Cowboys decline option on Henry Melton

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Cowboys defensive tackle Henry Melton will become a free agent in March.

Melton’s agent, Jordan Woy, confirmed today that Melton will become a free agent.

As noted by the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys had until tomorrow to decide whether they would exercise the three-year option on Melton’s contract. Considering that exercising the option would have guaranteed Melton a $9 million salary in 2015, it’s no surprise that the Cowboys have declined the option.

Melton was a Pro Bowler for the Bears in 2012, and the Bears put the franchise tag on him to keep him from free agency in 2013. While playing on the franchise tag, Melton suffered a torn ACL during the 2013 season. After 2013 the Bears let him walk, and the Cowboys signed Melton in 2014.

Although Melton played well at times last year, recording five sacks, he hasn’t returned all the way to his previous Pro Bowl form. He’ll have to hope some team still thinks he has a Pro Bowl season left in him.

26 responses to “Cowboys decline option on Henry Melton

  1. Always the year after the injury that they play back to their normal level. Someone should take a flyer on him as he is a very good 3 technique when healthy.

  2. Melt can play, and his play will return to form now that his knee should be sound. He will sign elsewhere and someone will get a quality player — assuredly at a notable discount below $9,000,000.00/season.

  3. He took less because he wanted to go to the Cowboys as he had better offers elsewhere. That’ll team him (and hopefully Dez).

  4. We will see what type of offers he gets out on the open market. Some team will ultimately likely overpay for him, but it won’t be the Cowboys.

    I would like to see Melton back, but it will have to be at a reasonable rate. Give him incentives to make more money – you earn the pay with your play.

    Dallas would be prudent to attempt to bring him back, but it has to make sense for both sides, and the option at 9 million for 2015 certainly doesn’t work. He can be a solid DT, and he has the skills needed to be effective.

    Keep working the good deals, Stephen.

  5. He’d look good in a Seahawks uniform. Catch a flight to Seattle, Henry, and check it out.

  6. I hope the Seahawks take him but they are too smart. Forget it
    Cowboy fans. Melton is not the player he was for one or two years.
    His practice habits are not good and his play is way up and down.
    The Cowboy front office is getting smarter. Their player eval for players off the street or free agency has been much better. All clubs
    make mistakes but as long as they are not long term it doesn’t hurt as much. Jerry deserves congrats for listening to his scouts and coaches.

  7. I love how the difference between landing a decent FA contract with a new team and then being dumped by said team is 2 sacks. 7 sacks in 2012? Welcome aboard! Only 5 in 2014? Good riddance!

  8. A pretty clear indication the Cowboys will make a run at Nick Fairley, who could easily be signed for $4-6 mil/year, maybe more, including incentives.

  9. maverick2560 says:
    Feb 14, 2015 2:39 PM
    I hope the Seahawks take him but they are too smart.

    yeah seahawks are so smart!! nice call at the end of the SB…

  10. Not much market these days for 275-lb 3 techs coming off a leg injury and whose only fit is in the obsolete Tampa 2 scheme. I hope he banked the tag money he didnt earn from the Bears cause his big-paycheck days are over.

  11. Say what you want but in my madden franchise I extended his contract because he was an MVP netting 43 sacks on the year. And he was hurt for 6 games. Bam!!

  12. @bassplucker I agree 100% I met him outside Hilton Chicago (Bears team hotel) Sat before Game 1 2013. He is a tool. Wasn’t even remotely pleasant to any of the 10 or 15 fans standing there. In contrast, most of the guys were great. He stole the 8 plus mil from CHI.

  13. He’s a pretty darn good player and when healthy is a force in there. Some team is gonna get a good player for a not-too-bad price.

  14. He turned down an opportunity is Seattle last year…Seattle may offer him a shot with a modest one year…Seattle also may have a shot at Jared Allen who many think the bears will cut…he also turned Seattle down last year…Then again…Seattle may just ride the draft at DT…Marsh and Mebane are back off IR as well.

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