Evan Dietrich-Smith: Bucs were a toy without directions last year

At the moment, the Buccaneers don’t have a quarterback.

But they can’t help but think this year will be better, if only because they have a plan and a full staff.

Bucs center Evan Dietrich-Smith told Alex Marvez of FOX Sports and Bill Polian on SiriusXM NFL radio that the absence of offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford last year was a hurdle the Bucs were never able to overcome.

“We were really trying to find ourselves all year, and I don’t think we ever really got a foothold on that. It’s tough,” Dietrich-Smith said. “It’s like somebody gave you a box, and the box was full of things, with a picture on the side like a kids toy set.

And then you open the box and there’s no directions and they tell you to put it together. That’s kind of how it was. We were sitting back and staring and we never really got it quite right.”

When Tedford stepped away for medical reasons last year, they pushed quarterbacks coach Marcus Arroyo into a play-calling role, but never replaced the position.

Having offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter in house should help now, as he’ll bring a set of directions on offense that has clearly worked in the past.

Assuming they add the right part at quarterback, they might actually be able to build something this year.

28 responses to “Evan Dietrich-Smith: Bucs were a toy without directions last year

  1. Lovie smith, a coach for 30 years
    . Never once bothered to learn how to run an offense?

    So he hands it over to a 34 year old kid who got a battle field promotion?

    Fire lovie smith.

  2. Time will show that the best QB in this years draft will come from round 2, 3 or 4. Bucs should trade the pick and get a couple O line man.Use Glennon and pick a QB in a later round.

  3. Lovie should have seen that —- but his head is so buried in the defense it flew above his radar. That’s pretty damning.

  4. Another top player that Ted T let go from the pack to be replaced by one of those draft and development guys. Lets see give up pro bowl players for guys who can’t catch an on side kick and costs you a chance at the super bowl. Now that’s a strategy.

  5. Translation: Lovie Smith can’t coach.

    Last season’s disaster in Tampa falls directly on the coaching staff and as Head Coach, Lovie is the one to be held accountable.

  6. Top player? EDS? Please, he was just a guy and the rookie this year was an immediate upgrade. Say what you want about TT, but you can’t complain about this… 2014 was the best Packers o-line since the Ahman Green years.

  7. Gee it’s too bad the team didn’t have a head coach who could have done something to fix the problem! Another Lovie Smith operation. Enjoy at least one more season of failure and incompetence, Tampa Bay Succaneers fans.

  8. We are so quick to point out the player but fail to discuss the carousel coaching staff or inept coaching staff that is mentoring young quarterbacks. Not trying to compare their talent but their situation – Jason Campbell had I believe five different coordinators in six seasons while someone like Eli Manning had the same coordinator for the first 10 years of his career. That consistency is key to developing and to not give your ‘future’ stability just seems asinine.

  9. They hired the Head Coach…who brought in his QB…even before they hired the GM. After the season, McCown was crucified by the local media. Lovie? Oh, he just made a mistake.

  10. They have a lot of pieces and this offseason they are going to get a lot more through FA and the draft. They have arguably the best position to work from to pull off a worst-to-first transformation than we have seen in a while. They just need the process to put it all together, and if they do then they win.

  11. The problem with Lovie Smith is, he doesn’t know anything about running an offense, and he’s too slow to realize his defense doesn’t work in the NFL anymore, especially not with the personnel on his team. Guys like Brian Urlacher, Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks aren’t walking through that door. Oh year, and he can’t develop young players, coach up free agents, or perform in-game adjustments. Other than that, he’s a pretty good coach.

  12. As a long time BUCS fan-

    EDS has no room to say anything; your play was aweful last year with or without an OC, which is an excuse. This is PRO football and it was obviuous to us fans the effort was lacking.

    I see the Glazers giving Lovie one more year to prove it or move it! I was unimpressed and to quote Lovie “dissappointed” with year 1’s “2 and whatever team”. Lovie you are officially on the Glazer clock.

  13. The Bucs biggest problem is on top. The owners, the sons of Malcom Glazer, are a disaster. They know little about football. They know little about European Football (soccer). Manchester United is a mess. The Bucs are a mess. See a pattern?

    Blame the coaches, blame the GM, but in the end, the blame comes from the top. They are the ones who endorced an inexperienced coach (Raheem Morris, who went 17-31), a college coach (Greg Schiano, 11-21) and know a retread (Lovie Smith, so far, 2-14). All I know is with each coach they have hired, they have gotten worse than the coach before. We thought it was great to get rid of Allen/Gruden but I have to say, .500 in their bad years beat everything the owners have done since then. I only pray that Smith can turn this around… a lot depends on this draft and what happens next year.

  14. It’s hard to blame Lovie for Tedford getting sick and the problems that resulted in Tedford not being available. It’s not like you can just add a new OC two weeks before the season. It just doesn’t work that way. The Bucs only choice was to “promote” from within, and try to stay the course. It was a tough break…

  15. acurat, you mean the same Glazers that built the Bucs into contenders and eventually Super Bowl champs? The same Glazers that gave Tony Dungy his shot? Come on Man! Most owners don’t know jack about the sport of the teams they own. They’re businessmen and they’re running businesses. Say what you want, but they own the 3rd and 30th most valuable franchise in sports, worth a total of almost $4B.

  16. so how many of all of you belong to other teams and are just here slamming and shooting barbs because you love to hear yourself speak

    the bucs lost 11 of there games with less than 7 points
    two in overtime
    9 with more than 7 starters out
    and with no offensive coord
    they were better than there record

    this is the nfl

    note: compare there performance to the Denver broncos/seahawks 2013 superbowl performance

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