Todd Bowles can’t worry about the Patriots right now


One of the great truths of NFL coaching chances is that if the last guy was fat, the next guy will probably be skinny.

While that’s not a comment on the relative density of Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles, it does speak clearly to the way the former and current Jets coaches approached the Patriots.

Ryan always made it clear the Patriots were the target, the standard. Bowles lacks any of Ryan’s bluster, so he eased into the it.

I don’t think it means anything to us right now,” Bowles said of the rivalry with the Pats, via Phill Perry of “Right now we’re trying to become the New York Jets. We’re trying to become a winning ball club. We’re gonna concentrate on us. You can’t beat the Patriots in February.

“And just beating the Patriots is not gonna cut it if we lose to everybody else. We gotta have a growth process of learning how to win while we’re winning or trying to win and beat more than just the Patriots.”

The Patriots clearly have an edge, having won seven of the last eight meetings between them.

But under Ryan, any win against the Patriots always seemed to mean more, including the 2010 playoff victory at Gillette Stadium.

It seems Bowles is just looking for wins period, more than four in a season anyway.

24 responses to “Todd Bowles can’t worry about the Patriots right now

  1. I like him already. Concentrate on your own club and build a good working foundation. Hope you can turn the Jets team around and have success this year.

    A Pat’s fan.

  2. As a Patriot fan I really hate to say this, but since the start of the off season it has felt like the Jets have made a lot of good decisions.

    Here’s hoping WJ wakes from his coma and meddles the team to death.

  3. Patriots have too many options its hard to stop just one. If you stop the camera man then you have to worry about “nfl personnel” helping the patriots with thier balls and helping them tie their shoelaces. If you can stop that then they can always count on the refs, falsifying injury reports, etc. They are tough to beat.

  4. Well, that’s boring, normal Coach talk…

    At least Rex is still in the Division to keep it spiced up.

    Although that Bills D will be even meaner next season with him there.

  5. As a Pats fan, I think that’s a good thing for him to say. I believe the obsession Rex had with the Pats held the team back more and more as time went on. His white whale even impacted his job choice after the Jets fired him.

    Focus on getting better and winning each game as it comes. A win or two against the Pats doesn’t mean anything over a season… ask the Dolphins.

  6. Start by drafting well and stop worrying about who the coach is.

    Look at the Jets #1 picks since 2008

    2008 – Vernon Gholston – BUST
    2009 – Mark Sanchez – BUST
    2010 – Kyle Wilson – pretty bad – below average player
    2011 – Muhammad Wilkerson – STUD
    2012 – Quinton Coples – hasn’t done much
    2013 – Dee Milliner – Bust so far, maybe if he stays healthy and develops he can one day be an ok player
    2014 – Calvin Pryor – eh… not very good, much better players were available

  7. This statement alone makes me worry far more about the Jets than any point when Rex was the coach. Its very Patriot-like actually.

  8. When did the Patriots turn into the NY Yankees… In my mind these threads about the Jets sound like Red Sox teams circa 1995-2003… and as a fan of Boston Sports Teams, its wonderful to be on the other side.

  9. I don’t know why Patriots fans love to deny the rivalry with the Jets. Ask any player on the Pats and they would tell it you its a rivalry. They don’t like each other.

    BB and Brady hate the Jets. That’s the truth. No other two teams in the divison come close to the animosity held by both Patriots and Jets players towards each other in the last 10 years.

    Anyways I love what Bowles is saying. Hope it all translates to more success on the field.

  10. Its a good idea. Ryan boasting and setting high expectations made his lows look way worse (whether or not he was at fault). Politically correct answers usually shut up the media. Sometimes I wonder how much more Ryan cared about beating Belichick than winning considering the Bills routed them twice and they lost to NE by a combined 3 points this year.

  11. C’mon already. The Pat’s who’ve now won 4 SB’s by a combined total of 13 points…fact…never a single blowout game for a SB win….annually get a free pass to the playoffs by playing in one of if not THE least competitive divisions in football.

    And their fans come here parading themselves like fools writing GOAT, conveniently forgetting they didn’t win a SB in 10 years…and that it took a completely mental meltdown at the 1 yard line by Seattle’s OC to finally give NE its first SB win, in spite of annually getting a free pass to the NFL playoffs. Spare me the NE myth…once Brady retires that team will go back to being has beens like every other franchise…

    Coach is right…focus on the NY Jets first! NE is beatable…when you’re not busy beating yourself first…Seattle.

  12. Rather have my coach calling out the best team he is trying to catch, than shying and backing away from it.

    Let’s see if Bowles can take the Jets to two straight AFC championships quickly.

    Bet he doesn’t…I’ll bet Rex ends up having a longer head coaching career too.

  13. Pats own the Jets. yes. Those monster 2 point wins were dominant. With Rex starting 2 practice squad corners and Geno Smith. Jets are not the Seahawks for sure until Avril and their entire secondary needed surgery the day of the game not to mention the broken arm for the guy who picked Brady on the throw to nowhere. We all need to calm down about greatest team ever. 42 of Bradys 48 throws were within 10 yards of line, 26 within 5 yards of line. 9 throws behind line. That I’d not the old Brady. The Jets welcome him back. I see visions of the 2010 divisional when the great Sanchez got the best of. I wonder if mean Joe Greene would have had success on Bryan Stork? Greatest ever. The 2001-2004 teams were the real deal. I could not understand how analysts were calling this the best Pat team ever with 2 squeekers over my dysfunctional Jets. I would watch this division next year. bills get alonso back, a new QB, another high pick, Jetsbwith loads of cap space and a #6. Who am I kidding. pats win it again.

  14. When will fans of also-rans who “what-if” us to death about losing to the Patriots and cry foul when all it does is cement their inferiority, let it go?

    Stop worrying about how many points you lost by–you LOST. Last time anyone checked, that’s all that ever matters. The Patriots are built to win close games and do it a lot. Not a fluke, by the way. You coach and execute a little better than the other guy.

    –Don’t have to defend 4 SB wins, it’s a tremendous accomplishment by itself

    –Don’t have to defend who they beat to get there and win. They play who’s on the schedule.

    Jack Nicklaus won 18 majors in his career. Almost as impressive, he finished second 19 times. Point: The Patriots are great enough to always be in the hunt and give themselves chances. You simply can’t do that in the salary cap era by being as dominant as they were in 2007 all the time. It comes down to the depth, coaching and consistency in execution every time.

  15. We need a reshuffling of teams so that the Patriots can’t coast into home field advantage every year.

    Put the names of all 32 teams except Jets, Bills and Dolphins, and put into a hat. Then pull 3 names. Those will be in the AFC East. It sounds bad, but anything would be better than now.

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