Dorial Green-Beckham: “I’m young, I made mistakes”


In a year in which the NFL Scouting Combine lacks a little in terms of star power, one of the more intriguing stories is wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham.

The former Oklahoma and Missouri wideout found trouble at every turn in college, never actually playing a down for the Sooners after getting tossed out of his previous school. He was accused of pushing a woman down a flight of stairs, among other infractions.

He took the podium Thursday with a forthright tone, admitting he regretted his past actions.

“I’m young, I made mistakes,” he said. “All the decisions I made, I wish I could take them back, . . . I know what’s at stake.”

For Beckham, his professional future is at stake this week. He’s a physical freak, who has been compared to players such as Calvin Johnson and Randy Moss.

But he’s going to have to convince the NFL he can be a good teammate and be available.

That will be decided as much by his demeanor with teams, and his ability to convince them he has changed.

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  1. In today’s NFL with the media circus and damage that was done this past season. If I was an NFL owner I wouldn’t touch this guy with an 80ft pole. Pushed a woman down a flight of stairs? He sounds like he regrets his mistakes because it could have cost him millions of dollars. Not because he’s learned from those mistakes.

  2. I am so close to wanting Reggie Mckenzie to tie his career to this kid. He is exactly what the Raiders need on the field.

    If they can get Philly to package a bunch of picks to get MM for their QB and the Raiders are sitting at #20 and Green-Beckham is still there I hope Reggie will pull the trigger. Having all the other picks makes the gamble worth it.

  3. Sounds like the type of young stud Jerrah likes to encounter on his way to some glory hole. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see him with a star on his helmet.

  4. I’m a jerk. Violent and nasty. But I promise to be good if only someone will give me a lot of money.

  5. I agree with the first poster. He can’t regret those mistakes yet. First it needs to cost him the millions that it’s going to, THEN he’ll have that regret

  6. How many college games has this kid actually played? So you’re basically not only gambling he’ll keep his personal life together, you’re taking on a massive development project to even get him to the point he can contribute on the field.

    Highest risk player in the entire draft IMO, and yet he’ll very likely go in the Top 50.

  7. If he is there at pick #18, You better take him John Dorsey.

    Our Chiefs have been searching for a True Wide Receiver for so long. D Bowe is the only good one we have had.

    Take DGB and Tyler Lockett #’s 1 and 2 and we will be ready to Roll. Go Chiefs!

  8. Has he served time in jail? How do you push a woman down a fight of stairs and not do time?

    Seems like he has had lots of chances already. Personally, I would not give him another one. The NFL will go on without him. At least it should.

  9. Anyone that has actually seen him play would never compare him to stephen hill like some of the people above. He’s could be the best WR in this draft arguably. The sky is the limit for him. His behavior is the only issue.

  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up with K.C. at pick 18. Played for Mizzou and is exactly the kind of target Alex Smith needs. A guy he can throw it up high to that can out jump defenders at 6’6″. Basically a TE with WR speed, decent hands and more athleticism. However, will he end up as Gordon 2.0? With everything that’s happened the last couple years (Sharper, Sapp, Gordon, Incognito, Rice, Peterson, Manziel), teams are much more wary of taking a risk on a kid with off field issues.

  11. This guy loves weed too much. If the league didn’t have such a punitive system on that, I’d take him, but he can’t leave it alone and definitely doesn’t have enough self control to beat the test every year so he can have his weed when he wants during the year.

  12. Who wins if he fails? No one. I hope a good organization helps him and gives him a structure that allows him to do well and be a good person.

    A lot of armchair judges seem to revel in other people failing and struggling. In the end, we’ll be better off if the people he’s hurt and he himself all end up doing well.

  13. Teams may be thinking about Gordon and Manziel, but they’ll also be thinking about Dez Bryant and Tyrann Mathieu.

  14. Well, obviously he can take coaching from the guy prepping him for the draft. Can he take a screaming NFL coach when the paychecks start hitting the bank account?

  15. Remember Titus Young? Now put him in a 6’6, 225-lb body. This kid is enough of a handful that two of the most tolerant D1 schools in the country said no bueno even with his enormous talent. That’s what you’re taking on.

    The smart GM won’t even think about this clown unless he falls to the 4th round… and then be willing to cut him at the first sign of trouble.

  16. When I was 20-21 I made mistakes. But pushing women down stairs wasn’t one of them. Nor did I get busted smoking dope multiple times, but I know that’s hip and cool with the PFT crowd.

  17. If he’s available early 3rd and the Raiders don’t take him I will lose my mind.

    Stupid kid goes to school with a big head and bigger talent and does some really shady things….then goes to Oklahoma and by all accounts was a stand up citizen and hard worker in every way he could for a team he knew he wasn’t playing for.

    His actions are deplorable but I don’t think we need to let them completely define him as a human. People change and he’s made some obvious effort on that front. His punishment will come from the fact that his top 10 money talent is getting him top 100 money due to a 10 cent brain decision. I for one hope he’s learned and succeeds.

  18. “I’m young, I made mistakes,” he said. “All the decisions I made, I wish I could take them back, . . . I know what’s at stake.”
    “I know what’s at stake.”

    That really comes down to where he is drafted and how much money he will get. That’s all he is worried about. He is not be being sincere.

  19. It should be fun seeing him in action at the combine. There’s not much game film on him because he played so little. There is no question about his size and athleticism, but I want to see his footwork and how he handles the route tree. I think those details will shed some light on whether he is more likely to perform like Randy Moss or Charles Johnson.

  20. So if his measurables say first-round, and pushing a woman down stairs says he shouldn’t be touched, that sounds like the 4th or 5th round to me. But he only has to dazzle one GM’s imagination to go a lot higher.

  21. Let the kid go undrafted and unsigned as a FA, play in the Arena League to see if he can handle being an adult first and a pro second. Then maybe take him as a project in a couple of years as a FA, to see how he handled himself and let someone else pay for his first pro experience.

    Of course, he’ll likely get ‘con’ experience first.

  22. This kid and Noah Spence…two troubled kids who could be top-5 picks.

    Both were top-5, 5-star recruits too.

    I can’t see DGB falling to #50 where Buffalo is…but I see Spence still there in the 5th round or so, and I hope they would take a chance on him, like Seantrel Henderson last year, who was a 7th round pick, but a former #1 overall recruit, and once labeled as a top-5 draft pick.

    Spence could step in and start in place of Jerry Hughes, like Henderson started every game at RT last year, and he held his own.

  23. These are the players team win championships with…the elite talents they take chances on later in the draft.

    The low-risk, high-reward type of guys.

    It’s easy to pick a first round pick…this is where the scouts earn their money.

  24. Looks like he could be unplayable if he puts his mind to it and gets a good stable head coach. Size and build is incredible.

    Plenty teams will be willing to take a chance on him especially considering the ceiling this kid has.

  25. Bare with me here but I think the best place for Green-Beckham to land would be the Jets. I know you probably think I’m crazy but listen to why, if they do draft this kid they will need a babysitter for him and who would be a better babysitter then the former leader of Mizzou, Sheldon Richardson who knows how to act like a pro and keeps his nose clean. The Jets also have Eric Decker who Beckham could benefit hanging around.

    It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

  26. Plus the Jets will have a lot of background on DGB already with having Richardson on the team. They should not even consider taking him if Richardson does not wan’t him.

  27. Forget the off the field issues, watch the tape and you will notice this guy had zero technique. Can’t run routes and has little skill. Sure, he’s a monster, but NFL dbacks will make him look foolish.

  28. Everyone is saying late rounds but after this combine when he kills interviews and drills he will be late first rounder to second rounder he has that kind of talent and freakish body. The kid was born to ball

  29. He should fire his agent. That is a terrible mea culpa. Even if he didn’t mean it, he should have said something like “I deeply regret my action & I will never lay my hands on a woman in anger again.” The fact that he can’t even make that obvious statement would scare me away. The “mad mistakes” crap just isn’t enough.

  30. Given his off field issues, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fall to the early third round, maybe mid 2nd. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see him go somewhere early in the first, maybe around pick 10. It takes just one team to fall in love with his size and athleticism to decide they have to have him. Think of owners like Jerry Jones, the late Al Davis (would have taken him with the first overall pick), Dan Snyder or Woody Johnson. Coaches like Rex Ryan, Jerry Glanville, and Mike Ditka.

    All that said, everyone deserves a second chance… Almost everyone (not Darren Sharper)… so no matter where he ends up, I hope he makes the best of it and is surrounded by a strong supporting cast.

  31. Reminds me of Lawrence Phillips who was with the Rams; a wealth of ability and a history similar to Beckham.

    Phillips is now in prison; learning from mistakes can also apply to NFL general managers.

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