New Larry Fitzgerald deal creates nearly $13 million in cap space


Wednesday morning brought word that the Cardinals and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald were closing in on a new deal that would lessen his cap burden and keep him with the only NFL team he’s ever played for.

That word was accurate. PFT has learned, via a league source, that the deal is now done.

Full details of the agreement are still to come, but we know that there are major cap implications for the team in 2015. They’ll get back nearly $13 million in cap space that was originally earmarked for the veteran wideout, who stood to make $16 million in salary and count $23.6 million against the cap under his old deal.

That money will come in handy as the Cardinals try to both get in compliance with the cap by the start of the league year and create some room for them to make additions to the team once free agency gets underway.

45 responses to “New Larry Fitzgerald deal creates nearly $13 million in cap space

  1. Makes sense for both sides; Larry wanted to stay, Cardinals wanted him to stay.

    This is one of the last big steps to take to get out from under the mistakes Graves made with deals that put the team in cap hell.

  2. So, they’re doing a short term solution now to save cap space only to push money for a huge cap hit in the future. A multi year deal makes no sense for a guy who is on the downside of his career, especially when there will lots of money owed on the back end. Since NFL contracts are not guaranteed, the Cards are going to cut him and Fitz loses out. Too bad he was fleeced on this “deal”.

  3. Lol to all you haters saying he was gonna leave. Not only is he staying, but he is only a 3 mil cap hit. Fitz will retire a Card. He is a rare breed and a true professional that believes in royalty.

  4. Wow. $13M in cap space back, and a multi-year extension. Bravo to the Cards and Larry Fitz and his agents.

    Larry needs better QB play to make his last years worth it, but it’s nice to see him finish out with the team he started with.

  5. Fitz has been the best example of what it means to be a professional sportsman today. He’s a fantastic role model, a team player, and he wants to win. This dude is already in the Hall of Fame in AZ.

  6. There’s a reason the other 31 teams were hoping Fitz got released. It’s because he is one of the classiest guys in the NFL and they were all hoping he would come play for them.

    I wish more players were like Larry Fitzgerald.

  7. He should have signed with the Patriots for league minimum to play backup to Amendola. Oh well, he probably would not have made the team because all Pats players are the GOAT. Maybe he could have made the Pats practice squad.

  8. Does anyone but me find it difficult to stomach how teams renege on their contractual agreements year after year. I know of no other industry where this occurs. Especially one with a union.

  9. Sounds like someone told him the market for quickly aging and declining WR’s isn’t all that great.

    The draft is STOCKED with young WR talent that can get paid on a rookie wage scale and 5 or more better receivers may hit free agency this year (plus a few more next year)

    Not trash talk, just the truth.

  10. He is showing his Minnesotan in him. Class and intelligence. An athlete that gets the big picture is refreshing!!

  11. What a waste of his talent. Sticking around to catch dangerous flutter balls over the middle from washed up Carson Pudgie Palmer.
    He will regret this. I can already imagine the “if I had this over again” interview a few years from now on ESPN.

  12. Was looking forward to seeing Fitz play in the uniform of a team surrounded by like minded, top tier professionals with an organization that knows how to win and is willing to pay it’s players for their merit and contributions. While a Fitzfan4life, this entire drama has exposed the Cardinal organization’s lack of integrity and bush league management to the point, after twenty years, I will no longer wear anything Cardinal. It’s a travesty to see one of the game’s greats wasting a bright career in Arizona. The only winners here are Arians/Keim/Bidwill who should enjoy their new raises, but who will once again squander the gift from Fitz and find themselves in the same situation next year!

  13. Larry staying in Arizona shows his loyalty to one team which is very admiring and even inspiring. He plays football for the love of the game and the love of his team. Not for how many Super Bowls he can win or how much money he can make! This is why Larry is one of my all time favorite football players! Lots of respect for him!

  14. It amazes me how stupid some of these posts are. Fitzgerald would have easily been a 1000 yard receiver had Palmer not been hurt. His touchdown against the Eagles where he outran the entire secondary proves that he still has a lot left. Jerry Rice was putting up 1000 yard years well into his 30’s. Let’s see you put up gaudy stats with Derek Anderson, John Skelton, and Kevin Kolb throwing to you (Just to name a few). The fact this guy wants to come back proves that he’s already a Hall of Famer.

  15. I am a Hawk fan all the way. BUT, I have always liked this guy and how he handles things. You make millions, and to help the team and still stay with the only team you have been with, restructure, classy move!

  16. Texans need to find a way to do a similar deal with Andre Johnson. I would hate to see him in another uniform next year and I think that’s very possible under the current structure of his deal.

  17. A reply to someone claiming Fitzgerald is a first ballot HOFer.Are you kidding me?Based on what?

  18. pittsburghdamned says:
    Feb 18, 2015 11:11 AM
    What a waste of his talent. Sticking around to catch dangerous flutter balls over the middle from washed up Carson Pudgie Palmer.
    He will regret this. I can already imagine the “if I had this over again” interview a few years from now on ESPN.


    Total Truth. It sounds so nice that he keeps giving the organization a hometown discount, but what did they use it for? Broken-down qb’s like Palmer. Remember when they had Warner and they basically made him re-apply for his job every year like they really could have lived without him when in truth he was by far the best qb they EVER had (which of itself is kind of sad given their long history).

  19. This guy is a stud. I wish he was a Seahawk because he would be a great role model for some WRs who have some maturing to do.

    Good for the Cards and Fitz!

  20. @nard100, you may be young and may not remember that Mike Hart and Neil Lomax had pretty good careers for the Cardinals. But I would agree with you that Kurt Warner was the best of those three.

  21. Any team can say that. have good players but if the main QB goes down, it all changes. He must love the team and fans or he would run for more money like others have done.

  22. Haters gonna hate. The Cards did a heck of a lot better re-structuring this deal vs either keeping the original deal or releasing him out right. You have to understand, Keim is fixing all the bad contracts left by Graves. Not the current FO fault, they just trying to get out from under this ridiculous contract these people threw out there.

  23. Im loving this not only has the cards front office but the players as well these past few years have been coming with this were all in for the ring attitude and to be honest I can’t see them being denied ther opertunnitiy again #injury I have no doubt the cap will be put to good use now docket and dwash r coming back lets focus on the oline and offensive rythm mabey a Ap/frank gore signing lol who knows what steve kiem and these guys can get done this year

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