Ben Obomanu says some Seattle players believe decision to throw was made to get Russell Wilson Super Bowl MVP


Conspiracy theories are fun right?

No matter how silly they may sound, there is something about believing in nefarious circumstances in an otherwise simple situation that captures the imagination.

However, the belief in such theories can be just as strong and real despite what actually occurred. With some members of the Seattle Seahawks, that could be the case in regards to the fateful decision to throw at the goal line at the end of Super Bowl XLIX.

Former Seahawks receiver Ben Obomanu joined Brian Abker of Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle on Wednesday and said he’s heard from current players on the team that believe the decision to throw on second-and-goal at the 1-yard line was rooted in a desire by the coaching staff to make Russell Wilson the MVP instead of running back Marshawn Lynch.

I’ve heard a couple people express that sentiment,” said Obomanu, who played for Seattle from 2008-12. “A couple players, current players, have expressed that sentiment and I can give them some leeway because I know it’s hard to process and when you take a step back and you take a couple weeks post-game, post the emotions running, you start trying to find questions to ask yourself and when you get back with your parents, your friends, your buddies, all these kind of ideas creeping in. I think though some guys have expressed that same concept of actually believing that the organization in some kind of way was trying to allow Russell Wilson to be the star.

“With the whole thing with Marshawn and interviews and not giving interviews and the MVP conversation and cars and all those things that happen on the field, the guys have expressed ideas of it being easier to handle Russell Wilson accepting those kind of things and having that kind of thrust upon him as opposed to the possibilities that are unknown with Marshawn. I don’t know if guys actually believe it. I don’t know if they’re hearing it from family and friends but that’s one, I don’t know if you guys have heard it, but that’s one of the craziest kind of things that I’ve heard in my conversations with guys trying to process this whole thing.”

The decision to throw backfired horribly. Wilson was intercepted by Malcolm Butler to seal the victory for the New England Patriots. However, the thought the coaches were trying to do anything outside of winning the game seems pretty ridiculous for many reasons.

For one, the votes for MVP are collected before the end of the game, meaning the outcome of that play may have had very little to do with who won the award if Seattle had won. Also, Lynch got the ball on first down as well. If he isn’t tripped up a yard shy of the goal line, he’s the hero anyway.

Even though the play didn’t work, there is sound logic for throwing the ball on the play. New England had eight defenders near the line of scrimmage with one-on-one matchups on the outside. With one timeout left, throwing on second down would have allowed Seattle to run on both third and fourth down and get the plays off before the end of the game. The problem came in Jermaine Kearse getting jammed brutally by Brandon Browner at the line of scrimmage, which allowed Butler a free break at the pass intended for Ricardo Lockette.

It was the wrong decision to throw a slant and Seattle paid for it, but there is logical reasoning for Seattle to have handled the situation as they did. Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell just never factored in an interception as a possible outcome of the play they called.

Obomanu said the root issues that players may be struggling with is their desire for Lynch to be back with the team next season and hoping the play-call doesn’t push Lynch toward possibly walking away.

“I think guys are more concerned about having Marshawn back and so I think that’s where that conversation and those ideas stem from is the need and the want to have Marshawn Lynch come back and be an effective player,” Obomanu said. “So they don’t want anything lingering from the Super Bowl to be a determining factor in him retiring or something.”

That part could be very real. Even if there was no intent to make Wilson “the star” over Lynch in that play-call, if Lynch and other players on the team believe there was, it could create just as many trust issues for the players to overcome.

100 responses to “Ben Obomanu says some Seattle players believe decision to throw was made to get Russell Wilson Super Bowl MVP

  1. Lynch nearly scored on that 4 yard run he had before the interception happened. If they were really trying to get Wilson the MVP, why risk Lynch getting it with that run near the end? If Lynch scores, he very well could be the MVP.

    Case in point, I don’t buy the conspiracy theories. The Seahawks felt they could take advantage of the Patriots goal line formation, they didn’t execute, and they lost. Simple as that.

  2. I’m ok with the pass play as they only had one timeout left. I just think it was a bad play on Russel Wilson’s part as he should have just threw it away to stop the clock so they could come up with a different play.

  3. Lynch was laughing hysterically right after that play.

    He is a great running back but there is definitely something off about that guy.

  4. that was one of the more unfortunate after effects of that play and was an idea floated by a reporter postgame to a player who gave it credence. Conspiracy with a moment in time that’s been dissected to a near Zapruder film level is probably natural. Bottom line, Unger not snapping, blowing timeout #1, and the big gain by Kearse catch and reset clock with confusion over a possible booth review blowing timeout #2, and Belichick allowing clock to run (denying a reasonable chance for his best player Brady to engineer tying FG drive) in what would have been nearly as scrutinized as “the play” had Seattle scored, raised the chance of a pass greatly on 2nd or 3rd down. With 23 seconds left, 1 timeout, and the defense look the Pats presented, pass-run-timeout-run/pass was the logical sequence. And you’d want a quick pass to prevent chance of a sack. Those boxes were all checked.

    I’d never seen a near line of scrimmage slant like that picked off without benefit of a bobbled catch or tipped pass, but Butler being hammered that lesson for apparently screwing that play up in practice probably caused him to overreact to its possibility. I would guess Wilson had never seen someone jump a route on a quick pass like that in his still relatively young QB’ing history, and the rest was history.

  5. Take the under on eleven wins!

    Carroll has lost the locker room and to many influencial coaches. He’s given his players free reign, for to long, and now it’s all going to come back and bite him.

  6. A bit soon for revisionist history, isn’t it? An alien from outer space who knows nothing of the game would say that is a terrible choice to throw the ball. I find it hard to believe there is actually a school of thought that attempts explain why it was a good idea.
    There is NO sound logic for what is the ALL TIME WORST PLAY CALL EVER MADE TO DATE! Did Pete Carrol and Darrell Bevel pen this drivel????

  7. There was nothing wrong with the PASS RUN RUN plan.

    If you run on the second down (and NE had brought in its stuffing run D) and do not make it or worse get stuffed for a 4 yard loss. Now you have to use you last time out. The next play has to be a pass because if you run the and don’t make it the game is over.

    By passing it on 2nd you have the option of pass & run on 3rd

    I have no problem with the PASS option the problem was it should have been a fade or something to where if the receiver was wide open you throw it if not you throw it away.

    This play it looked OK and you have to assume that the receiver is going to beat the D to the spot when you let it go, but the D made a great play.

  8. Nonsense. They called a series of plays that included runs for Lynch, who could have scored on the first play. They coached to score and were not discussing MV-anything with seconds clicking off the clock.

  9. Ridiculous for many reasons. Among them, even if the pass is completed and the Seahawks win, Chris Matthews very well may have been MVP and not RW. As mentioned in the article, some votes had already been cast.
    If even one of the 2 timeouts that were needlessly burned, Marshawn is getting the rock on 2nd down. Situational football; why are people having so much trouble grasping this? The play call was horrible, but the decision to pass was NOT.
    Russell Okung must be part of the conspiracy too. Guess that’s why he whiffed on Hightower on Marshawn’s 1st down run? Had he picked up that block, Beast Mode easily gets in the end zone. If there was the slightest legitimacy to this crap, they wouldn’t have “risked” Lynch scoring by giving him the ball on first down from the 5.
    This is not a comprehensive list, but here are 5 huge reasons why the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl on their final 2 downs:
    1. Okung’s missed block.
    2. Belichick’s enormous gamble to not call timeout after ML was stopped on the 1 yard line, which led to
    3. The Seahawks panicking and going with a rotten playcall that
    4. Several Seahawks failed to execute properly and
    5. Malcolm Butler & Brandon Browner executed perfectly.


  10. Of course there is nothing wrong with the logic of damn the number of play we are putting the ball in the hand of our best player.

    Hindsight is wiser.


  12. I agree. The decision was solely to get Wilson the MVP. I doubt the team thought there was ever a chance there would be an interception.

  13. Wow.. amazing story and its all possible logical sense of why they pass it…

    I would believe it because if I were the player on that team, I wouldn’t want Lynch get MVP for sure… and at the sametime, I would cast some doubts, since Lynch is having great game… I would rather win easily than risk throwing a game away (which they did)..

    Rest is History.

  14. This could have merit but…I’ve seen the game replay on NFL Network and noticed something. If you look at the Lynch run on the play before the interception; the Hawks formation is the same except, Baldwin is in as the receiver in front of Kearse. More important is the way Browner and Butler reacted on snap. Browner gets a great jame but Butler clearly has no what was coming. If the Hawk’s had called the slant here instead of handing to Lynch, Kearse walks into the end zone. I bet the offensive coordinator saw this and called the pass play only Butler got tipped off because the Hawks lined up with the taller Matthews behind Kearse to create a more favorable matchup.

    I still would have run Marshawn but now I think I get it.

  15. The problem is that the Seahawks (fans, coaches, players, etc.) really and truly believe that Russell Wilson is a top-tier quarterback, but he is not. If the Packers or Patriots call that same play in that situation, they probably complete the pass and win the game, but they have the quarterbacks to do it. Russell Wilson is a byproduct of a great defense and running game, just like we always said he was. Now the Seahawks are dealing with that reality…

  16. Nothing to see here, folks. This story line was heard in the immediate aftermath of that loss. The mind boggling play call seemed an awkward effort to keep the MVP away from Beastmode. The NFL considers him a loose cannon for such a high-profile award.

  17. Funny how it seems so many players have there finger on the implode button. Way to keep things in house. From a layman’s view, there seems to be cracks in the foundation in Seattle.

  18. That was the worst call in NFL history bar none! No excuses, they should have ran the ball regardless of the defense! I’ve heard it all! He only scored twice out of 5 times from the goal line, nonsense, you run the ball there! A pass was a better option because of the Pat’s defense, nonsense, you run the ball! No way is there any excuse what’s so ever to put the ball in the air at that point! None at all, at all! Run it 3 times, period! I don’t care what that stats say, what the coaches say, what the players say! Run the ball! Did anyone happen to see the way Lynch looked at Carroll as he was walking back to the sidelines? That says all you need to know on how the players felt about the call!

  19. 1. You’re wrong if you think that play wouldn’t have had anything to do with the mvp award. Look at the steelers cardinals superbowl a few yrs back.
    2. Even though I am of the opinion that it was just a bad play call, this theory is in no way “ridiculous”. On that first play that they ran the ball they were on like the 10. Not many people expect a 10 yard TD run right up the middle in goal line defense especially with big vince in the middle. No matter how you spin it, the play was in no way logical. It’s the Super Bowl and you have a man who goes by beast mode more than his own name sitting in the backfield. They lost that game not because of a logical play that went wrong, but an illogical play that bit them in the a**. They basically just said “hey guys, I know there’s like a 98% chance we win the game if we run the ball the next 3 plays but I just think it would be more interesting to pass it once. Who cares if it puts us at risk to lose by like 1000% more”.
    That’s how I Percieved this whole situation.

  20. I believe the Hawks didn’t want the World to hear Lynch’s award winning speech “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” when he collected his MVP Trophy…can you blame them?

  21. The real issue isn’t that they called a pass play, it’s that the particular passing play they called was so guileless as to be obvious to Browner and Butler.

    But hey, I’m a Pats fan, so I’m just happy that Pete Carroll finally won a Super Bowl for us.

  22. Of course it was, they’ve been trying to make Wilson a star for a long time now.

    It’s not working though, he is what he is.

  23. I’m so glad that the Patriots won or we would be listening to non stop trash talk all offseason from the now defunct Legion of Boom. The reason the Seahawks lost was the Legion of Boom got exposed by Tom Brady in the 4th quarter. If you are so great of a defense you do not allow a team to come back in the 4th quarter 10 points down.
    Legion of Boom = overrated talkers

  24. They said they didn’t like the personnel matchup, but somehow the coaches preferred Kearse being able to move Browner(who saw that play in practice for years) and they preferred Lockette who is a poor route runner-what a pathetic fake first step to the right-and has never shown himself strong to the ball. Besides Bevell, Wilson, to me, gets most of the blame…he never took his eyes off Lockette to see if Kearse has actuality done his job, never looked at the D at all, and then throws a lollipop out in front of Lockette instead of putting it directly on his body-and preferably low. Stupid play call and a total cluster by all three Hawks involved. Good play by Browner and Butler, but a good throw gets an incompletion at worst. Once again Bevell leaves fans frustrated at his questionable play calling.

  25. It was the wrong decision to throw a slant and Seattle paid for it, but there is logical reasoning for Seattle to have handled the situation as they did.


    yeah, belichek made them call a pass play by not calling a time out.

  26. Well we see how that turned out.
    bad call, bad throw, phenomenal play by butler.
    I’m over it, not gonna cry about not running it.
    I hope the loss humbles the hawks, coaches, fans.

    In 2008 Arizona lost the SB in a similar goal throw that Harrison returned for an int. Two years ago the Niners couldn’t score a td after several failed throws. .

    I hope this makes the team stronger

  27. Russell Wilson didn’t need a 1yd TD to be MVP. Despite the INT, he still finished with a higher QBR than Brady. Unlike the NFC championship game, he played well in the SB. The Seahawks lost because the defense was banged up/couldn’t stop the Patriots in the 4th quarter.

    It’s amazing how thick some people are to believe that the Seahawks are making decisions based on who gets the MVP at the 1yd line with a SB on the line.

    The irony of the conspiracy is that with a contract extension coming up, it’s curious the Seahawks would want to drive Wilson’s price up with the MVP.

  28. The real story here is that the votes for MVP are collected before the end of the game. If true, which I doubt, then that is as ridiculous as collecting season MVP votes before the super bowl.

  29. Pistol Pete’s house of cards. Perception is reality, this theory started right at the end of the game. Wilson is their long term guy, Lynch may or may not be there this year and he CARRIED that team in that game.

  30. Wilson needed leverage with his next giant contract so the coaching staff gave it to him…… Excellent super accurate throw to Butler with no chance of it being intercepted by Lockett. Nice to know old Pete loyalties lie with the NE Patriots.

  31. Worst. Playcall. Ever.

    You can try to justify it all you want and talk about 8 men in the box or matchups or any of that crap, but Seattle made it down to the 1-yd line with 1:00 minute left. All the time in the world to get whatever personnel they wanted in there and call whatever play they want. This whole “There were only 26 seconds left” crap ignores that there was 1:00 minute left initially and they let the clock run down.

    If you run the ball with Lynch, up to 3 times if necessary, then play defense on Brady, you’re talking about Seattle winning back-to-back titles right now. Period.

  32. I don’t think this is that far fetched really. I mean if we believe a 3 time SB MVP would purposefully deflate a football against a team he has obliterated everytime than this story seems pretty legit too.

    Sounds about right eh?

  33. Not so sure it was an attempt to get Russell the MVP…Aas it was more an attempt of Pete Carroll, trying to make a statement against his former team, and the man that fired him, Robert Kraft, by saying, “You’ve got Brady, watch what I can do with Russell”

    And how did that work out for you, Pete?

    Tom Brady woulda hit that slant.

  34. Bottom line as a die hard Hawk fan it plain just hurt to loose like that and we all wish it would have gone different. That’s what being a fan is though. if your a fan of the Pack in the title game “pain”, a fan of the boys in the Divisional round “pain” a fan of the Lions in the wild card “pain”. I would rather hurt at times and enjoy the wins much more than watch the dang news I can tell ya that, In the end its just a game because just after the SB loss we found out our beloved 13 year old dog has terminal cancer and that’s what real hurt is. Love our team, love the NFL for giving us a release in life and the banter back and forth with fans is a joy when you think of all the hard ships we face. GO HAWKS!

  35. I said that to my wife as we watched the game…. I knew the Pats were about to lose the game, but I also knew they weren’t going to give Beast his due…And I’m a Pats Fan. Makes sense that Beast wants to retire. Also makes sense his smile when he walked off the field at the interception… Dude maybe quiet, but he’s not dumb.

  36. Well the Niners had the off season from hell last year (and it continued all season as well) looks like the Hawks my be experiencing that this off-season.

    It is sure has not gone well for them since that fateful decision not to feed the beast at the door step. Looks to me like the arrogance of the HC and the front office my end up biting them in the butt it remains to be seen. At the very least it is not starting well (injuries, dissension among the ranks, coaches getting plucked by other teams some replaced by Cheating Pets off-spring etc)

    I don’t wish our last season on any fan base, but 12th man your house might be shakier that you ever imagined. if they overpay for Wilson, and for any reason Lynch retires 8-8 could be very real reality next year. Remember pride cometh before the fall………

  37. Total speculation, and a non-issue as far as I am concerned. I realize that the call will be debated forever, and people can have whatever opinion they want on it. You either believe Pete Carroll’s explanation, or you don’t. I do. Really a ridiculous assertion–why give the ball to Lynch on first down, where he almost scored anyway???

  38. Hmm why can’t this be true? I recall a certain reporter getting salty when he was called a liar by Jed York and that reporter went on a fact finding mission to justify his firing of the coach storyline. Now you want people to believe that no ulterior motive could have been at play with that play call. Yeah right I believe the folks in the locker room and not a report angling to break a story.

  39. Locker room politics is as old as any sport. You’re always gonna have different factions within the team. Nobody would ever accuse the Pats or the Broncos or the Packers of trying to make their QB the MVP.

    Heck, they would just give to him regardless, like with Eli and a few others. It comes with the territory, unless you look like Wilson.

    I’ll never forget how he dominated the Pro Bowl and they gave MVP to a TE. That’s what he’s up against. Just win the game and let the idiots keep giving credit to others. It will sort itself out.

  40. Anyone believing this must be part of the defense because they lost the game in the 4th quarter by being torched by Brady. End of story. Looking to blame the coaches instead of themselves because they showed everyone they ARE NOT the best defense of all time. Seattle really had no business even being on the goal line at the end of the game. They should thank their lucky stars that circus catch made the ending look closer than it was. Patriots were the better team. Get over it Seattle.

  41. I would hope that the players understand clock management and situational play-calling. If they do not understand why passing on that down was strategically correct then they are exposing their own deficiencies. On top of that, Lynch WAS given the ball on first down with a very realistic chance to score. He would have likely been given the ball on 3rd down too.

    The disappointment and anguish is understandable. The conspiracy theory is nonsensical.

  42. This is such non-sense it’s painful.

    I do this with my kids all the time…it’s very simple. Just think about what he just said and the process it would take in that moment to get to giving Russell a useless award over other logical options to win the biggest game of the year.

    Not only that but Wilson was at almost 250 yards and 2 TD’s…or if they won, good enough to be MVP amongst other average statistical performances.

    Complete non-sense.

  43. Yes, coaches sometimes make decisions designed to ensure that a particular player get the spotlight.

    Remember the ’86 World Series when that ground ball went between Bill Buckner’s legs? The Red Sox should have had a defensive replacement in for Buckner at first base, but the manager (John McNamara) chose to keep Buckner in because he wanted Buckner on the field and in the spotlight when the Mets made the last out and the Red Sox began celebrating their first title since 1918.

    That one worked out about as well as this pass play, don’t you think?

  44. Seems like a stretch. I think Seattle thought NE was stacked to stop the run (and when Lynch is coming out of the backfield he does get stopped for a loss more often than you’d think) so they went with a pass. Belichick not calling a timeout contributed by not letting them fully think through how NE did have three corners in as well. But even then, that play almost never gets intercepted — there was some statistic tossed around that it was run by teams over 100 times during the season and Butler was the only one to intercept the throw. And even then he had to read it perfectly and run right to where the throw was, instead of trying to get to the WR. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Tom Brady became the first QB in NFL history to lead his team back from a 10+ point deficit in the second half of a Super Bowl, and he did it against the No. 1 defense in the league 3 years running, while completing a SB record 37 passes, making him by definition the best postseason QB in NFL history. Thank you.

  45. WOW… so your saying that the Seahawks may have blown their chance at winning the Super Bowl, because they didn’t want one of their players to embarase them on the national stage?

    Marshawn, you’re a gifted athlete, and a good team mate, but when you put your personal feelings ahead of your team responsabilities, Karma will find a way to put it all back into perspective…..

  46. Conspiracy theories are fun right?

    No matter how silly they may sound, there is something about believing in nefarious circumstances in an otherwise simple situation that captures the imagination.

    And now we understand the real issue with deflategate. A bunch of bored, bitter, losers grasping at straws, praying that their team lost because of air pressure changes in the football, or an illegal formation, or the creation of a rule (that had been applied several times before but that no one really cared to pay attention to), or because some mysterious videographer somehow managed to position himself in a place that it wasnt even possible for him to be located to tape a walk thru…

  47. You know why an interception wasn’t factored in? Because not a single NFL player threw an interception on a slant from the 1 yard line this year, the ball was high and off target, which allowed Butler to make the play.

  48. As long as Marshawn understands why it made a lot of sense to pass on that down, given the timeout situation – and if I get it and you get it, I’m sure he gets it too – this kind of speculation shouldn’t be a factor in whether he returns. I’m sure Lynch is perfectly aware he’d been stuffed on goal-line plays quite a few times this season, and wasn’t assuming he’d automatically score if they handed him the ball, given that the Pats had their goal-line defense in place. It made sense to maximize the number of remaining plays (even if that particular call was questionable, given Kearse’s bad blocking matchup with Browner, and the possibility not just of an INT, but of Lockette being tackled short of the goal line).

    Besides, like the article said, the MVP voting was already complete at that point. Scoring a 1-yard touchdown with 10-20 seconds left probably wouldn’t have changed it, whether it was Wilson-to-Lockette or Lynch.

  49. Throwing a pass on that down is a defensible decision. Throwing an inside slant to Lockette with 8 men in the box? Not so much.

  50. The flaw in that theory is that it would cost them much less in the long run to have Lynch be the MVP. Lets imagine the MVP title brings an extra $1 million/year on a contract…

    At most, Lynch would have 3 more years before his body can no longer sustain the wear and tear; he would be cut by that time at the latest. He is currently on contract for 2015 and might see a 2 year extension, so paying him extra would cost up to $3 million max, less if they only add it to the 2 extra years.

    Wilson can go for another 10+ years and is up for a relatively long-term contract extension at this point in time. A 5 year extension would mean an extra $5 million or nearly double what it might cost if Lynch had been MVP.

  51. Who cares, the game is over.

    Wilson could have called a run at the line of scrimmage if he didnt agree with the call. They may have given to lynch and he fumbles or goes in or misses the hand off, or blows his knee for life or any number of possibilities.

    At the end of the day the game was lost over 4 quarters of play. The cool thing is we watched a hell of a game between two teams that will come out 50/50 if they play 10 times. Doesn’t everyone win then?

  52. There is no debate, there is no sound logic, there is no strategy that makes sense where it concerns throwing the ball there, none.
    Line up, hand the ball to the baddest man on the field and Seattle repeats, period. There is no argument in favor of the play call that makes sense to anyone who is honest with themselves.

  53. I’m just surprised he didn’t find a way to pin it on the Patriots. Pete Carroll screwed up, and that’s that. Just let it rest.

  54. I know that Ive read a sillier conspiracy theory before. I just cant remember when. the pressure is on, Seattle is on the goal line. No time outs. And Pete Carroll is talking with his coaches : “Should we make Wilson the MVP or should it be Lynch.” Quick! Hurry!! Oh crap, throw the ball!

    LOLOL….. So silly!

  55. Sure, that could be a valid theory.

    Or it could be the fact that Lynch is 0-7 on his last 7 rushing attempts from the 1 yard line, or it could be the fact that there were 107 pass attempts from the 1 yard line last season and none of them were intercepted, or it could be because they had 2 more downs and only 1 timeout, or it could be because NE had 8 guys in the box.

    But I’m sure the Wilson for MVP theory is the real reason.

  56. Mean Girls Drama playing out on the sidelines?

    Pete- That Marshawn….always the drama king. He needs a lesson.

    Asst. Coach 1- Hey, if we get down to the goalline and he could obviously win it all for us, lets punk him and make him stew around while Russell’s the hero.

    Pete – Great idea. Tell the other guys to make sure they get it all the way down to the goal line, but don’t punch it in.

    Asst. Coach 2 – Oh this is gonna be GREAT.

    (Final play is relayed to huddle)

    Pete – Look at Marshawn’s face. He’s so ticked.

    Asst. Coach 1 – We’re gonna laugh about this one forever.

    It could’ve happened.

  57. Well, you know…. if only the Red Sox hadn’t traded Babe Ruth…… they would have won a lot more WSs!

    If the pass had been completed, I wonder how many Seahawks and anti-Patriot fans would have been complained, moaned and groaned that the SB should go to the Pats because it was a lousy play call and the ‘hawks didn’t deserve to win it? Or, if Lynch had been given the ball twice and they didn’t score and thus, left a play on the field?

    The real bottom line is that on that play the Pats executed it well and the ‘hawks didn’t.

    But, it is entertaining listening to all the Monday morning QBing.

  58. It wasn’t a bad play call in spite of what so many empty headed sports casters and writers may insist. It was, however, poorly executed and the defense made an amazing play.
    Now the selfishness and lack of insight from some of Seattle’s players is destroying this team from within. That’s what happens when a culture that puts the individual first is allowed to permeate a football team. Sherman, Lynch and others believe the show is about them, not the group. That kind of thinking is not compatible with sustained football success.

  59. If you run it in slow mo, the pass was just a little ahead of the receiver. Catchable by the receiver but it gave Butler the opportunity to fight and win it. If the ball had been thrown more into the receiver’s body or hip, Butler wouldn’t have been able to make the play. Wilson is right….this one was on him. And he’s a stand up guy to admit it.

  60. Obomanu is a fringe player if that. The guy is the receiver equivalent of a “camp arm.”

    One would imagine it’s not in Obomanu’s best interests to stir up the hornet’s nest, either intentionally or unwittingly.

    Michael Sam also is another guy whose talent, as measured at the NFL level, is very suspect. And he started blaming this and that on the NFL decision makers — and I doubt it’s enhancing his chance of getting employed in the NFL.

  61. Someone obviously has an interest in promoting this idea of Wilson being a ‘favorite’ or Wilson being the MVP if Seattle had won by making the game winning pass. Really? I think most folks might have said Chris Matthews as the voting had basically taken place.

    There is a concerted effort to de-legitimize Wilson in that locker room. Maybe Harvin wasn’t the only one fomenting this.

    Would this have been a question if Tony Romo had thrown the INT instead of giving it to Demarco Murray? Joe Flacco?

    How about trying this on. Wilson gave the defense a 10 point lead going into the 4th quarter. Yes, it was against Tom Brady, but 10 points!

    Another far fetched scenario is the play after the INT. Brady has to take a knee in his endzone–safety! Then a free kick. Difficult but maybe Hausch Money is able to nail a 58 yarder. But Nooooo. Michael Bennett goes offsides when there is No logical reason for him to reach out.

    Plenty of blame to go around. Seattle is lucky they have Russell Wilson and not Jay Cutler.

  62. I don’t know why people are so flabbergasted that this could be true. Coaches take their orders from their bosses, who are very political and plugged in with big sponsors. The big sponsors wanted Wilson to get the MVP. That’s not even debatable.

    Having said that, it wasn’t a bad football decision. They had limited timeouts and needed to have one play that could not have run the clock down.

  63. It boggles my mind that this is even an issue.

    Seattle got outplayed 3 out of 4 quarters.

    Seattle didn’t complete a pass for nearly the entire first half.

    Seattle was extremely lucky to not be blown out in the first half.

    Seattle was extremely luck to even be in the game in the first place.

    Seattle was shut out by the Patriots defense with zero points in four straight possessions to end the game, when the game was on the line.

    Brady and the Patriots offense was M-O-N-E-Y when the game was on the line, and for much of the game for that matter (37/50, 328 yds, 4 TDs).

    Oh, and DUDE MADE A PLAY to seal it. Remember, it was Patriots 28 Seattle 24 when that happened.

    Woulda…but they didn’t. Coulda…but they didn’t. Shoulda……. but they didn’t. They needed a yard when the game was on the line and the Patriots did not yield it.

    Has any team received more credit for something they failed to do than the Seattle Seahawks?

    Let it go…..the right team won…and they did it with false accusations hanging over their heads and listening to the likes of a now silenced Richard “Ham” Sherman yapping the entire time. Is that dude even in the NFL anymore? He’s awfully quiet now.


  64. You interview every Seahawk and nobody says anything like his. Then you go try to find an ex-player, and nobody says it. So you dig and dig and dig until you finally find an angry ex-player with an ax to grind, and you finally get what you were hoping for. Pathetic! The dude will probably come out next week and say he was misquoted. And people wonder why players like Marshawn Lynch don’t want anything to do with the media.

  65. Ben Obomanu says some Seattle players believe decision to throw was made to get Russell Wilson Super Bowl MVP.

    No kidding????? You think the powers that be in seattle (small s) really wanted Lynch to score on that first down run from the 6? They were crossing their fingers he wouldn’t and they got lucky then on the 2nd and choke call Lynch was not getting a sniff of that ball and even the low information seattle (small s) fan knows that be da troof.

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