Patrick Peterson battled blood sugar issues early last season


During Cardinals coach Bruce Arians’s visit to PFT Live on Thursday, the topic of cornerback Patrick Peterson’s rocky 2014 season came up for discussion.

Peterson himself said that he didn’t feel his play was up to his standards, but Arians said that he felt Peterson only had a bad September before picking up his play over the rest of the season. Arians also revealed that Peterson was dealing with some health issues that hadn’t previously come to light.

Arians said that Peterson was battling blood sugar problems that he described as “borderline” diabetes during the conversation with Mike Florio. According to Arians, the team’s medical staff was able to get a handle on the issue heading into the second month of the season. There were no further problems once things were under control and there doesn’t seem to be much fear that they’ll recur now that everyone is aware of what Peterson needs to do.

For the rest of what Arians had to say about the team’s offseason plans and what he looks for at the combine, take a look at the entire interview below.

10 responses to “Patrick Peterson battled blood sugar issues early last season

  1. I hope he has Peterson’s permission to discuss his medical records, because, if not, that’s a violation of the HIPAA laws.

    Either way, I’ve had relatives with blood sugar issues, and it’s no fun so I hope Peterson’s got everything worked out and under control going forward.

  2. Love Bruce and the Cards, but this makes no sense.
    It was in the second half of the season that PP looked bad. The Nov. 30 game against the Falcons was the worst, with Julio Jones absolutely torching Petersen for almost 190 yards.

    That’s where Peterson’s fundamentals looked shot, as play after play he was chasing Jones, never once getting his head around to find the ball, consequently Jones was continually catching the ball off of Peterson’s head…balls Peterson never even knew were in the air.

  3. Jay Cutler is a Type 1 Diabetic (insulin dependent), as I have been for the last 46 years. I’ve never used that as an excuse nor has Jay.

    There’s medications to help him. I don’t buy that as an excuse.

  4. All due respect and hope his health gets better because there is nothing worse than health problems…. Outside of his outstanding rookie year he has been average at best… It’s been his reputation that’s carried him

  5. Arians’ designation of “borderline Diabetes” is not a medical condition. “Pre-diabetes” is. No disrespect for Peterson here, however . . . . . . . .

    The bigger question for me is: If PP was incapacitated due to blood sugar issues, why wasn’t he on the injury report? How is being affected by “blood sugar issues” any different than being affected by sprained ankle or bruised ribs issues?

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