Browns expected to unveil new logo next week

Getty Images

The Browns announced last year that they would be donning new uniforms for the 2015 season and it looks like the changes to their look will go beyond the field.

In a letter to presidents of Browns Backers fan clubs, via 92.3 The Fan, the team announced that a new logo will be “launched” on February 24. That logo is expected to replace the team’s helmet as their primary logo, although it will not appear on the traditionally unadorned helmet when the team takes the field.

The radio station reports that the new logo will not incorporate Brownie the elf, which the team used as a logo in the 1950s and 1960s, in any way. Beyond that, it’s not known what change the team has in store as part of the overall repackaging of their look that’s underway this offseason.

It also remains to be seen whether Browns fans will like the changes to the team’s look, but we’d imagine they’d be OK with just about anything if the players inside the new packaging could find their way to a winning season.