Oddsmaker’s early 2015 NFL win totals: Seahawks, Patriots lead list, Raiders bring up the rear


Though free agency is still 20 days away, and though the draft is still more than two months away, 2015 NFL win totals are already available for betting in Nevada, with the CG Technology sports books putting up the propositions last week.

The bets require gamblers to choose whether a club will finish OVER or UNDER a given win total. The stronger the team is perceived, the higher the win total.

As you might expect, the Patriots and Seahawks have the highest 2015 win totals, with the Super Bowl 49 competitors both having Over-Unders of 11.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Raiders have a league-low total of 4.5, with the Buccaneers and Titans not much better at five apiece.

The totals for some clubs figure to change after free agency and the draft. Also, more sports books will set their own totals once the major offseason events are in the books.

Here are CG’s 2015 win totals for all 32 teams as of February 13:

New England: 11
Seattle: 11

Green Bay: 10.5

Denver: 10

Dallas: 9.5
Indianapolis: 9.5

Baltimore: 9
New Orleans: 9
Philadelphia: 9

Atlanta: 8.5
Buffalo: 8.5
Carolina: 8.5
Cincinnati: 8.5
Detroit: 8.5
Houston: 8.5
Kansas City: 8.5
Pittsburgh: 8.5
San Diego: 8.5
San Francisco: 8.5

Arizona: 8
Miami: 8
N.Y. Giants: 8

St. Louis: 7.5

Chicago: 7

Minnesota: 6.5
N.Y. Jets: 6.5

Cleveland: 6
Washington: 6

Jacksonville: 5.5

Tampa Bay: 5
Tennessee: 5

Oakland: 4.5

Finally, for those interested, here’s a link to the 2014 season-opening win totals from CG.

93 responses to “Oddsmaker’s early 2015 NFL win totals: Seahawks, Patriots lead list, Raiders bring up the rear

  1. Take the under 8.5 for San Francisco. They’ll get 4 or 5 losses from their own division alone.

  2. Jack Del Rio and the Oakland Raiders are going to punk some folks. They’ll be a hard hitting squad all year. Latavius Murray will run for 1,500 yards. They will sweep the Donkey’s!

  3. Patriots I predict will have a 13-3 record in 2015 with losses to Miami, NYG, and Houston (it’s in Houston I think and the Pats always have one stinker.) I think the surprise team of this year will either be the Redskins, Bills, or Raiders. The disappointment team will either be the Chargers, Saints, or Steelers. My bold predictions for next year is that the Ravens somehow get the number 2 seed and the Miami Dolphins grab the number 6 seed in the 2015-2016 playoffs after finishing with a 10-6 record.

  4. So they mostly make these pics based on last year. Kind of like every media members’ SB predictions. Nobody goes out on a limb. Everybody looks at last year for next year’s prediction. Like how in 2006, everybody had the Saints as a 3-5 win team, but they went 10-6 & deep in the playoffs. So yeah, BS.

  5. Take the Giants and the over and book your 2016 vacation. Lock of the year. If you want to make that a 3 week vacation as opposed to 2 then also take the cowboys and the under.

  6. I would feel faily confident in betting the under for Dallas, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Philly in the 9.5-9 win slot. Not bashing those teams, but seems like a safer bet that those teams wont hit 10 wins.

  7. Obviously, before free agency you’re not gonna know how teams are gonna shape up, but I’d take the Raiders over 4.5. If they spend their money well, they can win 7 gms. That division is gonna be down this year.

    Strange the Cards won 11 gms with no QB and the 12th hardest schedule last year and their o/u is only 8. That’s a puzzler.

  8. Fans forget that the Saints have one of the highest winning percentages (probably Top 5) in the entire league since 2006

  9. championshipcentral says: Feb 18, 2015 7:11 PM

    Raiders fans are just happy their team got mentioned.
    We are, but it’s not uncommon. Raider stories draw a lot of page hits. PFT loves Raider fans and Raider trolls.

  10. a cheap shot on LeVeon Bell is the only reason you aren’t proclaiming Pittsburgh as the new dynasty in the making, and instead all we read about are Belicheat, Brady, and cheating.

    Also Arizona is slighted, former Steeler coach Arians has them on the warpath. Get with the game Vegas, Black and Gold POWER!

  11. Taking the Under on the Bears at 7 Wins seems like a win to me….they’ll be lucky to win 5, and they probably hope it’s not that many.

  12. Steelers ceiling is 10 wins. They’re not playing the AFC and NFC South this year, but the #1 schedule. At least on paper. They have one good player on defense(Timmons), and 10 jags.

  13. funny how I live in Nevada and best i could find was the Raiders at 6 wins….please let me know where this is a reality…almost like when you guys posting Raiders are 600-1 odds to win the superbowl. All I could find is 100 to 1.

  14. also take the under on the astericks. This is the last season for Brady and Belicheat as both retire at the end of next season.

    And the league will take its revenge on New England next season.

  15. Football fans gobble up predictions, don’t they? I know it’s fun… but it’s useless and meaningless. Look at these “win totals” predictions. Pretty much follows what happened last season, and we KNOW nothing much changes year-to-year, right? Right? ? (Except the Patriots will have a good year)

  16. Wow, Redskins at 6? I’m a HUGE Skins fan, but no way they even sniff 6 wins, especially with RG3 already being named the starter. Time to take out a 2nd mortgage and bet the farm on the under! Signed, a soon to be very rich Redskins fan.

  17. Definitely take the under on asterisks. Never seen one. The visions in your head don’t count.

  18. Every year the same lazy sports world picks the Raiders to finish with the worst record in the league, and despite how bad the past 12 years have been, that’s only happened once in that span, including this year when they spotted everyone a 10 game lead. Stop being lazy, and stop using the same tired Raiders punchlines. Are they a bad team? Yes. Have they been the worst team in the NFL recently? Not hardly

  19. I don’t think it’ll be either of them honestly. I think we’re in for a surprise from somebody next year.

  20. As a Seahawks fan…. I’d take the Cardnal’s Over all day.

    They had more wins last year with the most injuries and other issues. They are looking at 10 this year.


  21. Minnesota – 6.5

    They must have multiplied the alcohol content of the beer served in the Humpty Dump (3.2%) by 2,

    Nothing like a crisp fall afternoon in Minneapolis, tailgating on a parking ramp where you are prohibited from grilling and subjected to exhaust fumes.

    They sure know how to party in the “Land of A Thousand Mistakes!”

    By the way, 6.5 is the over/under in Vegas for number of millions of dollars the new stadium goes over budget because the Wilfs’ are up to their same old shenanigans with their “partners”. Look it up.

  22. I guess vegas took in account for Goodell being commish allowing the patriots to cheat once again going strong for almost a decade now. What do you think professor doucheshotdogs?

  23. The Vikings played a 4th place schedule and squeaked out 7 wins against teams that had a combined 34-77-1 record. With a 3rd place schedule this year, 6.5 is an impossible reach. Take the under all day!

  24. They thought highly of the Saints last year and we saw how that turned out. I wonder why they rank them high again this year?

  25. Vikings at 6.5? No way,they went from Bottom 5 defense to middle of the pack last year. Probably get ad back. Bridgewater another year under his belt, and a few good draft picks. I put them at 8 or 8.5

  26. The Viking trolls have the opportunity to be loud and proud. What better way to demonstrate their certainty of a dynasty than by selling their homes and betting it all on the Vikings “over.” Come on…..show us what you’re made of, and good luck!

  27. Raiders got 4 last year with the toughest schedule in the NFL and Dennis Allen for half the year. I think there’s a good chance they go over 4.5

  28. Vikings over 6.5 is easy money. They won 7 last year, with half the o-line injured, no AP, Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder combining for three games, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

  29. Interesting. That’s the same over/under they had for the Vikings last year. Despite losing their best player after Week 1 and their starting quarterback in Week 3, they got the over. Now they have stability at quarterback, Adrian Peterson will probably be back, and the players have learned the offense and defense. I won a nice chunk of change betting the over last year and I think I might just do it again this year.

  30. Muslimponder says Santa Clara will never win 8.5. Maybe not. Now give us your wise-ass predictions for Foxboro, Orchard Park, the two Jerseys, Glendale, Arlington and unincorporated Prince George’s County.

  31. Took the Cardinals over last year, looks like a great year to take ’em again (especially with the Niners’ mistakes).

  32. Does the number 11 equate to the number of positive PED test Seattle will have next season since they had none this year and got bent over by the juggernaut franchise the New England patriots

  33. Give me the UNDER on the Seahawks 11.

    Carroll has lost a significant part of that locker room. Add in the coaching staff losses, which only compounds the locker room issue, the whispers that “Wilson isn’t black enough” divisions that were going around and throw in Lynch’s contract situation – all that equals distractions and losing a couple games that they probably shouldn’t.

    I think that nine wins is the likely result, perhaps eight.

  34. Queen fans are still hiding in shame after that brilliant Bostick signing by Spieladope. Its moves like this that assure them that dynasty of perennial losing seasons lives on.

  35. Interesting that Vegas is the one institution that seems to understand every year how good the Patriots really will be.

  36. These odds mean nothing although I will say the last time the steelers had the toughest schedule in the league they won the superbowl. Pittsburgh thrives off tougher schedules:)

  37. What are the odds the Patriots go back to back?

    That would be the first time a team has done it since, well . . . , the Patriots in 2004.

  38. I see the packer fans are in full troll mode, bostick was a good waiver pick up for depth, may not even make the team. Or webteach him to catch and smoke the pack with him. AD is back, defense is getting better, teddy will do nothing but get better, we had no Rudolph, injured OL, AD was gone, new coaches and a new system. So if we stay healthy we definitely go over 6.5 wins. Clown on MN but you and I both know they will be much improved this yr.

  39. Provided Peyton comes back for one last year, that’s close to right for the Broncos. I’d probably bet a slight over on them- they’ll likely go 11-5 or 12-4.

    I don’t know whether Peyton’s still got it in him to go all the way and win the SB, but for his last hurrah I’ll be happy with dominating the AFCW for the 5th straight year and sweeping the Raiders yet again.

    To all the delusional Raiders fans who think you’ll overtake the Broncos this year…23 points. Rounded, that’s the average margin of victory the Broncos have had over you since the beginning of the 2012 season. Also, 13 points. The smallest margin of victory the Broncos had over you in that time. Good luck climbing that mountain, Faiders.

  40. Patriots I predict will have a 13-3 record in 2015 with losses to Miami, NYG, and Houston (it’s in Houston I think and the Pats always have one stinker.) I think the surprise team of this year will either be the Redskins, Bills, or Raiders. The disappointment team will either be the Chargers, Saints, or Steelers. My bold predictions for next year is that the Ravens somehow get the number 2 seed and the Miami Dolphins grab the number 6 seed in the 2015-2016 playoffs after finishing with a 10-6 record.
    Why do Pat’s get a free annual pass to the playoff’s every year? It’s sickening. Losses to Miami, Houston, and NYG, not a playoff team among them! So much for GOAT.

  41. golforepar says: Feb 18, 2015 9:22 PM

    The Vikings fans are expecting a 12 – 4 season but will forget to bet on it. smh


    Vikings fans bet queen bay would choke in Seattle.
    They won.

  42. I agree that the Pats win 11 games this year—if Jimmy Garopollo takes over for Brady in the preseason due to injury.

    13-3, home field throughout, SB 50 – Pats vs. Green Bay. Line – Even

  43. Denver 10 wins hahahahaha they will be very fortunate to be a .500 team next year. If Manning comes back he will be very fortunate to play in 12 games next year. The window closed and they are in salary cap hell, they are done.

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