John Fox on Brandon Marshall: We’ll make the best decision for the Bears

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Last week, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall said that he received no assurances he’d remain with the team during meetings with coach John Fox and General Manager Ryan Pace.

Fox didn’t offer any during his meeting with the media at the combine on Wednesday either.

“I think he’s had great production,” Fox said, via the Chicago Tribune. “I think he’s a guy that’s a big target. That helps you a lot in the red area, and he’s done it in this league. We’re trying to evaluate where everybody fits and how we best use them and, again, trying to put the best football team on the field. He’s part of that process. I don’t know if it’s fair to give a full evaluation when I only took part of the test. We’ve still got more questions on the test, so we’ll continue down that path and hopefully make the best decision for our football team.”

Fox and Pace also both gave similar answers when asked about Marshall’s desire to remain a panelist on Inside the NFL, a gig that requires him to make a round trip to New York every Tuesday during the regular season. The team granted Marshall permission to do it last season, but both men said they wanted players whose focus was directed toward helping the Bears win a championship.

Marshall’s $7.5 million salary becomes guaranteed if he’s on the roster March 12, leaving the team a few weeks to mull whether Marshall’s part of what’s best for the Bears.

20 responses to “John Fox on Brandon Marshall: We’ll make the best decision for the Bears

  1. Say what you want but we haven’t had a receiver this good in years. The guy also has heart. We need more guys like him on the team. Also you get ride of him and you really weaken the receiving core. Jefferey’s job will get harder as well. It would be a mistake to get ride of Marshall.

  2. Unfortunately, given his age, his current price, his mounting injuries and the damage he did in the locker room and with the organization last year with his attitude, I think he needs to be gone.

    Granted, extremely talented. However, this team needs a makeover. The losing season ahead is just a reboot. Get younger, lose heavy contracts, develop a new philosophy/culture and shoot for 2016 to start climbing up.

  3. They’re not committing to Marshall, Cutler, Allen, Tillman. . . . . . Who the heck is going to be left — the kicker?

  4. He’s working out in Miami at Camp Teddy right now. Every other former Bears receiver has become a Viking (Marcus Robinson, Bernard Berrian, Bobby Wade, Devin Aromashadu, D’Wayne Bates), so why not Marshall?

  5. I like how Fox is tactfully but clearly putting guys like Cutler, Marshall, and Jared Allen on notice. Not saying I want any of those guys gone, but if they’re gonna stick around they need to be all-in. Better to get that established now and move on from guys who aren’t with the program than to get halfway through the season and have it coming out then.

  6. Cut Marshall and sign Cobb!

    He’s such a distraction off the field and he may have heart, but he’s no leader of men. Not at all. The man has Borderline Personality Disorder. Have any of you ever known a person with BPD?? Think Glenn Close’s character portrayal in the movie Fatal Attraction. That’s a great example of someone with BPD. The bunny boiler!

    I’m not holding his mental health against him at all. He’s owned it and sought help and seems to be doing better than he used to be. However, there’s no denying he’s still HIGHLY emotionally reactive. He’s known for blowing up in the locker room after games, and not in a way that’s productive or helpful. It’s off-putting. He makes people uncomfortable.

    The lack of leadership on the Bears last season was palpable. We need less guys like BMarsh and more guys like Ratliff, Manning, Brady, Wilson, Rodgers, Matthews, Kuechly, Witten, etc. LEADERS who are more mentally and emotionally stable. Also, his desire to continue with Inside the NFL shows he’s not fully committed to helping the Bears win. Instead, it shows he’s more concerned about growing his ‘brand.’

    Finally, the Bears receiving core is overrated! There, I said it! They’re talented, but they’re S-L-O-W. Can’t people see that? We need a guy like Cobb to couple with Jeffrey and the black unicorn; someone who can take the top off a defense the way Green Bay does to us ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!

    Cut Marshall and sign Cobb!

  7. John Fox gives horrible interviews. He is the cliche master, and talks without saying a goddamn thing. He should be a politician. I’m not saying he should give anything away during an interview, but you might as well not watch any of his interviews because you will get no insight whatsoever. It’s very frustrating watching John Fox interviews.
    “…at the end of the day”
    “….whatever is best for our football team.”
    “…we’ll continue to do that moving forward”
    “….it is what it is.”
    “…I haven’t gathered enough information..”

  8. Rebuilding the Bears to make the team competitive is going to be a 3-4 year process.

    If they draft well.

    If not, they’ll be painfully like the Vikings or Jags.

    Bears fans deserve better than that.

  9. Getting rid of him would be stupid. The guy’s “down year” last year involved him playing through a pretty serious injury because we had no one else that showed anyone that they were even capable of doing it. Alshon gets open now because you can’t double them both. Marshall makes the entire offense more effective, and getting rid of him takes away one of the real advantages that we have on offense. He’s been extremely productive when healthy, and the WR corp is one of big strengths that we have. Get rid of all that dead weight on defense and the older side of the o-line (looking straight at you, Bushrod), and leave one of the parts on offense that works alone.

  10. Should take the vet minimum to join one of the best receiving corps in the NFL and have a chance to play in the city where he was born and spent his youth. He’s still involved in the community there — just makes sense all around.

  11. Any bears fan who says get rid of marshall is crazy. I didn’t see him as a distraction last year. He did what any leader should do. Call the team out when they are playing poorly. If Brady called his team out for not playing up to par everyone would love it. But because its brandon marshall it’s called a distraction. I love what he did.

  12. Pick a distraction
    a) Twitter boxing matches
    b) Appearances on “The View”
    c) Inside the NFL
    d) Calling out everyone on the team
    e) Calling out Cutler
    f) All of the above

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