Michael Robinson declines comment on whether Marshawn Lynch is squeezing the Seahawks


Friday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio included a short-notice visit from former NFL fullback Michael Robinson.  The NFL Network analyst, who previously played for the Seahawks and 49ers, has a friendship with Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch.

Robinson has said he doesn’t know whether Lynch will play in 2015.  So I ran by Robinson my theory that Lynch is a genius, and Lynch realizes that the uncertainty about his status will squeeze more money from the Seahawks.

Initially, Robinson laughed.

“Oh, man,” Robinson said.  “I’ll let you hypothesize on that theory, but I’m a little too close to the situation to be able to really say.  But, yes, that’s a good hypothesis.”

Robinson also had some unique insight regarding the final Seattle snap in Super Bowl XLIX, given that he played quarterback at Penn State.  To hear the whole thing, click here and select hour two from the most recent broadcast, during which I repeatedly dared Friday the 13th to come and get me.

And it hasn’t.  Yet.

45 responses to “Michael Robinson declines comment on whether Marshawn Lynch is squeezing the Seahawks

  1. Good for Lynch…..Not so good for the Seahawks and future planning……Lynch has a cap hit of 8.5M this coming season. If traded or cut “over the cap” shows a cap savings of 7M. That said, trading for Adrian Peterson, for instance, makes little sense unless AP restructured his contract (assuming reinstatement)……Going with a drafted player and using the cap space generated to try and get a player like Suh, is also a possibility but one that I hope doesn’t happen. Forget it all and just wait and see if he shows up for the season? Not a good business option, but one that most would do…….He is worth it and will, in all likelihood, show when pressed. I would definitely draft and evaluate FAs with the idea of getting the best possible RB that I could.

  2. Here’s a simple way to get this situation resolved within 5 minutes:

    The Seahawks should call Marshawn and say something along the lines of – “Hi Marshawn, We have Buffalo on the line offering a trade for you for as high as a second rounder. You remember Buffalo, right? I thought that you might.. Anyway, we still have this contact for you that we noticed hasn’t been signed yet– Retire? Sure I suppose that you could, I mean Deion tried that and he was able to come back when he was 37. Maybe you could– Sure we can hold while you talk to your agent…”

    Contract comes over the fax machine signed within 2 mins. America moves on to the next gripping news story..

  3. Yeah, it is, actually.

    Seahawks don’t need to cut Lynch to afford Suh. Extending Mebane and Okung probably clears enough space if that’s the direction they want to go.

  4. As a Seahawks fan I’m torn. Lynch is awesome and I can’t see this team being nearly as good without him – at the same time I remember feeling the same way about Shaun Alexander before they paid him at roughly Marshawn’s age and he fell off the face of the earth with cash in hand.

  5. Kylexitron— I’m with you… Hate to see him go as I did Alexander, one of my favorite RBs. Is marshawn worth the salary? Yes. We we be okay without him? Probably yes — sigh, I guess time will tell – GO HAWKS

  6. Was glad to see Shaun go. Loss of Hutch was a bigger blow. Lynch would be a big loss. Not sure Michael and Turbin could replace his production and have the same effect on the opposing D.

  7. If Lynch doesn’t play this year it will be the most shocking retirement since Barry Sanders.

    Lynch has proven over and over that he’s driven by the money. His down side next season is $7MM. His upside is considerably more. The guy is smart enough to know that after 9 years, he has a year or 2 at best to make this kind of money.

    This “retirement talk” is nothing more than a negotiating tactic, and possibly a way for him to get out of some off season work and maybe avoid most of TC.

  8. It’s pretty simple to figure out…Lynch is a very smart man and he see’s the future in seattle (small s) and it is not bright can’t blame him for playing some games with them. The seahacks are in a major free fall following…”The Wilson Choke”

  9. I think Lynch is ready to move on from Seattle. He’s done all he can do to make the Seahawks love him, but he isn’t feeling like the Seahawks really want him around. He probably feels like the Seahawks chose to risk losing the Super Bowl, rather than allow him to be the hero. Can you imagine Andrew Luck and Marshawn Lynch in the same backfield?

  10. We might have to move on from him. I don’t like the thought of the team without him as he’s the heart and soul of the offence. It showed in the last play to end the season how they tried to make wilson he hero instead of lynch and it was a massive fail. But Christine Michael might need to play eventually and lynch like be being a diva.

  11. No Lynch no Seahawks. Bandwagon stops here, get off the bus.
    Lynch has no leverage, it’s the genius P.C.??? That’s why your looking at your second Super Bowl ring right?

  12. Am I the only one who thinks this is a nonstory? Lynch needs time to unwind and recuperate, just like last season, and not unlike many other veteran players after a long grind.

  13. To the clowns questioning Pete Carroll’s brilliance, he led the Seahawks to 2 straight Super Bowls in his 5 seasons as coach after they made just 1 in the 36 or so seasons of existence prior. Not to mention he’s the first coach since Belichick to make it back to back at all.

  14. you don’t have to be a genius to realize that you’re the team’s only viable offensive weapon.. one that they inexplicably decided to keep in the holster as the Pats robbed them

  15. Lynch IS Seattle’s offense and he knows it. Just look at their last offensive play of the season. Lynch only has a couple of years to make as much money as he possibly can and would be foolish not to take advantage of it.

  16. Yeah, Lynch is the Seahawks only offensive weapon. That’s why they’ve led the NFL in explosive plays 2 years in a row. Lynch had all of them. In fact, Lynch or the defense threw all of Wilson’s 82 career touchdown passes too.

  17. Yeah, Lynch is the Seahawks only offensive weapon. That’s why they’ve led the NFL in explosive plays 2 years in a row. Lynch had all of them. In fact, Lynch or the defense threw all of Wilson’s 82 career touchdown passes too.


    Well look at Wilson’s performance before the half against New England. He probably had like two completions with that touchdown pass to Matthews.

    Baldwin and Kearse are decent don’t get me wrong but they aren’t as good as Tate.

    The 2013 Seahawks team was probably the deepest and best super bowl winner since 2010. I still think they were incredibly lucky to get in the super bowl this year.

  18. Lynch knows how to squeeze himself. The league should tell him to go home for a year and think about whether he wants to play.

  19. I wish Ezekiel Elliott was in the draft. I’d take him and let lynch walk… And I really do like lynch.

  20. As much as I love Marshawn… I don’t dig him trying to extort money out of the Hawks every year. The Seahawks were already going to give him big money and he’s pulling this again. I honestly think they should make him play at his current salary or make him stay at home. The Seahawks have all the power in this.

  21. “I’m a close friend with Lynch, he told me things I was not to address the public, and I was sworn to secrecy on the information on what his plans are for the future,”-Brian Williams

  22. This “retirement talk” is nothing more than a negotiating tactic

    Easy to say, but that sounds exactly what someone who is unfamiliar with Lynch and the Seahawks would say. Pete and John understand what Lynch means to the team. Do believe they’ve been working with him on getting him paid (before it became a story, IIRC).

    Lynch runs hard and it’s really hard on his body. Oftentimes, Lynch’s listed as probable before game time. His health is the fulcrum of whether or not he retires. I don’t think it’s about money. Given his love for the Seattle locker room, I think the spirit is there for 2015- it’s just a matter if the body is willing.

    As PC mentioned recently, Seattle just finished 2 long seasons. Guys are tired. Lynch, the guy that trucks other teams, is tired. No need to make more out of it than there is. Once he gets his body sorted, I’m sure he’ll let the Seahawk FO know what he’s thinking.

  23. It’s probably not wise to take your guest’s comments and twist them to create a story. Doesn’t make them want to come back.

  24. The best thing he can do to promote all of that good work he does in Oakland is to play another year and also get as much as he can. This is pure negotiation. Marshawn may act like a child, but he’s not stupid. Seattle knows what it needs to do. Pay him.

  25. Love the jealousy.

    NO team has been as successful as the Hawks since Wilson arrived.

    Arguably NO team has been as good since Pete arrived despite taking over an old 5-11 team.

    Beast is important but he’s still under contract. Those saying “come to XYZ team” don’t understand the NFL.

    If he plays he plays for the Hawks unless the Hawks decide otherwise.


    Also I’m not as worried as last year. Turbin’s finally running with more beast in him. No one replaces Lynch but Turbin’s faster and as good a receiver.

    Hawks will continue being there and you all will continue whining.

  26. Wait, but so many of you have labeled Lynch as not being so bright.

    Having a change of mind are we?
    Pay the man, he’s earned it…end of story!

  27. Bad move by Mike Rob. Shoulda let Marshawn’s silence speak for itself instead of opening his mouth and leaving the fans think that – as Mike Rob said – that if he were to place a bet, he’d bet that Marshawn will play this season.
    Best leave this to his agents.

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