McCown to meet with a team in Indy, make other visits from there


So with quarterback Josh McCown visiting the Bills on Monday and leaving without talking numbers, what’s next for McCown?

While the specific identity of other teams isn’t yet known, here’s what is.  Per a league source, McCown will meet with a team in Indianapolis at the Scouting Combine.  He then may meet with other teams at their facilities, after the Scouting Combine ends.  There’s a chance something will happen in the interim that causes him to agree to terms, with the Bills or another interested team.

So why would he meet with one team in Indy and the others ideally at their facilities?  Maybe the team he’ll meet with in Indy is a team whose facilities he’s familiar with.  Like, say, the Bears.

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  1. The Bears could do a lot worse and the guy wanted to re-sign with the Bears before Lovie wrote a dumb check for him…

  2. Would have rather had him last year than Cutler……but that ship has sailed. We need a young QB to replace Cutler. Good luck to McCown wherever he goes. I don’t think Chicago makes sense.

  3. FOUR articles about Josh McCown on PFT just this morning! It’s almost like they’re working as his publicist, just as when they were shilling Mike Shanahan as the top coach available for every team hiring on a couple of months ago.

  4. Really baffled JM didn’t sign . Seems like this was his main shot at starting . Makes me think of when Kyle Orton turned down the starting job in KC to be a high priced backup in Dallas .

  5. He’s worse than EJ Manuel, thank God.

    But Mallett? Lol. No. He’s not the kind of QB for Roman’s scheme…he’s a statue and Roman’s offense needs someone who can move, not a poor man’s Drew Bledsoe.

    Garrett Grayson is the best pistol formation QB in this draft…he’s got to be the guy.

  6. how is a guy who looked good in 5 starts in season with the bears in such demand?5 games out of a 14 year career and teams are lining up to sign him? did nobody watch him play in Tampa last season? Lovie destroyed the career a promising second year qb for this guy?

  7. @scottychicago ,
    Your wrong McCown has plenty of connections to Chicago still. He was the backup for Fox in Carolina for 2 yrs and has worked with Gase in Detroit. Not to mention he is one of the few that seems to be able to get along with and help Cutler. Cutler (which we are pretty much stuck with for at least another year) has always talked up McCown greatly during their time together,
    I would love to see him back as a cheap backup that can also help groom another young qb whether that is David Fales or a new kid. Josh is like a playing coach.

  8. McCown is a GOOD QB when put in the right style of offense and of course have a few capable WR’s. He is to me a better overall player than Cutler. I would love to see him back with Da Bears and i would bet my last buck he would win 1st string QB over Jay “no emotion” Cutler. Cutler has no enthusiasm and as a QB that is a crucial element to the offense. At least McCown played with determination and confidence that propelled the bears offense.

  9. PS: It seems McCown wants to win while Cutler really seems to not care win or lose. This is the problem in the NFL today…once players get that decent contract with a somewhat guaranteed decent amount of $$$ …it’s all kicked back for these players. What i absolutely HATE in the NFL today is when a game is about over and you know who’s gonna win and who’s gonna lose…keep your eye’s on the losing team sidelines…you’ll see the losing players about to lose the game laughing and talking all nonchalantly about what ever…there is no passion about winning with a lot of NFL players these days….it’s all about that $$$. This is why i no longer have any deep emotions when i see my team of choice about to lose…hell if they don’t care about losing ..why should I? At least they are going home to their mansions and a bank fully loaded.

  10. No, he’s not worse than AJ Manuel, nobody is.

    You can’t blame him for leaving Buffalo, he couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

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