Jason McCourty prepared to recruit his brother to Tennessee

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The McCourty brothers were part of the same secondary when they were in college at Rutgers and Titans cornerback Jason McCourty would love to play with his brother Devin again in the NFL.

With Devin able to become a free agent next month, there’s a possibility that could happen in Tennessee and the Patriots safety said that his brother will be “definitely trying” to convince him to come to Nashville if he hits the open market. Devin offered no hints about how appealing that sales pitch might be, but Jason sounds unconvinced that family ties will wind up carrying the day.

“I’ll see what I can do. It’s going to be hard to get him out of New England,” Jason said, via NJ.com. “You know how the business side of it goes. We’ll see. If he becomes a free agent, I’ll be doing everything in my power to try to get him to Tennessee.”

There’s been talk about the Patriots using the franchise tag to ensure that Devin McCourty remains on the team if they can’t agree on a long-term deal, which is one of the developments he says he’s waiting on before seriously considering his options.

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  1. If McCourty isn’t franchised, I wouldn’t blame him for leaving. Most players get one or two bites at the apple at most. I’d love to see the team do a deal with McCourty, but if it means losing Revis, my preference is for Devin to join his brother in Tennessee.

  2. McCourty is in an awkward position. Revis is the number 1 priority for the Pats right now. That deal will be done before any others I would think. Only then will we see how important McCourty is to the Patriots plans. If he is franchised, then you know he is considered valuable. If not, then we know at least that much.

    The Patriots are a very tough team to read in free agency. Drive me crazy sometimes. Ok, all of the time.

  3. It would be a nice thought, but I honestly think that the Patriots will franchise tag him this year, and work out a long term contract with him, instead of Revis, who will likely get a 1-2 year deal. McCourty is one of the most under rated safties and he’s an enormous part of the Pats defense.

  4. How about the other way around Jason? We want Devin on our side. Why don’t you come over to New England and see about getting a ring for yourself?

  5. It’s almost a form of tampering. If Jason M. says he’ll do everything he can, which basically means talk to his coach and GM, the Pats could feel pressured to pay more to Devin M. Sort of like the Jets being investigated for tampering just because the owner said he’d love to have Revis. But the tampering rules must not apply to players.

  6. McCourtry isn’t going anywhere. They’ll franchise him to buy time for a long term deal. Even if they can’t work it out, he’s worth the 9.5 mil tag. It doesn’t have to be an either/or with Revis and McCourty. If they sign Revis, his cap number will go from 25 mil to 12-14. That’s plenty for McCourty’s deal. Wilfork is on the books for 9, Mayo for 10. Neither of those guys will see that. Either they both restructure to save 6-7 mil combined or their gone. I doubt Amendola and Arrington(benched in the SBowl) are gonna get 5 mil each either. Same thing, restructure or gone. The Pats have plenty of wiggle room to keep Revis(if he really wants to stay), McCourty, Gostkowski and Connolly(if they want to keep him). I think Vereen and Ridley are gone. They drafted Vereen’s replacement last year, and they have a history of letting RBs walk(BJGE, Woodhead, Blount). Unfortunately, I think the money that’s gonna be thrown around and the fact he has his ring makes Revis all but gone. They’ll be plenty of good CBs on the market this yr. Not as good as Revis though.

  7. If they can’t work out a long-term deal with McCourty, they’ll franchise him and figure out a long-term deal with him at some point. Belichick loves him and I think he loves being here, so it shouldn’t be too hard. I’m hoping they get a deal done before the franchise tag deadline and they can use the tag instead on Gostkowski. You can never underestimate the value of a great kicker, and I think they need to sign him immediately

  8. pats are going to keep 2 of the following: revis, mccourty, wilfork, or mayo. there is no way they can keep all of them, or even three of them because of their cap situation. I would bet they keep revis and mayo, but who knows what is going through belicheats head

  9. If he leave the Pats it will be:
    “Belichick is a genius for letting him go at the right time and using the money in other places.”

    If he resigns with the Pats it will be:
    “Belichick is a genius for keeping this guy. He really knows how to set a roster, who to keep and who to let go.”

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