable for his actions (a by-product of having the world handed to him on a platter because he can throw a football) he will get frustrated quickly and blame everyone around him for his own failings and shortcomings.

    Based on characater alone I’d take Maraota before Winston and take it slow.

  30. Neither in the first round. Winston’s character issues give me pause, although he has great POTENTIAL (but we’ve seen numerous pros in various sports never reach their potential.) Marietta has to learn to take the ball from under center and he really needs to learn to read defenses. In college, he rarely ever had to go the second read. I wouldn’t take either of them before the 5th round.

  31. Mariota over Winston. Winstons’ sketchy character issues make him kryptonite in the first round. I’d reconsider if he where still around in the fourth or fifth…

  32. Ran into Winston at the W in Scottsdale for Superbowl event. Ya, I would definitely take a pass based upon my interactions.

  33. What a joke! Let’s do a poll–I wonder who’s gonna win, the player ESPN has spent two years vilifying or the most vanilla man in america.

    Let’s get real–if it’s about football, Winston wins in a landslide.

  34. This is why Russell Wilson is the best QB in the history of the NFL through 3 years.

    That team around him has a little bit to do with it.

    His first 3 years may end up being his best years.

    Teams that solid don’t come along very often.

  35. I wouldn’t draft Winston if there was an 8th round: he’s unmanageable and unpredictable- and at the QB position in the NFL, you have to have a leader with his head screwed on straight. The team that chooses him will be more worse off with him than without him–and that’s with the knowledge that he physically projects well.

  36. Mariota obviously the better human being. Winston has the better upside talent wise.

    In Tampa with the nice weather I would go with the Mariota. He’s a good guy, smart, and it’s not like he is going to have to throw in strong wind or cold weather there.

  37. Winston is the better prospect and more NFL ready IMO.

    If I was forced to pick one of the two it would have to be Mariota. Mariota has upside and will develop, and will be AVAILABLE to play when he is ready.

    Winston is the classic high risk high reward pick.

    If Jamarcus Russell and Johnny Manziel had a son youd have Jameis Winston. No thanks

  38. since you will never hear from them again playing in a Lovie Smith offense I hope they take winston. I hope Mariota gets the chance to play for a coach who understands offense is part of the game and will structure one around him that fits his skills. that will never happen if he is drafted by by lovie and the bucs. no matter how much you hate Cutler you have to admit he went from one of the best young qb’s in Denver playing in a offense that fit his skills, to being forced into being strictly a drop back passer no matter who he hired to run the offense. it’s like they watched the tape of what he did well in Denver and said that’s nice but we don’t do that here. all they had to do to get the most out of him was let him roll out but except for 3 games they refused.

  39. Mariota vs. Winston in the Rosebowl: Mariota, MVP. Winston is an INT machine. Mariota threw far fewer INTs over the course of his 3-year career at Oregon, cumulatively, than Winston threw this past 2014 collegiate season lol

  40. As much as i cant stand winston hes the way safer pick performance wise….you can start him from day 1 … hes been in a pro style offense for 2 years and has been incredibaly succeful out of it…he can definatley come in and game manage from the start and win you football games….mariota on the other hand has a much higher ceiling and a much higher football iq … but history has shown that these pure spread offense quarterbacks are gona struggle mighteley coming into the nfl…and its gona take a great qb coach to devolop this guy and put him in a system that hes comfortable with to have some early success…or else hes gona get. His confidence crushed way to early like allot of other succesful quarterbacks that come into this league…but i really do think mariota will have a great pro career…the guy just exudes confidense

  41. I think MM reminds me of Dennis Dixon or that QB who came right before tannehill at a&m (Jared something I think). He’s better than kaeperknucklehead tho.

    Winston is more like Big Ben with Jamarcus Russell’s head. I’m amazed people are hyping Winston because this year he looked pathetic. I’d pass on both if I were drafting at the top.

  42. Mariota will at least be a back up. Winston will wash out because he won’t control himself. The single digit wunderlich rumors will start soon.

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