Fisher says Sam Bradford had a say in Rams’ staff changes


In the clearest sign yet that the Rams are sticking with Sam Bradford as their starting quarterback, head coach Jeff Fisher said he gave Bradford a say in the Rams’ offensive coordinator search.

At the press conference to formally announce the promotion of Frank Cignetti from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator, Fisher said Bradford played a major role in the decision to give Cignetti the job.

I had a lengthy discussion with Sam, yes, prior to making the decision. It was part of the information gathering process. Sam was very forthcoming. He had some firm opinions. I really enjoyed and appreciated his input,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Fisher even went so far as to say that if Bradford didn’t want Cignetti to get the job, “We wouldn’t be sitting here right now.”

“As it should be,” Cignetti added.

Bradford is also involved in the team’s hiring of a new quarterbacks coach. Jeff Garcia is a candidate for that job.

Fisher has previously indicated that the Rams would bring in another quarterback to compete with Bradford, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“It’s not as much from the standpoint of challenging Sam,” Fisher said. “It’s to have options. We don’t know what that looks like right now. We don’t know if that’s draft, if that’s free agency, or what that looks like. But when we line up in September, we’ll have somebody there.”

Although the Rams are still hoping to restructure Bradford’s contract to lower the $13 million he’s set to cost the team this year, from all indications they’re completely committed to Bradford as their franchise quarterback.

Now the Rams need Bradford, who has missed 31 games in five years, to stay healthy.

53 responses to “Fisher says Sam Bradford had a say in Rams’ staff changes

  1. I always thought insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Now I know that insanity is expecting Sam Bradford to stay healthy over a season of football.

  2. This is actually their best/only move. The Rams have a really good team right now. If they can get stability at the QB position they are a serious contender. The free agent QB market sucks. And if they bring in a rookie they are essentially hitting the reset button. By the time that rookie develops, the core of this team may be gone. This is them crossing their fingers (again) and hoping Bradford can stay healthy and effective for a entire year.

  3. Even when healthy, which is rare, Bradford hasn’t lived up to anywhere close to the #1 overall pick. Especially given the mountains of money he has earned. Maybe Fisher wants to give him one last true chance, now that the San Fran Jeds are ostensibly out of the picture.

  4. I don’t know, I still think he’s their best option. I think he was playing well in 2013 before getting hurt again. He was completing passes at a 61% clip which is not terrible, with a 14:4 TD/INT ratio. You aren’t going to stumble across many QBs in the draft who will put up those numbers. A.Luck and R.Wilson are the exceptions to the draft-a-QB game of russian roulette, not the rule.

  5. Don’t worry the Rams will cut Bradford and fire Fisher in another 7 years tops.

    Seriously, I don’t get it..only Jeff Fisher could put up constant 7-9 8-8 seasons and still keep his job while Lovie Smith gets fired for going 10-6.

  6. A middle of the road caliber player making coaching staff decisions for the team? Bad idea.

  7. There are at least 10 teams in the NFL that dont have a clue how to coach, acquire talent and play football. Allowing a player to help hire a coach is ridiculous unless you are Brady, Manning or Rodgers. Fisher is such an overrated coach.

  8. I know you Rams fans want a change but what better options are there? I would take a healthy Bradford over any QB in the draft and any available QB in free agency. Am I wrong? You’re invested so heavy you might as well see it through now.

  9. Vegas has set the Over/Under for the number of games until Bradford is seen in sweat pants on the sideline chewing sunflower seeds at 2 1/2.

  10. Surprising, if only because I don’t think the Rams or Bradford can emotionally take another injury. If Bradford went elsewhere and killed it, fine; if he went elsewhere and was lost for the year, fine.

  11. Bradford’s ability = Mark Sanchez. The soon-to-be L.A. Goats should sign Sanchez for 1/3rd of Bradford’s contract and kick him loose.

  12. Jeff Fisher has been around a long time and he knows two things for sure. First, you need a top quarterback if you’re serious about competing for the Super Bowl. Second, top quarterbacks are very hard to find. He’s also been around long enough to know what an elite quarterback looks like when he sees one. Sam Bradford is an elite quarterback. The kind that is very hard to find, and Fisher has him on his team already. Bradford and Andrew Luck are the two best young QBs in the NFL. So obviously, Fisher is going to try to look for another elite quarterback if and/or when Bradford goes down again. He’s not crazy enough to think Bradford is certain to stay healthy. But he’s also not crazy enough to let an elite quarterback walk out the door. He’s also not dumb enough to tip his hand right before the draft so that another team can trade up one pick ahead of the Rams to grab the QB he’s getting ready to pick. Even if there is only a ten percent chance of Bradford staying healthy, finding an elite QB might be even less.

  13. A lot of dynamics at play…First, there are no better options for the Rams for the 2015 season. No QB in the draft comes with less risk than Bradford and who knows if the Rams could even land the one they wanted anyway. Free Agency offers nothing better. This might just be Fisher going all in on 2015 knowing that an impending move to a shiny new city might also warrant a shiny new head coach if the Rams have another sub .500 season.

  14. Some things should be self-evident here. Jeff Fisher gets more opportunity and accolades for being a career mediocre HC than just about anyone in NFL history.
    Sam Bradford has been far from an ‘elite’ QB (whatever that really is), even during the rare times he’s been healthy. He may be the Rams best option for this year, though a guy like Brian Hoyer or Mark Sanchez would likely be more durable, and either as or more productive than Bradford.
    There is no good reason to believe, given his history, that Bradford will not go down with yet another injury at some point this season. It’s possible he’ll stay reasonably healthy…a greater likelihood that he won’t.
    And finally, it’s pretty much ALWAYS a bad idea to let any player help determine the coaching staff. An astute organization will pick the right coaches, who both believe in and know how to best utilize the talent on the roster.

  15. tonebones says:
    Feb 15, 2015 10:11 AM
    Jeff Fisher has been around a long time and he knows two things for sure. First, you need a top quarterback if you’re serious about competing for the Super Bowl. Second, top quarterbacks are very hard to find. He’s also been around long enough to know what an elite quarterback looks like when he sees one. Sam Bradford is an elite quarterback. The kind that is very hard to find, and Fisher has him on his team already. Bradford and Andrew Luck are the two best young QBs in the NFL.

    Luck and Bradford are the two best young qb’s in the league? Lets evaluate the merits of that statement:

    Bradford record: 18-30-1
    Wilson record: 36-12

    I know, I know. Wilson only has that record because of how great the defense and Beast Mode are. I can hear your lame exxcuses already. Lets compare some stats that have absolutely NOTHING to do with defense or run game.

    Career starts:

    Bradford: 49
    Wilson: 48

    Career passer rating:

    Bradford: 79.3
    Wilson: 98.6

    Career TD passes:

    Bradford: 59
    Wilson: 72


    Bradford: 3.4%
    Wilon: 5.8%


    Bradford: 38
    Wilon: 26


    Bradford: 2.2%
    Wilson: 2.1%

    Rushing Yards:

    Bradford: 247
    Wilon: 1877

    So…. In summary, Wilson throws more TD’s on less attempts, with less INT’s. In fact, the best true evaluation of qb to qb that does not factor a “Teams strength” would be passer rating. Bradfords best passing season was 2013 before injury. He had a Passer rating of 90.9. Wilsons’ WORST season he had a passer rating of 95.0.

    In short, Wilson, in his WORST year, is a better qb than Bradford in his best.

    Now, if you want to be a Ram homer and make me a case that Bradford is the best option for the Rams, we can find some agreement. If you work under the theory that Hoyer, is possibly the best of the free agent qb’s and that Mariotta and Winston are long gone by the time the Rams draft, I would agree that keeping Bradford around for this season is probably in the best, short term interests of this team.

  16. Seems to be an act of desperation in Fisher’s actions. As was pointed out in a previous post, it is never a good idea to include a player in personnel decisions. Fisher has wasted a young, talented team by standing by Bradford. And he should lose his job for that.

  17. St. Louis should swallow the 13 million dollar salary for Bradford and cross their fingers. With Bradford there is a smidgen of hope for a decent season. I’d rather fold socks or clean the grout in my bathroom with a toothbrush than watch the Rams with Austin Davis or Shaun Hill at the helm.

  18. Rams can blame only themselves. Who in their right mind drafts a Big 12 QB? The best 2 Big 12 QBs in the NFL are Vince Run and Tannehill, thats a sad top 2.

  19. I love the comparisons to Luck, Wilson, and other qbs. But all have yet to ask the important question, when has Bradford ever had those caliber teams around him? Fisher, add much as I dislike him, keeps his job because he coaches to build where others only coach not to get fired. Owners can see that about him. Bradford hasn’t lived up to any expectation bc the rams suck. Now that Fisher is building a team, he wants to give Sam the same chance Russell and Andrew got. I think that’s not only fair, but smart, bc like others have said, where will you find someone immediately better? I dislike Fisher, but I respect the way he builds a team. Here’s hoping Bradford does well with the opportunity.

  20. Let’s just say Bradford is an elite QB … what does it matter if he cannot stay healthy.
    You have a better chance of winning a SB with an average QB who can healthy than an elite QB who cannot finish the season.

  21. Did the 49ers win in 2011 because Alex Smith finally became good, or because Jim Harbaugh turned the team around and had Smith not screw it up?

    Bradford does not make the Rams better. Period. People act like he hasn’t had success because of the team around him, and that’s true to some extent. But how many games have you watched of Sam Bradford and thought he was an exceptional QB? None. ZERO. He’s just not a game changer.

  22. Are the Rams purposely trying to tank so they can move the team more easily? Pure insanity to trust Bradford to do anything. Dude has torn his ACL twice now on every-snap type of plays. Good luck with that. LMAO. Bradford hasn’t done a damn thing even when he was healthy. Maybe get some legitimate skill players on offense and sign Hoyer or something like that. Is there even one guy on that team that has come close to 1000 yards of offense since Fisher has been there? Maybe Zac Stacy in ’13 and last year he didn’t even play.

  23. Pretty good team. Too bad they don’t have a good coach. How many more years before they get wise to Fisher.

  24. What’s that burning smell?? Must be the seat of Fisher’s pants. All those picks from the Redskins and not one winning season. One of the most overrated coaches in the league.

  25. He’s a player, he should have no say in any personnel. The roster or the coaching staff. He must have 9 lives, but Fisher is also an overrated coach.

  26. I don’t know what to say about this Rams squad. Why are they still stuck on this Bradford guy. What does it take for this team to realize “HE IS NOT THE ANSWER”!!!

  27. It makes sense to keep him for now. Never cut your starter unless you have Plan B drafed, signed or on your roster.

  28. LOL, you asked for it, you got it, Rams fans.

    Mr. 6 playoff appearances in 20 years is at it again. Mediocrity rules.

    In Fisher Land, 8-8 with a middle of the road veteran is always preferable to taking a risk with someone new.

    Get used to about 10 more years of this type of inspiring, outside the box thinking. Because Mr. Looks-like-a-great-coach, Talks-like-a-great-coach will always win just enough to keep his job.

  29. If Fisher respects the way Bradford views and approaches the game, then I have no problem with Fisher asking for his opinion when interviewing potential staff members. It has nothing to do with how many games Bradford has won or lost, or how often he has been injured. Just because Bradford is not a future hall of fame QB, doesn’t mean he is incapable of being a smart, intuitive, logical person that is capable of interviewing a potential staffer and having an intelligent opinion on the matter. Just because he’s not an elite QB on the field, doesn’t make him dumb. Most of the best minds in the game, Shula, Landry, Belichick, etc., were not elite level players. Clearly, Fisher thinks Bradford is a smart guy and respects his opinion. Nothing to see here….

  30. I like it when everybody blames Sam.. You seem to forget the reason he gets injured, is because his O line cant block a Pop Warner team..
    Tough to complete passes laying flat on your back!

  31. Ok Seahawks homer:

    Seattles running game and elite defense have nothing to do with Wilson’s overrated passer rating? He is asked to make safer throws, not take as many chances and always has a threat of the best rb in the league (minus AP) to take pressure of the passing game. Plus, st Louis defense has not been what it is now before in Bradford’s career. He was asked to throw the ball down the field in a real offense, not Joe Flacco his way to numbers behind an elite team. If Seattle has a healthy bradford, they murder the packers and patriots this year. Did you not watch how bad of a passer Wilson looks when he doesn’t have 15 seconds for someone to get open or a rb to leak out uncovered?

    Seattle would have a virtually identical record with kaepernick and Vick, and a better record with Bradford, Newton, or pre knee RG3.

  32. After all those RG3 picks, they are still in last place in the division every single year. Same quarterback, and keep drafting defense instead of offensive players that can score against a division rival. Pathetic.
    Looking like they aren’t getting foles after all
    here are your 8-8 rams. Soon to move. Complete joke

  33. Troll me gee it is clear you do not have clue about the poor pass blocking o-line in Seattle Russell is running for his life every week.without Russell they are not in the playoffs. Plus he has the worst OC in the NFL to call plays for him. I live in Seattle and see every game

  34. Got to love Fisher, 6 winning seasons out of 20 coaching.
    Why does this guy get a pass?
    NFL all they do is hire retreads , why not give someone a chance.

  35. We get on here and argue back and forth about who’s a great QB and who isn’t. Some of us evaluate QBs by analyzing stats. Some by what we hear or read in the media. Some by watching the games live, and some probably actually watch tape. We might not all be right, but none of us are being paid a dime for our evaluations. We’re just die hard fans with an opinion. The funny thing is that GMs are making $millions to evaluate QBs and they aren’t necessarily any better than we are. Lol

  36. Fisher would be ranked higher in coaching annals if he didn’t hitch his wagon to so many losers. The man has never seen a challenge he didn’t like. If he was more like Harbaugh and only go to teams loaded with talent he’d have a better record.

    And why is Bradford still employed?

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