Jameis Winston’s QB tutor says he’s not fat, photo aside

A picture of former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston surfaced on Twitter today and immediately led to speculation that Winston is fat and out of shape. But Winston’s private quarterback tutor says that’s not the case.

George Whitfield, who’s guiding Winston through offseason workouts in preparation for the Scouting Combine, told Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead that the picture only makes Winston look fat because he has a tether tied tight around his waist. Call it a reverse corset.

“The photo of Jameis was taken in early-mid January,” Whitfield said. “If people are saying he looks out of shape – well, did they notice he had the leash tight around his waist? That may have had something to do with it.”

The photo may very well be deceiving, although it’s still hard to look at that picture and come away with the conclusion that Winston is in tip-top shape. Still, Whitfield (who has posted more flattering photos of Winston’s training on Instagram) points out that NFL teams will get a very close look at Winston soon enough.

“Jameis is in shape and doing great,” Whitfield said. “Anyone saying he’s out of shape, they can check him out at the Combine this week.”

And that’s the most important point. The Winston photo was good for some Twitter talk during the slow part of the early offseason, but NFL teams don’t need to look at pictures on Twitter. They’ll see exactly what kind of shape Winston is at the Combine.

158 responses to “Jameis Winston’s QB tutor says he’s not fat, photo aside

  1. “You’ll get around 130 calories from one king crab leg that weighs 134 grams, or about 5 ounces. Nearly 80 percent of the calories, or 105 calories, are from protein. King crab legs do not contain carbohydrates, so the remaining 20 percent of calories, or about 25 calories, are from fat.”

  2. I still see zero definition on the rest of his frame.
    However, let’s not act like skinny fat slobs like the Mannings, Cutler, and Stafford are in shape.

  3. He’s gonna be another mediocre 1st round hype job. Played on the best team in a mediocre conference, had a better team around him. Has sloppy mechanics, turnover issues in his second year. Character concerns are huge for him. FSU protected him both off and on the field.

    No Jimbo fisher QB has done much of anything in the NFL. But Jameis is black so omgzzzz so much athleticism and upside.

    The NFL Draft has becoming nothing more than a racial stereotyping charade.

  4. Yeah, okay. My sister used to ask, “Does this dress make me look fat? Be honest?”

    Answer: “Naw Sis. The dress is fine. Fat makes you look fat.”

    I’ll say this about the picture. A washboard stomach doesn’t make for a QB rating. And with Winston, a little chub isn’t what I worry about anyway.

  5. Body weight is the last thing to worry about in drafting this bust. And this comes from a guy who’s team drafted Johnny Rehab Football.

  6. No he is not fat. The sky isn’t blue and the earth isnt round. Why would he take a picture with his shirt off with him being that out of shape. He will be JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf all rolled int one.

  7. Montana was the greatest of all time until Tom Brady ascended to that stature. It’s not 1980 anymore son. TB 12 is the Greatest of All Time and he’s not done winning Superbowls. Haters gonna hate.

  8. Montana never lost a Super Bowl and was never caught cheating. He is the greatest of all time
    However his number one receiver just admitted to using sticky on his gloves (cheating). Oh and giving Montana credit for losing earlier in the playoffs and not making it to as many superbowls is a ridiculous argument. I would rather be in 6 and lose two than to only goto 4. Montana has less playoff wins, less touchdowns, less total wins, etc… the only thing he has more of is Papa Johns commercials and all pro players around him.

  9. Maybe he thinks being fit all over is unnecessary because it hasn’t slowed him down yet. But wait till he gets into the pros. He may learn that it’s easier to recover from week to week if he’s stays in better shape.

    A big picture view of him and his belly suggests to me that he’s just lazy and that as an NFL QB, he will have a hard time becoming elite–if ever.

  10. They also said L. Bell was too fat and didn’t have good hands..His body fat isn’t the problem. Its the fat on his brain that make him a bust. But, then again Tebow was in amazing shape but couldn’t throw a frisbee

  11. He’s going to be pounded by opposing NFL linemen, safeties, and linebackers next year, so having a little fat around the middle to cushion the blow may not be a bad thing.

  12. Winston is a taller Johnny Manziel, if at no other position in professional sports, intangibles matter at QB and he has none.

  13. The only way he has a chance is if he falls and goes to a good team. A team with a great defense and great o-line, where he is not asked to carry the team. Like the sitution Russell Wilson or Kaepernick ended up in.

  14. It is more like, for 75 cents a day you can feed jameis winston. From the socks to the harness to the distended stomach that may be the weirdest picture that I have ever seen.

  15. I see Daunte Culpeper when I look at this kid and that’s absolute best case scenario. Except Daunte had his personal act a lot nore together coming in than Jameis so even that isn’t very likely.

  16. He might not make it as an NFL qb, but if were to add just a little more lard to his diet, he’d have a good chance of becoming a head coach.

  17. therealtruth210 says:
    Feb 14, 2015 5:01 PM
    Montana never lost a Super Bowl and was never caught cheating. He is the greatest of all time


    Give Welker some stickem and neither would Brady…

    see what I did there?

  18. Jameis Winston’s entire camp should be saying “Let’s go with the shirt on for all our workouts JW”

  19. JaMarcus. Errrrrrr I mean Jameis should stay on the crab leg diet, just needs to stay away from the butter. DAMN

  20. I don’t care what he is….what he isn’t is on my team if im drafting….am not a big fan of this guys QB’s skills in the least…and how he handled adversity in the Oregon game was telling….3rd round maybe but I aint waisting my 1st two picks on this guy….almost every team has to many needs to do so and I seriously doubt he is a franchise QB…..

  21. greatestteamofalltime says:

    Montana was the greatest of all time until Tom Brady ascended to that stature. It’s not 1980 anymore son.

    Yeah, it’s not 1980. It’s the Brady Rule era.

  22. After the Manziel debacle, I still can’t picture a team risking a high draft pick on a guy with questionable character and work ethic.

    Ryan Leaf had a better arm than Peyton Manning, and look how that turned out.

  23. Being a Hercules look alike doesn’t mean you can play QB in the NFL. Accuracy and decision making are way more important. That being said, Winston doesn’t have any of this

  24. He’s fat…. Even the instagram photo shows him as being fat..

    No muscle definition
    No traps
    No lats
    No Abs

    He’s a fatty…

  25. Funny how starved the NFL is for quarterbacks. Guys like Winston and Mariotta have fans and teams drooling over them.

  26. Tom Brady looked like a human chicken wing at his combine.

    Forget his waist — what you really need to measure are his heart and mind…

  27. It’s not his athletic ability or his size that should be in question…it’s his maturity and decision making skills that are clearly lacking. He can obviously physically play the game.

  28. For his age and being a top athlete— The way that gut is rounded and big all the way to the rib cage tells me he is a serious beer drinker. Take note, Bucs.

  29. The Patriots championships are all tainted. Spy gate, tuck rule, de-flate gate, illegal communications signals, and a Beli cheat ways of always pushing the envelope means rings have asterisks. NFL has truly damaged its brand for allowing this team to get away with these shenanigans.

  30. Let’s start the predictable, “he’s black, so he’s lazy” playbook edition. It goes hand in hand with the “he’s black, so he’s dumb” playbook. Just ask Robert Griffin who’s now being called dumb despite graduating in 3 years with 2 degrees, lol. Now, 6′ 4″ and 240 is fat. Big diffrence between that and what Jamarcus Russell (oh yeah, comparing 2 black QBs that couldn’t be more different isn’t original, remember the Vince Young/Jamarcus Russell comparisons). Get some new material fools.

  31. @ realfootballfan
    Don’t even bother your out number by Biggots on an NFL site mind blowing to me, its crazy how some trolls on here get more upvotes then someone throwing out positive stats on the usually targets any (BLACK QBs), can’t wait untill this site disable the comments section!!!

  32. goraidersgospurs ,

    I know. It’s amazing that dudes are on twitter looking at somebody’s shirtless pictures on a weekend. Jamarcus Russell legitimately showed up weighing 3 bills and had people calling him lazy back at LSU way before the Raiders ever had a problem with him, but Winston looks pretty much the same body type as most of the other QBs that succeed in the league because none of them are exactly ripped. I know one thing though. He can play. Going to be a whole lot of back tracking going on in 2 or 3 years.

  33. I guess you trolls forgot what Brady looked like when he never even worked out for combines.

    So glad he never worked out for the combine or else he might not have lasted that long in the draft

  34. Montana never lost a Super Bowl and was never caught cheating.

    Starr is the only QB to win 5 titles and has the only playoff three peat.

    And he is the classiest person to ever wear an NFL uniform.

  35. He’s not fat he’s over weight and no biggie big Ben was over weight for years actually was benifical for big Ben, he was hard to take down when he had a garbage o line… and Winston will probably go to the buccs so he’ll be getting sacked alot this year… more cushin for the pushin

  36. Joe Montana was never given a SB victory like the Patsies were this last SB. Greatest ever? Does Tom Brady go the the Jaguars and instantaneously make them a contender? He’s nothing w/o Gronk.

  37. rckymtnthndr17 says:
    Feb 14, 2015 10:33 PM
    Joe Montana was never given a SB victory like the Patsies were this last SB. Greatest ever? Does Tom Brady go the the Jaguars and instantaneously make them a contender? He’s nothing w/o Gronk.

    Then explain his first three titles then?

  38. therealtruth210 says:
    Feb 14, 2015 5:01 PM
    Montana never lost a Super Bowl and was never caught cheating. He is the greatest of all time

    When was Tom Brady caught cheating?

  39. How did a post about fat Albert aka Jameis get focused on the greatest qb of all tone Tom Brady. Brady is the best and all class. Haters grow the hell up….

  40. I’m concerned about his work ethic. Seeing him with a lack of definition and some chub is a little concerning to me. But we’ll see how he does at the combine/pro day.

  41. revren10

    So answer my question: If Brady were to go to the Jags, Bucs, Raiders, Jets, Titans or Redskins and make them an instant contender? Or is he a product of the system and worthless elsewhere like McDaniels, Weiss and Krennel?

  42. He’s not muscular for a black guy. He’s got JaMarcus Russell type baby fat and as soon as he sign in the NFL he will fatten up.

  43. Man, he’s got the chicken leg syndrome.. there is no calf muscle. And who stole his left bicep?

    With the off-field red flags, if he gets hit for lack of weight room discipline he potentially could do the “Geno-drop” on draft day.

    That pic is going to end up costing him money.

  44. Hey, there’s a reason a guy like Roethliesberger is named “Big Ben”. You just gotta accept that some dudes are rotund and it works for them. He may also love gravy.

  45. Muscle definition doesn’t matter a whole lot for a pocket passer. On the other hand, I don’t think it’s a bad idea for even pocket passers to be a little leaner than that. But that’s why pro teams have strength & conditioning coaches and nutritionists on staff.

  46. bradshaw and montana best of all time, neither cheated, hell bradshaw couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the c a !!!!!! remember that !!! go steelers, 6 super bowls

  47. If I was the quarterback on those talented and ‘roided out Steel Curtain teams, I’d have 4 Superbowls myself. Bradshaw wasn’t all that good, and his stats bear it out.

    Montana is the GOAT, and Brady is #2.

  48. If I may…

    Josh Freeman was seen as “chunky” by many when he set franchise records and had something crazy like a 4:1 TD:Int ratio or something…

    He suddenly goes on this “mystery diet” (those in Tampa have speculated as they will) and he comes in looking ripped, all of a sudden he’s throwing passes into the dirt and becoming a mental case.

    A little bit of body fat does not a quarterback make…

  49. All you broke lames commenting on his weight will be much much poorer than he is in about 3-4 months. So if he make you feel better about yourself now, you can go back to realizing that your life sucks real soon. It amazes me how many posters love to take shots at pro athletes that have fame , money and women. Smells of jealousy to me.

  50. What amazes me is all the leaf and Jamarcus Russell comparisons. Most these commenters don’t know jameis as a person. They base their opinions off what the media tells them. That to me is extremely lame. Stop focusing on all the negatives in the young man and try to look at the positives. There are many. That’s what real men do.

  51. This certainly puts Tampa in a bad spot for the 1st overall pick.

    When you consider the most recent super bowl winners, including Baltimore, Seattle, and *New England, a good quarterback is essential.

  52. Take a good look at that picture and you will see his legs look fat and flabby in the calves just below the shorts. Ya he is starting to pile it on from not practicing every day.
    Jamarcus II?

  53. Trade the 1st pick and go for the craziest MLB, DE and Secondary. Make it like the old days when nobody wanted to play at Raymond James. Try out the two rookie guards from last year and tackles that we never gave time to. Thats all we’re missing. Givin the right support Glennon can do it.

  54. Good lord he looks like me when I go out to mow the lawn wearing shorts, black socks and flabby.
    I have an excuse though I am a 50 year old dude who is way over the hill. Winston? dude put a shirt on and push away from the table at the buffet place.

  55. publicist or agent’s fault for that hitting the internet. probably a bad photo.

    He’ll still be a bust. Giving a kid like him millions is a disaster waiting to happen. Should be good entertainment in 2015.

  56. Does it really matter? I mean seriously. The majority of the scouting combine participants will never be in as good a shape as they are in right now anyways. Meaning, those who run a 4.2 40 will not run that when training camp starts or their second year in the league. Winston is who he is at this point. Stop finding reasons not to draft him.

  57. toldlikeitis says: Feb 14, 2015 5:00 PM

    The NFL Draft has becoming nothing more than a racial stereotyping charade.

    It’s a charade until all you look at is how a player can help his team win. A coach doesn’t care if a QB is black or white or Hawaiian anymore. They look at how they fit into the league’s offensive guidelines. The passing windows are smaller and the defense is a lot quicker and stronger to allow a QB that runs for a living (unless you have Kaepernick running around and past the Packers).

    I agree back in the 60s and 70s there was racial bias. Now the only bias is wins. A coach that thinks any other way will be shown the door quicker than this post gets deleted.

  58. Hell, that’s not fat. Have you seen a profile pic of Eddie Lacy? That boy needs to simply drive by the buffet restaurants on occasion instead of always driving in.

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