Chargers’ message to San Diego: Put up or shut up

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The Chargers will meet with the committee that has been formed to explore the building of a new stadium in San Diego.  The Chargers also have publicly released their comments to the committee.

In their remarks, the Chargers were direct and blunt (and some would say maybe even a little condescending) regarding their expectations when it comes to any ideas to be proposed by San Diego — and regarding a long-time Plan B that possibly has become Plan A.

“We are keeping a close eye on developments in L.A.,” the Chargers said in their remarks to the committee.  “We do not have a choice but to also monitor and evaluate our options there. Simply put, it would be irresponsible for the Chargers not to be taking every possible step to protect the future of the franchise.”

The Chargers also made clear their belief that 20 years without a team in Los Angeles has helped the franchise make significant inroads there, with 25 percent of the season-ticket holders coming from L.A. County and Orange County.

“Simply put, it would not be fair to the Chargers — a team that has worked for 14 years to find a stadium solution in San Diego County — to allow other teams that themselves abandoned the LA market to now return and gut the Chargers’ local revenue stream,” the Chargers told the committee, which has no power over whether teams other than the Chargers move to L.A.

A full reading of the summary and the entire remarks leads to one conclusion:  The Chargers want San Diego to put up or shut up.  The Chargers definitely don’t want San Diego to simply try to come up with a flimsy, hollow proposal so that the politicians can say an effort was made.

That attitude will make the Chargers leery of any proposal that emerges, quick to point out the flaws and to argue that the politicians are merely trying to ensure that the Chargers, not the people who periodically are up for re-election, will be blamed if the Chargers leave.

It’s all pointing to the Chargers eventually (or sooner) becoming one of the teams to move to L.A, with the other remaining question being whether the other team that moves there is the Rams or the Raiders.

90 responses to “Chargers’ message to San Diego: Put up or shut up

  1. San Diego to Chargers, take your demands to build a luxury box stadium for the rich, for free, by asking taxpayers, aka working stiffs to pay for it, and shove them where the sun don’t shine!

  2. Ha! Good luck Chargers! California is in economic ruin thanks to their high taxation, social welfare programs, and immigration policies.

    San Diego’s tax base is rapidly deteriorating because the producers are declining while the moochers are rapidly increasing in number. There is no reason why people who pay taxes to continue to pay taxes when people who pay no taxes benefit 100% from the taxes seized from the producers (who do not qualify for ANY of these “social justice” programs but are forced to pay into it).

    San Diego is doomed, Oakland will be next, then LA & SF will fall at the same time, all thanks to Gov. Brown’s idiotic liberal policies.

  3. “Simply put, it would not be fair to the Chargers — a team that has worked for 14 years to find a stadium solution in San Diego County — to allow other teams that themselves abandoned the LA market to now return and gut the Chargers’ local revenue stream,”
    To me, that sounds like a new SD stadium wouldn’t matter and the Chargers plan to move. SD can’t control who goes to LA and it seems the Chargers would rather keep that 25% and add to it in LA. Some die hards in SD would make the trip (like those in LA did and there would be more total tickets sold by moving.

  4. Rams and Chargers to LA. The NFL will not let the dysfunctional Raider operation owned by the Davis family have another crack at LA. When the Bidwill family was sniffing around LA before the new Arizona stadium was built they were told that if the team were to move to LA it would only be with new, stronger ownership. In other words the Bidwills, headed back then by the clueless Bill Bidwill, would not be trusted with a prime market like LA. My guess is the same would apply to the Raiders and Mark Davis.

  5. As someone who is not a charger fan, I have not followed this charger stadium saga at all so everyone forgive me for the stupid question I’m about to ask.

    What’s wrong with just leveling that dump they currently play in and rebuilding on the same site?

  6. After the improbable super bowl run in 1995-96, the Chargers threatened to leave unless they got a new stadium.

    In response, the city of SD agreed to renovate the Q with taxpayer money. They also agreed to a “ticket guarantee” that meant the city would buy any unsold seat up to 60,000 per game, including preseason games. The Chargers were even allowed to set ticket prices and raised them consistently over the next eight years even though their best season was 8-8 during that span. The city was stuck with a huge bill, and the Spanos family made more money with a losing team than they would have with a winning team.

    The Spanos family just wants the city to “put up” like it did then.

  7. Keep the “idiotic liberal” crap out of here. These “producers” and “job creators” that own NFL teams and run giant corporations have no problem with welfare when THEY’RE receiving it. They’re the biggest moochers.

  8. This song and dance has been going on for the past 10 years.

    The Chargers or Raiders would be logical moves to relocate within California. The Chargers relocating to LA would even allow for a continuation of the same fanbase / TV / geographic market.

    Given the issues the Raiders have had in Oakland a return to LA is pretty logical as well.

  9. City should let them leave. No welfare for this greedy billionaire !

    From what I understand San Diego has no money, shrinking budgets for fire, police, education, infrastructure and everything else. Even if money could be generated its needed by vital services, not some scumbag billionaire.

    Let him pay for his own stadium.

  10. man being a Chargers fan this has really boiled to the point they are as good as gone. I know we’ve said it in the past, and nothing happened. But they never came out and on the record stated if you try to put us on a 2016 ballot (which essentially is doomsday for all ballots that year) we’re outro. They have basically lambasted for the previous situations in which they mention Mike Aguiree and to not be like him. Yikes. They even mentioned the fact they spent millions trying to circumvent the 2/3’s vote for the convention deal. They are basically telling San Diego get it done within the next few months or it will be a lame duck season in San Diego.

  11. When all is said and done, you’ll be looking at one AFC and one NFC team in L.A. I suspect the NFL doesn’t want the Raiders back in L.A., so barring a surprise entry, the Chargers and Rams seem L.A. bound.

  12. Dang. I wouldn’t take that San Diego. Tell the Dolts to beat it. No one needs them down here.

  13. California is in economic ruin…..

    As a Californian I don’t think “ruin” means what you think it means. But keep pounding that agenda meanwhile CA remains a federal dollar surplus state. Is yours?

  14. So LA, clearly not a football town, has a shot at going from ZERO to TWO NFL teams? That’s ridiculous.

  15. Let them move so the fans can watch from the comfort of their living rooms with out the possibility of blackouts. Let someone else fit the bill for this.

  16. Total conservative spin. It’s only welfare when the poor receive something for nothing. When the rich receive something for nothing it’s called good business or bailout! Spanos, Kronke, Davis, build your own stadiums with your own money and reap the benefits any business other owner gets. Stop mooching on Joe Public and expecting us to pay and support a crappy product.

  17. Hate these owners see dan Gilbert – wants city to pay for upgrades and little Caesars who wants bankrupt detroit to build him a new arena for the red wings. Yet the palace was built with not one cent of taxpayers funds and put 100 mill in renovations with zero taxpayer help. Some get it, some just like to hold cities hostage

  18. Some team in an ice age city like New England should move to L.A…..LET THE FREAK OUT COMMENCE!

  19. goldbloodedindfw says: Feb 16, 2015 3:44 PM

    As someone who is not a charger fan, I have not followed this charger stadium saga at all so everyone forgive me for the stupid question I’m about to ask.

    What’s wrong with just leveling that dump they currently play in and rebuilding on the same site?
    Nothing wrong with what you propose.
    The problem is: who pays for it?

    I’m not a Charger fan, but I am a fan of a team that has gone through this, and the county ended up paying for two new stadiums (Bengals and Reds) at the expense of a 1/2 percent tax hike.

  20. I hope the guy in that pic was the Chargers’ representative assigned with sending the team’s message to the committee. Who’d say no to Chief Negotiations Officer, Boltdome McBunkerbuster? A dead man, thats who.

  21. SD gave the new stadium to the wrong team. The Spanos’ are not going to be Krafts and pay for 98% of the stadium. It’s time to start saying goodbye. SD isn’t big enough to support the Chargers.

  22. A move to LA will be fine also Chargers. Its a bit closer for us to travel from the Bay Area for our 9th home game every year.


  23. The arrogance of the Chargers toward both LA and SD is stunning.

    The Chargers insist it would be “unfair” to allow another team to relocate to LA because that will reduce their ability to extort taxpayer dollars from San Diego for a new stadium.

    And the claim that a team in LA would reduce the Chargers’ revenues in San Diego is a real howler. TV and merchandise revenue is divided equally among the 32 teams. The other major revenue stream is ticket sales: Are the Chargers seriously pretending that their games would not sell out in San Diego if not for fans travelling south from Los Angeles and Orange Counties? How dumb would a person have to be to believe that?

  24. goldbloodedindfw There is a huge MTBE Plume on the property related to Kinder Morgan fuel terminals across the road to the north which has impacted the property.

  25. Would love to see an article on this website about Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani’s DEEP political ties to LA. Honestly that guy gives me the creeps.

  26. And of course the other part of the Chargers’ obnoxious argument is that the NFL shouldn’t care at all about what people in LA actually think.

    It’s pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that what most LA fans want is to get the Rams back. There is also a vocal minority that wants the Raiders to return. There is almost no interest at all in the Chargers.

  27. The right solution for the NFL in LA is for the Rams to move to the privately financed stadium in Inglewood. The Raiders can either join the Rams as a tenant, sell a chunk of the team to AEG and move to Farmers Field, or work something out in Oakland if they can.

    The Chargers — who make tens of millions in profits each year — should build their own bloody stadium in San Diego, without demanding a taxpayer handout. And if they won’t do that, they can move to St. Louis, where a 50/50 public/private stadium plan is slowly coming together.

  28. TheDPR says:
    Feb 16, 2015 4:00 PM
    So LA, clearly not a football town, has a shot at going from ZERO to TWO NFL teams? That’s ridiculous.

    Clearly not a football town? According to who? You? Of course, without an NFL team how could one be a football town? So I guess you’re righ….. oh wait a minute, what about USC and UCLA football? Those teams that sell out stadiums that hold upwards of 100,000 people? Guess that’s all Lakers fans waiting for the NBA season to start.

    Just go away…

  29. Worst fan base in the league, The Chargers were born to please the Raiders and other teams fans.

    Kansas City, Denver and the L.A. Raiders would like to the Chargers for all the extra home games.

    In, it will 100 x time worse in L.A- especially when they play the Raiders, maybe they can call the San Antonio Mayor and beg for a new home.

    Try Portland and switch with the Hawks divison wise.

  30. LOL, SD abandoned the LA market first.

    And why did *three* teams abandon LA, if it was so great?

    I don’t see how LA is going to support *two* teams when it could not cover two previously. And, in fact, does not seem to have missed having a single franchise for two decades. Two decades.

    Alternatively, it is been an outstanding stalking horse for the NFL to leverage when negotiating with other cities for stadiums.

  31. If the New York Giants and the New York Jets can play in NEW JERSEY, well the San Diego Chargers can certainly play in Inglewood, Ca, in a state of the art stadium. Take it to the bank… Rams and Chargers in New LA stadium

  32. SD gave the new stadium to the wrong team.

    The Padres play 81 home games a year and create regular traffic for other businesses in their neighborhood throughout April-September. An NFL team plays 10 games on weekends. Nearly everybody drives to the game, parks, and either goes straight in the gate or tailgates.

    So purely as an economic engine, the Chargers are nowhere near as valuable to San Diego as the baseball team is.

  33. Been saying Chargers to LA since 2006 and never backed off of that stance, despite all the hate from my local Chargers fans for nearly a decade now. It was obvious then, now everything is spelled out if you couldn’t read between the lines before.

  34. I don’t see how LA is going to support *two* teams when it could not cover two previously.

    LA’s problems with the NFL have been 100 percent about the facilities, not lack of fans.

    Playing in the LA Colisseum requires selling 100,000 bad seats with no modern amenities every week, or else accepting the blackout. Anaheim has a baseball stadium.

  35. No NFL team should be playing in Taxpayer funded stadiums… These businesses are worth hundreds of millions and in some cases over $1 billion dollars. They should be buying their own real estate and building their own venues privately.

  36. Tijuana could tear down the bullring near the beach, build a football stadium, and do great business.

    The TJ Chargers could give the NFL an international presence.

    By moving only five miles south.

  37. So funny reading what these clueless right wingers have to say about the California economy. Just be thankful we don’t decide to leave the union. So many red welfare states would be SO screwed.

  38. The threat of moving a team is the proverbial gun to the head of the local tax payer.

    This I would ordinary refer to as feigned apathy, but in the case of the Chargers it may be actual apathy given the lack of fervor of their fan base.

    It may all be “meh, we’ll go the the highest bidder.”

  39. Taxpayers and cities around the nation need to unite to tell these multibillionaires to shove it. Maybe some certain states love to give multibillionaires a free place to work, and very luxurious one at that at the expense of taxpayers. Conservatives have absolutely no problem giving 1%ers a billion or so in welfare yet bash the poor and those having trouble finding work for receiving some welfare to put food on the table for their families.

  40. I still find it funny how LA has lost multiple teams and hasn’t had even a single team for so many years, yet suddenly everybody in the NFL thinks a couple of teams could carpetbag their way in there and succeed with no issues at all.

  41. I was stationed in the San Diego area when the Browns left. All the chest-thumping and ranting about not building a new stadium…Modell called our bluff and rolled out. So without a team to follow anymore I adopted the Chargers and still keep tabs on them. Eventually Cleveland got a new stadium along with the rebooted franchise. Unfortunately there is no Balboa Park, Mission Beach or Mexican border to pass time at in Cleveland so the Browns were sorely missed. it sucks. Is San Diego willing to let the Chargers walk? Spanos may call their bluff too. But you do have the Padres.

  42. My favorite part of all the sucker cities paying for the NFL owners office buildings, including their monster game day suites, is that they then get hit with PSL’s!

  43. To those who think LA is going to get a football team, you are delirious. Kroenke is using you to get a stadium for barely a third of what it would cost him in LA. The writing is all over the wall if you would take time to read it.

  44. So tired of these billionaires begging for money. If you want the city to put up money for the stadium then give the city part of your profits from stadium events as well as partial ownership rights to the stadium. Otherwise pay your own money or take out a loan.

    San Diego is one of the most amazing cities in the world and while it’s nice to have a football team, it does not need the Chargers. Heavens no! Whatever will people do on Sundays in an area with numerous beaches, great beer, good food, and tons of outdoor activities?!?!

  45. Its time for cities to tell Goodell and these greedy owners to shove it. These cities dont need the NFL. Like many mentioned above, these greedy owners need to start paying for their own stadiums. You want a new stadium, great you and the NFL can pay for it out of your “Stadium Fund”.

    Id much rather watch 4 NFL games than getting stuck watching the Browns. I liked it better when they were gone. I got to watch real football.

  46. This teams aint loyal to no city nor the fans in it and they want tax money to pay for there houses you ask me ill b like play somewhere else dont need you lol

  47. pantherpro says:
    Feb 16, 2015 9:04 PM
    Bolts have better fans than RAIDER TRASH! Plus they don’t have to put up tarp for unsold seats like Oaktown does.

    1 1
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  48. jimmysee says: Feb 16, 2015 5:20 PM

    Tijuana could tear down the bullring near the beach, build a football stadium, and do great business.

    The TJ Chargers could give the NFL an international presence.

    By moving only five miles south.


    Actually, this is a great idea! I had never even thought of TJ, but it would be a great plan. Problem,,,,,Can all San Diego and visiting fans could get a passport?……

  49. Maybe chargers when we get a winning team that are super bowl challengers and can fill Qualcom stadium every game, then and only then will we consider building a stadium, but in the meantime build it yourself

  50. Clearly the Rams are moving back. NFC…check. Chargers? Makes more sense than the Raiders. But as neither the Raiders nor Chargers are getting new stadiums in their current home city, one will be facing serious questions soon.

  51. Spanos is crazy to not bail San Diego and take over the LA market. The ppl of San Diego don’t care enough, and if he waits too long another owner will steal southern cal

  52. Hate to say it but the Chargers are history in San Diego……the politics in San Diego are Mickey Mouse and unless a vote included the whole county they will never get the 67% they would need for a bond.

    The really rotten thing is that LA will not support a NFL team much less two.

    Good Luck to the Rams and Chargers as they battle it out for LA

  53. Just move already. With all the transplants living in San Diego half the people living there root for a different Team anyway. Earth to Spanos build your own stadium. The USA is hiring only cheap labor and unemployment is down because those who were on unemployment benefits can no longer collect them. And the only place for Americans to invest is the stock market where you may get a greater return on your money so regardless how well that is doing means nothing in regards to the economy. If we all paid cash for everything we bought we as Americans would see cheaper prices but people like the Spanoses are so rich they can’t see past all the money they have. Take a look around and see how many houses look run down. People are just trying to survive and you want those same people to build you a stadium. Not going to happen.

  54. It’s going to be Rams and Chargers if two teams go back, which I doubt. Right now Rams look like the best bet.

    And Florio hates it because the Raiders are staying HOME.

  55. Chargers,

    Los Angeles doesn’t want you. Heck, I’m not sure anyone wants you with the Spanos family attached. I bet he’s besties with Jed York as he will make a buck any way possible, but won’t give back by putting a winner on the field. You wasted LT and are currently wasting Rivers. You’ve already has more than you deserve, so leave if you must. However, the grass won’t be greener on the other side, not by a long shot.

  56. The Chargers in LA would fall behind the Lakers, the Dodgers, USC football, the Angels, UCLA football, the Clippers, the Kings, the Ducks and UCLA basketball in the local sports pecking order if the moved up the coast.
    And the Chargers aren’t know for being an organization that thrives in competition.

  57. There are too many Raiders fans in LA for the Chargers to call Los Angeles or Orange County their “home.” But, a LA football team can turn a $1 billion franchise into a $2 billion franchise overnight.

    Imagine Rivers in LA, he could be a super hero there. Imagine how San Diego would feel if Rivers wins a Super Bowl in Los Angeles too.

    Moving to Tijuana is pure silliness. TJ pee bombs would be flying all over the stadium (as they have before in San Diego for FiFA soccer matches). It’s gonna take a billion dollars for a new stadium, not a zillion pesos.

  58. And yet Mark Davis said when Del Rio was hired, that he wants to build in Oakland and is working with the local officials on getting it done. He also said, he knows he can make more money elsewhere, but want’s to stay in Oakland in a smaller more affordable stadium on the current site. Intersting to compare this statement from the Chargers and what Davis said.

  59. “A move to LA will be fine also Chargers. Its a bit closer for us to travel from the Bay Area for our 9th home game every year.”

    Always enjoy listening to Raiders fans thump their chests about how many of their fans go to San Diego when they can’t even sell out THEIR OWN stadium without taping off the upper deck.

  60. Portland Chargers.

    Div. Switch

    AFC West:


    L.A. Raiders


    Kansas City

    NFC West:

    San Francisco




  61. I don’t get the Spanos family. 75% of their season ticket holders are in SD and yet they want leave for L.A where Rams and Raiders fans vastly outnumber their own?

    You can hate the Raiders as much as you want, but watch any Raiders game in San Diego and half of the crowd is wearing Raiders gear. Just imagine how it would look if they played in Inglewood.

    Stop blackmailing the city of San Diego and put some cash into a new stadium or a renovation. The NFL gives you 200 mill for starters.

  62. The Chargers are going to L.A. along with the Rams, but nobody wants the Chargers.

    If you think the Raiders fans own Qualcom, wait till they go to L.A.

  63. LA lost two teams and it is really hard to blame the city’s fans for either. Georgia Frontiere moved the Rams out of the city to Anaheim and then mismanaged them until her home town of St Louis bailed her out with a new stadium. Al Davis, when he realized the city was not going to build him a new stadium, ran back to Oakland and that crappy stadium. If an owner were to buy a decent facility in LA and run a team IN LA, all games would sell out at high prices. San Diego will lose the Chargers one way or another and that has nothing to do with LA. The fan base there is small and that facility, along with Oakland’s, is the worst in the NFL.

  64. From the fans: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR US LATELY??? If you need to move the team to LA go on and go but dont expect me to drive to LA. LA fans wont embrace the Chargers. Spanos will wish he never thought to leave once he figures out he made a huge mistake.

  65. Spanos, a proponent of small government and one of the top CA GOP committee members (he was one of Schwarzenegger’s biggest proponents), wants big government to come in and pay for his stadium. I ain’t shedding any tears for him.

    Now he’s probably furious with Kroenke, who just eliminated all of Spanos’ leverage with his plans to head to Inglewood.

  66. For once, I agree with the liberals: There is no reason for the taxpayers to fund the building of an NFL stadium. Local government CAN/MAY facilitate the building and put in infrastructure like water, power and connecting roads and help fast track permits and licenses, but purchasing the land and actual building of the stadium is the team’s responsibility. That way the team gets to keep all the revenue generated and all the extra use revenue that the stadium provides. Owners who want more from local government are greedy despots extorting emotional money from local governments.

    Jack Kent Cooke (God rest his soul), built his own stadium. All the local governments gave him heartache and grief and called him a little dictator when he was willing to pay for his own stadium, so local governments are not innocent in any of this.

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