Chargers, San Diego committee to meet on stadium

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With progress being made on a new stadium in Los Angeles and a new stadium in St. Louis, San Diego may have been feeling left out.

Not anymore.

According to Tony Perry of the Los Angeles Times, a committee aimed at solving the longstanding stadium problem in San Diego will meet with Mark Fabiani, the team’s longstanding point man on stadium issues.

The nine-person committee is “looking forward to a robust discussion with the Chargers about their finances and their deal points,” committee spokesman Tony Manolatos told the Times.  “The Chargers are obviously a very important piece of this puzzle.”

In turn, Fabiani wants to be sure that the committee understands that the team has proposed nine different stadium projects over the last 14 years, none of which gained traction.

Either way, the circumstances have commanded the attention of the powers-that-be in San Diego.

“At no point in San Diego’s history has the possibility of the Chargers moving to Los Angeles been more real,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer recently declared.

He’s right, because someone will be moving to L.A.  Probably to Inglewood, which intends to build a stadium that will hold up to two teams.

26 responses to “Chargers, San Diego committee to meet on stadium

  1. I’ve been hearing “new stadium!” frenzy since I moved to SD 20 years ago. First off (this time) was a big argument as to who can be on the committee. Now the local sports chat says that the environmental study will take 15-18 months if they do pick a site for the stadium. Good luck with everything, Chargers, just good luck, but I’m not holding my breath. These local yokel politicos can get nothing done on anything in this city. Sux for the Bolt fans.

  2. No welfare for greedy billionaires !!!!

    Let them pay for their own stadium. Even if the city could come up with some sort of tax to pay for it, that money is desperately needed to shore up police, fire, emt, educational, infrastructure and other budgets that are all shrinking.

  3. The ” longstanding stadium problem”, is that San Diego taxpayers have been fleeced enough by the Chargers already and have stood their ground.

  4. Interesting how San Diego and St. Louis are forming “committees” and “task forces”, but not submitting legislation or taking local government action to actually line up the financing necessary to build the new stadium. Really, the headlines should say: “Local authorities taking action to cover their posteriors before the next election after they are unable to line up stadium financing”.

  5. San Diego has been swimming in red ink for years and the Public does not have the money to fund a new Stadium to help fill the coffers of Billionaires.One owner and the NFL,
    continue to hold the threat of a move to LA, over every ones heads.Two teams have already failed in LA and to move a third there, would ultimately fail in 5-7 years and the new Stadium in LA would be swimming in red ink.There are far too many people in LA that have come from other parts of the nation and would only support those teams when they came to town.That would never be enough to fund the Franchise.The LA Public would not support PS Licenses and would much rather go to the beach.The NFL is beating a dead horse here and time will prove it to be so.

  6. The chances remain low for most bolt fans that we’ll get a new stadium and keep our team. But there’s still hope.

    The city and the Chargers need to find a way to get the Chargers a new stadium, somehow, someway. Don’t let yet another sports team slip away and our town become less and less relevant as a major city.

  7. San Diego’s game-attending population isn’t made up of low income residents. It’s expensive to live there. In spite of local governmental stupidity, it’s taxpayers can afford to foot some of the bill.

  8. Hey Raider morons,

    The Bolts outdraw you every year even though their stadium is just as bad as your stench bowl! At least
    they don’t tarp their stadium

  9. Many politicians have tried to work with the Chargers over the years…and they all come away with the same thought. DO the Chargers really WANT to stay?

    Fabiani has seemed more interested in being an obstructionist and doomsday player than bringing honest solutions to the table.

    Will be very interesting to see what comes from this meeting and if the tenor changes.

  10. Why does everyone say “LA is full of transplants that won’t support a local team” those transplants are going to buy a ton of tickets to see their teams come to LA, like the Cowboys. Steelers, Packers, Patriots, Browns, I have been going to Charger games for years and half the stadium is full of those transplants.

  11. It’s crazy to think that a city like San Diego cannot host a Super Bowl, but cities like Indianapolis, Houston and Minneapolis can. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend 3 or 4 days in San Diego in late January/early February than Indianapolis, Houston, or Minneapolis.

  12. I’m a transplanted Vikings fan living here in San Diego. The city has had recent financial problems and is just now coming out of the red.

    That said, Spanos (bolts owner) and the NFL (12 billion a year in just TV revenue alone) should foot the bill to have a stadium in the best climate in the U.S. and host the superbowl here often.

    The NFL is a greedy bunch and could easily leave cities and their taxpayers out of the equation. Ask a Minneapolis resident how they feel about paying for their new stadium.

  13. Charger fans are being pulled in every direction.

    Environmentalists will forever find a way to scuttle a new stadium rebuild. There will be some snail that will be “distressed” because of construction noises.

    Sports enthusiasts won’t care what it costs the city.

    Investors want returns on the investments.

    The NFL won’t want to lose a team in what is arguably one of the best regions to play in. (No, I do not live in San Diego)

    And lastly are the politicians who want to be everything to everybody but end up being nothing to anybody.

  14. chargers to mexico city..rams to join arsenal at the emirates stadium.. jags to craven cottage they might fill 26K.. and the browns as usual are going nowhere.

  15. Time the Chargers fire Fabini. He was hired to find a way to get a stadium built but it’s been 14 years and no progress. It’s his job to make sure it’s viable for the city and the Chargers but has yet to come up with a good plan. 9 plans all turned down. Think about it…when a plan does pass and a a stadium does get built, what does Fabini do now? He was brought in to build a stadium. He’s just milking the Spanos as much as he can before they break and move to LA.

  16. The team is worth much more if located in LA and the owner naturally is very aware of that. If a new stadium for the Chargers could be done it would have been done years ago.

  17. It must really suck to be a 49er fan living in L.A. now that they’ve become a tire fire, and having to look at all the Raider fans down there.

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