Adrian Peterson not yet committed to playing again for Minnesota

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Adrian Peterson has some misgivings about rejoining the Vikings for 2015.

In a story published Thursday night, Peterson told’s Ben Goessling he was still sorting out whether he could play again for Minnesota after spending most of the season on paid leave from the club.

“My wife [and I], we’ve had several conversations about me returning to Minnesota, what the best options are,” Peterson told “If I left it up to her, I’d be somewhere else today, and that’s with her weighing everything. It’s a lot for me to weigh; she understands that. But there are some things that I’m still uneasy about.”

In the story, Peterson said the Vikings’ willingness to put him on the exempt/commissioner’s permission list in September felt like an “ambush,” with the tailback expressing displeasure about how the decision was made.

Peterson was placed on the exempt list after his September arrest for injuring his son during a whipping. In November, he pleaded no-contest to misdemeanor reckless assault.

The 29-year-old Peterson can apply for NFL reinstatement on April 15. He has three years left on his contract, and the Vikings have expressed a willingness to have him back in 2015.

But is the feeling mutual?

Earlier this month, Peterson indicated he would be open to playing with Minnesota in 2015. However, in the story published Thursday, Peterson made it clear his answer then was marked by his affinity for his Minnesota teammates like linebacker Chad Greenway, not management.

“That’s where it comes from,” Peterson told ESPN. “It don’t come from the organization. I’m not in a good place when it comes to that.”

The question now is whether the Vikings and Peterson can again get to a good place.

203 responses to “Adrian Peterson not yet committed to playing again for Minnesota

  1. Under Contract? What option is there for him, other than play or retire? He can request trade or release, but if his contract marries him to the Vikings, there may be nothing left for him to decided, if he wants to play/get paid……….

    Can someone report on the options, assuming he is reinstated?

  2. Adrian, it almost seems like you are trying to portray yourself as the victim here. I wouldn’t do that if I was you

  3. Awww, he’s playing the role of an upset teenage daughter because he was punished for doing something wrong. So cute!

  4. Vikings were with Adrian win or tie… and thanks to Bumbling Goodell he tied. He need a clean start somewhere else, imagine how the heads would explode if he ended up in New England.

  5. Let me be the first to enrage the masses and scream from the rooftops at this fan. He’s going to be a New England Patriot! Doh!

  6. This really turns me off on adrian! The Vikings had to report to the NFL! He has himself to blame, and he’s looking for a vikes scapegoat! And I have season tickets to the vikes! He wants out!!!!

  7. @&&$!!!!!

    It is still unbelievable to me that the vikings in the last 10 years have traded moss, harvin, culpepper, and now talking about adrian.

    Why do I cheer for them.

  8. What’s the cap hit for letting him go? How big is his contract? Is a trade possible? Are the Vikings likely to play hardball with him if he becomes adamant about moving on? There are a lot of questions that this story doesn’t address.

  9. Are you serious?!?! YOU put the Vikings in a no win scenario, and than you have the pecan sack to get pissy bout the choice they HAD to make, because of YOUR actions? Get lost you loser!!!

  10. Given the details of the situation at the time – and the Ray Rice thing just weeks before – The Vikes actions were predictable and any team would have done the same. Sounds like AP just wants out of Minnesota..

  11. It’s not the vikings fault that he got arrested for hitting a child. Now I’m a vikings fan who wants him back but at some point he has to understand that the organization had to get away from him while this was going on. If he can’t see that then cut him or trade him and build for the future with an extra 13.5M in cap space.

  12. Unfortunately for him it isn’t his decision where he plays next year. Unless the Vikings cut him (or he holds out/retires), he is going to play for them or to the team they trade him to.

  13. Poor you! My feelings got hurt. Btw…did you forget you whipped a small child?? And you got paid more than 99% of us will make in a lifetime last year to do NOTHING!! Back up, sit down, shut up and know your role!!

  14. Adrian… You winey little b-word. Your fans stood behind you while every other teams’ fans were ripping us on every board on the Internet. Your team could have just let the NFL suspend your arogant ars. Without pay. No, your team paid you. Your fans took the crap from every other teams fans. You did something very wrong. Coming out and saying people aboneded you??? Seriously? Here’s a freaking idea a-hole. Have a press conference and tell your fans the whole story as you saw it. What happened through your point of view. Then apologize. Apologize to your family, then to your teammates, then to your fans. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT DISAPPOINTED US. I was hoping you’d be a man and apologize to your fans. Instead your arogant ars blames everyone else. I wanted you back. Not anymore. I hope the VIkings dump you and your stupid contract. The speaking up for Greenway was an obvious attempt to further twist the knife on the Vikings brass since pretty much everyone in MN knows Greenway is probably done here. Greenway, to you I say I hope you come back. You’ve been classy since day one.

  15. And this answeres why Goodell denied his reinstatement until April 15 (after the trade deadline), because it punishes Peterson by not allowing his desired trade, probably to Dallas. If he plays it must be for the Vikings, unless they cut him, which is highly unlikely. He is stuck because of his own stupidity and Goodells vendetta against him for causing another nfl black eye.

  16. So, basically, he is upset because after some sponsors get mad with the vikings suporting him, the team put him on PAID LEAVE? I get why he is angry, but the team was in a no win situation, and at least he collect a lot of money in the process. it looks like someone is using the situation to force a way out of contract and perhaps play in a big market next year, or play for a contender without leaving the fan base mad.

  17. I hope the Vikes have the bells to move on. Even though he gives us the best chance to win, I would have a very hard time ever cheering for him again. Move on and get younger. Nobody to blame but Adrian.

  18. Peterson shouldn’t be given the chance to play again after his senseless violence against a 4 year old. That being said, he’ll end up in Indianapolis or Arizona. A place desperate for a rb.

  19. You either play for Vikings get to go to Super Bowl or go elsewhere and not get to Super Bowl. With Zimmer and Bridgewater, Vikings will definitely be going to Super Bowl and don’t miss that opportunity AP.

  20. He beat a four year old with a stick! Many times! What does a four year old child do to cause that? Minnesota should be the ones stating they don’t want him back! A four year old!!

  21. He whips a toddler, the Vikings pay him millions to not play…..and he’s going to be a whiny baby about rejoining the team?

    I would say I feel sorry for the fans…..but they definitely deserve this. Ha!

  22. Adrian, Please realize that football is a business, and your actions put the Vikings Organization in a very difficult position. I feel that they have been more than fair, and paid you for all the time that you spent on the exempt list. They were not able to throw all their support behind you, because they were getting immense pressure from sponsors and fans alike. Now the dust has settled, and the Vikings are still there, wanting you to come back and be restored. The Viking Organization deserves that. Do not run from your problems, face them head on, and win back the favor and respect of the fans that have cheered for you since day one.

  23. Brady with Peterson in the back field. Do it Pats! If you win the 50th Super Bowl (next year) you’ll not only go back to back but you will also have won 10% of all Super Bowls!

    What does Peterson have to look forward to in MN? Not only will he have to look the people who happily suspended him in the eye everyday, but he is also going to a club who’s best move was picking up Bostick from the Packers!

  24. Has anybody ever played sting pong? It’s when you play ping pong, and if you score a point, your opponent lifts up their shirt, and you hit the ball at them.

    I was playing that game with some cousins over Christmas. Then, 2 of them decided to take it up another notch, and they played a game where the guy who scored the point got to hit his opponent’s bare torso with the paddle.

    I call that game “Peterson pong”.

  25. Oh please. You got a fully paid leave of absence. Quit trying to make yourself out to be the victim. You are the one that beat the kid.

  26. Lifelong Viking Fan, would love to have you back, but I understand if you decide to move on. It’s to bad some of the hipicrits who think they are above everyone else and claim to be representing the majority of Mn fans. These people think they are perfect and will resort to saying those who believe you deserve a second chance must also support child abuse. I actually feel sorry for the spouses and kids who have to quietly live with them, they are the real victims.

  27. dude, you beat the piss out of your kid… we all saw the pictures, maybe you can look at the situation from another point of view, other than the one from a guy who just doesn’t get it.

  28. Vikes paid him a lot of money this season to not play football and deal with his crap. Nobody else is going to pay 12M/y for him. Stop crying

  29. This team is on the way up and we get there faster with Adrian . I was devastated last September if you leave for good …. Ouch …. We need 28 for the superbowl run.

  30. Minnesota fans, get ready for 8-10 years of rebuilding just like my Niners did from 2003-2010.

    It’s gonna suck so I empathize with you…..

  31. If you don’t play for Minnesota how xan you rush for 200 yards a game if you can’t play turd bay? Our little sisters to the east haven’t had a rush defense since the Truman era!

  32. Let’s see, you beat your kid, weaseled out of going to jail and the Vikings paid you 30 million to stay home and you’re not comfortable with the organization? Pi$$ on you!

  33. I am a life-long Viking fan. However, AP wanting to come off as a “victim” really rubs me the wrong way.

  34. Loyalty?? What about us Vikings fans that have remained loyal to AP, does that factor in??

    Sounds like his wife is trying to Yoko the band.

    Come back AP!! the organization also includes the tens of thousands who stand outside in the cold in the wee morning hours before games wearing shirts with your name on it. Without us there is no Viking organization.

    If he spurns us millions because of a few front office people most likely not even from Minnesota, we likely won’t ever give him a KG/Torri Hunter/Randy Moss comeback.

  35. Nothing like a ego to stop the big checks from coming in, always a potential reality with the less educated.

  36. Damn! As a Vikings fan, I’m conflicted… I want AD back because the team needs him but the team needs people that WANT to be there and see something special in the works! I don’t think Adrian will ever feel that way again and now it’s going to be about a paycheck and “winning now” for him. I don’t see him coming back to the Vikings next year unfortunately and who knows if the Vikings can pull of a half decent trade so we don’t end up with nothing…

    I was on the ship that said we should of traded him before last season, his stock was high and the Vikes were not going to be a contender… it would have been great to start the rebuild with some great picks to solidify this defense… only time will tell I guess though.

  37. Why should he? The Vikings turned their back on him because of the pressure of the Ray Rice situation.

    What he did was wrong, but if I were him, I wouldn’t want to play for an organization that did that to me.

    Also, the Vikings are not going to compete in the near future. Peterson is better off getting traded to a contender.

    And no PFT Poet, your Vikings suck!

  38. You know what Peterson, I’m one of your biggest fans, everyone has said they want you back in Minnesota but damn, who’s gonna beg. So a few people in the organization may not like you, I’m sure there were probably a few people in the organization that didn’t like you before you put yourself in this position. So what! There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like for whatever reason. Man, all this stuff is just crazy!

  39. Further proof that AP is still viewing himself as the victim and not his child. I don’t care if you are a Viking fan or not, the simple fact that AP continues to act like he is the one that has been wronged here, is concerning at the least.

    I get it. Whippings were part of his upbringing and are a part of culture in different parts of the country more than other parts. But the “my parents did it” defense really does fall flat pretty quick. My mother was extremely physically abusive. Guess what I don’t do? Beat my children.

    The sad thing, in this situation, is the fact that this is now becoming an AP vs. NFL issue. I’m all for second chances in life. There is not a one of us that hasn’t made mistakes, but I am also a true believer in assessing actions and not words.

    AP’s action do not signify a man that see the wrong in his ways. His actions are those of an angry man that is feeding lip service to people and trying to move past something that should have been life changing and eye opening for him.

  40. Posturing to avoid restructure. Go ahead Adrian, go somewhere else and get 7M or stay and get 15M per the contract you signed.

  41. Time for a mutual change. Before the Vikes make ANY moves I beg/implore them to get a Priest & do an exorcism & remove this 50+ year SB win drought curse! THEN draft/well. Seriously.

  42. Ask yourself Adrian, if it was any other NFL team, would your outcome have been any different? You were going on that list, no matter where. But go ahead, let your wife decide your fate and see how that turns out for you. I think you leaked her feelings because they are connected to your feelings, too.

  43. I guess he could always retire, because it’s not really up to him or his wife. He’s still under contract. The Wilfs could always pull an Al Davis / Marcus Allen move. Sounds like a ploy to try to avoid renegotiating his contract.

  44. And this is to be expected…. Vikes are going through a PR campaign again to make it seem like Adrian was the bad guy because he wanted to leave….they know he has 6 plus years left and want to tame the backlash they will receive within next 3 years when he runs wild..

  45. Somebody needs to remind AD that he’s still under contract with the Vikes for another year regardless of whether he wants to go back. It’s generally not wise for an aging running back to sit out 2 straight years as the sun’s setting on his career…..

  46. They paid you for NOT PLAYING. They could’ve suspended him and then he would’ve gotten nothing. He should be thanking them, not chastising them. As a Vikes fan, I hope they trade him to the Raiders for a 1st rd pick.

  47. Greatest, bestest, most awesome player to have ever played the game if he stays a Viking. If he leaves, he is a useless, no good, horrible doody-head.

  48. Next time don’t smack your kid with a small tree and there’ll be no public backlash that gets you landed on an exempt list in the first place.

  49. I know he’s not the brightest bulb in the drawer, but does he really think the Vikings had any choice about putting him on the exempt list? Sponsors were dropping left and right, the fans were in an uproar, and he just thinks he should come back and play as if nothing happened? Every team would have done the same thing.

  50. Fortunetly the Vikings are use to life without Peterson. It was a blessing in disguise for that Franchise. RBs don’t win Championships. Especially ones that are due to make 46 Mil over the next 3 years.

  51. If he has a choice why would he choose to remain a Viking, the best RB in the game wants to win a SB and hes smart enough to know that will never happen in Minnesota

  52. Peterson has 3 years left on his contract. the Vikings want him to take a large pay cut. He has the right attitude to keep them for asking for a cut. Act upset and make them pay the contract.

  53. They should have cut or traded him the minute this story broke, 26 million is too much to pay a back and to pay him one full year for nothing is just insane. That money could have paid three quality players.

    “That’s where it comes from,” Peterson told ESPN. “It don’t come from the organization. I’m not in a good place when it comes to that.”

    I will bet he didn’t mind cashing those paychecks for doing nothing last year.

  54. His managers need to let him know that honestly most other teams would have done the same thing, or perhaps would of cut him. They need to also let him know that there probably is not a team out there willing to pay him what the Vikings are paying him.

    I like AP as a runner and I want him back with the Vikes.

    It is also a shame that the Vikings have not been allowed to talk to him during this whole process. At this point I am not sure what good that serves anyone.

    Other than then child, the one who really has gotten the worst shaft with all of this is the Vikings.

    Perhaps if they were allowed to talk to each other it would help the sides see each other’s point of view and help the healing process.

    Godell should just stop this whole thing now and allow him back in.

  55. Yeah, I can understand Adrian feeling. I really hope he comes back to the vikes. He will be worth every penny, At first to me it felt like Coach Zimmer and owner zigy personl opo\ Spilman had Adrain back. Then all the petihiole and racist start chiming in, then these three a got scared started back peddling. but, I had his back telling everyone sit down shut up let Peterson deal with this issue. buy letting the nfl dictae what should be done is lile having the fox in chage hen house. those in charge at the nfl main office. have no morel compass. I’m just glady Adrain took apone hiself deal with this mess. he is a true American IN EVER SENCE
    OF THE WORD. I’ve been a Viking fan all my
    life, where Peterson I Go. this is nobody business but Peterson and only Peterson.

  56. Let me get this straight. Peterson was aware of the grand jury’s ”interest” ahead of time, then blindsided the Vikings, his teammates and fans with the whole mess when it went public.
    Now he thinks he’s been treated unfairly by the team who paid his full salary while suspended for most of the year.

    Dump him. I want to cheer for a Vikings team good enough to compete for a championship, not a rushing title. Something Peterson was never able to accomplish in his prime.

    After this, there is no good reason to keep him on the team. He may still have a few good years left in him, but honestly, I see him now as a roadblock to future success for the Vikings.

    And bashers…. Lay off. This story is pathetic enough without you joining in for the chorus.

  57. I wish I could build an ivory tower as tall as Adrian can. He’s literally complaining about being put on PAID LEAVE for CHILD ABUSE. You’re right Adrian, how dare they?

  58. Im a Vikings fan from the word GO…..but, I am beginning to tire of this seemingly endless drama. Peterson wants to play in MN….then he’s not sure…..then he wants to…’s getting old. Make up your mind already!
    After the events of last year, the team, and fans should not have to bend over backwards, and kiss ass to get this man back in MN. It should be the other way around.
    He says he’s uneasy with how he was added to the “Commisoner’s Exempt List” . What does he expect…..child abuse, is a very serious charge. There are, very few, if any things that people place above their children, and that’s as it should be.
    Many Vikings fans are just now to the point where they are willing to try & forgive this man, and now he seemingly wants to alienate them again. Not a good way to garner the fandom’s support.
    I’d love to see him back, in MN….but if not, I’m not going to lose a lot of sleep over the deal.

  59. The Vikings can’t lose!

    Plan A:

    Get the best RB in football back on your roster.

    Plan B:

    Cut / Trade him and have the most cap space in the NFL.

    Plan C:

    Cut / Trade him, draft Melvin Gordon at #11 overall and STILL have the most cap space in the NFL.

  60. 1. He’s still under contract so he may not have a choice really.
    2. He beat his son causing him to be put on the list.
    3.He’s actually married to a woman and not just knocking them up all over the country.

  61. well it is sounding like he is going to be retired soon well at least his wife can support him either play and let your fans still love you or leave and be hated forever your choice

  62. This guy is a self-centered egomaniac that feels no remorse for his actions and continues to blame his current position on others.

    Any “fan” that wants this guy back deserves him and all the baggage that comes with him.

    If he instead said, “I am thankful for the opportunity to renew my career with the Vikings. I will do whatever is necessary to earn the respect of the team, my teammates, and the fans. If that means restructuring previous commitments in order to alleviate the process, I am willing to do so.”

    If I was a Viking fan, that’s what it would take. If not, I hope the organization has the balls to let him go.

  63. Wish my boss would ambush me with a paid vacation after I mess up!!!!!! Idiot! Time to go……trade with Dallas and get even….

  64. Adrian needs to get a reality check here. He is the one who caused this, not the team. A lot of teams would’ve cut bait the day this happened, period. I love the player AP, but if he’s going to play the woe is me card, I say trade him to Dallas. We all know Jerry wants him, so why not get a very good return for him. The Vikings hold all the cards here, he is under contract, and the notion some have that we couldn’t get more than a mid to late round pick for him are in denial. A team like the Cowboys, will give at least a first rounder for him, because they aren’t going to sign Murray, and beyond him have no one to take the heat off Romo. He is still a top 2-3 rb in the nfl, has just spent a whole season without wear and tear to his body, and will be in as good of physical shape as he was once he fully recovered from his ACL injury. Take the desperate Cowboys to the cleaners, sign Murray yourselves whom is an even better pass catcher and blocker, and take a stud wr with your 1st round pick and the best LG available with the other.

  65. Seems like Minnesota did fine from the running back position for a lot less money. Big dollar running backs are the least needed players on the team. Hope you find someone that will pay you.

  66. The stupidity of this man just doesn’t quit. The team tried to reactivate you and let you play and the public at large (and sponsors) lost their minds and forced the team’s hand.

    Not really sure what more they’re supposed to do. They’ve paid you millions of dollars to play football and you put them in a terrible situation. They tried to have your back as much as possible.

    Do you think you’d have been playing last year if you were with a different team? NO WAY!

    I guess not much more should be expected from a guy that tells a court clerk prior to a drug test, “I smoked a little weed.” SMH.

  67. You already lost lots of respect and man card by the way you beat your kid AD. The Vikings did what they had to do and you STILL got paid more money then most of us fans could ever dream of.

    The team and most fans want you back and are willing to forgive you as you admit it was a mistake. Don’t play hard feelings vs the Vikings or you are really going to be looking like the cry baby athlete on a pedestal who needs his way…..

  68. I have to LOL at AP. He’s mad at the organization because they had to make a quick decision over his abusive behavior toward his son. I guess he hasn’t learned anything during his counseling. Take responsibility for your own actions.

    If you don’t want to be in MN that’s fine. Hopefully the Vikings can get good trade value out of you. But the fact is you may not have a choice. The Vikings own your rights and if you decide to stay out another year because the Vikings keep you on the roster that’s another year away from football. Good luck signing on with another team in 2016.

    I hope after this statement Mike Zimmer changes his tune about looking for RBs in free agency because truth is Asiata nor McKinnon are not that great and as of right now it’s not like their WRs are the best in the league either.

  69. Quit making yourself out to be the victim; the real victim is your four year old son. You were paid more than 10 million dollars as you resolved your legal case, all the while pictures of your sons battered legs and groin were floating over the Internet.

    I love AP and truly think he is a good guy, but it still doesn’t sound like he is that apologetic or understanding of the mistakes he made.

    Not disciplining your child at all and letting them run wild is child abused too, but that’s no excuse to not learn that what you did was over the line and wrong.

  70. Well buffalo wants to win with a power running game, a great defense and a very motivated Peterson, that could be a very good old school football team….

  71. Wow. I don’t think he’ll be back in Minny. Which is too bad in a way because it would have been interesting to see how Teddy would have done with a top running back at his disposal. But maybe it’s a good thing for him to move on.

  72. Yeah, I agree Pride. AD whipped his boy, his 4 year old boy. Admits to smoking pot before his court appearance. The world now knows he has at least 4 or 5 children out of wedlock. One of his son’s murdered. I mean come on now. The Vikings had your back but when you’re on a slippery plank and the sharks are waiting, sooner or later you’re on your own.

  73. What?!?!? HE got his FEELINGS hurt? Please …
    with that reaction, it shows that he doesn’t get it! The Vikings trusted AP to act like a man and a father. Can’t imagined what’s happened to that kid since this became public!! But, this is the NFL and his talent will supersede any thing that he does otherwise!! Good lesson for anyone that thinks otherwise! People want to see football more than to see justice done to battered women and children! Sad Times, America. NFL=HYPROCRISY!!

  74. He wants out. He wants to play for a contender.

    My first gut tells me Dallas [if they can’t keep DM] or Denver. Could you imagine Peyton and AP together? Wouldn’t be fair.

    I have a feeling that he is going to come back with a chip on his shoulder, from a football standpoint I think this guy is going to tear it up next year.

    Still, I won’t ever look at this guy the same. Too bad because he had such a good image before, a lot of kids looked up to him.

  75. Yo-Adrian, if you think the Minnesota Vikings won’t sail on without you, you and whoever does your thinking for you better think again, you’ll end up looking more stupid than people already think you are…….

  76. He is getting bad advice. He instantly makes Bridgewater a better QB by forcing opponents to respect the run. The defense is better but had some confusion and let downs at critical times. Another year in the system will help them. Zimmer seems like a straight shooter and overall Peterson would be coming back to a good situation.

    He also needs to understand that he has no idea what pressures management was under. They did nothing to harm him. He put them in a bad position and bad things happened. But they want him back, the fans want him back and it will be a good team with him back. He should now shut up and play.

  77. AP, I have defended you every second of the way, but now you go and open your mouth and say that you unsure of coming back here. Why don’t you just come out and say that you’d rather play in Dallas. Quit BEATING around the bush and say it. The Vikings paid you millions to not play so you could work out your problems and no gratitude at all. Where I am employed in the real world, I have to work to get paid. Get out of here, who needs you. I am tired of your crap. You say your weren’t supported??? Think again. Go back and read the majority of comments, everyone had your back even though maybe they shouldn’t have. You sir are an idiot……

  78. oh AP, Why don’t you just sit out another season. Maybe his wife doesn’t understand he is under contract. The Vikings didn’t do this to you AP. On top of that I believe most fans and management have done a nice job agreeing to give you second chance.

    Rick- sit on that contract and make him hold out and miss another year before you lose a blue chip for nothing.

    The Vikes will be better with AP but if he wants to leave after the crap he has pulled. See Ya AP.

  79. I’m surprised every one of you here are falling for this posturing. This happens every year with players and teams.

    The team says; “we want him back, but of course we need to analyze the business side of it”.

    The player says; “I’d love to be back, but of course I need to talk with my family and see what is best for me”.

    The team means; “we want him back, if he takes a pay cut”.

    The player means; “I’ll be back, if I don’t have to take a pay cut”.

    The end result? The player renegotiates his contract, still makes millions more than any other team will pay, and both sides are happy. It’s like nothing changed.

  80. I am on the fence on this one. If he wants to go to another team, then the Vikings will take the draft pick, save 15 million in salary, acquire some linebackers and draft a running back……

    If he wants to stay, then it would be fun to see him with Teddy..

  81. Let’s ignore what both sides have been saying, and just analyze this like any other off season when a player is about to make a ton more money than the team wants to play.

    Vikings options:
    Pay the $15 mil. Which they can fit under the cap.
    Ask AP to take a pay cut.
    If he takes a pay cut, then we all move on.
    If AP says no, then the Vikings trade or cut him. He has no trade value. Cutting him just seems silly, as they can afford the salary cap hit, and they do need him (despite what some rummies here think).

    AP’s options:
    Take a pay cut, and we all move on.
    Refuse the pay cut, and hope the Vikings pay him his contract.
    If the Vikings decide to move on, and trade him, then he has to “hope” he doesn’t get moved to a really bad team, like the Browns.
    If he gets cut, his agent surely realizes there’s a chance he only gets offered about $5-6 mil per season.

    So, the best option for everybody? Renegotiate that contract. The player still makes millions, and everybody is happy (save for the few AP haters here. But who cares, you’re in the great minority).

    Cliff’s notes version:
    Read the recent article on Larry Fitzgerald.

  82. AP is 3-7-1 all time versus GB. He may get his yards, but the Packers get the wins. He can’t block. Can’t catch. Disappears on 3rd and 4+ yards to go.

    Minnesota, pleeeeeeeeease find a way to keep him!

  83. I believe AP’s agent (who gets money from the contract) will talk some sense into him. From purely a business standpoint, he needs to play for the Vikings this season. He can repair his reputation, show he still is the best RB in the game. And, if he really wants out, he will have trade value next off season.

    Think about it. He can’t even be reinstated until April 15. Many have said that is bad for the Vikings. Not really. It’s much worse for AP. What if he gets cut or demands a trade? It’s well after many teams have already spent their salary cap money. Next off season would be the time to demand a trade if he really wants out.

    The only way I see him NOT playing for the Vikings, is if the team just says “to hell with it”, and dumps him. And at that point in time, he will be lucky to sign a 1 year deal for $8 mil with another team.

  84. Conormacleod, you’re right with your comments about posturing for contract reasons. What makes this situation different is, by his own actions, Adrian is in no reasonable position to play this card. A man who feels remorse for beating his son in the manner he did, especially after having been paid MILLIONS to play for a season he really didn’t, should behave differently. I too loved AP and absolutely hoped he’d be back with the Vikings. Now, not so much.

  85. I can’t stop laughing. The guy beats his defenseless 4 year old, while on probation smokes “a little weed” and then says he is mad at the organization for not supporting him.

    And what I’m laughing at is Vikings fans, because the story above is tragic.


  86. rosstuckershair says:
    Feb 20, 2015 9:51 AM
    I am on the fence on this one. If he wants to go to another team, then the Vikings will take the draft pick, save 15 million in salary, acquire some linebackers and draft a running back……
    What draft pick though? What team is going to trade for him after April 15? Who will even have $15 mil in cap space still available? And what would a team give up? 3rd round draft pick?

    I just don’t see how any other team is going to save that much cap space through free agency in the hopes of acquiring AP.

    And after April 15, what would the Vikings do with that $15 mil? All the top tier free agents will be gone. I’m guessing they would just end up saving that money this year and go into 2016 with a huge amount of cap space.

  87. Adrian,

    Will another team pay you the same as you are being paid here? NO. The Vikings don’t need to restructure your contract if you stay here, but if you leave, the other team won’t take you unless it is restructured.

    Do you really think the Vikings haven’t already been considering other rbs?? I bet the house they have at least been scouting the rbs for the upcoming draft. They are being proactive and prepared if you don’t return. I would do that.

    P.S. Cry me a river, you poor baby.

  88. Being from Minny, he does bring up a couple of good points. First, who, within the organizaiton, is was with him and who was agianst him. At first, I loved what the Wilf’s did, they went out and supported their future HOFer and stood up for him. A few days later after the media set the story on fire, local and national pressure was so geat that sponsors quit (You feel me Radisson), and the Wilf’s fell apart liek a wet paperbag…sad day, and I personally despise cowardice. So Adrian has every right to feel a little betrayed by his organizations show of support to him. second, the fair weather fans of the Vikings, you know the ones, they complain about spending money on a new stadium, they complain anything the temam or one of its players do that meida paints the story for them on. what they don’t complain about, until its gone is the money these players, this team donates to local Minnesota causes. Or the fact that the players get out and do charitable work in the community. So these fans, the ones who are seriously in the minority, aslo have the biggest voice, at least to the media, and I agree with Adrian when he says, he hasn’t done one thing negative until this, and has done a lot of good within the local community and they way the fans reacted to him, and duidn’t “show him the love”, he has every right to think about that especially given his family will be here too. So I want Adrian back as bad if not more than the any of the Vikings leadership, but I do understand a couple of his points as well, we the Vikings and the fans owe him an apology for whayt we did as well.

  89. Joker:
    And, here…. we… go…

    hey, at least we don’t have to deal with the stadium issue anymore!

  90. What a jerk, and I’ve been a long time AP fan…he’s acting victimized (again). He’s the one who dug this grave by his actions. He won’t get paid like he did in the past anyways. Whatever…

  91. Yeah, it’s all the Vikings organization’s fault that you beat your son and missed the whole season as a result, costing the Vikings wins last season, and sponsorship too.

    And they still paid you $15m not to play.

    Get real buddy.

  92. “bryantrulen says: there is no loyalty in the Pro Sports and shouldnt be…. dont blame AP one IOTA!”

    AP doesn’t have loyalty to himself let alone the Vikings. The guy is no longer the poster child of the NFL and his personal life shows a lack of character-common sense that was cleverly hidden until 2013.

  93. He feels “uneasy” about playing in Minnesota.

    He sure felt pretty comfortable cashing those game checks we were cutting him even though he only played 1 game.

    Vikings fans are going to turn on him very quickly if he plays the victim in this scenario.

  94. Having read plenty of the Minnesota based media reports regarding Peterson’s current situation, I know that several simply demanded that he never puts a Viking’s jersey on again.

    Now that we’re approaching the time for Peterson to come back, and the team are making statements of being loyal to him, the same media outlets appear to be softening their stance.

    It must be difficult for a player who has a family to feel comfortable living in an area where the local media vilified you – with many reporters forcing their own points of view onto their readership.

    Thing is, no matter if Peterson made a mistake; if Peterson is a better man having learned from that mistake; will be a better father to his children; he still caused this issue himself, and should live with the consequences – no matter how uncomfortable.

    The Vikings have him under contract, and until that changes, he won’t be wearing any other uniform.

  95. If that’s how he feels, how can he be okay with playing in Goodell’s NFL? Probably time to just walk away from football, loser.

    It’s clear that AP sees himself as the victim in this situation. And that is just disgusting. Given where he is at mentally – his utter lack of insight into the situation (WHO was the victims here?), I am officially throwing my hat in with other Vikes fans who want this bum off the team. As NFL fans, we have to accept a certain lack of character depth from those paid to entertain us, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. AP crossed that line and kept running.
    Time to find a replacement for the most talented RB this team has ever known.

  96. Remember when Percy Harvin made it very public that he wanted out of Minnesota and forced a trade? Rick Spielman worked his magic and got a first, a third, and a seventh for him. Now I’m actively pulling for a trade and I’m very interested to see what Slick Rick can pull off this time. There are plenty of contending teams with late first-round picks that I think they would be willing to give up for a running back who has at least one more big year left in him.

  97. What draft pick though? What team is going to trade for him after April 15? Who will even have $15 mil in cap space still available? And what would a team give up? 3rd round draft pick?

    I guess the Janesville Gazette didn’t report that there have been up to 6 teams looking for a deal on him…one willing to pay the current contract…

  98. Time to grow up AP, did the media and the NFL handle this whole thing the wrong way? Yes! However, at the end of the day you are responsible for your actions, show accountability and be a man!

  99. My first instinct if I were Slick Rick would be to give a call to Kevin Costner or whoever is the GM of the Cleveland Browns and see how attached they are to the 12th and 19th picks.

    And in a slow, clear voice, explain how AP is the only missing piece from a Browns championship run.

  100. Please, please, please come back to Minny to give Clay a chance to clean your clock at least twice a season.

  101. No matter where Peterson plays this year (if he plays), everyone saying he will have a chip on his shoulder is 100% correct.

    The other side of the coin is there are plenty of DL’s and DB’s who are absolutely disgusted by what he did and would love the chance to take his knee(s) out. I’d bet they view the fine(s) and yardage lost as well worth it.

    If and when he plays, no matter who he plays for, I bet he won’t last half a season!

  102. did this guy expect to just beat the hell out a kid and expect society and the organization just act like nothing happened? is he many hits to the head. As far as I know, this went down about as well as it could have.

  103. So the Vikings paid him for the year, even though he only played one game. The Vikings were 7-9 without him, and surely would have won a few more games with him, which would have made them interesting for the playoffs.

    And he is mad at them? Dude, show some humility please.

  104. Screw him….he does that and then acts like we owe him for being upset, or the organization does. Just GO, you haven’t learned anything.

  105. Go play for another team and see what their fans think of you AP. I’m sure they’re more bitter about how you discipline your child and will talk about you worse than the Vikings fans. Trust me, a lot of other teams fans hated ur guts, while Vikes fans are forgiving you. Learn from your mistake and move on.

  106. Maybe you should take your millions of dollars you stole from the MN Vikings this year and donate it to charities involved with preventing and educating people such as yourself on what is child abuse and breaking the cycle, and maybe then the people of Minnesota would have your back again. What did you learn? You are not the victim. No, I will no longer root for you on my favorite team and applaud the Vikings for eventually making the correct decision. Scratch that, they should have actually suspended you without pay from the beginning. Hiring a good lawyer and working the system down to a plea deal that no one without millions of dollars would have been able to finagle doesn’t excuse the behavior you have admitted to. Your comments reaffirm what many of us on the fence were thinking. I was hoping to give you the benefit of the doubt, I want to be able to forgive a mistake. But it appears you still feel you did nothing wrong. Good riddance if you leave, I’d rather root for better human beings and worse football player than have you play for my team in their new stadium my tax dollars are helping build. Or let me guess, the ESPN reporter took your comments out of context.

  107. The Vikings have the beginnings of something good. They don’t need this guy or his sense of privilege. They could benefit more from unloading his financial burden. Let him feed his ego somewhere else.

  108. The Vikes got the best let someone else get what’s left. His baggage is no different some place else. I’m sick of hearing and reading about his nonsense. More of a distractor than a contributor to a team that is soon going to run the NFC North again.

  109. Diehard Vikings and Adrian fan here. I have tried to be supportive of him since it happened, defending him to my Packer and Bear fans, but statements like he is now making have has crossed the line for me.

    It is just so arrogant for him to be upset at the Vikings, (who paid him will he sat not playing so he could resolve his legal issues); to then use the organization as a reason for not wanting to come back.

    Vikings did ok without him last year. The defense is on the rise, they have the long term starter at QB (finally) and a coaching staff that can bring out the best in players.

    RB’s are a dime a dozen these days, the draft is deep, McKinnon proved he is capable if need be. At this point I would rather they cut this fool and smile all the way to the Free Agent bank. Some team will pay him and he may have a decent year, but his best days are behind him and he’s lost this fans appreciation. Hasta LaVista.

  110. just release him so you have $ 13 million toward the cap to use to sign all the Packers that get released. thats a no brainer for Minnesota.

  111. Report just out this morning – AP telling Vikings he wants to play for the Cowboys.

    There’s no doubt the guy is a beast and HOF material, but this guy is twisting the knife every time he opens his yapper.

    What a tool. Vikes would be wise to try to make a trade before this gets uglier and he holds out and it becomes a circus in the Twin Cities all year.

    Packer fan here who looked at him a lot like I did with Walter Payton, outside the questionable character issues. He lost me as a fan over the last month and now I hope he goes to Dallas and they pay him the world to sit on IR.

  112. As a Packer fan I once had grudging admiration for him but I can’t respect a child beater who still doesn’t understand he committed a felony and managed to beat the rap. He is an idiot.

  113. awww, poor little adrian. No really, this guy has a tremendous sense of entitlement and walks around acting like he’s the vicitm. I wouldn’t want him on my team. He is of the lowest moral character.

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