Les Snead: I can’t say Sam Bradford’s on top of the depth chart

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Rams coach Jeff Fisher said recently that quarterback Sam Bradford had input into the changes on the team’s offensive coaching staff, which were highlighted by the promotion of Frank Cignetti from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator.

Fisher said Cignetti wouldn’t have gotten the job if Bradford offered a strong objection and added that previous hints that the team wanted to bring in competition for Bradford weren’t about “challenging” a player that Fisher talked about as if he were on top of the depth chart. That approach doesn’t seem like one destined to make restructuring Bradford’s $13 million salary in 2015 an easy task, which may be why General Manager Les Snead went in a different direction on Wednesday’s edition of PFT Live.

Snead said that the team wants to have Bradford back in 2015 and that he plans to “chat” with the quarterback’s representatives about his contract, but stopped well short of saying that Bradford’s definitely the starter upon returning from two torn ACLs.

“I can’t say he’s top of the depth chart because he’s missed 25 [of the last 32] games,” Snead said.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reports that Bradford’s been given the green light to explore possible trades, although his current contract and medical uncertainty make it hard to imagine that too many teams will be lining up to give St. Louis assets for the right to acquire Bradford. If the Rams and Bradford can agree on a deal that cuts his salary while offering the ability to make some or all of it back through incentives, his return for a sixth year in St. Louis seems like the likeliest outcome.

UPDATE 4:26 p.m. ET: During his press conference at the combine, Snead was asked about the report regarding giving Bradford permission to seek a trade. Snead said he wouldn’t blame a team for being interested in trading for Bradford, but that “deleting” him was not an answer to the team’s needs.

23 responses to “Les Snead: I can’t say Sam Bradford’s on top of the depth chart

  1. Snead looks like a skinny Blake Shelton.

    And make no mistake… with the money the Rams are into Bradford for, he is most certainly at the top of their depth chart for as long as he’s on the roster. Not sure exactly what kind of mind games Snead is trying to play here.

  2. With a $16.5 mil cap hit I think they might have to flat out cut him if they can’t reconstruct his current contract. Then he can sign with the Bills once he is released.

  3. It’ll be tough for Bradford to throw outside when the new Riverfront stadium is built in St. Louis.

  4. #1 First Draft Pick 2010 – 6 years 78 mil 50 mil Guaranteed. 2015 13 million.

    How can other QB’s who have done more in less time be called a bust? Yet, he’s still considered a starter…. a good player?

  5. What if the Bears and Rams swapped Cutler and Bradford, straight up? Both of those guys could use a change of scenery, and the money seems to be about equal.

    Of course with Cutler being quite a bit older, the Bears might have to sweeten the pot with a 4th or 5th round pick on top, but I don’t see how something like this couldn’t happen if both sides really wanted it to.

  6. Maybe the Redskins will donate a couple more 1st round picks to the Rams so Les Snead can finally build an offensive line that keeps Bradford on the field for more than a few games in a row.

  7. Being a Rams fan I can definitely say Bradford is not worth that salary. On the flip side what better options are out there? I would take a guy who is familiar with the new OC over someone like Sanchez or McCown any day as long as the price is right.

  8. San Bradford isn’t going to take some MASSIVE pay cut to stay on that team. I predict he’ll take a small cut and sign with another club.

  9. Bradford seems like the kind of player who’s had alot of bad luck & just can’t get into the groove……I got see him moving to another franchise and hopefully blossoming , just like Jim Plunkett.

  10. Is he worth the Bills trading for him?

    Obviously I haven’t seen him play much since college, and he was very highly regarded…but two torn ACL’s? Was he any good after coming back from the first one?

    This is the QB I have wanted to go after, but the more I think about it, the less I’m sure of that…because I don’t know much about him compared to Sanchez, McCown, Locker, Mallett, etc…I’ve seen them play.

    The hair on my arms stood up when I just heard that he was given the ‘green light’ to seek a trade…seems like perfect timing for the Bills to make a move for their QB. (He’s not exactly a Greg Roman guy though.)

  11. Why would anyone??

    He’s exceptional at nothing.

    He only had decent numbers because they were
    in garbage time in 2013.

    He’s a backup.

  12. Unfortunately both the Head Coach and Quarterback are heavily overrated.

    Look at Fisher’s win percentage when he no longer had McNair. I know he didn’t want Vince Young and so you can’t put that on him, fine.

    BUT… Fisher has said enough this week to prove he’s committed to Bradford. And Bradford has done absolutely nothing in this league to merit $13 million dollars per year or the ringing endorsement of a head coach. Yet he’s gotten it.

    That defense better be ready to play or it’s going to be more 6-10 action for the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams.

  13. Of course Bradford is on top of the depth chart. Snead is just negotiating through the media. Or at least he thinks he’s fooling somebody.

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