Raiders, Chargers exploring jointly built stadium in Carson, California


In a remarkable development, the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders have developed a plan in which they would partner to build and share a stadium south of Los Angeles.

According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, the clubs are proposing a $1.7 billion stadium on a 168-acre plot in Carson, California, which is 15-20 miles south of Los Angeles.

The stadium would be financed privately, the Times reported. The clubs have jointly purchased the land for a stadium site, the newspaper said.

Both the Chargers and Raiders are seeking new stadiums in their respective cities. And in a joint statement from the teams released Thursday night and posted on the Chargers’ website, the clubs pledged to “remain committed to continuing to work in our home markets throughout 2015 to try to find publicly acceptable solutions to the long-term stadium issue.”

Nevertheless, the Carson proposal very clearly turns up the pressure on San Diego and Oakland to step up to the plate.

The Los Angeles market has been without an NFL club since the Rams and Raiders departed after the 1994 season. However, earlier this year, Rams owner Stan Kroenke declared his intentions to build a stadium at the old Hollywood Park site in Inglewood, California.

Now, the Raiders and Chargers are playing the Los Angeles card, raising the stakes for their current home cities.

Below is the full text of the joint Raiders-Chargers statement released by the Chargers on Thursday night:

“We have both been working in our home markets to find a stadium solution for many years, so far unsuccessfully.

“We remain committed to continuing to work in our home markets throughout 2015 to try to find publicly acceptable solutions to the long-term stadium issue.

“We also both understand and respect the NFL’s relocation process, and we intend to adhere strictly to the relocation procedures that the League has set forth for Los Angeles.

“In particular, we respect the right of the NFL’s owners to decide on all Los Angeles-related relocation issues and understand that any relocation application that is filed for Los Angeles must obtain the approval of three-fourths of the NFL’s owners.

“Both teams have kept the NFL owners’ committee on Los Angeles, and the Commissioner, fully informed about our joint efforts.

“We are pursuing this stadium option in Carson for one straightforward reason: If we cannot find a permanent solution in our home markets, we have no alternative but to preserve other options to guarantee the future economic viability of our franchises.

“In short, for the remainder of 2015, we intend to move down two tracks simultaneously:

“On track one, we will continue to work in our home markets to find permanent stadium solutions that are publicly acceptable.

“On track two, we will work in Carson to preserve our options, and the future economic viability of our franchises, in the event that our efforts in our local markets fail.

“Throughout this process we will respect the rules and procedures set forth by the League and defer completely to the ultimate decision of the NFL’s owners.”

112 responses to “Raiders, Chargers exploring jointly built stadium in Carson, California

  1. Easier to write off San Antonio as strictly a leverage play. Oakland (specifically Alameda County’s do-nothing crew) better wake up fast.

  2. So those teams would get nine home or visiting-their-own-home games every year? I wonder what Denver or KC think about this?

  3. Pure weirdness. NFL, call everyone’s bluff. I want to see Los Angeles support THREE professional football teams. We will start the clock on how soon one, two or all three bail once the city loses it’s football high.

  4. Didn’t see this partnership coming. I always thought it would be the Rams and either the Chargers or Raiders. Someone is going to be left out of the race to L.A. and this is probably the only way Davis and Spanos thought they could muscle Kroenke out. Wonder if city officials in St. Louis might finally be getting return calls from the Rams now.

  5. Man Raiders to the NFC West Seahawks or Cardinals to the AFC West. What a turn of events. They have a financing in place and the land. Its a done deal guys. Seriously. This is the proverbial atom bomb.

  6. This makes perfect sense, the Charges are used to being a guest in their own home when they play the Raiders, might as well continue that trend in a new stadium as well…

  7. San Diego lacked the political will to keep the Chargers, and now that the Chargers are about to leave town the politicians will hold a press conference to dump on the Spanoses. It’s what they do. In fact, it’s the only thing they do.

  8. A little FYI–that Carson property is the site of a landfill. Should be interesting trying to clean that up for a public venue. And if Spanos and Davis supposedly don’t have the money to build stadiums (or mostly fund stadiums) in their own markets, how are they going to pony up close to two billion for this imaginary stadium.

    Leverage, nothing more.

  9. 2 questions:
    How does that effect Kronke’s potential to move the Rams?
    How much extra security will be needed when division rivals share the same home stadium?

  10. If the Chargers leave, I won’t hate bcz they spent $15mil ove 13 yrs trying to work w Sd. The city, port district and hotel folks and their crooked mayors failed to help w any and all proposals.. There will still b pot holes in the streets of Sd that hvnt been fixed. For more than ten yrs the only constant was the Chargers asking for help to build a stadium. On the other hand. The city has gone thru 7-9 mayors who by the way had sex scandals, bankrupt the city, offered the Chargers a ticket guarantee, increased pensions for themselves and tried to pass a bs convention expansion project. I bleed Chargers blue and gold and I will support them either way. I prefer that they stay but I don’t blame them. So all u “San Diegians”. Look at the idiots y”all voted to run out city. Don’t say the SPANOS family is all about themselves. They didn’t lie or bankrupt the city.

  11. Great news for LA fans. Two NFL teams would mean more opportunities for them to show up late and leave early.

  12. Sounds great as an idea, but the details in reality would be a nightmare.

    Just imagine the turf wars between Raiders and Chargers fans at “home” games

  13. I’ve supported the Chargers since I was a little kid…going back to 1969…never wavering, despite some lean years. What would it take for me to say “No more” ? Maybe saying you were trying to stay in SD while buying land on the dl in LA…with the hated Raiders, no less. Not happy tonight!!

  14. And Los Angeles goes from zero to THREE teams in just a year! Bring ’em all, we’ve got plenty of room.

  15. Stupidity at it’s finest. Division rivals in the same staidium. Think fights and stabbings are bad now wait till that happens. Not to mention the raiders at chargers game won’t be a home game at all for chargers. Ridiculous.

  16. If a team is so willing to leave a home market, should the people in that home market really consider it “their” team?

  17. Don’t let the Raiders move to L.A Baby! We are baaaaaaaaaack!

    The Autumn Wind is a pirate
    Blustering in from sea,
    With a rollocking song, he sweeps along,
    Swaggering boisterously.

    His face is weather beaten.
    He wears a hooded sash,
    With a silver hat about his head,
    And a bristling black mustache.

    He growls as he storms the country,
    A villain big and bold.
    And the trees all shake and quiver and quake,
    As he robs them of their gold.

    The Autumn Wind is a raider,
    Pillaging just for fun.
    He’ll knock you ’round and upside down,
    And laugh when he’s conquered and won.

  18. As a lifelong Charger fan this is almost too much to even comprehend. I couldn’t dream up a more horrible way for my team to leave our city. It’s like my wife just left me and is moving in with my worst enemy.

  19. Missouri is almost certainly going to cough up a stadium, just like Minnesota did.

    But Kroenke wants to be in LA, and Spanos just wants a stadium anywhere.

    Don’t be surprised if we end up with the LA Raiders, LA Rams and the St Louis Chargers.

  20. Just like Qualdump, more Raider fans will show up than Choker fans. We also know which Trophies will be on display.

    They can call this a union, but clearly the Raiders are King.


  21. Ok to relocate — but the team names must be changed to the Carson Raiders and the Carson Chargers.

    Then Green Bay would no longer be the smallest NFL city with a team!

    Carson population: 91.714;

    Green Bay: 104,779.

  22. Don’t know too much about the respective fan bases of the Chargers and the Raiders, but at first blush it seems like an oil/water mix.

    The shared stadium experience makes economic sense, particularly in New York where the teams are not in the same conference, but this is more of a shotgun marriage scenario where twice a season home field advantage would take a holiday and fisticuffs in the stands would proliferate.

    Nice ploy, though.

  23. Talk about the “The Odd Couple” scenario here. Charger and Raider fans are about as far apart on the fan spectrum as you can get. While I see the merit of both teams pooling there resources to get the stadium built, will both survive the amount of fan base that will bail on each team? How with the Spano’s get along with the Davis’s on this? How can this no end up like a very ugly divorce?
    Got to be a bluff.

  24. Supposedly, this is “in the event they can’t get deals done in San Diego and Oakland by the end of this year, according to the teams…” (LA Times). Ok, how do the Chargers expect to get a new stadium built in San Diego with (let’s call this what it really is) A THREAT , to move the team?

    As for the Raiders, Oakland as a city is BROKE. No way they can get a new stadium up there.

  25. That sucks.

    Seems like same conference/ same division would pose some issues and realignment is never fun.

    These teams deserve their own stadiums, one way or the other.

    Go Raiders

  26. As much as I hate the Raiders, I don’t blame them for going into a deal with the Chargers to build a new stadium because both Oakland and San Diego has been dragging their feet to find a way to build a stadium in their home markets. It’s going to be hard to see the change and root for the LA Chargers.

  27. Hahahaha…

    This is a huge bluff by the Chargers. Who would CHOOSE to roommate with the Raiders of all teams, and secondly, who would CHOOSE to go to Carson?

    LOL, nice try Chargers. I hope you stay here in San Diego, and I for one am willing to agree to a tax hike to fund upto half of the stadium, but you and I both know this “revelation” is pure B.S.

  28. Carson, CA borders Compton and Inglewood. Why on Earth would you want to put a stadium there? Do you realize the crowd that you’re going to attract to games?

  29. smart business. well done raiders/chargers. now the ball is in each city’s court. haha even becoming real estate moguls n buying some land of their own 😀 bet the nfl will love this

  30. I want my Raiders in Oakland, but if Oakland fails to come through, then this is a good alternative! Both teams deserve stadiums, and its about time they get them!

  31. The NFL has allowed this situation to develop by insisting on holding the L.A. market hostage for not only a taxpayer-financed stadium, but also a ridiculously high feed for an expansion team .

    Buying some land is no guarantee the owners of any of these teams (Rams, Chargers, Raiders) actually build a stadium, but it certainly ups the ante by quite a bit.

    Kroenke seems determined to leave St. Louis, while the Raiders appear to have an untenable situation in Oakland. The Chargers may yet get a new stadium in San Diego. Chances are pretty good there are two NFL teams in L.A. fairly soon. Three might be stretching the market.

  32. So what I’m hearing is, “if our home markets don’t use tax payer money to build us stadiums, we will use private funds to build one in LA.”

  33. The Raiders are trying to stay in Oakland and have given the city a lot of time (another one year lease to extend the time frame)

    But the city dont seem to be willing to do much to keep the team, the Raiders need a modern stadium, been asking about one forever.

    Time to move on if Oakland wont do anything sadly

  34. I’ve been feeling this way for a couple of years now.

    The NFL wants the ultimate reality show and this should be it.

    Btw, this is the only time powder blue and silver and black will ever go together.

    Why not have rivals collide figuratively and literally???

    It’s saves so much trouble, but creates a great show.

  35. As a Raiders fan it feels gross…

    As a realist, this was bound to happen. If ever 2 teams not only needed new digs but absolutely had no choice but to get them it’s the Raiders and Chargers. Calling these stadiums out of date would be a massive understatement.

  36. Great move by these teams. SD and Oakland, put up or shut up. You can’t hold these teams hostage any longer by forcing them to play in dumps like you have the last 20 years while every else has gotten high quality stadium after high quality stadium.

  37. Now there are 3 teams that have alienated their fans. It is very clear that the NFL owners don’t care about their fans!

  38. And everyone laughs at Mark Davis and thinks he’s a dummy. Congrats to the Chargers and Raiders for quietly working on this proposal.

    They seems to be doing this whilst keeping ‘city hall’ involved. This puts the biggest dent in Kroenke’s plans.

    And forget worrying about rivalries and who’s in what division. Who knows what the NFL will look like in the future. One thing though, if this gets up you can be sure the LA market will contain the Chargers and the Raiders.

  39. Let the Chargers have Los Angeles to themselves – that’s where Paris Hilton’s grandpa started that sorry franchise. La-la land is an NFL wasteland where no team has ventured for 20+ years…perfect for the Bolts.

    I’d prefer the Raiders stay in Oakland, and Sacramento is an option that should be considered. If they have to move then San Antonio, Portland or St. Louis are much more preferable to L.A.

  40. Looks like Spanos and Davis would rather join forces than to give LA to the Rams. If this were to happen, one of the teams would have to switch over to the NFC. Chargers to the NFCW, Seahawks back to the AFCW. The Raider/Bronco/Chiefs rivalry is far more intriguing than the Charger/Bronco/Chiefs rivalry.

  41. The wise people of Oakland and San Diego will not fall for this obvious bluff. If you intend to build a stadium, you go and do it. You do not announce that you will pursue two paths.

    The hilarious statement is that on path two they will, “work in Carson to keep our options open.” It does not even say “build a stadium.”

    People do not like being strong-armed. Call the bluff, and let the stadium race begin.

  42. So the same city that could not hold onto one team is now going to support two of them?

    It seems that the NFL is operating in a dream world while believing those that live in the real one should be extorted, manipulated and lied to as much as possible.
    I love the game but I am fed up with the nonsense that the league is prading out day after day.

  43. Division rivals sharing a stadium? What’s next, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  44. For years, Raiders fans have known that visiting the Dolts was basically our 9th home game. I guess this really gives that reality a whole new dynamic!

  45. We won’t continue to be division rivals if this would occur. The Raiders have already said they’d join the NFC West. How that would affect the AFC West, I wouldn’t know for certain. I’d suspect the Seahawks would come back though.

  46. chargertab says:
    Feb 20, 2015 9:05 AM
    We won’t continue to be division rivals if this would occur. The Raiders have already said they’d join the NFC West. How that would affect the AFC West, I wouldn’t know for certain. I’d suspect the Seahawks would come back though.


    How about the team that has won 5 AFC Championships and 3 Super Bowls gets to stay in the AFC and the team with none and one respectively moves to the NFC? Makes too much sense…

  47. I don’t want the Chargers to leave but this city is to conservative to put up money for a stadium that will house a cooperation that employs an over 70% of workers who are minority’s. It’s sad but i believe it started when Foley got shot. The Chargers will be gone and they will end up playing second fiddle to the Raiders ala the Clippers to the Lakers. Not to mention the upwards of 50% of life long Charger fans that will be lost for ever

  48. to preserve other options to guarantee the future economic viability of our franchises

    This is a hoot. You’d think these guys owned hockey or soccer teams from the way they talk about “viability”.

    Once again: Each NFL franchise enjoys virtually guaranteed annual PROFITS in the tens of millions of dollars. That’s without all the extra revenue from high end corporate suites, PSLs, etc. that a new stadium would bring.

    I understand why Spanos and Davis want to generate the kind of mega-loot that other members of the club make – who wouldn’t want that? But let’s stop pretending this has anything to do with survival, viability or ability to compete (in a league that has a salary cap and divides its major revenue streams equally among all 32 teams).

    This is about two families who each own a goose that lays golden eggs. They just want the goose to lay even more golden eggs.

  49. wow… talk about your traffic nightmares on the 405 with games at both stadiums on the same Sunday afternoon. The Sunday after Thanksgiving as an example…. with LAX in between… the real Carmageddon

  50. What happens to this plan if either the Chargers or Raiders gets something done in their home market but the other does not?

    Would the Carson stadium be built for one of the teams?

  51. This is a bluff. Here’s how stupid it is: it only works if BOTH cities do not ante up new stadiums.

    Suppose San Diego decides to build a stadium for the Chargers. The Chargers no longer need the Raiders and dump the joint stadium idea leaving them in the same situation they are currently in.

    The vast majority of NFL revenue comes from television. Stadium revenue is much, much smaller. The NFL owners know that the return on investment for the stadium is not worthwile; they can invest elsewhere and earn more money. That is the only reason for asking the cities to pay for the stadiums; otherwise they would pay for it themselves.

  52. MANICA Architecture is a serious global firm (look at Reliant,New Wembley and many projects in Asia). The idea of sharing a stadium and different team liveries is simple today with technology (see Allianz Stadium in Munich and the color transformation depending on the home team). The Raiders have said a move to the NFC West is possible. This is the 11th hour and the chips are all in!

  53. Well well well, so the poor owners of the Chargers and Raiders CAN come up with the coin and business acumen to privately finance a stadium in LA! We were told all these years that these multibillionaires couldn’t possibly afford a lavish and luxurious 5 star stadium with gold plated railing and beluga caviar all on their own. They need help from the taxpayers to give them a free stadium with all the bells and whistles.

    Go to hell Raiders and Chargers.

    An LA resident

  54. Beautiful idea.

    Switch the Chargers and the Hawks.

    NFC West:


    L.A. Chargers

    St. Louis

    San Francisco

    AFC West:


    Kansas City

    L.A. Raiders


  55. Hawks/Niners rivalry has grown to big. Hawks will probably stay in the NFCW.
    Cards or Rams to AFCW, probably Cards.
    LA Chargers to the NFCW.

  56. theghostofaldavis says:
    Feb 20, 2015 9:03 AM
    For years, Raiders fans have known that visiting the Dolts was basically our 9th home game. I guess this really gives that reality a whole new dynamic!
    Wow, then you guys lost a lot of “home” games in 13 years!!

  57. I am wondering how serious these two teams are. Neither the Chargers or the Raiders own that 168 acre parcel (it’s actually two parcels, one 157 acres the other 11 acres). Don’t know if they in the process of buying this land, or this is some kind of ploy to get Oakland and San Diego to pony up.

  58. The Raiders-Chargers partnership may work if the NFL guts the conference thing altogether and just have four divisions of eight teams.

    Just merge the current West, North, South, and East divisions from their respective conferences.

    This will alleviate the threat of the Raiders losing their rivalries with the Chiefs and Broncos all while getting to play both the Niners and Seahawks on a regular basis as well.

  59. Bolts and Raid Duhs are hoping that the city councils in San Diego and Oakland are stupid enough to believe this. The ‘loser’ (winner?) who doesn’t get a new stadium becomes the junior tenant in Stan’s new KronkeLand stadium in Hollywood Park. These suburban LA plans come up every three months and melt away just as often as the requisite agreements, funding, parking are never in place. Only Stan’s done it right, including ‘encouragement’ to Inglewood politicos. This is a mirage (as a kid, I remember pics of a South Station PatriotsDome in Downtown Boston- sure) but maybe one of the two councils can be duped.

  60. So how would you determine who would be the “home” team for the first and second meeting each year? Does this mean that one team will have to play on the road every week? I’m sure Mr. Katz and friends will have fun making a yearly schedule if this train wreck happens…

  61. Henry Cisneros & San Antonio officials: Y’all got played. A former mayor of Nashville suggested you get out a contract and make the Raiders sign on the dotted line — you’re dealing with SA and SA only. You guys wouldn’t do it (or were too scared to do it). Come join the rest of us at Buffalo Wild Wings or any other sports bar this fall.

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