Jay Gruden confirms Robert Griffin III is Washington’s starter


You wouldn’t think the pecking order for Washington quarterbacks would be that much of a question.

Of course, the play of both Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins has made it a topic, so coach Jay Gruden felt compelled to spell it out Wednesday.

Gruden said a few moments ago at the NFL Scouting Combine that Griffin would in fact enter next season as his starter.

“We’ll obviously go into season with Robert as our No. 1 guy,” Gruden said, though noting “it’s up to Robert to improve.”

Gruden also emphasized that there were things he could do as a head coach to help the process, as they’ve hired Matt Cavanaugh as quarterbacks coach after not having one a year ago.

He also downplayed reports of Cousins working out with his brother Jon in Tampa, saying that had no bearing on anything happening with the team. He said he didn’t know about it, and said players can do whatever they want “on their own nickel.”

32 responses to “Jay Gruden confirms Robert Griffin III is Washington’s starter

  1. I would like to see Kirk go somewhere that he can get a chance to compete and start. Chicago? Arizona? Tennessee? Buffalo? I really think the struggles Washington had last year were not isolated to the QB position.

  2. May have been best for the Redskins to say the competition was open instead of labeling one QB as their guy.

  3. Its also up to you to improve Robert, bro. You’re the head coach, quit pointing fingers. Take responsibility. You didn’t even have a QB coach on staff for your first season and still pointed fingers at RG3.

  4. Griffin has to run, and if he does, he will get injured. The Skins have to get a running QB to back him up so they don’t have to change their offense when Griffin goes down.

  5. Snyder says Cousins and McCoy will get a chance to compete for RGIII’s job but not before they beat out Snyder’s newly appointed 2nd string QB for the Washington Redskins: a life-sized LEGO replica of RGIII that Synder built himself during his free time during the 2014 regular season. Snyder also says to play smart because outplaying the LEGO replica will result in an automatic dismissal from the team.

  6. what a Jack A– why would he volunteer that I guess he’s afraid RG-ME would have a meltdown if he had to earn the job

  7. Mollycoddle the sniveling insecure little QB. Yup that will make everything better. I m sure if it comes to a competition between him and McCoy he wins just on sheer arm strength alone. Get rid of Cousins so the sniveling little insecure QB doesn’t have to worry about losing his job. Then the coach doesn’t have to show RG3 film of his poor play and wont call him out at press conferences. It will be all sunshine and roses and subway sandwiches.
    Good call by Gruden. Now they will both be out of town in 2016. One can only hope.

  8. Jay says he didn’t know about his team’s QB going to do workouts with his brother.

    How would he not be aware of that? Did he just get back from vacation in Bermuda?

  9. Lol might as well have said “Jay Gruden confirms that Washington plans to lose at least 12 games next season”

  10. Well, if Matt Cavanaugh can do for RG3 what he did for Tony Banks/Stoney Case/Scott Mitchell/Trent Dilfer/Elvis Grbac/Randall Cunningham/Jeff Blake/Chris Redman/Anthony Wright/Kyle Boller, then the sky is the limit!
    (And yes, all TEN of those superstar QBs started during Cavanaugh’s five seasons as Ravens OC)

  11. If shanahan simply wanted to take a swipe at RG3, he would have done it years ago. He was asked to talk about RG3 in an interview and he answered honestly; I’ve never known him to be deceptive (unless it’s a injury report), so I just think he was answering honestly.

  12. Good to get this out now. This way RGme can spend the next 5 months relaxing safe in the knowledge that he’s the starter not matter what. Certainly no need to up his game or anything with the guaranteed gig in DC handed to him once again.

  13. C’mon people….He said nothing.
    He didnt announce the starting QB for game 1.

    He said “We’ll obviously go into season with Robert as our No. 1 guy,” Gruden said, though noting “it’s up to Robert to improve.”

    ….And Robert wont improve and it will be Cousins who is working out with Jon Gruden “on his own dime”. Im sure thats coincidental (wink-wink) or some other QB that isnt even on the team yet.

    There is no way he is calling his starting QB in Feb. Its not like he’s got Brady or Wilson or Manning on the roster.

  14. I love the way everyone, including the local sports radio station has their panties in a bunch over this comment. It’s February, nothing is written in stone. Griffin has plenty of time to lose the job again.

  15. ragnarthemagnificent says:
    Feb 18, 2015 1:31 PM
    I would like to see Kirk go somewhere that he can get a chance to compete and start. Chicago? Arizona? Tennessee? Buffalo? I really think the struggles Washington had last year were not isolated to the QB position.

    You didn’t see enough last year? Lol The guy has CAREER BACKUP written all over him!!! No Washington has problems all over the place but that doesn’t excuse how poorly Cousins performed. That 4 INT game was the proverbial nail in the coffin!!!

  16. IMO everyone is missing the point on this situation. Kirk Cousins and Josh Freeman are working out with “Chucky” and Alfred Morris in Tampa. They will obviously be the starter and number 2 QB going into the first game in September. Colt McCoy is probably out. Because QB #3 will be a mid round to low draft pick.

    So what about RG3 being named the starter you say. That’s just to set the market for his value with GMs from other teams in trade talks leading up to the draft. This is could really bite Washington in the butt, if he ends up in Arizona or St Louis. Which are 2 teams that allegedly covet him. To match up against Wilson and Kaepernick along with their great young defenses, in the NFC West. Because if RG is healthy again. And stays healthy this time around. He could be lethal with either of those 2 young dynamic teams. Even better than his rookie year Washington. While the skins would be stuck with Sam Bradford, or Carson Palmer to compete with Cousins & Freeman. Ouch!

  17. First, to the Cousins haters – Joe Theisman had a 4-interception game against the Cowboys. He managed to win a Super Bowl. Other above average QB’s have had a game like this as well.

    Second, Ginger Rogers Griffin is one of the WORST starting QB’s when measuring passing TD’s produced as a percentage of passing attempts. He can no longer run for a TD but has also seen his passing TD rate decline during the last two years.

    Third, Kirk Cousins does not have a passing TD issue.

    Fourth, Kirk Cousins was running the FULL offense and executing well – Ginger Rogers Griffin was running the Playskool version with over half the offense removed.

    Fifth – Kirk Cousins does have footwork issues and needs to calm down and not try to win the game on a single pass. Ginger Rogers Griffin never ups his game is smiles just as much as a 4-15 loser over the last two years as he was as an 8-6 winner in his first year. And without Cousins, the Redskins would not have been in the playoffs that year.

    Kirk Cousins may not be the ANSWER, but we already know that Ginger Rogers Griffin doesn’t even have a question where he is the answer.

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