New ESPN report conflicts with prior claim of football deflation

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Buried in the latest curveball from the #DeflateGate investigation is a brand-new case of ESPN-on-ESPN crime.

In her item primarily focusing on the alleged attempt by a Patriots locker-room attendant to give a non-special teams football to officials during the AFC title game, Kelly Naqi of drops a tidbit that conflicts with the report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that transformed the question of deflated footballs from a curiosity into a national sensation.

Regarding the halftime inspection of the footballs at halftime of the Colts-Patriots game, Naqi writes:  “One source said [NFL executive Mike] Kensil personally checked the PSI (pounds per square inch) levels of all 12 footballs the Patriots had for use on offense and found that 11 of those 12 were underinflated by ‘one to two pounds.'”

Reported Mortensen on January 20:  “NFL has found that 11 of the Patriots footballs used in Sunday’s AFC title game were under-inflated by 2 lbs each, per league sources.”

Naqi’s report is more consistent with our report from January 25 regarding Mort’s contention that 11 balls were underinflated by two pounds:  “As one league source has explained it to PFT, the football intercepted by Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson was roughly two pounds under the 12.5 PSI minimum.  The other 10 balls that reportedly were two pounds under may have been, as the source explained it, closer to one pound below 12.5 PSI.”

Meanwhile, the new report from ESPN ignores the confusing Super Bowl Sunday item from NFL Media insisting that some of the balls were just “a few ticks under” the minimum.  While the report contains inherent inconsistencies and was, as one league official told PFT in it’s aftermath, ultimately “wrong,” ESPN’s latest article apparently attempts to tell a comprehensive story about the controversy.  It’s impossible to do that without at least mentioning the NFL Media report, especially since the NFL owns NFL Media.

Then again, it’s also impossible to tell a comprehensive story without mentioning Mort’s report that 11 of the balls were two pounds under 12.5 PSI.

171 responses to “New ESPN report conflicts with prior claim of football deflation

  1. The real story here is WHY was Kensil tampering with footballs? The rule book clearly says only the referee is in charge of the game balls.

    Something reeks about this story.

  2. Bottom line….11 of the 12 balls were underinflated. Combine that with the another recent story on ESPN that a patriots employee tried to get an unapproved K-Ball into the game, which the official called BS on and informed the league. But really what will become of this? The Pats got another ring, Brady gets to sleep with Gissele, and my Browns are still a dumpster fire…..

  3. Mort is a lying POS and the rest of the hack pack took his information and ran with it to push their agenda.

  4. Meanwhile these reports are bunk and are meant to embarrass the patriots. Why? For the sole purpose of giving all of the ex players and fans of these ex players, therapy from getting butts whooped by patriots for 13 years!
    What you gonna do?

  5. I’m a Colts fan and I couldn’t care less if the Pats attempted to cheat. It’s not like they got away with it for the whole game, or even the 1st quarter. We would’ve gotten killed either way. This whole thing is so stupid.

  6. ESPN-on ESPN crime. Good one!

    Over inflated, under inflated, it doesn’t matter. Andrew Luck could’ve been throwing rocks and still stunk up the place. But I do appreciate the comedy that is ESPN reporting.

  7. ESPN on ESPN Crime????? Next thing is Mickey Mouse will be hating on Goofy!!! Say it ain’t so, Joe!!!!

    Please, no leaks in over a couple of weeks and now this? Not a story, just someone trying to get their name out there. Give it a rest everybody…let’s wait for the Wells report.

  8. Mort better cough up an apology for ruining the game. Any journalist knows to confirm a source, but no, he was too eager to deep six the Pats. And what a scoop! As for the ball that was 2lbs under, it was handled by the colts…nuff said.
    The investigation will show the other balls were within tolerances given the field conditions (Ideal Gas Law).

  9. Mike Florio continues to be a credible and trustable source. ESPN, meanwhile, continues to throw news stories at the wall, hoping they will stick. ESPN is slowly shifting away from sports and becoming TMZ>

  10. Mike Florio continues to be a credible and trustable source. ESPN, meanwhile, continues to throw news stories at the wall, hoping they will stick. ESPN is slowly shifting away from sports and becoming TMZ>

  11. I was done with ESPN after Josina Anderson tried to stir up trouble about Ram players not showering with Michael Sam. And they wonder why Marshawn Lynch doesn’t want to talk to these hacks?

  12. So we now have the “patsy” in McNally.

    Next on the docket is to discredit the news organization’s findings.

    Result: Sports fans will spread the blame around.

    Like The Avengers “Ultron” said… “You’re all puppets… tangled in strings.

  13. The worst part about the whole scandal for me, is that a lot of ex football greats opened their big mouth and now seem stupid in retrospect. You can’t believe anything until the dust settles and the truth emerges.

  14. 1 pound or 2 pounds, every experiment I saw in the wake of Deflategate-and I saw MANY-all with ex pros showed they could feel and recognized even 1lb underinflation.

  15. Funny how when a Colt’s fan defends the Pats, it’s suddenly okay. AH, NO, Patriots are still cheaters.

    And it would have been a definite advantage against the Ravens, affecting the final score, along with their other suspect moves.

    Patriots will be once again exposed as the cheaters they are!

  16. I read this article 2 times and I still have no idea the point which was trying to be made.

    Roger Goodell needs to be fired. There is no way this investigation should take this long.

  17. In-depth investigative journalism at its best. Did everyone at ESPN go to the Warren Sapp School of Journalism?

  18. Nothing about this story holds any sort of air. First it was dquell Jackson, then the Indy sideline, then the league was tipped off ahead of time, now it’s a k ball. Only consistent aspect of this story is haters hating on the champs

  19. I think the real story here is that we now have four league officials leaking information to the press. Wondering if any of them go by the name Grigson & Kensil…

    And, after hearing (four separate times) about the new, rogue K-ball, why didn’t the crack ESPN reporter ask if that ball was confiscated and TESTED? And what were the results?

  20. The while “conspiracy” went out the window the minute the Pats won the SB anyway. No matter what really happened does anything believe for a minute that the NFL would allow the champion to suffer any major consequences of any deed committed in their championship run? The most severe punishment the league would allow now would be Some low level guy will lose his job and the Pats will get docked a seventh round pick or something and get a $10k fine.

  21. The only people that think the pats didn’t cheat are Boston fans. Come out to seattle and watch a game fearthehoody. You will see what real fans look like. I have been to Foxborough and it is nothing compared the atmosphere in centurylink.

  22. ESPN: Who’s investigating?
    League Official: We have top people working on it right now.
    ESPN: Who?
    League Official: Top. People.

  23. So now the center of the focus is on the footballs used for kicking and not the footballs Tom Brady used in the offense.

    ESPN needs to tell one story and stick to it. They are all over the place trying to spin their BS garbage

  24. It’s time for another installment of: “Name That Movie”, starring the Deflategate cast!

    Grigson: Hello?

    Roger Goodell: Is this moron number one? Put moron number two on the phone.

    Grigson: Yeah Roger, he’s right here, hold on.

    Kensil: Yeeeah — hello!

    Goodell: I thought you told me all eleven balls were 2PSI under.

    Kensil: That’s the information we got Roger.

    Goodell: Listen to me very carefully. You and that other dummy better start getting more personally involved in your work, or I’m gonna stab both of you through the heart with a pencil. Do you understand me?

    Kensil: Yeah, you got it, Roger.


    Kensil: Oh boy.

    Grigson: Hey, Mikey… he ain’t mad at me too, is he?


  26. The Seahawks have the fans as the 12th man.
    The Patriots have Roger as the 12th man.
    See the difference.

  27. Another report conflicting with another report, every so slighty, ever so tiny… If you really try you will be able to stretxh this until the final report that formally conflicts wih all the other reports finally comes out, in a few more weeks…

    Oh no, this is going to persist a few more weeks? Will there be twice weekly reports on unsubstantiated stories conflicting with other unsubstantiaed stories? My sources say “yes”.

  28. If they can strip Lance Armstrong and Penn State of all their titles, then surely they can do the same to the Pats and Taints.
    The NFL needs to send a strong and clear message that cheating will not be tolerated any more. One way of doing that is to take away the trophy and title.
    Until they do, then don’t expect this to be the last time a team cheats.

  29. It’s laughable and ridiculous to even think that Cindy Brady and Bill-A-Cheat are the greatest QB and coach to ever play the game.
    As far as I know, Bart Starr and Vince Lombardi were never, ever once accused of being part of a team that cheats.
    That right there makes them the best QB/coach duo. That is fact and not opinion because since they didn’t cheat that surpasses any team that did.
    SB winning Pats* are null and void and don’t matter at all in the NFL.

  30. Right now I bet Bill-A-Cheat, Cindy Brady, Bob Crap and other brass of the Pats are sitting down and discussing what the next thing they can do to cheat and how to get away with it for next time.
    Brady: OK so now they will be checking my balls *Snicker* before and during games.
    Bill-A-Cheat: Yeah, and we can’t have cameras on the sidelines anymore.
    Crap: I know! Telescopes in the owners box?
    Bill-A-Cheat: Hey, that’s one idea. Keep on brainstorming boys. Keep the ideas coming!

  31. Let’s Review; Mike Kensil, former President of the NYjets, who was in that position when Belichick handed in his resignation, and openly despises Belichick is the one who went down to check the weigh of the Patriots footballs. Oh yeah, this a neutral, fair investigation.

  32. Mortensen looks really bad.

    In fairness to him, he may have been manipulated by a source who lied. Nonetheless, he is responsible for publishing information that inappropriately influenced many, many peoples’ opinions, including many members of the media.

    Mortensen needs to name the source of the misinformation (I think that we can all agree that if Kensil was the source then this whole thing stinks and Kensil should be fired) or be banned from access to NFL facilities for at least a year. No player interviews, no team execs, nothing.

  33. Think about this… The patriots lowly locker room guy walked on the filed which is unusual and tryed to give an unapproved kicking football that did not have the officials markings on it to an actual official to insert into the game.

    Since it would only make sense that the officials would check the balls for marks right before they allowed them into a game, why would the Patriots do it? Why provide an official directly with evidence of attempting to circumvent the rules just to get a kicking ball in that either you or the colts may have to kick or catch.

    If it is a common practice that a referee finds and they report it to the head ref, then why have the patriots never been reported before?

    This report had to be known by the NFL since game time… It can’t be new.

    This was either:

    A: The first time the Patriots did it.
    B: A common practice that the refs didn’t care about and usually let’s them go, but since this was a sting, they reported it.
    C: A rogue employee or one attempting to sabotage.
    D: Another false or incomplete report.

  34. Kensil is notorious as an extreme Pats-hater rat within NFL headquarters. He should be top of the suspects list, but fat chance that NFL objectively investigates its own. Merely the action of checking the balls plus normal loss of pressuring during a half of football explains the loss, now apparently much closer to one pound. Forget DeflateGate. It was and is FrameGate.

  35. How long have the Pats been deflating balls? Was the Colts game the first time?

    No one could have imagined that any team would deflate footballs to gain an advantage, but the Pats did. It make you wonder what else they have pulled. You think that deflating balls is the end of it? Think again.

  36. I think the nfl should supply the footballs for the games and not allow qb’s or kickers the chance to message the footballs to thier liking for days before the game. Then there is no problem

  37. Mort wants that Pulitzer Prize for an earth shattering exposé. He speaks the truth since he was there during this entire episode from the time the Refs inspected the balls initially to when the Colts look at the Int ball to when they inspect all twelve balls. How else could Mort be so precise unless HE IS THE ONE CHEATING AND LYING!

  38. Thinking about it more… This had to be a known issue since the game ended. Wells would have looked into it many weeks ago. So why leak it now?

    Does that mean this is all the investigators have on the Patriots in the end? An attempt to pass an unapproved kicking ball with no officials markings and no idea if and when that ball would be used in the game to either kick or receive?

  39. Patriots are Super Bowl Champs yet again! Nothing you haters type on your little keyboardswill ever change that. Hate away. Pats will keep on winning.

  40. Well this should be easy. Just compare the written measurements from before the game with the halftime written measurements and see if the amount of pressure loss is consistent with the environment on a ball for ball basis.

  41. Ah, so now this new report is supposed to be more reliable or accurate than the last report? That is, until the next report.

    There’s no reason why this “investigation” should be taking this long. If the NFL had any clear evidence, why wouldn’t they just issue a punishment to the Patriots?

  42. I still remain more concerned about the selective leaks out of the NFL offices than I do the leaks in the footballs. Someone has quite a large axe to grind high up on Park Avenue.

  43. ALERT ALERT..OMAHA,,OMAHA OMAHA,,,in 2012,,a ball attendant handed the REF the wrong football for a play,,a regular ball instead of a Kicking Football…and oh BTW,,I saw Brady drink VITAWATER on the sidelines instead of Gatorade,,that should be a 1,000,000 fine and lost of two draft picks
    The reason you jackoff’s are called losers is the shoe fits…esp when you get decked by the PATS.

  44. No logic to this report at all. The kicking balls are used for both teams. It could be used on a FG or punt for either team, and even if it was accepted by the official there would be no way to predict when it would come into the game and for what team, if at all. I don’t see any way to gain an advantage from it and if there was one, either team could have gotten the advantage.

  45. and how long was the NFL investigation supposed to take??….they are such a joke at this point that they have lost all credibility and no one even cares anymore except hacks who are looking for their 2 minutes of fame…fool us once shame on you…fool us twice shame on us…..goodbye with this nonsense!!

  46. the big problem with this espn article is her story claims the alternate official, based off a special team ball that never made it to the game, trigured the action by kinsil, WHILE NFL VP Troy Vincent already confirmed the Colts (specifically Ryan Grigson) notified Kinsil. So is Troy Vincent lying or is someone trying to get heat off Grigson? Interesting this story breaks while everyone is in Indy. She also said “sources familiar” with investigation, so not involved with investigation and may not even be NFL front office people. Her story makes no sense, because why would you weigh a special teams ball because it was not marked and again why would Troy Vincent on 6o Minutes confirm “Ryan Grigson” notified us….this story has more holes than swiss cheese, Mort must have been co-writing this along with Ray Rice’s wife who only slipped in that elevator and hit her head, right mort?

  47. Belichick is an incurable, habitual cheater and that is a fact. His whole career is one big asterisk. Pats fans know all know his “accomplishments” are tainted, they just have a tough time dealing with it so they try to pretend the cheating never happened. But it did.

  48. There are many people that don’t like the Patriots. None dislike them more than the organization of ESPN, a company who had spent the last 10 years verbally assaulting the Patriots, which at this point was proven to no avail. At this point, the best option for the media is for them to sit back and let the case unfold, before ESPN starts birthing a couple Brian Williams’.

  49. The problem with this whole story line is that no actual facts are released. The “details” are leaks from “sources” and there is no way to verify what is correct or not. I have no idea what to believe. This whole thing is a bonfire of the vanities.

  50. So… Mike Kensil was messing with the footballs, and is now outed as the source of the ‘leaks’. I’m sure he has a bright future on a used car lot.

  51. ESPN or the flagship of the cheating nation, continues to be behind the curve in reporting. Last seems to be another ball trying to be put into play by a cheating team staff HMMMMM! Wonder why a great team would do that? Let us ask unbiased employee, maybe brady? Saddd resume, cheat on!

  52. Hi haters!

    Its a beautiful day here in New England, home of the 4 time and defending SuperBowl championship team the New England Patriots.

    Ya know, the sun shines a little brighter when your the champs.

    Feels good folks.

  53. In the end, I suspect nothing substantial will be found and the NFL will create a new rule next year

    And then logically-challenged jealous fans will forever point out that the Patriots Super Bowls are tainted because they broke rules that had yet to be created…

    I mean everyone knows that the Patriots 2001-2004 Super Bowls shouldn’t count because they violated a rule that wouldn’t be written until 2006

    You just can’t argue with that sort of logic

  54. bspn manufacturing more false reports to generate more clicks on their sites. Who’d a thunk it ?

  55. So basically SOMEONE is STILL leaking information which may or may not be accurate from the NFL to ESPN

    Nice tight ship you run over there Roger

    It’s clear your employees really respect you and your mandate that they not comment on an unfinished investigation

  56. Underinflated is underinflated. Period.

    Another big question that has come up in recent days involves Aaron Hernandez.

    It turns out that a Patri*ts assistant coach lives right next door to Aaron Hernandez. Not down the block, not a few houses away and not on the next street but right next door.

    This makes the statements by Belichick and the Patri*ts saying they knew nothing about his behavior off the field very unbelievable doesn’t it?

    A micro-manager like Belichick claims to know nothing about his star players off field behavior with an assistant coach living right next door?

    C’mon Bill… tell me another one.

    Seriously, I could use another good laugh.

  57. Awesome, more leaks from the NFL. The fact that Kensil is involved is really disturbing. Kensil, who’s father was a past president of the Jets, has had a hard on for the Patriots for years.
    You’re right , where there. Is smoke there is fire….

  58. The NFL is hoping this just “goes away” and people get sick of it. Whatever further evidence the NFL finds will be destroyed before being leaked to the media just like much of the evidence in 2007.

    Known, rampant, blatant cheating only makes the league look REALLY bad.

    Goodell will protect his buddy classless-Kraft. No worries Pats fans.

    As a Yankee fan, I will be the first to admit guys like A-Rod, Giambi etc… are awful cheaters. When will Pats fans be big enough to admit the same?

  59. Remember when the NFL forced ESPN to cancel Playmakers, ESPN’s #1 rated show (live football games excluded) at the time becuase it didn’t like the way it displayed the NFL? Well, it seems the NFL has done it again. We will never know the truth. The coverup continues.

  60. Doesn’t anyone find it interesting that Kensil is mentioned in this? Former Jets employee in 2007. Worked for the Eagles in 2004….and wait for it…..worked for the Rams in 2001. Oh, I’ll bet he “personally checked” those footballs indeed.

  61. 1st report: 11 of 12 balls 2psi under…Patriots fans: Mort’s not credible.

    2nd report: 1 ball 2psi under, the rest “just a tick” under…Patriots fans: AHA! The Colts did it!

    3rd report: 1 ball 2psi under, the rest 1psi under…Patriots fans: ESPN isn’t credible.

    Yeah, okay. LOL.

    By the way, I get such a kick out of people on these forums who keep saying “Ideal Gas Law”, you know full well that you didn’t even know such a thing existed before all of this came out, and you still don’t understand it.

    Keep all of us laughing, Pats fans, you’re better than the old “Football Follies” episodes.

  62. Remember that time Tom Jackson claimed Belichick had lost the Patriots locker room? Or Sal Palontonio claimed Brady only gave a press conference because he was worried women would not buy Uggs anymore? Or Trent Dilfer claimed the Patriots were not a good football team anymore? Now Mortensen claimed 11 of the 12 balls were under inflated by 2 lbs?

    ESPN should be embarrassed and they’ve turned into a TMZ type outfit.

  63. No one is chatting up the fumbling data post the 2006 rule change allowing teams to bring their own pigskins on the road. The two primary lobbyists being Peyton and Tommy. Its amazing how once the rule took effect both teams stopped fumbling. Check the numbers, its crazy. An angle few talk about, how its easier to hold onto a softer rock. If any team knew the Pats were doctoring the ball, it would be the Colts. Both QB’s also cut their fumbles in half also. Circumstantial evidence all over the place. Once in Denver, Manning started fumbling again. I know just because you bring your own to a game does not mean they are deflated but one must wonder about whether both teams went Gaylord Perry about the skins to get any possible edge. That includes taking balls to the mens room.

  64. * <——– yeah

    * Reigning Super Bowl Champions. 4 time Super Bowl champions. Winners of more Super Bowls in the last 33 years than any other team in NFL history. The NFL's greatest dynasty.

    I'm sure that covers it.

  65. Impossible to tell anything when you have a commissioner who lies his ass off and destroys evidence.

  66. The reporter is an ex Boston Globe reporter who don’t have a reputation of getting things right. The witch hunt and nfl office leaks continue. Goodell has no control.

  67. .
    It would have been helpful if it was reported that after finding the game balls 1-2 lbs underweight, Mr Kensil then reinflated those balls for use in the second half.

    That was included in the original ESPN story

  68. Deflategate: What happens when you’re too busy trying to make headlines instead of the drudgery of getting the whole story straight and reported in context.



  70. I want Goodell to be fired Vince McMahon style. I mean right up in his grill and the words nice and loud. YOOOOOOOOURE FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRED

  71. So let’s recap. Former Jets President (at the time that Belichick snubbed his nose at the Jets) is now placed in a position of authority in the NFL by former Jets employee Goodell

    Magically these former Jets employees take an interest in what thus far looks like a set up to distract the Patriots in and AFC Championship game

    Now, although Goodell has declared no NFL employee should leak information, and NFL employee has again leaked information

    I’d say Mike Kensil has the motive, method and opportunity to fabricate this scandal against the Patriots and now leak additional information at a time he may feel the Patriots are going to get off

  72. Ok,when another leak occurs, the thing to ask is who benefits and what are they trying to distract us from. Here are my guesses:

    — as deflated balls are a deflating issue, suddenly we hear about a completely different ball issue– an unmarked special teams ball, suggests there is no real evidence on the original issue suggesting wrongdoing, and we do NOT hear that this new ball was improperly inflated, just not marked right.

    — who wants to distract attention? Obviously, Kensil, who now has to have a new excuse out there for making a national brouhaha. His job is on the line, especially if he went down to the locker room at half time in an unprecedented way and came up with uncontextualized measurements that mean little. He wants us to think he is not just carrying water for resentful Colts.

    — notice too that benefits to Brady are no longer at stake. In fact, how could anyone benefit from one special teams ball versus another. They are all hard, fresh, out of the box.

    This is all about ass-covering.

  73. “Reigning Super Bowl Champions. 4 time Super Bowl champions. Winners of more Super Bowls in the last 33 years than any other team in NFL history.”

    Wrong. 49ers won 5 Super Bowls in that span.

  74. Rule 2.2 “Ball Supply”

    In the event a home team ball does not conform to specifications, or its supply is exhausted, the Referee shall secure a proper ball from the visitors and, failing that, use the best available ball. Any such circumstances must be reported to the Commissioner.

    So….I don’t see any leeway here which would indicate that it’s normal or permissible for an NFL executive to tamper with the footballs at all, even if it’s just to reinflate them. I also don’t see anything in Rule 2 or any other rule which give leeway for game balls to be reinflated for any reason.

    So once again. Why was Kensil tampering with the footballs, in violation of league rules? What IS his agenda?

    Something stinks about this story. Really bad.

  75. still not seeing any asterisks on those shiny trophies or anywhere on ..WORLD CHAMPIONS

  76. The ESPN article smacks of being a takedown piece or at least someone trying to drive the narrative. There’s really not much new information. What is there contradicts some of what’s already been said by their own reporters and might also be unrelated. They also fail to mention some other leaked information. And then, of course, the “best” photo they could find of the ball boy also just so happens to have Tom Brady in it. That’s really subtle ESPN.

  77. It’s true that facts are not as juicy as innuendo. Ask Mort! He never seems to wait long enough to get the facts before he start typing his BS stories.

  78. Why would the ball boy try to get a kicking ball into play on offense,knowing that those balls are inflated to a greater degree than the others?

  79. – Illegally filming practices
    – turning in false injury reports every week
    – hiding concussions
    – tampering with players still playing for other clubs
    – messing with the equipment to gain an advantage
    – pushing the rules and running illegal plays to the point where you even take the refs out of the game.

    Where’s there’s that much smoke, you can be pretty sure there’s a fire in there somewhere.
    This isn’t rocket science boys and girls.

  80. there are so many leaks to this stupid story and they all contradict one another.

    the only “leak” I want to hear about is the official Wells report with actual facts.

  81. At this point I’d believe ESPN did it since they’re coming out with more reports about it than 2-pac has had albums since he died. I guess they have to do something until the draft since there isn’t anymore head coaching openings to be 100% wrong about.

  82. ESPN Reporter No. 1: I heard that the Patriots use cleats with a previously unknown spike pattern.
    ESPN Reporter No. 2: No word yet from the league on Patriots’ use of illegal cleats.
    ESPN Reporter No. 3: Bill Belichick denies any knowledge of rampant cleat cheating by Patriots.
    ESPN Reporter No. 4: Latest Cleategate reports indicate cleats may be ok but that League has not cleared Patriots’ shoelaces.
    ESPN Reporter No. 5: Patriots win another *grits teeth* Super Bowl despite cloud over use of probably illegal cleats and just being so freakin’ good all the time it cannot be just hard work and smart preparation that’s ridiculous!
    ESPN Reporter No. 1: …nevermind.

  83. Pats fans need chiropractors to fix their backs the way they’re twisting.


    Google the guy’s name – international news.

    The entire world know that forever news will include… “but the Pats were caught cheating several times…”

  84. Ok, so lets see if I can grasp (in the words of Vince Lombardi) what the hells going on out here?!?!

    So after the story broke about deflated footballs, we had dozens of former players going on and on and on and on about:
    -Brady had to know
    -Brady was a liar if he says he didnt know
    -Belichick had to know
    -Deflated balls are a huge advantage for Brady
    -Deflated balls are why they dont fumble

    Now, we are hearing that the only ball that wasnt legit (and for all we know it was a simple mistake?) was a kicking ball that wasnt approved. In other words, a ball that was likely over inflated.

    So for the next 4 weeks we will hear all of the same blow hards who railed the Pats for the advantage of under inflated footballs, flip 180 and now rail the Pats for over inflated footballs, for the same reasons as under inflated footballs.

    The longer this story stays alive, the less sense it makes, and the less the Pats look guilty of anything nefarious.

    After all, many in the media were emphatically saying that no ball would ever enter a game without Brady’s approval. Yet, now this latest leak suggests the ball boy decided to try to get a brand new, still waxy, over inflated game ball into the game because Brady likes the challenge of going from “tacky under inflated” to “waxy over inflated” in the biggest game of the year (to that point). If ever you are gonna mess with Brady’s game balls, it is in the AFCCG, right? This story has jumped the shark. People soooo badly want it to be true. Soooo badly need it to be true to feel better about their lame ass teams, but it just keeps unraveling further and further

  85. “Regarding the halftime inspection of the footballs at halftime…”

    So, to be clear, the halftime inspection happened at halftime? Got it.

  86. Between both Mortenson (a hack at the best of times) and Kensil (part of the Jets organization when BB did his thing, and hates BB for it), was this really going to go any other way then blowing up in their faces?

  87. The Patriots are the greatest team in sports history. Tom Brady is the greatest player in sports history. No matter who you root for in comparison your favorite team is terrible as well as your favorite player.


  88. This faulty reporting happens all the time. Obama ordered the IRS to target opposing interest groups, Christie ordered the bridge to close and flew over it that day, it’s supposed to snow 5 inches.
    When the reality of the situation comes out, the speculation still sits in people’s heads.

  89. And why would the fact that the ball “boy” who’s job it is to hand the balls to the refs be deemed “suspicious” enough for the former Jets President (at the time Belichick jilted the Jets) to come down from the box to the field

    How can Goodell (a former Jets employee) expect to protect the integrity of the game when there is none in his own office

    This scandal is now about Goodell and Kiesel

  90. When (not if) Bob Kraft files a lawsuit against the league, we will know that there is a rotten apple or two inside the league trying to either sabotage the Patriots or smear them because of a hidden agenda or grudge. Whether it is Kensil or somebody else.

    And the lawsuit is coming. It’s inevitable. Take it to the bank.

    There are way too many reasons right now to think the NFL is digging deeper and they are getting worried about what they are finding.

    As they should be.

  91. “Reigning Super Bowl Champions. 4 time Super Bowl champions. Winners of more Super Bowls in the last 33 years than any other team in NFL history.”

    Wrong. 49ers won 5 Super Bowls in that span.

    Going back 33 seasons is 1982 not 81 so the Niners have 4 since then not 5.

    But I concede that the Niners have at least as many since 1982. Hey I got no problem with saying “29 years” instead of 33 🙂

  92. So there’s no evidence of any wrongdoing by the Patriots, whatsoever, based on all the available information. Is that the main point of all these “news” stories?

  93. What was the psi on the “unapproved football”?

    Without knowing this all we have is more unapproved leakage of a seriously overinflated story.


    Pretzldent Oblama called for a STATE of EMERGENCY MEETING immediately after the NE PATRIOTS won Super Bowl XLIX. The Prez called in NFL Commish Goodjelly and says: ‘I cannot have PATRIOTS in the White House. Way to SERIOUS of a THREAT. They will start a Revolution and call it ‘BOSTON TEA PARTY II’ and and my @ss is grass. Do something about it – Now!

    Mr. Rodger Goodjelly called in Colts GM Grigson, Peyton Manning and Archie Manning.
    Goodjelly calls for a huddle and says; ‘Look Peyton, we have a SERIOUS situation on our hands and we need your help – You owe us one since we gave you those bogus PI calls in the 2006 AFC Champ Game.”We royally SCREWED ourselves with FRAME-GATE and we cannot stop Belichick, Brady & the PATRIOTS from winning Championships. Even worse is Kraft is now going to sue us for SLANDER and the Colts will be forced to turn over their 1st Round Pick to NE.
    But I have a PLAN; ‘ We know you can get to the playoffs but won’t get past Brady. So we have specific Refs put aside for the 2015 AFCCG and YELLOW PI flags will cover the field so much it will look like a YELLOW & GREEN CHECKERBOARD. When the game gets close and you have the ball, just throw to Browners’ side. We get you back for one more SB Loss – I mean WIN! The News Media will be drooling all over you for the next TWO YEARS they will have forgotten about my SCREW UPS over the past two years.’

    Peyton replied, ” Yellow is my favorite color – Count me in!”
    Archie replied, “That’s My BOY!

    Later that day Archie called Eli and said – You are going to play against your OLDER brother in SB50 and you are to throw some pick sixes and let Peyton win. This is his last year and if you tell your mother, I will make sure you get traded to Jacksonville.

  95. Failed with hunt. It blew up in their faces as if this would slow the roll of the HOF GOAT Pats train.

    Deal with it Colts and losers. You just added fuel to the fire. Mess around and got burned. Suckers.

  96. Serious question for Patriot haters. I’m being totally serious. Please read because it’s important.

    Do you think the World Champions are shining the 4 Lombardis right now?

    I think they are. I think all the 4 Lombardi trophies need to stay shiny. It’s really important. You need to protect those trophies and give them the respect that they deserve.

    So I think they should shine them all the time. Do you agree? Discuss.

  97. Regardless, there is an asterisk next to each of Tom Brady’s Superbowl wins and he should not get into the HOF.

  98. As for the fools that want to take away from Brady’s on field performance, your attempts only buttress how great he played with balls that were checked and rechecked.

  99. From the ESPN article: “Wells said he expected his investigation to go on for ‘at least several more weeks’ and asked that ‘everyone involved or potentially involved in this matter avoids public comment concerning the matter until the investigation is concluded. The results will be shared publicly.'”

    Right. Meaning hey Patriots, you keep quiet while the NFL office continues to leak incriminating sounding half-truths about you to the press.

  100. Mike, if Kimberley Harris’ office is not watching you and reporting back to her they are incompetent. And based on my dealings with corporate counsel’s for 30 years they are almost never incompetent.


    * BEST NFL TEAM in NFL History

    * Tom Brady – NFL’s GREATEST QB EVER

    * We are UNTO SB50


    * God I love those *****

  102. @inpakut0 says:
    Feb 18, 2015 12:01 AM

    Having an under-inflated ball makes it harder to kick. This report doesn’t even make sense.

    “Deflategate” is about only the balls used for regular game play. There was nothing mentioned being wrong w/ the balls used for kicking.

  103. What’s this massive advantage the Pats gained by underinflating the balls??? They scores 28 points in the 2nd half with “fully inflated” balls!?

  104. I may not be the only one who brought this up so I apologize if I’m being redundant. But I’m confused by this report.

    A few questions:

    1) What would the attempt to introduce a non-approved football into the game have to do with deflated footballs? Why would Kensil take the information that the attempt had been made, and translate it to: “Well then, I had better check the psi on the footballs!” with no prior reason to think the balls were being tampered with, UNLESS he was tipped before the game? This latest report seems to indicate that he made that leap. Which leads me to…

    2) Why is Kensil checking the footballs personally? Does he have reason to believe the refs wouldn’t thoroughly check them using a gauge, even if he directed them to? He’s an executive, why is he down in the locker room checking the balls?

    3) Is it at all possible that as opposed to the notion of a nefarious “rogue action” (good use of inflammatory language by the ESPN reporter), the guy simply handed the official the wrong ball?

  105. ESPN is acting as if it is an independent investigative reporting agency in reporting links from NFL sources, first to Chris Mortensen and now to Kelly Naqi. It’s not. ESPN pays the NFL hundreds of millions of dollars for the right to televise its games. Why are ESPN and the NFL being open and honest about the source of these stories?

    Pardon the rhetorical question. We know why ESPN wants to keep the sources secret but why aren’t other news agencies calling them and the NFL out instead of just taking their “copy”verbatim?

  106. 2) Why is Kensil checking the footballs personally? Does he have reason to believe the refs wouldn’t thoroughly check them using a gauge, even if he directed them to? He’s an executive, why is he down in the locker room checking the balls?


    Not to mention it’s clearly and indisputably a violation of NFL rules.

    When Mr. Kraft sues the league over all of this it’s going to be FUN to watch. Get yer popcorn ready. Watch those Patriot Haters squeeeeeeel like a pig! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



  108. Just to sum up today’s real “news”

    #1 ESPN now admits Mortenson’s story – which fueled DeflateGate mania – was wrong and confirm the NFL’s Ian Rappaport story that 11 of 12 balls were ACTUALLY within normal air temperature pressure differentials

    #2 Goodell has decreed “no more leaks” from NFL offices – so of course ESPN cites FOUR sources – all of whom are likely NFL sources with knowledge of the investigation

    So much for the Integrity of the Badge itself

    #3 Those sources reveal – NOTHING really except they only add confusion and inject DeflateGate back into the spotlight, and cite a “source confirmed” employee of the Patriots who handed a KICKING BALL to the official (and that’s a crime why?) – and that “it is not known if” the Patriots alleged employee had anything to do with the Kennedy Assassination or the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

    Good quality reporting there ESPN!

    #4 So of course that prompts the NFL’s “VP of I’ve got a Chip on My Shoulder about being jilted by Belichick when I was Jets President” to of course make a special visit to the field to inspect, not the KICKING balls used by SPECIAL TEAMS but (wait for it)…

    The PASSING balls used by the OFFENSE

    And of course the ONLY BALL that was 2lb under is STILL the one the Colts had in their possession

    #5 And despite having 4 anonymous NFL sources comment within this new ESPN story – the NFL has no comment about the story


  109. Oh yeah – and all this coincidentally happens the day that the Patriots formally file tampering charges against the JETS

    Near as I can tell Kensil has the Motive, Means and Opportunity not only to fabricate a scandal, but also be a source to try to revive the story with an ESPN story

  110. And now Schefter just turned over the apple cart:

    Jim McNally was given footballs from 2 league employees, one of whom has since been fired.



  111. We don’t care if they are guity, we want harsh punishments. Don’t ever allow the to beat my team again. Stop trying to throw facts out there, I’ll get my facts from the anywhere that supports what I want to believe. I would prefer not to use my brain.

    Signed, one of the sheep

  112. From this day forward, no one should do a video report of the NFL offices in New York without the Benny Hill music playing in the background.

  113. The name of the employee for the Patriots who attempted to introduce an unauthorized ball into the game is Jim McNally, a 10 year employee of the Pat’s organization. McNally’s assignment was to the Officials locker room ONLY…not on the field attempting to introduce illegal game balls…that was the RED FLAG event that caused the officials to test all the balls…What say Pat’s fans NOW? Crickets, we know.

  114. ESPN is now reporting the NFL has video evidence that their guy, an NFL guy, handed the ball to McNally, who then handed it to the official. Seems Wells has seen enough of the selective leaks, and was decent enough get the whole story out.

  115. skawh said: What say Pat’s fans NOW? Crickets, we know.

    Um in case you missed the story and the 165 posts above, this is not the smoking gun you think – unless you are suggesting the NFL

    So Patriots fans have plenty to say – and now apparently the ball was given to the Patriots employee BY an official to pass along

    Jealous fan epic fail buddy – nice job


    The Patriots make the Lance Armstrong’s honor roll by deceitfully creating mountains of brazen distractions. All sorts of guilty parties except the guys throwing the deflated under-spec artifacts. Now it ESPN the guilty party, then it is an NFL employee introduced as the guilty party and before that they went around and around saying that everyone cheats, this guy cheats, that guy cheated therefore it must be OK for the Deflate Gate and the Spygate and the Receiver Ineligible Gate, this last one even is worse than all of the rest by introducing distractions and confusions so that the referees cannot police players coming into and out of the game in the legal time with the numbers as it is customary.

    I think they are actually better than Lance Armstrong at the lying and cheating… and the fact is that they have been using under inflated and out of regulation balls since after the Chiefs destroyed them they made a decision they were going to do whatever it took and Brady at 37 likes an out of spec ball and his receivers and ball carriers catch better and fumble less. And the NFL has not even interviewed the top Patriots giving them months to prepare to declare themselves innocent, say, another MIT physics snow blizzard by Godfather Lance Belichick.

    What goes on between Goodell and Bob Kraft is without precedent; the favoritism and aiding and abetting is criminal particularly when Goodell destroyed the Saints franchise and suspended players and coaches and Sean Payton for a whole year. Several of the Saints had nothing to do with the BountyGate a state of mind that exists in football even to this day… watch the Patriots get away with this because Goodell destroyed evidence for them before (inexplicably and incredibly) so that the other business partners could not fully see how badly the rogue New England business partner cheats the rest of the teams that are supposed to be on a level playing field.
    As Marlon Brando said in Apocalypse Now… “THE HORROR… THE HORROR.!”

  117. Put a lie detector on Brady, Bellichek and the ball boy.
    Simple as that.

    Actually, just put in on the ball boy. Brady and Bill cheat so well they can like beat a lie detector test.

    Who cares about what ESPN reported. This is just like the smoke screen created by Bellicheck saying that the PSI increased 1.5 psi as they rub down the balls. All of that is meaningless. The only person that can lower the PSI of the game balls below spec is the ball boy. Any ball boy will tell you when the news first broke..the ball boy is in trouble.

    Instead, the Patriots are trying to blame the Ravens, the Colts, Mortenson, etc. Forget that, what did the ball boy do and why.

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