John Harbaugh wants Steve Smith back in 2015

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Steve Smith made it clear he wanted to come back for another year with the Ravens. But right after the season, coach John Harbaugh said he wanted to make sure Smith took some time to make the right decision.

That worried some people, namely Smith.

But the Ravens coach said at the NFL Scouting Combine he wanted to keep the veteran wideout around.

“I talked to Steve last week, he’s excited,” Harbaugh said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “He’s planning on being back. We’re planning on having him back. That’s a goal of ours. I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t happen.”

Smith caught 79 passes for 1,065 yards last year, with six touchdowns. He was hot early in the year, particularly so he could stick it to the Panthers after they released him. But while his play tailed late, he was productive in the playoffs.

He’s still in good enough physical shape to play at a high level, even if they want to monitor his snaps in the future.

The issue will become finding a way to fire him up. Smith turns 36 in May, and won’t have the easy motivation of proving people wrong like he did last season. Assuming the Ravens find a way to do that, there’s no reason not to keep him around.

16 responses to “John Harbaugh wants Steve Smith back in 2015

  1. Of course they want him back….1,000+ yards. The question is, at 36, does he still have the motivation to play at that level….. Only he can answer that question.

  2. Steve Smith will end up being one of the top 20 WR’s in NFL history (yards & TD’s) ……pretty amazing considering the way he started his career fighting all the time. Did’nt think he would last. Congrats.

  3. Shouldnt be hard because he plays for a quality team and franchise and not some joke of an organization in Carolina

  4. “Come play the slot with Brown and Wheaton, get yourself a ring.”
    Tough to win a SB when the team can’t even win a home playoff game. And hasn’t for 5 years…

  5. 1-3 playoff record vs ravens. And it’s been 4 years sbchamps. Besides, I can barely hear you from down there, one step from the basement.

  6. Bring Steve back. If Torrey does stay he needs to take a pay cut. After this much time the dude still can’t catch with just his hands, although he has developed better route running skills. We need a true #1. And a beast tight end – Pitta is surely done.

  7. crownofthehelmet says:
    Feb 19, 2015 2:48 PM
    1-3 playoff record vs ravens. And it’s been 4 years sbchamps. Besides, I can barely hear you from down there, one step from the basement.

    The Steelers were 11-5. The Ravens were 10-6. The Ravens then subsequently knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs in their house in convincing, not-close fashion. Acting like winning the division meant a damn thing this season just hurts your credibility. It’s almost as absurd as going on and on about rings that were won in the 1970s.

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